Sunday, March 10, 2019

Election 2019: opposition's gaslighting and a strategy for counter-gaslighting

1. Introduction

The rumble of 2018 elections has slowly settled down. I am not going to talk about Congi infighting whatever. I would rather recommend that we view that as subterfuge to lull us into becoming complacent.

As I mentioned in my previous post (published before E-2018 results were announced), Election 2019 are extremely crucial (much more than 2014) (AND 2004 also, will come to explaining that later). And likewise electing NaMo (even if as a place holder) too is extremely crucial.
And make no mistake, the focus of "opposition" is: (Check their focus: BJP <=271, so that) Whatever be the case, NaMo ceases to be PM.
And while a few things have happened since Election-2018 results day. Say, 10% for EWS, then a decent budget, there is a fundamental thing that is being missed out on. While other things must continue, I want to focus on what I consider to be the fundamental thing, and rightly handling it will be crucial.

2. Gaslighting, A Primer

In my opinion, anti-NaMo strategy has been gaslighting, that is "to gaslight" general people. For understanding gaslighting I refer you to this post. Check wikipedia as well. That whole blog itself is an eye opener on many aspects, some of which are applicable in Indian context as well.
A relevant part is copy pasted below:
Gaslighting or gas-lighting[1] is a form of mental abuse in which information is twisted/spun, selectively omitted to favor the abuser, or false information is presented with the intent of making victims doubt their own memory, perception and sanity.[2] Instances may range simply from the denial by an abuser that previous abusive incidents ever occurred, up to the staging of bizarre events by the abuser with the intention of disorienting the victim.

The term owes its origin to the play Gas Light and its film adaptations, after which it was coined popularly.
So in short: Gaslighting is fundamentally an Exploiter-Exploited abusive relation. Exploiter cons exploited to believe (delude himself/herself into believing) that: Exploiter is a well wisher and protector. Any doubts re' exploiter are owing to lacunae in self (exploited). None other than exploiter is a benefactor and none other can protect. Subtle threats, exploiter is gracious as friend, but as an enemy will be fatally dangerous.

Observe that anti-NaMo "opposition" is doing exactly like the above (including the threats).

In particular

What are the relevant truths?

a. Election 2019 is extremely crucial and NaMo must be relected.

b. In 2014, NaMo won elections on three planks, viz., Nationalism, Anti and Non corruption, and Development. And he has delivered significantly on each of them.

Thus as part of gaslighting, they falsify each of these. Look at their corresponding gaslighting points.

a. That either election-2019 are not crucial, or if they are crucial, they are crucial to remove NaMo.

And to "fortify" their reasons they assert (denying point b above) 

b. That he (NaMo) has delivered nothing, and destroyed everything. And thus they shout: He is not only not a nationalist, he is personally corrupt, and all claims regarding development are false.  

Notice that their subterfuge consists of a wide range. From insinuations to allegations that NaMo has compromised National Security and is personally Corrupt (Rafale), and his claims of development are same as India-Shining claims of 2004. Thus their strategy is to equate Rafale with Bofors, and development with India-Shining. Further, they suggest that whatever big changes NaMo did were destructive, and motivated by personal corruption. For example check their blabber about Demonetization, and GST.

Likewise while they are shouting all kinds of things, they are very clear about their "common minimum program". BJP <= 271, resulting in non NaMo PM. Notice how their messaging comprises diverse strategems. Lulling people into believing that BJP should get (and will get) <=271 with non-NaMo PM and then we all can have peace. Investigate what "peace" they are after! It is the peace wherein they get their "pieces" without fear of "law enforcement". That is partly the reason for their focus on getting non-NaMo.

Remember, now they are not even (in that sense) opposing BJP, they are opposing only NaMo (shah, doval, yogi, etc). It also includes (not to overlook subterfuge by insiders) general vacuous ramblings like: toggling between nothing-needs-to-be-done and nothing-can-be-done. So you will on one hand hear people who will claim NaMo is so well placed that he will easily get 300+ blah blah, or you hear those who say that now all is lost and we must brace ourselves for a khichdi government, or at least non-NaMo.

