Sunday, February 26, 2012

If you want to Save and Protect Muslims, Please Save and Protect them, ... from Islam

One wonders at the endemic dumb-fuckery of the self proclaimed representatives of Hindus. The Main Stream Media (MSM) which is under tight and total control of the Secular and Socialist (read anti-Hindu) lobby is crying hoarse accusing Bal Thackeray, Narendra Modi and Subramanian Swamy of Extreme Right-Wing Views. While these leaders, who at best are soft-leftists, surely located left of the center, are hell bent upon winning Muslim hearts!

Read this from Bal Thackeray:

In an apparent departure from his Hindutva stand, Thackeray said the Shiv Sena was never against Muslims and his party had protected Muslim colonies during riots.

Juxtapose the above with this:

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi will lose Shiv Sena's support if he pampered Muslims, the party's chief Bal Thackeray Thursday said

"If he (Modi) errs, we shall not support him. I will not allow my country and Hindutva to be sullied by this," Thackeray said, referring to Modi's demand for relaxation of visa procedure for Pakistanis wanting to pray at the Ajmer dargah in Rajasthan.

So Modi wants easy visa procedure for Pakistanis! He has never demanded reconstruction of Hindu Temples demolished in Pakistan. In contrast, Pakistan and other Islamic countries shamelessly keep making the stupid demand for restoring the structure, willfully termed as Babari Masjid, which was rightly obliterated for restoration of Ram-Temple.

Subramanian Swamy says that those Muslims who accept that their ancestors were Hindus are acceptable.

Let us proceed step by step:

1. Who is a Muslim?

One who believes in the Koran as the word of Allah (their one and only God) and Muhammad as his last and final prophet. One who accepts the Koran, the Hadith (Reminiscences by early Muslims regarding Muhammad), the Sira (Life of Muhammad) as his scriptures and Muhammad as the eternal role model for Muslims (and therefore himself).

2. What is Islam?

Islam is about submission to Allah as enunciated in the scriptures mentioned above. Non-Muslims must clearly understand that Islam separates the world into two regions: Dar al Islam (where Islam reigns supreme) and Dar al Harb (where Islam is yet to reign supreme). The goal of Islam (and is supposed to be the goal for all Muslims as well) is to bring the whole world under the rule of Islam (that is Sharia Law).

According to Sharia Law: Non-Muslims are inferior (to be treated as cattle) to Muslims. Any opinion even remotely bordering on negating Allah, Koran, or Muhammad is punishable by Death. Muslims are exhorted to use all means including dissimulation (al Taqqiyya) meaning deception, bloody violence, terror, to achieve the goal of bringing the world under rule of Islam.

Muhammad, the eternal role model for all Muslims and for all time to come, himself mercilessly killed people, had forced sex with women whose father, brother and husband were killed by his army, consummated his marriage (had sex with) his wife Aisha when she was nine and he above fifty!

And this is only a trailer of the doctrine of Islam and the eternal role model for all Muslims. For the more gory details, please surf the Internet which is replete with horrifying information if only you care to look.

So what should we make of these supposed pro-Hindu politicians wanting to "save", "help" and "accommodate" Muslims? Firstly we must get our bearings absolutely clear on this: There is no Moderate Islam.

There may be many who call themselves Muslims, who do not know what they are supposed to be doing and therefore are "peaceful". While there may be equally many who are faking themselves to be "peaceful" only as tactical deception in a long drawn war. And we can not tell which is which! A Muslim, if he is good (and is not faking, say), then it is NOT because of Islam, rather it is IN SPITE of Islam! This is why it is said that usually the Best Muslims are the Least Muslims.

Secondly, we must understand that since there is no moderate Islam, if we save Muslims in the conventional sense, that is protecting their freedom to practice their religion, we are planning our own death!

So those who want to "save", "help", or "accommodate" Muslims, must Help Muslims by Saving them from Islam, and then Accommodate them. Anything else is merely another Path to Our Suicide. Thus all politicians who suggest such other solutions must be considered either Soft-Hearted Damn Fools or Outright Evil Traitors.

