Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wafa Sultan: If only a few of our main stream leaders had the clarity of this lady

Wafa Sultan is a doctor from Syria who emigrated to the USA. She is a vociferous critic of Islam, its founder Muhammad, and the Islamic Law, i.e. Sharia.

She points out (see videos here) unequivocally that Islam wants to take over the whole world, subjugate all non-Muslims with a view to converting or killing them.

Most importantly she points out that it is not some fringe interpretation of Islam, not Radical Islam, not Islamofascism and all such non-sense which she insists are terms that are product of fertile imagination and suicidal tendencies born out of Political Correctness; rather it is Islam itself which IS the danger and which is the problem.

She calls Muhammad a false prophet who was a self-gratifying-pedophile, and Allah a God-who-hates, which also the title of one her books.

She has debated (in Arabic) with Mullahs and clerics and Arab diplomats (even on Al Jazeera).

We recommend our readers to watch some of her speeches and see for themselves what is meant by "Boldly speaking the Truth".

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Election-2012: Results and Lessons

Congress has faced a humiliating defeat in the elections in the UP. The blame needs to be shared by Rahul Gandhi, however that is not the end of story. The real cause of this humiliating defeat is not, as some would have us believe, to be taken as rejection of Brand Rahul. India is still a psychophantic nation. Indira Gandhi was rejected in 1977 and came back with thumping majority in 1980. After what she had inflicted on the people of this country, she should have been rejected for ever; but Congress being what it is stuck to Indira Gandhi, and Indians being what they are voted Indira Gandhi back to power. So Brand Rahul is down but not out.

Stretching the analogy with Indira debacle of 1977 further, if Indira lost due to emergency, the question arises why Rahul lost UP. There are a few questions which need to be asked. First is, what would have happened if Rahul was not there? Would Congress get more seats than it got? The answer is an unequivocal NO. Secondly, what is the analogue of emergency here? We give our perspective in the following.

Congress, anyway, would have lost badly because of the sins of UPA II. For a long time, in India, political parties do not win elections. It is just that some parties lose more than some others. Some due to perceptible failures, and the many owing to their own internal bickering. In our opinion, it is a mistake to think that Mulayam's SP has won the elections; rather it is that BJP, BSP and Congress have lost these elections for various reasons. And we explain our reasons for thinking so.

1. With the magnitude of Corruption that UPA-II has been tainted with at the center, no one wanted to vote for the Congress if there was any other choice. For example, in Manipur where the people are struggling to join the main stream, and the Church is wanting to prop up Sonia, there was hardly any choice for people other than Congress, and so Congress won. Otherwise, in Uttarakhand, despite serious problems with the BJP, Congress merely managed one seat more than BJP. In Punjab, despite corruption charges against SAD, Congress lost. So it is a mistake to attribute the loss of Congress in UP to Rahul, rather a major factor for the loss has been UPA-II itself. Thus Congress lost in UP, Punjab, Goa etc.

2. Mayawati's regime was mired in allegations and while others were working hard, Mayawati was arrogantly confident. With the statues of the Elephant and Mayawati galore all over UP, there was no reason Mayawati would have won. One must remember, except at one's own great peril, that Indians HATE even a hint of arrogance more than anything else!

3. BJP in UP can not win in another thousand years if they do not respect Shri Kalyan Singh and if they do not reject Rajnath Singh. After sacrificing Kalyan Singh, Uma Bharati and Govindacharya at the altar of fragile egos of Vajpeyee and the likes; how can BJP expect even a semblance of trust and respect from the people in UP? Can you afford to kick your most loyal soldiers and yet hope to get respect? And the shamelessness was thoroughly exposed when they invited Uma Bharati to campaign in UP. So you kick a person and then when you are on death bed you request the kicked-person to bring in an ambulance? We are sure, Rajnath's men conspired as well.

4. So with each of these three "losing" what was left? Mulayam's SP! And so they won!

Secondly, the "emergency-like" mistake by Rahul Gandhi was to adopt anti-Hindu, pro-DogVijay stance.

1. A person who thinks (recall wikileaks) that Hindu-Terror is more dangerous than Islamic Terror must be seriously insane! Islam has overseen the killing of more than a hundred million people over past fourteen centuries. It killed more than eighty million Hindus during past twelve hundred years, and they killed these Hindus merely because they were Hindus. How can something be more dangerous than Islamic Terror so easily?

