Friday, November 25, 2011

Don't Condemn the Slapper! Learn from the Slap.

The recent slap to Sharad Pawar has cleared the air on many subjects.

We have been, as many many other have been, repeating over and over again that there is immense build-up of dissatisfaction with the present situation (price rise, series of scams and so on) along with a distrust in the current politicians in the minds of public. The very fact that Anna, Baba and so on have such influence over people has a lot to do with this. This is not to take away from Anna, Baba and their likes, any credit where it belongs; rather this is to emphasize that by now the dissatisfaction with and distrust of the politicians must be obvious to the meanest of intelligence.

However, our politicians and most of the media seem to lack even this intelligence; or what seems more likely is that they are evil and shameless people who don't care so long as they are making the dough in the sackfuls. But, then the inevitable outcome of such nonchalance would be manifestation of public outrage in various forms. If politicians, media, "democracy", or "constitution" are unpleasantly surprised by it, then nobody can or is going to help them.

In democracy, leaders are supposed to voice the minds and will of the people; if they don't, people will surely react. The Mulayams, the Mayawatis, the Commies who are endlessly reminding us of the "social-injustices" of the past by the then alleged feudal system, are completely mute on the present injustice, much grosser, much more devastating, injustice by the "Constitution", "Parliamentary Democracy" (or should we say a mockery of these) that is being perpetrated by themselves. And the grand daddy of all this perpetration, whose bastard childresn are these votaries of social and economic justice, is Congress.

How long does it take to figure out that the system has failed and must be overhauled? How long does it take to perceive that the current political class is, with few exceptions, utterly corrupt and immoral? How long does it take to realize that the ideas on which the present system is based are flawed? The answer is, it doesn't take any long at all; rather it takes only a willingness. And it is for this lack of willingness that we categorize the current politicians, with Congress on the top, as evil.

Now consider the Slapgate.

All politicans are shouting at rooftops that violence is unacceptable and must be condemned. Even if, for the sake of argument, we continue on this line, then the question is what next? After condemnation, what do we do? Do we give Z+ category security to all these corrupt politicians so that they can be protected from the people who they claim to represent? Why can't they reflect on why the people who they represent are so angry? Why are these current politicians not willing to listen to the pain and plight of the people?

Anna Hazare, instinctively asked the question, that all normal and sane Indians are asking, "Only a slap?"; however he quickly took politically correct position and condemned the attack. Our question is, why should this attack (or the attacker) be condemned? How long will we merely keep condemning? The Delhi Police at the behest of their masters wreaked havoc on peaceful protesters on Ramlila ground. It resulted in many wounded and a middle aged lady died after long suffering. What did the politicians learn? Just condemning the police atrocity?

We disagree. Unless we build a system that punishes the evil and protects the good, governance has not even begun! You cannot have "leaders" with numerous civil and criminal ongoing cases "representing" the people. The system is rotten. And if the system is rotten, people will react.

So, what is our position? Don't we condemn the slap?

Firstly, we do not uphold Mohandasian non-violence as the highest virtue. Secondly we admire the slapper for showing restraint in his expression of his anger. Recall that the slapper said that martyrdom of Guru Teg Bahadur played on his mind which calmed him down. However, in the future, such restraint may not be exercised by the people.

What needs to be realized (by Anna as well) is that Mohandas has always been irrelevant, and has become even more irrelevant now. Hindus have known non-violence from their Sanatana Dharma. They do not need a stupid mohandas to interpret it for them. What also needs to be realized is that Jawahar has always been irrelevant, and has become despicably irrelevant now. Hindus know charity from their Sanatana Dharma. They do not need a Hindu-loathing Jawahar to teach them about Fabian Socialism and Secularism. We beg your pardon here. Mohandas and Jawahar have not been merely irrelevant, they have been poisonously evil.

What we need is a cleansing of the poison. That will not happen unless we uproot their legacy which is the sham ideology of Secularism, Socialism, and Parliamentary Democracy. What we need is an interim government, a care taker government, comprising of completely new (first time politicians) who will oversee a writing of a new Constitution, and bring about a new system.

However, what we observe instead is that the people at the "top", the self appointed leaders (politicians), the self appointed watchdog (the media) are focussing on condemning the slapper. Don't condemn the slapper. Learn from the Slap. And beware, this is only a beginning. If there is a refusal to learn from the slap, things are inevitably heading into a civil war. That will shower much much more than mere slaps!