As far as our opinion on the matter is concerned, we must be crystal clear about the following:

We are interested in Saving Ourselves as Hindus. The only help we can do to Muslims is by inviting them to see the Truth of Islam and leave Islam! But it is for them to Leave Islam. We, as Hindus must be United and Strong enough to Save ourselves from both Islam and Muslims.

For patriotic and discerning politicians we recommend the following:

Hindu Politicians from all political parties must revolt within their own parties and expose Seculars amongst their ranks.

For example: BSP members could form their Ratnakar Sena and Valmiki Sena. Members from the parties of Lalu and Mulayam Singh Yadav could form Krishna Sena, and so on.

Similarly various "Caste Groups" (Currently we do not have a functional Varna system. Caste must be understood in a loose sense) must form their own armies (Senas), viz., Brahmins: Parashuram Sena; Police, Army, and Warrior class personnel: Dharmaraja Sena, Ram Sena, etc.; Business Houses, and business class people: Kubera Sena, and so on. Women folk can have, if they so desire, their own exclusive spectrum of armies from Savitri Sena to Amrapali Sena. Women-folk, even when they are sex-workers by their own choice, must be given their due respect! Sanatana Dharma is meant for all, no matter what one's status is; and while there are functional hierarchies, they do not imply any indignities.

We must resolve to settle all our disputes under the umbrella of Sanatana Dharma (aka Hinduism). For example, Lovers could celebrate Vatsyayan Divas and Kama Sutra Divas under Hindu Umbrella, rather than seeking Valentine's Day type side routes. Similarly, non vegetarians must insist on Non-Halal meat. Hindus must demand that in all Railway Stations, Bus Stations, etc., and Trains, Flights, etc., there must be provision to serve Pure Vegetarian (Jain, ISKCON type) food, as well as Non-Halal non-veg food.

Muslims must be exhorted to understand the poisonous and evil nature of Islam and must be encouraged to quit Islam. Most Muslims who are ignorant of the teachings of Islam will leave Islam spontaneously and willingly. Those who are unwilling to leave Islam must leave the nation of non-Muslims. For non-Muslims must not render their own survival hostage to Muslims realizing the Truth of Islam. Non-Muslims must realize the Truth of Islam and strive to protect themselves on their own.

Besides the traitorous and terrorist politicians, there are villains in the media. There are those for whom a mere vermilion mark on the forehead qualifies for Hindu-Extremism while zillion Muslims shouting "death to non-Muslims" are only innocent victims! Such Secular media persons are equally big traitors and terrorists and their media careers too must be comprehensively destroyed. Those in the media who have love for the Truth must at once call the bluff of these liars.

Thus in Conclusion:

Hindus must unite. Hindus must settle their differences among themselves within Hindu Umbrella. Muslims, Seculars, and Socialists, etc., must be exhorted to see the Truth of Islam, failing which they need to leave. Hindus need to protect themselves on their own.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Incompetent and Corrupt Legislature, Executive and Judiciary

The Supreme Court Judgment on the Ramlila incident has finally completed the circle (news here). Legislature, Executive and the Judiciary are all Evil Dumb-Fucks. The debates on various tv shows (and are expected to in the near future) betrayed an abysmal lack of propriety on part of the sympathizers of the state.

As we had mentioned earlier, whether the gathering at the Ramlila grounds was lawful or not must be considered irrelevant here. Even if the gathering was there hatching a political conspiracy against the central government, and even if the gathering comprised of young adult males between ages 18 and 40, and even if it was at 12-noon, the action by the police was plain wrong.

The court and many of the Congress leaning panelists opined that despite police aggression Baba Ramdev and his followers should not have offered even token resistance; and this in our view is an contemptuously evil and utterly complete subversion of any sense of justice. Such self anointed moaralists would have advocated even a semblance of a token resistance by the gathering in Jalian Wala Bagh as wrong and immoral. Is it a surprise that Mohandas recommended to the Jews, during their calamitous days, that they should surrender to their enemies and achieve a moral victory! It is the same Mohandas who, after annointing himself as Truth-embodiment, pledged that the country could be divided only on his dead body, and yet lived on shamelessly for months after the bloodiest partition in the history. Similarly, all those who advocate implicit trust in the morality of the Congress led UPA will do well to remember that during emergency, the police, under orders from higher ups, was force-feeding human and animal excreta to many of the jailed politicians from the opposition. The deserter wind-bag from the BJP will know better! We have had enough of these hypocrites. It is high time we spotted them and socked them as well.

