Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jaitley Issue : The Hindu vs. The Chindu

There is an ongoing tussle between the Chindu, and the Hindu. The bloggers at Chindu claim that The-Hindu distorted Jaitley's statements. We will present our views on the matter shortly, but even before that, let us put some facts straight.

1. There happened an exchange between an American (Mr. Robert Blake) and Mr. Jaitley.

2. The American (Mr. Blake) sent a cable about this exchange to another American.

3. A part of this cable has been released by Wiki-Leaks.

4. The Hindu reported the content of the Wiki-Leak, and provided its interpretation.

5. Chindu contests this interpretation and alleges distortion by the Hindu.

Now, let us proceed step-by-step.

No party has denied that an exchange took place. So point number 1 is undisputed.

The Americans have not denied the contents of the cable, so point numbers 2 and 3 are also undisputed.

In the content, the American (Mr. Blake) who sent the cable reported about Jaitley "...he characterized this as an opportunistic issue...". So this means that Mr. Blake reported that Mr. Jaitley characterized Hindutva as an opportunistic issue for the BJP. Mr. Jaitley denies claim.

The crucial fact is that there is no audio recording of the actual conversation that took place. Thus it is one man's word against another's.

Now comes the tricky part. In most wiki-leaks disclosures, certain confidential exchanges between various government, financial, political and such entities have been made public. There has to be a consistent method while analyzing such exposes.

There is another question that remains unanswered, and that is, while Mr. Jaitley denies the claims made by Mr. Blake, Me Jaitley does not reveal what he actually said during the conversation. Mr. Jaitley can easily claim that he does not remember exactly what he said. But then the question is where is some internal report which Mr. Jaitley sent to the BJP wherein Mr. Jaitely briefed his party about his exchange with Mr. Blake? If the BJP does not maintain any such records, then the only thing it can do is to indulge in denial and therefore tying themselves into NOTs. And this precisely is what they have been doing.

Now if the BJP's denial has to be taken as a credible denial, the evil Congress is demanding similar deniability regarding wiki-leaks exposes on them, period!

Coming back to the original thread. The Hindu prepared the headline placing its faith in Mr. Robert Blake, and the Chindu is chest-beating placing its faith in Mr. Jaitley. Given the prevailing world scenario, neither choice is obvious.

Mr. Blake and The Hindu may be distorting or twisting facts, but Mr. Jaitley or The Chindu have no way of establishing this, for they have not presented their version of the exchange!

Mr Jaitley will do well to first reveal his version, which must be in form of some tangible record, before he indulges in denials.

And The Chindu will do well to first understand that without knowing the original the claims that any inconvenient report is a distortion hold no ground, even if it indeed is the case. Thus notwithstanding the unknown facts of the matter, The Hindu can hardly be faulted for point number 4, and The Chindu have hardly any supporting evidence for point number 5!

The Chindu's general view that the Hindu is a highly biased news paper and so on, is surely a reasonably appreciated fact. And we are very much with them in their discrediting such pernicious aspects of journalism which is so rampant these days. However, they (The Chindu) should exercise utmost caution before jumping in as saviors of politicians of the ilk of Mr. Jaitley.


There has been no release of any official audio-record of the conversation. The wiki-leaks published a cable sent putatively by Mr. Robert Blake. Mr. Blake, therein, reports that Mr. Jaitley characterized Hindutva as an opportunistic issue for the BJP. Mr. Jaitley denies it. The cable is an official record that Mr. Blake sent way back in 2005. Mr. Jaitley has no similar record. And yet he wants his denials to be taken seriously. By the way, this is what the Congress also wants, that is their own affirmations and denials to be taken seriously!

Notwithstanding what the newspaper The-Hindu or the blog The-Chindu might present; what the HINDUS must do is to spot, encourage, support new leaders, and reject the useless ones.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Modi Betraying His DF-ery : Thinks Mohandas is Larger than Truth!