That these tirades are false (factually) has been shown by various authors (much better than I can do).

But don't overlook a very sinister (not unlike Cong ain't it? Huh) scheme: Cong is using subliminal threat techniques. Recall Sibal issuing statement in Press threatening bureaucrats? Dog whistling like (with just 44 we are able to do this, imagine what we will do to you if non-NaMo becomes PM) and often people are swayed by fear.

Among "internal subterfuge" there are "insider hinting" games. Two specifically come to mind. I mention them per my hunch, I hope I am proven wrong.

Recently, Shatrughna Sinha said in an interview NaMo is a dictator. In recent past, even Nitin Gadkari dog whistled, I am flexible, NaMo is rigid. Then he was ambiguous re' Mallya, though NG clarified later. So, in that sense, I dunno what is cooking.

Likewise, Subramanian Swamy, while doing great work on Hindus etc, has been emphasizing (or is he giving it away?) the strategy that we are uniting Hindus, and dividing muslims. Thus, once again, a crucial part of goal (of opposition) is to divide Hindus and unite minorities. (Bua Babua alliance in UP, for whatever it is worth is to divide potential pro-BJP Hindu voters uniting them along caste lines).

I must also mention that both NG and SS have been staunch non-corrupt pro-Hindutva persons, and they must be knowing how crucial it is to reelect NaMo. And they are not naive not to know how their statements might be used by "opposition". So if they are doing it "in support of NaMo" then their political communication skills are much above my pay cheque. I hope they find their words in the right nick of time.

Now before we come to what we can and should do, let us also take a look at what ain't work.

First, a little general rant from me. I have written a little, and much better authors than I am, have written volumes about how BJP communication strategy (including their IT cell) has been, to say the least, stupid. This is something that I have never fathomed. While cadres among BJP/RSS are totally dedicated (etc etc), I wonder why their "media representatives" are chosen from among the least competent, nay, from among the most highly incompetent. While I hardly doubt their "dedication" to the worthy cause, their performances are such below par that one might be tempted to call them "real Pappus". And worst part is, even the "best" among them perform much below their abilities. I can't fathom what befuddles them.

For example consider the following

a. N Sitharaman, as defense minister gave a "huge speech" in parliament. Even before 2014 I was a non-admirer of her vacuous sternness. Notice that during this "long speech" in parliament she was using phrases like "hang on" .... pitiful! Do better homework folks!

b. S Irani is a glib talker. She has the ability to stymie even the highest wpm (words per minute) news-anchors, and turn them into fumbling earth worms. In short, very very effective in insulting (a very important skill in right place and right time, for example against Kapil Sibal, Renuka Chaudhary, and likes), but to no real avail (on certain other occasions). Take for example, the famed (recent) show down between SIrani and Navika Kumar (see here). NK was destroyed and was fumbling for words. Yet S-Irani forgot to mention, in simple straight terms: "Are you representing RaGa? Let "him" ask his questions, you focus on what you told me the topic was". If you look at the interview, to her credit S-Irani did imply it. But in mass communication (per my understanding and I am no guru in MC) making simple, crisp, and to-the-point statements are "the key".

So to say the least, BJP needs to really work on their communications aspect. And that brings us to another crucial point. While, it might work to resolve confusion among the undecided and honestly confused people, certain things, like the following doesn't work!

c. Point by point rebuttal of "opposition" won't work. (On them. That is, it wont stop them). Why? Because, their goal is not to "debate" (and bring out the truth), their goal is to gaslight (and obfuscate the truth, nay invert the truth).

Now you ask, Oh dear, this is getting long and winding. Tell us, then what should we do? Let us consider a few examples. 

1. Stone Pelters (in Kashmir): Will shooting the "stones" work? Do we shoot at the stones? Or do we use pellet guns on the stone-pelters? Think!

2. When we are blinded by bright lamp, do we need another source of light? Nope, we first break the blinding source of light. Then, we can "show" the truth in our own mild light.

Thus, destroying the "source" (of gaslighting) is the key.

Don't rule out Shishupala treatment. This was Hajpeyi's biggest folly. And would have been Advani's biggest folly too. A stitch not done in time, wastes nine ninety nine and often worse. If only a drug-carrier was not "saved" back then .... think!!