Coming back to the issue:

1. The simple fact is that Baba Ramdev had been squatting along with his supporters in the Ramlila Maidan for a few days and the whole administration was in the KNOW that this was so.

2. There had been not even a whiff of a hint of a shred of a trace of a clue of violence during all the duration while the gathering was squatting there.

3. Regarding the police action, there are only two possibilities, viz., it was planned or it wasn't planned.

3a. If police did not plan the action then they are responsible for the tragedy for it is their DUTY to come prepared with a plan. For the police, failing to plan is same as planning to fail, and that betrays sheer incompetence.

3b. If the police did make a plan then it MUST have been in their plan to make an authentic video-recording of the COMPLETE action that followed and produce such a recording as evidence of their innocence.

4. Similarly, the police acted under orders from the higher authorities, or they acted on their own.

4a. If the police acted on their own then the whole contingent that was involved has to be tried for the brutal crime.

4b. If the police acted under orders from the higher authorities then those members must also be included in the accused list and tried for the brutal crime.

5. The whole chain of command deserves exemplary punishment.

All other issues are plainly irrelevant. We ALL know that our legislature and executive are utterly CORRUPT. To believe that the Judiciary is free from corruption is pure naivete. It is no use deluding ourselves. We need a Hindu reawakening. Also, we Hindus need to fight for New Constitution, and for that we need new leaders.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Italian-Ship Conspiracy?

One must be wary of imagining conspiracies where there are none, and this might be too early to be so sure that there is one here. However, we would like to share with our readers our thoughts on what the potential implications of the recent Italian Ship incident of the Kerala coast could be.

This ship incident off the coast of Kerala, in our opinion, is stage-managed. The guards, even after their trial in India, will be found to be not-guilty or only partially guilty (at worst guilty of culpable homicide not amounting to murder owing to accidental negligence), and the Italian government might grant huge compensations to the aggrieved families on humanitarian grounds. In most likelihood the guards will be set free and will return to Italy.

We surmise that this incident is merely a ploy to get Italy and India lock horns in an international dispute regarding criminal jurisdiction and mutual exchange of criminals. Eventually what this will facilitate is that in future whenever Sonia Gandhi and her family flee India and take a asylum/refuge in Italy, the Italians will refuse to extradite Sonia et al. for trial in India no matter what international law mandates. Please recall that Sonia (and possibly all her descendants) hold Italian passports. Thus, this is a safe exit strategy for Sonia et al. should such a necessity arise, which seems likley in view of her alleged role in the 2-G and other scams.

Of course, we earnestly hope that this is a figment of our fertile imagination and future events do not pan out this way. And yet we are afraid that this indeed is the case. Let us wait and see.

Monday, February 20, 2012

History, Culture and Sanatana Dharma

There are various religions in the world and they have associated cultures. They have their history and their historical figures. Be it Judaism, be it Buddhism, or be it even Marxism, each of them have their history. And in Sanatana Dharma as well we have the "history" and "culture". We, as Hindus, are as much proud of our history and culture as many others. But then what is our distinguishing feature?

There are many evangelical religions, and many of them have wrecked havoc in the world. It might not be too inaccurate to state that the history of evangelism is soaked in blood of millions. We often hear that Sanatana Dharma too spread across the globe, how was it different?

First and foremost we need to appreciate that history is important. To forget history is to be condemned by history. Then why is it the case that most evangelical religions like Christianity and Islam and anti-religions like Marxism strive to destroy the history of their converts while spreading the message?

In our opinion, this is so because the understanding and wisdom in these systems are not history transcending and culture transcending. If someone someday proved, for example, that St. Paul is not a historic person, what would happen to the Church? If someone someday questioned the historicity of the Buddha what would happen to Buddhism? Please observe that many people many a time question the historicity of Bhagwan Ram and Bhagwan Krishna, however Sanatana Dharma never feels threatened! And that's not because Hindus do not know them to be historical personalities, rather it's because Hindus also know them to be history-transcending personalities.

