A Declaration

A Declaration of New Independence Struggle (June 4, 2011)

The events during the night of that fateful day have reaffirmed that at the midnight of Aug. 15, 1947, India did not become a Free Country. The British colonizers left and the Indian Colonizers took over. We have no rights. We have only the duty to forbear the evil deeds of the state.

Thus, we declare the beginning of a New Independence Struggle.

We want a nation which is founded upon Truth, Freedom and Responsibility. As our civilization has held for ages "Know the Truth and Truth will set you Free.". If freedom comes from the knowledge of truth, responsibility is realized by the wisdom borne out of such a knowledge.

For the establishment of such a nation, we need a New Constitution. The existing constitution, however well-intentioned, and well-crafted, has failed. The causes for its failures are  numerous. This will come out of the Debates and Discussions held in which Everyone has the freedom to participate and contribute.

Surely, while drafting the final version, experts in Law will play their role. However, the intent of it must be decided by nearly all-inclusive discussions. Fair to all, and favoring none, neither the majority, nor the minority, neither men, nor women; rather fair to both  the majority as well as and the minority, the men as well as the women.

We solicit the enthusiasm, drive and participation of all of us. Let us make a beginning and take the first and the most important step:
Let us make a Resolve to draft the New Constitution.