Where is our nation heading? A nation whose national emblem contains the statement "Satyameva Jayate" meaning: Truth alone Triumphs!

The Gujarat CM has shown himself in highly parochial light by banning a book on Mohandas, merely because it brings to light certain inconvenient facts about him, that is Mohandas, who has been made to our beloved nation, what Sonia Gandhi presently is to Congress!

So Mohandas is so highly above any scrutiny that if inconvenient facts come out about his persona then the facts must be denied, suppressed or done away with. No wonder that we have become a nation of blind-followers!

What a strange nation we are! You can't write facts about Mohandas, you can't write facts about Jawahar, you can't write facts about Islam; but we claim that we are a nation who owe allegiance to Truth! Satyameva Jayate! Can anything be a bigger farce than this? Is it a wonder that Mohandas is claimed to be a Saint, Jawahar a Visionary, and Islam a Religion of Peace?

This in a country where just about a century ago, a fire brand monk roared, "Truth does not pay homage to any society, ancient or modern. Society has to pay homage to Truth or die."

Just a few days ago I cautioned regarding Mr. Modi, who is touted to be a far-right-Hindu-Nationalist, that Modi is not a right-winger. He is another left of center politician. And he has exhibited exactly this by his speech-control action.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jaitley betrays himself, or BJP's Truth?

None can accuse me of being wrong even if they accuse me of being a doomsayer. Another recent incident vindicates my perception about the thought-process in the higher echelons of BJP. Can you imagine that an empty-suit Kapil Sibal should ever have the gall to accuse someone of doublespeak. Well a BJP high-politician has gifted an opportunity to do exactly the same to the Congressman.

Another empty-suit, this time from BJP, Mr. Arun Jaitely, a colleague of the Thayee (Ms Sushma Swaraj, For her performance, see here, here and here) is alleged to have remarked that Hindutva was just an opportunistic tool for the BJP. The exact news from the Hindu reads:

...“Pressed on the question of Hindutva, Jaitley argued that Hindu nationalism ‘will always be a talking point' for the BJP. However, he characterized this as an opportunistic issue,"...

My readers will recall that long ago Mr. Govindacharya was shunted out of BJP for calling Mr. Vajpeyee merely a "mask" of the BJP, while Mr. Advani was the "real face". Mr. Jaitely, being one of the men of Mr Advani, has now betrayed what the "real face" of BJP is.

I have been very critical of Advani for his rants, see here, here and here. I have been repeatedly saying that the Sangh Parivar and the BJP are deceiving their devoted foot-soldiers who have willingly sacrificed again and again for their organizations.

If BJP, starting from just two parliament seats, rose to a government-forming party, it was owing to their Hindutva claims. Mr Advani used to exhort crowds which used to chant "JahAn rAm kA janma huA hai, mandir vahIn banAyenge" "We will make the temple at the birth-place of Ram". Lakhs of Kar-sevaks gathered from all parts of India. Several young men sacrifized even their lives. But these self-proclaimed leaders of the Hindus, are so treacherous, that Mr Advani described the structure-demolition day as the saddest day of his life, and now his empty-between-the-ears protege, Mr Jaitley reveals that Hindutva is merely an opportunistic tool for the BJP.

We all love to hate Mr. Jinnah, but realize that Mr. Jinnah did not cheat the Muslims. Despite being whatever he was, an English educated secular Muslim, he fought for the creation of a Muslim nation. Mohandas and Jawahar cheated the Hindus. They gave a nation to the Muslims, while they gave the Hindus a "Secular (read Minority Appeaser) nation". An unsuspecting citizen may have felt that the BJP, with some of its top brass (Advani and Jaswant Singh) being admirers of Jinnah, would at least not deceive their self-chosen constituency, namely, the Hindus. But the citizens' gullibility has proved to be costly. The BJP has, time and again, betrayed the Hindus. To be fair to the grass-roots workers, it may be so that they have no say in what the top-brass empty-between-the-ears leaders blabber, and it might well be so that these workers feel betrayed and hurt. But that is besides the point. The BJP with its current-top is not just headless, it is treacherous!