Secondly, it is also important not to be a prisoner to history. History is a particular sequence of events as Culture may be a particular set of working hypotheses. However, please note what happens to the notion of understanding. Understanding, has to be event-sequence independent and working-hypotheses-set independent to be eternal and universal, that is to be Time-less and Space-less. At the same time, it must not conflict with particular sequences of events and sets of working hypotheses. Once we have such an Understanding (or System of Understanding), it is not only universal, more over it can also spread without having to destroy any particular history or culture, further it will rather assimilate diverse histories and cultures and fulfill them.

So on one hand, a Particularist Civilization, can not but destroy histories and cultures as it spreads while remaining hostage to the danger of historical revision. This is also the reason why many religions destroy all books and monuments of the conquered people and remain perpetually scared of inquiry. On the other hand, Sanatana Dharma assimilates histories and cultures of peoples who come into its fold while imparting them with its own history transcending and culture transcending understanding.

This is why, many belief systems force slavery to particular kinds of uniformization, standardization and homogenization. While Sanatana Dharma not merely assimilates, but rather gives freedom for multiplicity, variety and diversity.

This throws up an interesting possibility. Any honest revision of history will strengthen Sanatana Dharma wherever it may be. This is why we recommend that we must encourage people to investigate their cultural roots and history. Whether in Arabia or Iran, whether in Americas or Europe, we must encourage the peoples to investigate their history and cultural roots. This revision will not alter or destroy their history or roots, rather this will fulfill them. At the same time, beware of those who destroy and alter your history, for they not only destroy your history and culture, they also destroy your potential to attain Understanding.

Welcome to the doors of Understanding of Sanatana Dharma.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Two types of Villains support Reservations: Traitors and Terrorists

For a change we begin with the conclusions:

1. After as many as sixty five years after providing reservation, those who still talk of reservation are traitors.

2. Merely after sixty five years after a bloody partition based on religion, those who again talk of reservation based on religion are terrorists.

When some folly happens for the first time it may be viewed as a slip, second time it is a mistake, third time it is foolishness, fourth time it is arrogant foolishness, and then it must be understood as a much greater malaise. B. R. Ambedkar, who had a correct grasp of the nature of Islam, fell for the Leftist trap of affirmative action for the alleged down trodden. That was a slip. However, he did stipulate it for just 10 years extendable to a maximum of about 20 years. The extensions were mistakes. At the end of 20 years, the lessons must have been learned. That, whatever you incentivize, you will have more of it. Give reservation to backward people and the number of backward people will increase. Give free/cheap food to the poor and the number of poor will increase. This has been borne out time and again. Affirmative action by the state does not bring about progress in the recipients, it merely fosters a sense of entitlement in them.

Thus the results of sixty five years of reservations are plain and obviously staring at our faces. A growing number of groups demanding reservations, and a growing number of political parties seeking votes on the basis of reservations.

Why do people demand "social justice," and not simply "justice"? Is it because the things they want are not just? Is that why they add the word "social" onto "justice," creating a new concept that bears no relationship to justice, but employs the word "justice" and elicits - from the leftists and their various clients and dupes -the same emotional and moral response as the word "justice."

Justice, while often difficult to apply in particular situations, at its core has a simple meaning: what is due. It means that people receive what is due to them. Since they demand, not justice, but "social justice," this tells us that the things that are demanded on behalf of the various leftist clients, minorities, and victim groups are not due to them. Moreover they will make it seem as if it is due, and will keep doign so forever! Thus, they are forever calling for more and more reservations, even though the demands are not just.

Thus, this perpetual and ever increasing demand for reservation must be seen for what it is: Traitorous tendency, and the politicians proposing them must be seen for what they are: Traitors.

Similarly, those who ignore the monstrously bloody partition which happened merely sixty five years ago - which itself was a culmination of a long sequence of follies - and have begun to propose reservations for Muslims must be understood for what they are: Terrorists.

That is the status of a large number of our politicians. Traitors and Terrorists. And now that we know their true colors, we must give them what is due to them. A comprehensive and total destruction of their political careers.