Monday, November 21, 2011

The need to build pro-Hindu movements

We began an initiative for Election-2014 wherein we set a tentative agenda for the elections. In this piece, we examine the discourse of political debate focusing on the Hindu aspect.

The political camp in India is divided into two main factions. The self styled Secular parties (Congress, Communists, third (rate) front, etc.) and the self styled Nationalists (BJP and the likes (are there any?)). The latter always try to sell themselves as pro-Hindu while criticizing the former as perpetrators of vote-banks through appeasement.

The reality, from the perspective of Hindus is much much worse. The Seculars are anti-Hindu, while the Nationalists are merely pseudo-Hindu. So what should Hindus do?

There is a need for the creation of a pro-Hindu movement. The prevailing political discourse is centered around minorities, fringe groups, etc. It is not ceneterd around us, the Hindus. Thus despite being termed a majority, we are condemned to live a life under the shadow of false shame and guilt imposed on us. Shame for the lost wars against Islam, and guild of the ill treatment of the underprivileged. The history is distorted as well as misrepresented. The central agenda being the demolition of the confidence of the majority in themselves.

Thus, besides understanding the bluff of the Secularists and the confusion of the Nationalists, we must first regain our confidence. We must begin with what we are without being ashamed of what we are. We may discover things which we may decide or understand as undesirable, and we may even take corrective actions; but the foundation must be that of self-belief. We must be a majority which is not afraid, which can boldly express its truth.

For example, we must speak boldly that the invaders (in majority of the cases) did not win for they were more valiant or courageous. The invaders won the war as the war was between them, the barbarians and us, the civilized, for the barbarians had no moral hang-ups! We lost for our then conscience keepers failed in their educational duty. It was as if Krishna advised Arjuna to shun violence and embrace servitude. The failure in itself occurred owing to the complexity of the ways of the Dharma (the moral way).

However, once a society loses a war and the history is written by the victors truth is the first casualty. The victors became the gallants against the sissy natives, while the moral confusion became to be portrayed as the stupidity and uselessness of the ancient tradition. We need to know how courageous and perspicacious our ancestors were and how they did so well against all odds.

Similarly, we also need to speak out that the caste-problem became much worse only after the reformists took over. Like there is freedom of association, there must be freedom of disassociation. Freedom of disassociation was painted as immoral and wrongful discrimination. It may or may not have been wrong and/or immoral, but it surely was within the purview of freedom.

We mention a popular joke about an absent minded professor. The professor went to purchase an earthen container used to store water. The potter had kept the pot upside down. The professor looking at the pot exclaimed that the pot could not be used as it had no mouth, and after lifting the pot further complained that even if water was somehow put into the pot it would flow away through the hole at the bottom!

We believe that most evaluations of Sanatana Dharma by the self appointed wise belongs to the above category. And these pseudo-wise do so, for they either are outright evil with subterfuge as their motive, or they are dimwitted diffident persons. Therefore we need to learn about ourselves on our own and with confidence.

Lest we give any wrong impression, we mention that we do not lay any claim to be the sole representative of the Hindus. Rather, we would like to encourage and support all Hindu resurgence movements, especially towards imparting confidence. Similarly, although we mention people, our central emphasis is on ideas. The true demise of the specters of Mohandas and Jawahar can hardly be achieved without their signature ideas (Mohandasian non-violence, Jawaharian Secularism-Socialism) being thoroughly junked.

Only a confident and strong majority can face and over throw this evil tyranny. Let us all work towards building strong and confident Hindu movement. And on the way, let us not only be wary of the Secular (anti-Hindu) forces, but also be critical of the pseudo-Hindu forces.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Before parliamentary elections in 2014, we Hindus must be able to find 500-600 able political candidates who must then contest elections on a pro-Hindu agenda.

1. Pro-Hindu not in the apologetic BJP sense wherein they criticize pseudo-Secularism while claiming to subscribe to true-Secularism. We must discredit Secularism itself.

2. Pro-Hindu not in the sense of condescending and violent reformers, rather those confident and self-believing leaders who may also pursue reforms more as a health-keeping pursuit. We must tell anti-Hindu reformers mind their own business and bother about reforming themselves.

