On Pakistan

It is not possible to discuss about Pakistan without discussing Islam. Before 1947 the whole subcontinent was more or less similar with cities now in Pakistan as good as, if not better than, the cities now in India. A few decades later, the story is different. India on many fronts, barring its suicidal tendencies, is a success story. While Pakistan is a failed state.

And the cause of Pakistan's failure is Islam. The cause of failure of Arabia is Islam. But for the oil wealth, and excepting the nation of Israel, the whole of middle east, is a failed region; and the cause is Islam. The peoples of regions practicing Islam must see the facts for themselves.

Srdja Trifkovic who has written for the Chronicles magazine states in his article: The only lasting solution to the problem of Pakistan is the disappearance of Pakistan from the political map of the world.

In Civilizational terms, the peoples in regions practicing Islam must try to get back to their roots. Those in the subcontinent (Pakistan and Bangladesh) must revert to Sanatana Dharma; while those in the Middle East should revert to their Paganism, which too had Sanatana Dharmic roots.

Islam is an irreligion which is religiously cruel, politically expansionary, socio-culturally oppressive, and in every other positive measure a Failure. The only redemption for Muslims is to realize this fact and decide for themselves.