This is why we tirelessly repeat our call.

O Hindus, realize that no politician is representing you! So you need to choose and elect new politicians from among yourselves who will represent your interests. Make new politicians, make new political parties. Encourage people amongst you with spine to become your representatives. Refuse to be led and manipulated by a bunch of Mohandas and Jawahar clones. These clones will lead you to your doom! Say NO to them.

If you do not find able leaders, become ones, at least strive to become ones, and also work towards making abler future leaders.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Porn Gate, Valentine's Day and Kama Sutra

Three legislators from Karnataka Assembly were caught watching alleged porn while the session was on. The news media jumped on it and this item hogged the show. The dumb-fucks from BJP immediately went on a random walk of defense and offense. Incidentally, the Valentine's day is just a few days away. The "moral-brigade" will oppose the V-day and the "immoral-brigade" will promote, support and defend the same.

So here is our take on these related issues. We begin by asking rhetorical questions:

What would the reaction of social, media and political brigade be if the legislators were caught:

a. Sleeping during the session.

b. Watching Soap Opera during the session.

c. Watching Zakir Naik speech during the session.

d. Watching Bible speech during the session.

The list is long. Shri H. D. Devegowda was caught snoozing during parliament sessions. Shri Manmohan Singh has been sleeping while UPA has looted the nation. However they never resigned. Soap Opera, Islamic Speech, or Bible Speech is so assiduously avoided by the media that even if ninety percent of the legislators or parliamentarians were indulging in it, they would get scot free.

Now let us dissect the situation into two parts.

A. The legislator is not focusing on the session (his job) but is indulging in some distracting activity.

B. The distracting activity is "porn".

Please note that none has accused the legislators of not being focused on the session, rather they have accused them of watching porn. Please also note that our nation had no qualms about receiving Bill Clinton who was two-timing and getting a blow-job in his presidential office! Also, the media has completely ignored Rahul Gandhi's alleged involvement in the disappearance of a family in UP.

Thus, the whole concentration is on porn-by-BJP. We need to reiterate that non-discharge of duties does not seem to be a problem with our political class; it is problem only when it is porn, and that too only when it pertains to the BJP. The targeting of BJP has only been because BJP is wrongly identified as a Hindu party. Once BJP come out with its true colours of true Secularism (unrestricted Muslim appeasement), the politicians will cease to have any problems with BJP-sleaze! So it essentially boils down to condemnation of Hindu-porn, so to speak. Never mind pedophile Mohammad, nor the sodomizing Fathers of the Catholic Church!

We need to realize that we are a porn obsessed nation, for we have become a hypocritical nation when it comes to sexual matters. We have pointed out earlier how the Thayee, Sushama Swaraj (foster mother of the Reddy brothers languishing in jail) was concerned about onslaught on Indian Culture by foreign TV channels while her own PM, A. B. Vajpeyee had been known to be an alcoholic and a womanizer. The Congress starts barking the moment Jawahar's escapades with Edwina Mountbatten are mentioned. And recently there was similar outrage when someone wrote about homosexual proclivities of Mohandas.

In our opinion, the issue is not whether these vile people were releasing their libidinous impulses. The issue is, why is there so much hypocrisy on the matter? In the same vein, we also mention our comments on Shri Ram Sene of Shri Mutalik. There was lot of media noise when Mutalik's men charged into a pub in Mangalore. Those self appointed custodians of "individual rights and freedom" were frothing at the mouths. However, now they are not defending the legislator's right to watch porn! And very soon they will be out fighting for V-day celebrations.

We need to get a cogent view on all these things. In our opinion, we are a Hindu people. We have Brahma Sutra of Vedanta as well as Kama Sutra. Traditionally, we respect saints as well as prostitutes (recall Amrapali, Pingala and the likes). We emphasize only one thing: If individual freedom conflicts with social preferences of groups, localization and separation must be implemented. We respect the rights of prostitutes and gigolos as well as those who would like to indulge in them. However, these people must also respect the right of those people who want to give their own children an upbringing where the children are not exposed to copulation during their impressionable and forming years. Once the children are adult, they could choose Kama Sutra and/or Brahma Sutra, the choice is theirs then.