As an aside let me mention that this is why Elections 2004 and 2009 were NOT SO CRUCIAL for Cong. In 2004 they knew that Hajpeyi was a no-danger. And in 2009 also they knew that Advani would be no-(real)-danger. In 2019, NaMo IS clear-and-present-danger to them, and their survival itself.

So now we come to what we should do (to counter gaslighting). In my opinion, the solution is deceptively simple. I surmise that we miss out on such solutions mainly because we look for complex solutions. The solution, among other things, comprises of focusing on two (main) messages:

1. Cong means TREASON. Treason against Hindus, India, Hindu Civilizational Territory, etc.
2. All opposition, Cong, Cong led, non-Cong non-BJP, anti-NaMo subverters within BJP, etc., are all SAME. They are Cong-A, Cong-B, Cong-C, and so on. Their purpose? Same! Obfuscation and gaslighting, to elect a Non-NaMo PM. And it is a pity that those who started their lives as "anti-Congress" realizing that Cong=Treason have now become part of that treasonous entity.

Imagine for a moment (NSitharaman, and SIrani are you listening/reading?) NS telling a news anchor in her usual calm composure, no need of vaccuous sternness: You know I am a soft spoken person, but I must tell you, and I hope you are knowledgeable and perceptible enough, that Congress IS treason. Treason against the aspirations and welfare of the people, to say the least.

Imagine (likewise) SIrani with her calm face, no need of manifest disdain (for the anchor, at least as strategy) telling NK: Come on, don't tell me you don't know that all opposition, Cong, Cong-led, non-Cong non-BJP etc are all the SAME? Aren't they united merely to bring down NaMo? And for what? All those who started their lives as anti-Congress because they realized Cong meant treason - treason against peoples' aspirations - are now in Congress camp? Don't you agree this is a pity?

After this the anchor either agrees with you, or exposes himself/herself. Well, I am not skilled in being imaginative, but you get the drift.

And mind you, don't doubt even for a moment what I said about Cong. I am being kind, Cong is much worse. And if you lack perspective in seeing Cong is treason, consider the following:

It (treason) started at inception itself. After 1857, Brits wanted "safety valve" against possible future uprisings. Primarily Congress started to be a "honey pot/trap" against potential "violent freedom fighters". Many were outed (to British) or lured (with honey traps, Rai-bahadur positions etc). And notice, how the party which was founded to stymie independence-struggle claims that it got India independence. My No. 11 foot! Get what is meant by gaslighting?

Mohandas, the Congi "hero", subverted freedom movement. Check his behavior re' Subhash Bose (not that SB was an angel), re' Bhagat Singh, Azad, etc.

Mohandas (and Jawahar), subverted partition (divided territory while keeping people; it should have been dividing people while retaining (and possibly expanding) territory) A task yet to be accomplished. There seems no begining in sight either.

Mohandas subverted Patel (Not that Patel was an angel, but FWIW, was much better than Jawahar).

And never forget, the non-violent Mohandas "supplied" (was primarily instrumental in supplying) Indian soldiers for British wars. Millions of Indians (soldiers) died, while India got a zilch in return.

Just compare that with present Cong. Like earlier, Cong always was/is anti-Hindu, at the same time they always convert their fight (i.e. Cong vs X fight) with non-Hindus into a Hindu vs non-Hindu fight, fooling and manipulating Hindus into fighting wars of Congress, not of Hindu self-interest. Is there any surprise that Cong rule seems contiuation of Brit rule?

Don't buy even an iota into Arun Jaitley's (for example in Aapki Adalat) Panditji (for Jawahar) and Indira Gandhi (1971) fetish. Jawahar/Indira were equally, if not worse, scum. The point to remember is: You can't polish turd.

A message for NaMo:

Here I want to chastise NaMo. He has this strange fetish of Mohandas. NaMo seems to present MKG (Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi) as his ideal; and thus often acts as if his goal is (to become) MD (Mahatma Dhimmi).