3. Pro-Hindu not in the sense of perpetrators of birth-based discriminations, rather those humble and ready to self-examine Spiritual persons who are deeply interested in understanding the essence of Varnashrama Dharma, and interpreting it it the present context.

4. Pro-Hindu not in the sense of those who will surrender to the present Constitution and anti-Hindu ideologies of Mohandas and Jawahar, rather those who will boldly question, besides also contemplating and providing aletrnatives to, the present Constitution and the present system of Parliamentary Democracy.

We invite the comments from readers to make this list more comprehensive.

What are our Secular People (read Islam-appeasers) Doing Now?

We have had a horrifying news from, where else, Pakistan. Four doctors were brutally attacked, three of whom died. They were targeted because they were Hindus in particular and non-Muslim in general. This is religion-based hatred in its manifestation.

In Pakistan, a sports-person turned politician shed crocodile tears after the incident. This is the same politician who recently betrayed his dumb-fuckery on Kashmir. We Hindus must always remain wary of Islam and its political children in the subcontinent Pakistan (as well as Bangla Desh).

However in India we have had an eloquent silence!

The poisonous-shit-between-the-ears, DogVijay Singh has been mum on the subject. We were anticipating that DS would conjecture that Hindu-Right-Wing-Groups have engineered these killings in Pakistan. Equally deafeningly silent have been the Media. the media which has been chasing Modi in Gujarat has been conspicuously silent on this. We were expecting Teesta Setalvad to visit Pakistan and fight for justice for the widowed wives of the doctors.

Why are people not asking any questions on this? Why is team-Anna and anti-Corruption movement which is so quick to distance itself from Sangh Parivar, silent on this? Why are those bleeding heart Muslim-backside-licking Seculars silent on this? This is because these people belong to the category of anti-Hindu traitors, DogVijay Singh, Teesta Setalvad, most of our media etc. Stupid and gullible a-politicians might at best be ignorant about the consequences of Secularism, nevertheless in effect they remain anti-Hindu traitors. Another factor about them is that they are all afraid of Islam. This is exactly the way V S Naipaul described here: However, we are aware of one of the more cynical forms of liberalism: it admits that one fundamentalism is all right in the world. This is the fundamentalism they are really frightened of: Islamic fundamentalism. Also, since there is no moderate Islam; Islam itself is fundamentalist and it is a mortal threat to all non-Islamic societies, more particularly our Hindu society.

So what should we, as Hindus ( Hinduism meaning Sanatana Dharma), understand from all this? We must realize that despite our country being a constitutional democracy, neither the constitution nor the democracy is concerned even an iota about Hindu interests. They are bothered about Muslims, Christians and such minorities, especially vote-bank minorities. Compare how anti-Sikh pogrom perpetrated by the Congress is ignored while spontaneous reaction against brutal burning of passengers (which included women and children) is vilified as genocide. Similarly they are bothered about Dalits and OBCs with a view only to undermine Hinduism. It is not for reforming some current practices which one might disagree with. It is with the aim of obliterating Hinduism.

Thus, we as Hindus, must understand, call their bluff and not be fooled by these anti-Hindu traitors. We must be prepared to defend ourselves and our interests. Those who sing glories of the present Indian Constitution, the present Indian parliamentary democracy and such bogus institutions must be completely de-legitimized and derided as self serving frauds with anti-Hindu agenda. These anti-Hindu traitors should not be representing us, much less have any legitimacy of political power over us. Rather they must be understood for what they are, anti-Hindu villains, and must be ridiculed in addition as well.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Apolitical Kejriwal's transition into a politician ...

Below is a recent news item that shows how apolitical Mohandasians turn into crypto-politicians. It is important to remember that Mohandas (K Gandhi) was a dirty and bad politician who sacrifised Hindu interests for his personal aggrandisements and whims besides foisting Jawahar, another poisonous moron, on the nations as the Prime Minister.

Ghaziabad: Facing allegations of financial misconduct, Team Anna member Arvind Kejriwal today said that he will quit the anti-graft movement if "corruption of even Rs 10 is proved" against him.

On the day the movement's audit report for six months starting April was released, Kejriwal also dared the Congress and the BJP to make public information about all the donations received by the parties.