We are not afraid of V-day. We, as Hindus can even encourage Kama Sutra day to counter the Valentine's Day! We have more than a thousand year old tradition of Kama Sutra, we need not be bogged down by a medieval story of a Valentine! To be fair to the legend of St. Valentine, he is supposed to have fought for the rights of lovers who wanted to marry, and he was not a sleaze trader as some of the modern celebrations inadvertently paint him to be. Of course, we Hindus can have a Meera Day, a Radha Day, a Kama Sutra Day and many such to celebrate love in all possible shades. The danger to our culture comes not from Porn, but rather from poisonous ideologies like Islam, Secularism and Socialism.


1. Fie upon the legislators, not because they were watching porn, but because they ignored their duties, as did H. D. Devegowda (by sleeping during sessions) and as is being done by Manmohan Singh (by ignoring corruption under his nose).

2. Fie upon Valentine's Day, not because it promotes sexual liberation, but rather because it is promoting sleaze in a land which has been matured enough for Kama Sutra.

3. Fie upon these hypocritical politicians and hypocritical self appointed custodians of individual freedoms, not because they are promoting freedom, but because they are hypocritical and anti-Hindu. As an aside, we challenge these self appointed custodians of freedoms to demonstrate their commitment to love by celebrating Mohammad's love-making to Aisha (Mohammad was 50 years of age and Aisha was nine!) on Valentine's Day.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Muslim Reservation and Muslim Separatism and its Solution

There may be moderates among those who call themselves Muslims, but There is NO Moderate Islam. Misleading terms like Jihadism, Islamism, Islamofascism etc., serve only one purpose; they delude the non-Muslims and thus empower Islam. Islam is the problem.

BJP leader Uma Bharati is opposing the election promise of reservation to Muslims in the UP Elections 2012. She claims that this will sow the seeds of another partition in the country. Rhetorically, this means that she does not want another partition of the country.

One of the most irritating features of the dumb-fuckery of our politicians is that they are so hell bent upon accommodating Muslims that for this cause they will go to any extent in sacrificing Hindu interests. For example, there are three fundamental lies that these politicians are willfully perpetrating regarding this reservation for Muslims issue.

First, they claim that Hindus and Muslims are together in this country and are living as ONE peoples. And then they deduce that Hinduism and Islam can live together.

Second, they tell us that promising reservation based on religion sows the seeds of Separation, and therefore they oppose reservations based on religion.

Third, they confidently declare that merely by denying or postponing Muslim-reservation, they will save the country from another partition.

We must at once realize that:

There are a lots of evil politicians who keep harping on the "peaceful coexistence" of Islam and Hinduism during the Islamic rule in India. Nothing can be farther from the truth. There was a continuous and sustained effort to convert all Indians into Muslims. It was only owing to sustained and brave resistance from the Hindus that this conversion or extinction of Hindus did not happen. The evil fool Mohandas taught us to drop all such resistance in the name of non-violence. Thus now we are even more precariously positioned than before.

The main point to grasp is that Islam can never live in peace with non-Islam. Islamic theology, Koran, Hadiths and Life of Mohammad along with 1400 years of history are testimony to the fact that Islam is perpetually at war (Dar-al-Harb) with non-Islam. Also, we know that Hinduism is NOT Islam, thus Hinduism and Islam can never stay together in peace, however much Hindus may delude themselves to believe otherwise.

When one knows that Hinduism and Islam can not stay together, one does not delude oneself into believing that partition is avoidable. The problem that we are facing is not because partition happened in 1947, but that the partition did not happen properly. Secondly, partition is bad only if it amounts to losing geographical land.

Reservation or no reservation, Islam will remain a problem to non-Islam and eventually it will either lead to partition or worse still it will lead to Islam taking over all regions not under Islamic rule and then converting, dhimmifying or killing them. Hindus have braved this onslaught for a thousand years and it will be imprudent not to learn from this history. Unfortunately, this onslaught is continuing under various guises like Secularism and so on.