He should scarcely forget, that his Opposition also has same goal (obession): MKGMD: Modi Ke Gaand Mein Danda.

Remember further that NaMo has to protect people from Cong "threats" as well (see above threats to bureaucrats by Sibal). On this, NaMo must really show how strong he is even about protecting people from Congress. No idealism, Mohandas stuff. Rather if Cong gives shit (even in words), give back hundred buckets of shit (in action!) (Just an aside, this is paraphrasing from a book "Inscrutable Americans" by some Indian author.)

Mr NaMo, make use of constructs like you used in an old video (2:30 min approx) "Aaj munh mein ungali daal rahe ho ..." etc. Now that you have gone no holds barred, I will not take it lying down. It is a question of OUR people and nation.

Thus NaMo has to unleash an All-Out No-Holds-Barred fight. Shun dharmAbhAsa and work to establish dharma. In his UK talk-show he grandly claimed that he does not want to be remembered. While that is a lofty ideal for sure. In terms of present crisis and its demands: That is nothing. He shouldn't mind being remembered (by non/anti-Hindus) as a "villain"; so long as he does well for Hindus.

3. Use this opportunity to educate "minorities". The undeniable fact is: Congress does not help muslims, it only destroys Hindus (except those who collude with them) and for that it funds terrorists. the fundamental truth that sullas, X-ians here in India need to realize is that they have been fooled into misdirecting their fight against "casteism" into a fight against "Hinduism". The blatant fact is Mullahs and Padres exploit sullas and X-ian commoners much much worse than "alleged patriarchal brAhmins" even imagined. Worse, Mulla-Padre "brAhminism" is a much more virulent "international" form of brAhminism. While within Hindu fold pre-converted sullas and X-ians (as "downtrodden") could wage a fight, as sullas and X-ians they are mere expendables for the "Global Caliphate and Papacy". And Mullahs and Padres gaslight commoner sullas and X-ians. So as people, sullas and X-ians must re-evaluate their strategy. And they don't even need to imagine and analyze much. Their future as "Islamic Ummah" is manifest in the form of "peaceful and prosperous Pakistan" the Global Hub of Terrorist-farming where their own sulla citizens are held as captives. Their (sulla, X-ian) genuine thinkers must realize that their roots are more important than flimsy "structures" that they imagine to be strong fortresses, in reality which are prisons. Returning to roots must be a Global understanding. And in the context of whole Indian subcontinent, it is even more crucial. But I digress.

In Short:

The problem is gaslighting, and its solution is counter-gaslighting.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Pulwama and later ...

After my last post I have been wanting to write another. But, I should say, not unexpectedly, Pulwama happened. So let us deal with that.

I had mentioned that anti-NaMo gang will go all out no holds barred (whatever be the cost) to try and ensure BJP<=271. Now let us consider what options did they have? Even a cursory look at the situation will tell, even a not so keen observer, that they had to do something "radical". Why, you ask. Didn't congress win Raj/MP/CG? Hmm. So let me elucidate. If you look closely Cong only won CG. Raj/MP were "close contests" where anything could have happened. Also in MP/CG BJP had been in power for 3/4 terms so, you never know why, people might just want to try a change. But the crucial message is this. If you look at Raj, and especially MP, despite huge loan-waiver promises Cong won by a limited margin (and mind you it was still only an assembly election). Further, many surveys mentioned that while people wanted to change/punish the "state government", people expressed satisfaction with NaMo at center. So what does that mean?

For the moment, imagine the following (actually RaGa has already begun doing that): Cong et al promise massive freebies ... what will be the result? First, in Raj/MP/CG the hollowness of loan-waiver schemes became manifest much sooner than Cong expected. So, unless some trick works, voters may not get fooled second time by false promises. Then, even in usual terms, NaMo has delivered HUGE on many many aspects. And, to top it all, then there was Feb-1 budget.

I am sure most of you saw the expressions on faces of RaGa, Kharge, et al during budget; and on Sonia's face after Mulayam-uvacha. So what do you think? If you thought that Cong et al will try anything less than, or other than, the message that "NaMo can not handle national-security", you either have limited powers of observation and/or limited powers of reasoning (well grant me some liberty to taunt you!).

