Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Islam and Marxism are the Demon-Duo

Recently, Hindus have been receiving blows after blows. Not that Hindus have not received blows in the past. The situation degraded further when Mohandas tried to foist on Hindus, and unfortunately succeeded to a great extent, blow-reception as something akin to a spiritual virtue. 

Once in a while there are signs of a gentle awakening. For example, recall the aftermath of the gruesome Delhi-Rape-Incident in Dec. 2012. In general, TV and Social Media reflected a sort of unwillingness on part of a large number of Indians of taking these blows lying down. Slutwalkers came out protesting often displaying placards containing words `When we say no, we mean it'.

Similar hints emerged during the response to the open challenge thrown by Owaisi to Hindus.

And now there is this Shakeel Ahmed tweet.

Of course the Secular-Hindu will quickly point out that rape is a secular crime whereas actions of Owaisi and Shakeel are reactions to communal provocation. So let us ignore the secular crimes for a moment. What was Mumbai 26/11 then? Was it a secular crime or communal crime? A ha, seculars will point out that it is cross-border crime by non-state-actors owing to communalism. They will never tell you that the state in that non-state-actors itself emerged owing to Islam. 

While not wanting to surrender to blows is a good sign, but the response to it, if deeply immersed in dumb-fuckery, will make matters worse. Hindus have been grappling with two grave difficulties for quite some time. First, they take a long time to react, and secondly while taking action they tend to fall into another trap and make stupid decisions. Also, note that most such dumb-fuckery is indulged in under grand delusions of moral certitude. Especially when prescriptions for civilizational suicide are delivered as injuctions of morality, we must at once realize that it must be the moral-high-ground-trap disguised as ethical wisdom.

Prithviraj Chauhan forgiving that blighted invader Gori, etc., are incidents that often make even intellectually inadequate among the Hindus, leave alone better ones, to ponder over the difference between what is and what might have been.

Also notice the background thread in the response to the secular and communal crimes, the monism behind this apparent  duality

Secular Crime: The gruesome and barbaric violation of the young delhi paramedic student by six men,

Communal Crimes: Owaisi's violent challenge, Shakeel Ahmed's "reaction" tweet.

While there were widespread and near unanimous expressions of disbelief, shock, anger, followed by protests in the case of former, the reaction to the latter are much lower in intensity (isn't that Very Very surprising?!). Venting emotions in one thing and taking measured steps based on deeper understanding of the malaise another. It is in the latter domain that Hindus are already being deceived into flirting with disastrous ideas.

Response to Secular Crimes:

While we have written earlier on issues related to crime on women (see here, here, here and here), we would emphasize that, in our view, the whole law-enforcement system suffers from a deep malaise. We consider even the existing Constitution to be majorly flawed. This makes for a case for major overhaul of our system including  re-design. In our opinion, we have been lenient in our justice system for very long, and abetted by corruption the conviction process in our criminal justice system is so porous that a large fraction of even serious criminals quite easily leak out. From Tandoor Sharma to Gopal Kanda, Salman Khan to Shahrukh Khan, there have been quite a few instances of people with connections treating the law quite disdainfully

However, the JanLokPal-enthusiast types think that fast track courts and death-penalty are the solution and a quick amending of the law is the way. Imagine a country where the laws and their enforcement is so feeble that those accused of heinous crime are elected law makers, and such has been the case for decades! Now, without having informed debates regarding the issues, a problem that has persisted for decades is being attempted to be solved by a law for which even the Justice Verma comission gave a duration of about a (few weeks?) for people to submit their suggestions.

In the meantime, TV debates were, and have been, rife with demonization of the men and establishing women as victim of patriarchal system.

Response to Communal Crimes:

Similarly in Owaisi case, the attempt is to charge the Islamic Jihadi under hate speech crime and there are calls to ban such horrendous people like Togadia et al. Strikes a chord? You are right.

While the rape incident is being used to slyly push Marxist notions like `Feminism' into the discourse, the Owaisi incident is being used to similarly push for Hate-Speech law which is another Marxist strategem.

In our opinion, the rape incident should wake us up into seriously questioning the design and functioning of our system; while the Owaisi and Shakeel tweet incidents should be seen as the danger of Islam, an existential threat to Hindus being covered up by Marxist burqas like Secularism etc.

Hindus must also know that the problems of Marxism and Islam can not be won by debate. Not because Marxism and Islam can not be shown to be pernicious ideas and fatal threats; but it is because Marxism and Islam never believe in debates themselves. For them debates are a convenient tool so long as their opponents can be defeated; failing which they resort to what they think they are good at, armed conflict. The language, the platform, the discourse, etc., are all subverted by them for victory by subterfuge; but when that fails they resort to coercion. Deception and then Extermination are the basic tools used by Islam and Marxism.

Please recall that those wanting to gag Owaisi are the same (Girish) Karnadians (who are worse than Katjuians) who would fight for artistic freedom of M**her F**ker Hussain. The answer to Owaisi's speech are not hate speech laws, designed to surreptitiously stifle Truth. The answer to Owaisi's speech involve many steps, beginning with a few realizations:

(1) Realizing that Islam is and has always been a Problem,

(2) Realising that if we want to survive as Hindus, we need to understand that Islam treats us as enemy and is at war with us, and we need to protect ourselves from Islam.