Thus if Hindus want to live in peace, they have to separate themselves from Islam. Islam has already been given a place in Pakistan and Bangladesh which were carved out of Hindu lands. So Muslims must be encouraged to either convert to Hinduism or go to Pakistan. No Secularism please! Eventually, we must attain a situation where we have no border with an Islamic nation.

Pakistan is facing its own problems. Both Arab and Persian Muslims consider Muslims from the sub-continent inferior, and also club them with their South East Asian history (read Hinduism). Islam has nothing to offer to Muslims in Pakistan and Bangladesh. The best solution for them is to reconvert to Hinduism. After this, if they want, a larger Hindu union can be formed, not until then. The evil fool Mulayam Singh's idea of Pakistan-India-Bangladesh union will be suicidal if it is not preceded by Muslims in Pakistan and Bangladesh leaving Islam and converting to Hinduism. However, it is for THEM to decide, and it is not for US, the Hindus, to save them.

In our previous post we recommended that Swamy must create his own Hindu Alliance rather than join NDA. The purpose was to emphasize the point that now it is time for Hindus to unite and those who want to join this unity must shun poisonous ideologies like Secularism, Islam and so on. This is not the time for Hindus to prove that they are Secular, rather this is the time for Seculars to realize their mistake and join the Hindus after shunning Secularism. Otherwise, they can join the Muslims, who they have been patronizing until now, and both of them must go and live in Jinna's Secular, Zia's Islamic Republic, Pakistan.

Coming back to the problem of Separatism, it is not reservation based upon religion, rather it is reservation itself that sows the seed of Separation. So if one wants to oppose Separatism, one must oppose reservation itself. Otherwise, we will still be facilitating separatism under a different name, say Dalitistan etc.

Thus the solution lies in Discrediting and Separating from Islam, and Discrediting and Discontinuing Secularism and Reservation.

Friday, February 10, 2012

A Suggestion for Subramanian Swamy: Don't join NDA; Create a New Hindu Alliance

The grapevine has it that the RSS wants Shri Subramanian Swamy to be inducted into BJP. Since this move is being resisted by some powerful lobby in the BJP, the RSS wants the Janata Party to join the National Democratic Alliance. Shri Swamy himself has stated that the engagement is over and marriage is awaited and is likely to happen anytime.

In our opinion, this joining or merger will surely not be a good thing. Indian political spectrum has always been on far left. All our political parties and alliances (including fake alliances in the name of Hindutva) are too much left of the center. Our political horizon consists of three groups of parties. Far Left, Farther Left, and Farthest Left. See the list below:

Far Left:

BJP is "true-Secular" which apologizes if any "communal" event happens.

Other members of the NDA (National Dumb-Fuck Alliance) are "Socialists" (Lohiaites like Sharad Yadav) and "Keep-Modi-Away Secularists" like Nitish Kumar.

Farther Left:

Congress is anti-Hindu and UPA is a bunch of Ajit-Singh-like un-principled asses.

The Third (third-rate) front is unable to decide whether it is more anti-Hindu or more pro-Corruption thus they keep vacillating between Congress and Communists.

Farthest Left:

The Communists are staunch anti-Hindu and pro-Islam, pro-Christian etc.

Under these circumstances, Shri Subramanian Swamy would be making a strategic and tactical mistake if he or his party joins the NDA. And it will also be a great disservice to his own self-admitted cause of Hindu Revival. For example, the first and foremost consequence of Swamy joining NDA will be that Keep-Mody-Away Nitish Kumar would dispute the Islamic-Terror article by Swamy. If Swamy reaffirms his stand Keep-Modi-Away Nitish Kumar will leave NDA, and if Swamy retracts his stand he would be beginning his campaign by a betrayal or truth. He would then appear to be the Failed-to-build-Ram-Temple but promising-to-build-Ram-Rajya BJP! Worse still, this might lay the foundation of a future Rahul-Priyanka type government in exactly the same manner as the post 1992 BJP performance and compromises by the BJP (NDA) led to the enthronement of Sonia.