The BJP needs a revolt from within now. Either those who are devoted to their heartfelt cause of the Hindus, must leave BJP, or they must cleanse the BJP of the current scum. I personally prefer the former. However, for those who prefer the latter, I would recommend that they should ensure that the least the BJP should do is to make some one genuinely pro-Hindu its head. Mr Narendra Modi could be a possible choice. However, the Hindus need to be guarded. Mark my words, Mr Modi is not a right-winger! He too is left-of center! Thus, he could any day betray his "secularism"! Nevertheless, he is the best that the BJP has now. So on one hand they need to bring Mr Modi at the helm, and then criticize him for being soft on some of the very crucial issues, which he is.

I would repeat what I have said earlier:

O Hindus, realize that no politician is representing you! So you need choose and send politicians from among yourselves. Make new politicians, make new political parties. Encourage people with spine to become your representatives. Otherwise you will be led by a bunch of Mohandas and Jawahar clones. And surely they will lead you to your doom!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Nuclear Deal: The Japan Story

The recent earthquake and the ensuing tsunami devastated Japan. Hindus who have bore the brunt of many such destructions and devastations whether man-made or otherwise can easily sympathize with the plight of the victims in Japan.

As if these devastations were not enough, there is another impending danger, and let us pray and hope that it is only a fear. Some of the Nuclear Power Plants may have a melt-down, following which there could be an even greater devastation.

And this is a very relevant news for us. India is keen to have Nuclear Power and that is the reason Manmohan signed the self-esteem compromising nuclear-deal with the Americans. Indian too has had its share of earthquakes and a tsunami too. Imagine what a nuclear-power plant disaster could inflict on India!

I have been opposed to the Nuclear-Deal for other reasons, not this one. However, I also fear that the policy-makers have not given sufficient thoughts to the safety-issues before they decided that India needed to be on-course for a large scale nuclear-power-generation.

It will be necessary that the policy makers take a second look!

Advani blabbers again: On Ayodhya

Notwithstanding the sad albeit well-expected developments on the matter, I feel vindicated, and am having the last laugh too. Advani and Jaswant seem to be competing against each other in showing themselves to be more Secular then the other. If Advani gave a speech on Secular credentials of Jinnah, Jaswant wrote a book on the matter. Now Advani has reiterated his stand on the demolition of the disputed structure in Ayodhya, and thinks that the demolition dented BJP's credibility. It is anyone's guess now what Advani would recommend to regain the credibility. I surmise that Advani wants the structure restored! And Jaswant must be itching to better Advani on this!

Advani, as a matter of fact, has been a long term member of the RSS, and is the senior-most leader in the BJP (Atal Bihari having taken retirement). An innocent reader will find such a statement from Advani surprising. But it is no surprise.

Firstly, Advani, is a DF in a class of his own! Secondly, he has blabbered in the past too. Thirdly, in Advani's own admission, the day the disputed structure was demolished was the saddest day of his life. Look at that! Not the day India was partitioned! Not the days when riots broke out and lacs of Hindus were killed and Hindu-women raped! If he wants to ignore the Hindus, not even the days when Congress and their goons killed Sikhs in 1984 anti-Sikh riots! This bleeding-heart Secularist, self proclaimed promoter of Hindutva, does not find any from many such days as the saddest day. He finds the disputed-structure-demolition-day to be the saddest!

Paraphrasing an old proverb: "God save me from my friends, enemies I know how to deal with"; God save us from the Hindutva politicians, the rest of the enemies we know how to deal with!

Thus if Mohandas is the father of the nation, then Advani is his deserving child. Well said Advani! You say it so well! Why don't you say it from a well? Drown yourself in a well Mr. Advani. We Hindus do not need you to represent us. Please go and relax with Mohandas in the hell he must be in.