Thus some Pulwama like thing had to happen. Ok, you say, now what? If you recall I have mentioned quite a few times about intertwined caste-war religion-war that is going on simultaneously in India. So worms had to crawl out ain't it? Some "Bal" guy, and some commie magazine raised the question of castes of those martyred in Pulwama attack. And notice, the use of the term "upper caste". You fucking assholes, why did you not ask "how many brAhmins? Dear readers, do you know why they didn't ask that? It is because the question was designed by "brAhminism" peddlers!

A small digression. In general keep this piece of information in mind. This is not final word, or universal truth, but it will often facilitate easy understanding of seemingly complex situations. brAhminism (more accurately Judeo-brAhminism) works to a plan. JB wants to manipulate people to "hate" brAhminism (wait, you may ask, why do I hate it then, you will have figure that out yourself) and then they guide and manipulate the hatred like so. Judeo-brAhminism -> brAhmins -> B-surname -> brAhmaNa -> sanAtana dharma. Their final goal is to incite hatred against dharma. Never overlook that. But then you may ask, why JB-anti-brAhminism? Haven't you heard of "controlled opposition"? Go figure!

Coming back to the martyred in Pulwama. So should we ask how many brAhmins, or let us take it further, B-surnames die? But then you must learn to take answers as well. (At least) one B-surname did die, P Tripathi. So what do we conclude? B-surnames are not patriots? How many women die? How many "Gandhis" die? How many MP/MLA/MBA/PhD/X/Y/Z die? You get the drift? And now will you ask caste and religion of Abhinandan Varthaman? What will you do when you are told how many B-surnames die in the MI-helicopter crash in Budwama?

So what is the point, you ask. The point is Fight-against-brAhminism is not to be trivialized. Nor is it to be given in the hands of "Judeo-B" themselves (however much they try; and mind you they are at it!) Otherwise, you will end up with Yadavism, Reddy-ism, Pawarism, etc which are nothing but brAhminism-clones.Or even worse, another set of JB taking over. (Recall, 'controlled opposition').

The larger point is, even when statistics show some trend (and they could be valid trends), be careful and observe "who is mentioning/promoting it and why?" (Of course, you are free to, and must, do so about me as well). Oftentimes you will realize that their larger point is to divide Hindus. Always keep the following point as well (as I wrote in previous post) brAhminism is anti-brAhmaNa, and brAhmaNa-wisdom liberates you from brAhminism.

Now let us return to the main theme. The Cong et al goals are: 1. To establish that NaMo can not handle national security; and 2. To divide Hindus.

Thus we must be extremely vigilant and not fall prey. Keep observing how the mind-manipulation games are being played, and avoid buying into it. If possible, also share your wisdom and understanding.

Now let us move to other points. I will not gloat over Feb-24 (retribution)strikes, or Abhinanadan's return etc; rather I will share with you my apprehensions. There are certain things whose smell I just don't like. Let us focus on them for now.

Notice how government is making noises (including Sushma at OIC meet) that "Islam is a religion of peace" and ours is "war on terror". Doesn't it sound like GB-Bush circa 2001? I will oppose tooth and nail, India becoming US of circa 2001; spending trillions of rupees and lakhs of lives (of our valuable security personnel) on "war on terror" with no solution (coz the problem itself is ill posed). On one hand losing our precious security personnel, and then (a la Steve Sailor re' America, please do web-search!) "invade them and invite them". This will be a death blow to our nation and civilization.

So political compulsions aside NaMo must remain clear about basic concepts. Notice how the message now is OIC is good, only Pakistan is bad. No fools. Islam is bad and Pakistan can recover if it sheds Islam. That should be the clarity we have.

Then NaMo's obsession with Kashmiris. Let us be clear, I am for we (Hindus) regaining Hindu Civilizational Territory (over extended akhanD bhArat). If Kashmiris, Pakistani sullas don't want to do gharwapsi, they should find more attractive places in OIC countries, for example. So this obsession about winning hearts of Kashmiris is bull shit.