Claiming that allegations were levelled against him and other Team Anna members to weaken the movement, he said, "I challenge those making the allegations, our accounts are on the web site, if they prove corruption of even Rs 10, I will leave the movement and surrender for being punished."

Speaking to reporters at the office of India Against Corruption, he said, "Congress had recently made public funds received by it. If the party wants to maintain a clean image, it should release information about all the money received by it from other sources".

He also asked the opposition BJP to follow suit.

Kejriwal's statement came even as Congress leader Digvijay Singh targeted him again.

"For Anna's Super Team. Na Khata na Bahi. Jo Kejriwal kahe woh sahi!" (No accounts, no books, whatever Kejriwal says is right), Singh said on a popular micro-blogging website.

The AICC general secretary was apparently reacting to allegations against Kejriwal of siphoning off Rs 80 lakh from India Against Corruption to his trust and Team Anna's decision to return Rs 42.55 lakh to donors who "did not provide their complete details and their sources of funding".

Kejriwal claimed that it was not valid.

"Many more officers like me have left the job after training but government has never initiated action against them," he said and alleged that authorities had acted with prejudice in his case.

He said that he will pay Rs 9.27 lakh in dues to the department but needed time to arrange the money.

Kejriwal said that he and other members had briefed Anna Hazare about the meeting of core committee. He said that Hazare did not want to change the members on the basis of "charges levelled by government".

Kejriwal said he was ready to face all proceedings if any charge of corruption is proved against him.

Amongst other things Team Anna member Arvind Kejriwal said:

Facing allegations of financial misconduct, Team Anna member Arvind Kejriwal today said that he will quit the anti-graft movement if "corruption of even Rs 10 is proved" against him.

Remark: Hiding behind innocent until proven guilty! How about prima facie evidence? If we apply the same standards on A Raja, is A Raja guilty? Have the charges been proven, as of now, in the court?

Not every one who joins the anti corruption movement need have an impeccable record, not even every leaer os anti corruption movement need have an impeccable record, that is record beyond even an iota of prima facie suspicion. However, those who want to brandish the moral wand must be above suspicion. This habit of post-hoc explanation will not do. Not that it makes Kejriwal guilty, but it surely makes Kejriwal a politician; and recall that he and his colleagues are hell bent upon discrediting all politicians!

On the day the movement's audit report for six months starting April was released, Kejriwal also dared the Congress and the BJP to make public information about all the donations received by the parties.

Remark: This is the game of counter-allegations. Kejriwal must ask his colleague Mr. Bhushan if such arguments are valid, except in politics!

Claiming that allegations were levelled against him and other Team Anna members to weaken the movement, he said, "I challenge those making the allegations, our accounts are on the web site, if they prove corruption of even Rs 10, I will leave the movement and surrender for being punished."

Remark: This (... weakening the movement ...) is exactly how a bad politician expects his followers to think. Recall what that psychophantic servile and fawning Congresspersons were claiming after Jawahar lost the war to China owing to his own incompetence and utter stupidities? They collectively reverberated: "We need to strengthen the hands of Panditji!". Strngthen the hands? My foot! Just this one reason (losing a war owing to your own whims, incompetence and stupidities) must be sufficient to disqualify every member of his extended clan from any position of national leadership.

All this happened in response to the tweet:

"For Anna's Super Team. Na Khata na Bahi. Jo Kejriwal kahe woh sahi!" (No accounts, no books, whatever Kejriwal says is right), Singh said on a popular micro-blogging website.

Dogvijay Singh who is an empty Kurta (empty suit) is able to direct the whole music! He tweets and this team starts singing! Now for the sake of argument if we assume that DS's claim is factual. That is, suppose there are no accounts. Then no charges can even be proven! So Kejriwal's defense becomes instantly invalid. However, this will indicate an even greater mismanagement on part of the anti-corruption movement.

The readers might ask of us: Do we believe that Team Anna is corrupt? The answer is: We don't know. Probably not, we hope. But what these proceedings surely exhibit is that Team Anna vs Politicians is more and more appearing to be a match between Children (Team Anna) and Adults (Politicians). Now how long can the children rely only on public sympathy and an unquestioned and unflinching faith in the purity of these children is an important question to be investigated.

And any movement to genuinely transform Indian political landscape must necessarily incorporate discrediting of secularism and socialism.