In our opinion, it will be far more effective if he built his own alliance (say Hindu Alliance) which other parties, people, and candidates could join if they agreed on some (say yet to be defined) Hindu-Agenda. It appears that Shri Swamy has support of Baba Ramdev and good wishes of many anti-corruption aficionados. Shri Swamy should rather initiate a process to select in some appropriate manner three to five thousand good persons (pro-Hindu and Clean) from which candidates for Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha elections can be selected. The criterion of pro-Hindu and cleanliness (freedom from corruption) must be strictly non-negotiable, preferably on signing of an oath with some legal and moral binding. Secular tendencies of Baba Ramdev, anti-Corruption aficionados, and the RSS must be clearly, squarely and mercilessly rejected. Thus the Hindu-Alliance must be an independent umbrella under which capable, committed and capable persons could gather. Even if parliamentary elections happen by this year end, Shri Swamy would have enough time on his hands to select a few thousand persons under the formulation of a non-negotiable Hindu-Agenda.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

On the judgment by O. P. Saini delivered on Feb 4, 2012

We have a surprising judgment on the 2-G case. This pertains to the quashing of Subramanian Swamy's plea for initiating an investigation into the role of P. Chidambaram in the 2-G scam. Judge O. P. Saini dismissed the plea. We are not legal experts thus we can provide only a lay person's perspective on the matter.

From what Subramanian Swamy's post-judgment interview, we gathered the following:

1. There were huge irregularities in the allotment of 2-G spectrum.

2. A. Raja was the Telecom minister.

3. The decisions were known to the then finance minister (P. Chidambaram) and the Prime minister Manmohan Singh.

4. Various bodies within the government were cautioning the government (for example CAG report etc.) and their recommendations were ignored.

Subramanian Swamy contended that the role of P Chidambaram must also be investigated. Now we can simplify the situation further as follows:

1. There was some wrongdoing for which A. Raja is being tried and investigated and is in jail.

2. P. Chidambaram was in the know (at least) of what was going on.

Subramanian Swamy argued that Under these circumstances there is a case for initiating an investigation on P. Chidambaram and therefore his conduct must be investigated.

Judge Saini, in his judgment, argued that being in the know does not imply collusion etc. therefore does not imply any prima facie culpability for criminal intent; and therefore rejected Swamy's plea.

Let us rephrase it again:

Subramanian Swamy argued that there is sufficient evidence to raise suspicion therefore investigation must commence.

Judge Saini pronounced that the evidence was not sufficient to establish prima facie culpability for criminal intent and therefore quashed the request.

Now we request you to notice the subtle yet obvious difference. Swamy is asking for investigation while the judge responds saying that criminal intent is not evident.

Notice these following facts:

1. A. Raja has been indicted for decisions and 122 licenses were canceled by the Supreme Court.

2. P. Chidambaram was in the know of the decision making. vis-a-vis the spectrum allotment (For the time being let us ignore the fact that P. Chidambaram also issued directives which make his role even more suspicious).

3. The complainant seeks investigation while the judge denies sufficiency of evidence of criminal intent.

In our opinion, this is tantamount to jumping the gun. Without investigation criminal intent may not be established and the judge opines that without evidence of criminal intent investigation can not be granted.

Under these circumstances we can ask the following rhetorical question: If the evidence is already there why would one need to investigate? And without investigation how will evidence be collected?

We need to wait till the Supreme Court decides and gives its final verdict on the matter. However, there is one point that is obvious.

If it is indeed the case that the complainant sought only an investigation and produced evidence sufficient to raise suspicion enough to necessitate investigation; and if, on this plea, the judge decided, on the basis that there was no evidence of criminal intent, that there was no need for investigation; then this is sheer stupidity. We repeat that we are not expert in legal matters and we have presented a lay person's perspective, and a better understanding on the issue may evolve after a higher court's view on the matter is known.

Here we wish to raise an important issue: Judges who commit obvious mistakes must be penalized for such mistakes. For example, each such mistake could be assigned a number and if the sum total of the numbers accruing from such mistakes crosses a threshold, the judge must have to undergo some training, or the judge could also be made to face demotion in rank.

Judging matters is surely a very difficult task, however it is also a very important task and we need to ensure that only those who merit such a stature should be allowed the privilege of judging matters. Especially those who exhibit incompetence must be made to undergo corrective actions.