If RSS does not make Advani publicly apologize for making such a statement, then fie upon RSS! Recall, recently Advani apologized to Sonia for a trifling matter. Is it any wonder that his protege Sushma (thayee) gave a concession to Manmohan?

O Hindus, realize that no politician is representing you! So you need choose and send politicians from among yourselves. Make new politicians, make new political parties. Encourage people with spine to become your representatives. Otherwise you will be led by a bunch of Mohandas and Jawahar clones. And surely they will lead you to your doom!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Arun Shourie on The Great Telecom Fudge: Jawaharism revisited?

In Indian Express there is a heart-rending tale of one Mr. Arun Shourie, yes the one who worships Mohandas. He complains:

"For the last year, I have been living far away from Delhi, immersed in religious scriptures for a book that I have completed. Telecom has been as far from my concerns as any other gutter in Delhi. It is the spate of lies which has been let loose that has compelled me to return to it."

And then there is a long winding story detailing how NDA did what was not inappropriate and how Congress did only misappropriation and is now resorting to mud-slinging. An interested reader is welcome to read the full article in Indian Express.

However, I being one with limited intellectual ability (Surprised by my humility? Ha!), fail to understand a few things:

1. Why is it that the government must concern itself with micro-managing the economy?

This is exemplified by many statements in the article: "Hence, one of the principal objectives of Government was to steer the sector on to a growth path." ... "A major concern of the Government, therefore, was to lift the sector out of this quagmire of litigation. Telecom service providers should compete for the goodwill of the customers rather than trying to block each other in courts, or by suborning ministers and civil servants in Delhi — that was the objective."

And also,

2. Why aren't policies discussed out in the open before they are implemented?

It is obvious that the policies were an outcome of closed-door meetings, otherwise why so much of clarification needs to be provided by someone who had changed the course of his life into attaining sainthood by immersing himself into religious scriptures! What a pity, what a pity!

3. Why is BJP, as a party, not defending Mr. Shourie? Why is he left to defend himself alone?

If you doubt this and want a confirmation, utter a word against Atal Bihari and see how you would be harassed by a gang.

This reinforces my surmise that BJP is fast becoming, that is if it hasn't already become one, a divided house. That besides, it surprises everyone as to why this party with a difference always fails to deviate from the Jawaharism that has been one of the main causes of India's troubles. Why is it that everybody in India wants everything to be done by the government? No wonder then that even your private enjoyments are finally enjoyed only by the government! Moreover, as I mentioned yesterday in my article about Thayee, every single politician wants to become a person like that of the Jawahar-clan.

The saga of Mr Shourie is of no consequence unless we question what the role of the government be and how the government should play that role. For the former we need to choose between lesser and lesser government and more and more government, while for the latter we need to choose between the method of open debate based on verifiable facts or patronizing dream-sequences of an undeserving clan.

In my view, the choices are obvious: Less Government and Open Debate. And this is the lesson we need to learn besides many other lessons, from the ongoing tsunami of scams.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thayee of the Reddy Brothers from Karnataka showing her colors again?

Nitin Gadkari, the president of the BJP, has apparently snubbed Sushma Swaraj. It looks that Ms Swaraj consented to go soft on PM (Manmohan Singh) after he "explained" his position vis-a-vis CVC-Thomas issue.

Manmohan Singh has been one of the biggest traitor prime ministers that we have had. He has shamelessly presided over the Nuclear Deal, Bofors investigations, post 26/11 lethargy, the 2-G scam, ... the list is endless.

And in the face of all charges, he sulks like a school boy and tries to gain sympathy for his pretentious innocence. He along with the orifices he is so fond of licking belong to such an evil clan that new hells may have to be constructed for them.

BJP (SP), of course, are a party with a difference. So there have to be persons with aspirations befitting Gandhi-Nehru clan. Atal Bihari came closest to succeeding but did not quite, and Lal Krishna was a distant second. However that does not deter Ms Swaraj and Mr Jaitley to take a go at the goal.