(3) Realizing that to spread the word of this danger we DO NEED `freedom of speech' and NOT 'hate-speech laws' which will stifle it.

(4) Realizing that debate will most likley NOT work and Mohandasian non-violence, in real terms, proscribing self-defence, were devious designs towards Hindu-civilizational genocide. 

(5) Realizing that we will not win if we play by Their rules and terms; Thus to win, we must fight on our own terms.

(6) Realizing that Marxism and Islam are allies, and that Maosists and Jihadis are working in tandem.

Further, realizing that there is a problem and identifying the problem are NOT enough. We must also think about "How to solve" them.

First and foremost:

(1) Hindus must be prepared for armed conflict. Bullies respect ONLY strength.

(2) Hindus must have no obligation to reform and/or accommodate Islam. Hindus have very limited range of options from softer options like Separationism to harder options like (here, here, and here). Separationism will entail population relocation (more details need to be debated and worked out). Harder options might precipitate in, or result out of, Civil Strife. 

All the debates must be approached from such a perspective. All allegations of Islamophobia (by Muslims) and Feudalism (Marxists) must be shown for what they are, total frauds committed to deceive the gullible. The Islam problem will never end, not even after the formation of a Global Caliphate, for after that there will be internecine strife among the Muslims for victory of truer Islam over false Islams. The Marxist problem too will never end, not even after the Socialist-Utopia has been "achieved", as the debacle in erstwhile Soviet Union has shown. Also, we must be clear that Hindus have no obligation to protect Muslims from Islam and other Muslims, ditto Marxism and its Dictatorship of the Proletariat.

A large scale educational and awareness programs must be launched to disseminate the truth and other relevant information regarding Islam.

Indian Mujahideen is a continuation of Islamic aggression that has been the history of Islam for centuries. As Maoism is a continuation of the revolution of the proletariat that has been the history of Marxism for decades.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Congress's Strategy Against Modi and A Possible Effective Counter Strategy - (Contd.)

The game is hotting up. The battle lines are already drawn or are being drawn. Modi has set the cat among the pigeons, and is daring to take the fight to the opponent's territory. In our view, these are good developments. Also, now is the time for strategizing for the immediate future while remaining consistent with the long term goals. 

After the puppy and burqa remarks, friends and well-wishers of Modi and BJP are suggesting that Modi is unnecessarily stirring the hornet's nest by raising the pitch on exposing Secularism in stead of focusing on Development and Freedom from Corruption. Modi will do well to recall the quote (attributed to the French General Claude Louis Hector De Villars, Voltaire, Proverb): God save me from my friends. I can protect myself from my enemies. Anyone who has known people who have friends like Sudheendra Kulkarni and Brajesh Mishra would know the import of this quote very deeply.

In all this hullabaloo and din, there is another grave danger. The minions of Congress will repeatedly challenge with a view to draw Modi and BJP out, the media will portray a picture that Modi and BJP will be winning, but that will be with a devious design to make Modi over-confident and unguarded. This is where Modi and BJP would do well to learn from P V Narasimha Rao. He spoke very little, but he made his enemies cry tears of blood.

The very fact that the Media and the Congress are desperate to draw Modi into a fight betrays their shaken confidence and lurking fear. Fan the fires that shake their confidence and enhance their fears. Note that however much the Jhas and the Ketkars shout, Modi's enemies know that they can not make people doubt that Modi will indeed deliver Development and Freedom from Corruption. Thus they want to try the deceptive insinuation, and that is, by portraying Modi as Dangerous.

Those who live by and thrive in corruption will surely find Modi dangerous. They will be with Congress and the crypto-Congress (the Third-rate front). Modi's enemies will try to increase the number of people who should find Modi dangerous. Recall DogVijay's statement where he warned that riots might be engineered. This is despite the fact that the bloodiest riots have taken place under non-BJP governments. BJP will do well to emphasize that Modi is indeed very dangerous, especially those whose interests are entrenched in corruption and appeasement politics.

Also, Modi and BJP will do well to remember the following: Anti-Hindus will most likely vote against you, therefore the need is to consolidate the Anti-anti-Hindus and the Neutrals. The strategy of Modi's enemies is to scare the neutrals. Therefore Modi should aim at gaining the support of the neutrals, but without losing on his Anti-anti-Hindus support base.

For example, Modi must remember that he could be having a large hidden-following among Congress vote-bank, and that is Muslim-women. There must be significant number of Muslim women who want to free themselves from the tyranny of Islam, and the shackles of creeping Sharia. If Modi can tap into this resource, he can gain fifty percent of Muslim votes easily. Recall that in the Shah Bano case Congress appeased Muslim-Men at the expense of Muslim-Women.

This is where Subramanian Swamy can play a pivotal role. He can convincingly put forth the message that Secularism which is  under putative threat from the bogeyman of Hindu-Communalism, is in reality a ploy to mask the clear and present threat of Islam. The thing is, except rabid anti-Hindus, all reasonable people would naturally find Islam with its Creeping Sharia a much bigger and perceptible danger than the presently non-existent but actually benign and desirable Hindu-Communalism. Similarly, as Congress portrays anyone not opposed to Modi as communal, BJP will do well to portray all those who oppose Modi as favoring Congress and therefore as being pro-corruption and pro-appeasement.

The key is to speak and to remain silent on your own terms and to use your own terms of reference. Language is the key. Speak your own tongue.