I also sniff a very perilous game here. This Islam is good, terrorists are bad, is a (one of the) Judeo-Globalist line. This is Secular-Humanism as front, and Judeo-blah-blah as the real thing. I also think USA does not want Chinese accessing Gwadar. This suits India, but US (a front for Israel?) may seek Baluchistan independence so that Israel can use Baluch to poke into Iran. India must keep away from such designs. Per our past experience, soon Baluch (a la Bangladesh) will become another sulla-terrorists-exporting hub. Much later, after America's decline "secular-humanist-India" will be the new barking/biting dog of Judeo-Globalists. And when Pakistani ISI is blamed, never ignore that ISI also means Israel and (United) States against India. Again, this is not to condone Pakistan, Islam, sullas, whatever. The point is, we must be alert against all sorts of enemies, and have clear understanding of our situation.

Also, don't rejoice prematurely about Jamaat-e-Islami ban (in Kashmir) etc. Read the language behind. That government will take strict action against "radicals". Remember that Hindutva-folks, Gau-Rakshakas, etc could easily be classified as "radicals" any time, and then you know what will befall them. Just for starters, some Kashmiri sullas got bashed up and "Hindu Fascism" has already been vilified. And the Werlemans etc who do it are (alleged) "natural allies". Beware!

Recently, Chitra Subramanian (of Bofors investigation fame) has "exposed" Anglo-Saxon designs. All the press/media that she is exposing are jew-owned, jew-controlled, jew-run media/press. Playing "both" sides is the typical Judeo-(brAhminical) stratagem. Recall, till recently their version was Christanity vs Islam, which meant Judeo-Xianity vs Judeo-Islam, so no matter what happens to X/Islam Judeo wins! In India, they will push for Judeo-X and Judeo-Islam (also read Secularism, Humanism, blah blah) against Hinduism. Not to mention, "swadeshi sullas" kind of fraud (see here and here, for example). However "well meaning", these could very well be existential-stupidities (stupidities that risk your very [civilizational]existence). Similar is the fraud of "Alla ka Islam" vs "Mulla ka Islam" by Tarek Fatah. We, as Hindus must evaluate Islam (and any such) from the perspective of "What in the worst case?". While, even a novice will at once realize that Islam is full of poison "even in the best case".

Likewise, on to other related matters, even now, as the shrill drum of "Israel is India's natural ally" is being beaten; the jewish media is crying hoarse about perils of Hindu-Nazism. (Not to ignore the fact that Leslie Udwin, Sheldon Pollock, Wendy Doniger, etc etc are all "jewish").  Don't overlook these crucial things in your enthusiasm.

So there are multiple indirection(s) working to obfuscate the situation. One, blaming Anglo-Saxons. Just to be clear, I don't say AS/Whites/X/Y/Z are our allies by definition. What I say is, anyone who is a potential pagan is less dangerous than he/she combined with Judeo-something. Thus, we (as Hindus) must encourage people to return to their own roots. Second, Joel Skousen (a respectable analyst) keeps mentioning Globalists (Anglo-American, Russian, Chinese competing globalists). If you look closely, what will you find? Judeo-Globalism. Make your own observations. Draw your own conclusions.

There is another thing I want to mention. Besides the bogey of Hindu-Fascism etc, the bogey of Hindi-imposition will also be propped up. Why? Simple. They want to push secessionist tendencies here. Therefore, when people use arguments like Sindhi/Baluch/Pakhtun "nationalities", keep your antenna  alert. That is a prototype to be used against India too. Now don't you see what ChandB Naidu, Maomata Jihadidi, HDKumaraswamy, etc etc are doing? KCR will follow soon. Never forget that the "brAhmin" KCR's daughter once blabbered about her pride of being a Nizami (erstwhile ruler of Hyderabad). The shit runs deep, very deep.

The long and short of it that there are wheels within wheels and we must guard against falling prey to anti-Hindu stratagems. Just as caste/religion war is intertwined in India. Racial-nation vs Proposition-nation war is being played globally. And "both sides" are (often) being played by the same "controlling group". We should focus on "what is good/best for Hindus?". And not be swayed by high-sounding generalities. Otherwise, on the whole, the going has been ok so far.