If the debacle in 2004 elections bode the unmaking of Pramod Mahajan, then a repeat in 2009 did Mr. Jaitley and Ms. Swaraj in. Nevertheless old aspirations, like old habits, die hard. So once in a while it is manifested in some patronizing behavior.

Thus it so happened that no sooner did Manmohan display his school-boy act than Thayee (Ms Swaraj) seize the opportunity to display her patronizing behavior. And the blundering promise of softness ensued.

As an aside, let me remind you that albeit each of them is fundamentally a DF, never get fooled by their stupidity. These are clever by half politicians who end up being what they are, i.e. stupid. However their designs are always evil-intentioned.

Now, Mr. Gadkari is only in the early phase of his maiden presidential innings. He needs to aim high and must have a much longer vision. He saw the stupidity of such softness. And thus followed his snubbing reaction.

I fear that BJP is showing itself to be a divided house, thus one wonders how long it would stand. In my opinion, BJP can salvage itself in only one way. They must project Mr. Narendra Modi as their prime-ministerial candidate, and Mr. Modi must be criticized for his soft-pedaling on many crucial issues.

In short, BJP must take a stand believing Mr. Modi to be what he is, that is some one in the middle of left and center. And I wish that Mr. Modi knows this.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Aruna may get Death, but will she get Justice?

The supreme court made a ruling in the case of Ms. Aruna Shanbagh. Now if the KEM hospital requests and the high court agrees, Ms Aruna will get death (mercy-killing).

However, look at the deranged society we are living in. There is no gainsaying that Aruna deserves sympathy. But how are we offering her sympathy? By getting a mercy-death for her!

Why are we not interested in getting the culprit, who inflicted this vegetative state on Ms Aruna, due punishment?

The following is the story in a nut-shell:

"Hailing from Haldipur town of Shimoga in Karnataka, Aruna was a junior nurse, planning to get married to a medico in the hospital when her career and dreams were shattered by the attacker, Sohanlal Bhartha Valmiki, working as a wardboy in the same hospital.

He sneaked into the nurses' changing room and attacked Aruna, catching her unawares as she was changing after her shift got over. He first strangulated her with a dog chain and then sodomised her.

These acts resulted in loss of oxygen supply to Aruna's brain, leading to brain stem injury, damaging her cervical cord and leaving her blind. The assault left her bleeding from the anus for several days after the incident.

Though police lodged a case of robbery, assault and attempted murder, they did not record rape as the anal rape was concealed by the hospital authorities, ostensibly to save her impending marriage with the medico, Sandeep Sardesai. Sohanlal went to jail for seven years but now his whereabouts are not known.

Since the day of the attack, Aruna has remained in coma without any change in her medical condition."

So a seven-year-jail for someone who sodomized and strangulated a woman such that she has to beg even for a peaceful death?

Unless criminals like Sohanlal and A Raja (yes you guessed it right, the minister, along with the accomplices starting from M Karunanidhi and Manmohan Singh to Sonia Gandhi) get exemplary punishment which they deserve, we can not hope to have a fair society.

Are we one billion Dumb-Fucks?

Good News! The moron Arjun Singh passed away.

Amongst lots and lots of bad news, there was a small pencil of ray of a good news. The moron, Arjun Singh passed away. One wonders why it took so long for Time to shunt this fellow out.

This blighter was an Islam appeaser and Reservation promoter. Note that just one of these two are sufficient to deserve unrestrained contempt. And this blighter had both the traits!

It will be good if he has his memorial made alongside Mohandas's at Rajghat. The role model would be pleased to meet his ardent devotee.

The only sad part is that this blighter died without suffering sufficiently. We must pray that the inscrutable Law of Karma accord him what he deserves. Those who have read the purANas (पुराण), can easily understand what kind of hell this guy would deserve. And I am sure V P Singh and many such will be there to receive him. And of course, there are many in Indian politics who deserve similar, if not worse, fate.