2. A person who takes DogVijay Stink as his advisor is bound to fall into a ditch. DogVijay was bent upon making Rahul more Maulana than Maulana Yadav (Mulayam Yadav), and Rahul complied and that was his biggest foolishness. While Maulana Yadav was recasting himself as a Hanuman devotee, the DogVijya was busy casting Rahul Gandhi as a Sulaiman devotee!

Lessons for Rahul:

Indira apologized to the people of the nation for emergency and vowed NEVER to impose emergency. Rahul needs to do something similar. He has to begin by telling the nation who he really is, what his real name is, what his real nationality is, etc. Then Rahul Gandhi needs to apologize to the Hindus for his grave error, and vow never to move even a millimeter against the Hindus. He needs to demostrate a pro-Hindu stand by kicking out DogVijay Singh and questioning the very tenets of Islam. This will surely clear his sins to some extent.

Come 2014, and Congress will lose, but if Rahul adopts these changes, and becomes Pro-Hindu and Islam-critic, Congress will still lose, but will retain respectability. Election 2012 is not the failure of Brand Rahul, rather it is the failure of UPA-II and anti-Hindu Brand DogVijay Stink.

Lessons for Politicians:

Politicians have to question their fundamental premises and cease to use dividing the majority and unite the minority strategy. Otherwise, they will do what their predecessors have largely been doing, that is selling the Nation to make Personal Profits. Once the country rises in revolt against such politicians, they will see really pathetic nightmares.

Politicians must focus on strengthening India's foundations which is Sanatana Dharma, and focus on providing good governance (therefore also the least governance and more liberty) free from Corruption.

Lessons for Congress:

Congress must cease to function as the representatives of the British in India, and become representatives of the majority in India. Politics is about providing leadership and governance. As the oldest party, it must shoulder its burden bravely and gracefully. What Rahul has to learn, has to be learnt by Congress in general. Get rid of their bogus legacy and root for the basics. India is nothing if not for Sanatana Dharma. Trying to make India a Secular Socialist Republic is an evil dream and Congress must shun it.

Lessons for BJP:

BJP can not take Hindus for granted. It can not demonize those who have sacrificed, in whatever manner, especially under the dictats of the high-command, for the Hindu-cause, and then hope to gain sympathy of the Hindus. BJP has to work as hard as any other party to regain their legitimacy in the eyes of the Hindus. If they fail to do so, in Election 2014, they will be unpleasantly surprised by coming a distant Third.

They need to support Narendra Modi lock, stock and barrel; and restrain him only of he drifts in the direction of Secularism (Muslim Appeasement) and Socialism (Greater Governmental Control). Arun Jaitley, Sushama Swaraj, and Advani must realize that their prime ministerial dream for 2014 will destroy the BJP as well as themselves.

Lessons for BSP:

BSP has come a long way from the Kanshiram days of "Tilak, Taraju aur Talwar, inako maaro joote chaar" (Brahmins, Vaishyas and Kshatriyas have to be hit with Shoes) to a strategic alliance with the Brahmins. Other than Dalit rennaissance, BSP has no agenda, and such an agenda is not enough. Compounded with that, Mayawati arrogance can only take the BSP further down. Mayawati has about fifteen more years of active political years still left in her. If she wants to fulfil her PM-dream, she has to realign herself with ideas which have appeal for the majority, rather than only for her vote bank.

Lessons for SP:

Rejection of the others should not be misconstrued for one's own victory. If SP gloats over this victory and indulges in Muslim-Yadav combine politics combined with arrogance then they might as well draw a lesson from looking at Mayawati this time. However, if SP accepts this as an opportunity to serve the people (not just Yadavs and least of all only Muslims), then they might do better. Further, Mulayam must realize that merely holding a mace in Election rallies is not enough. Especially the promise of 18 percent reservation for Muslims was a back-stabbing on all true devotees of Hanuman. If Mulayam retreads the Maulana ways, he must be finished by the Hindus. Likewise, If Mulayam is a true devotee of Hanuman, he has to quickly understand the danger lurking in the form of Sulaiman (Islam), and mend his ways. Rather he must embark on saving the Muslims from Islam.

Lessons for Hindus:

Rahul's great grand father Jawahar was one of the biggest poison against Hindus, and his sur-name contains the name of another of the biggest poison against the Hindus. So Rahul Gandhi has to bear the cross and work diligently to undo the humongous harm done by his ancestry. Hindus, on the other hand, should be extremely cautious and NOT forgive Rahul as easlily as they did his grand-mother Indira. Unless Rahul takes up Hindu-revival with ten times more enthusiasm than he took to the lanes of UP, and throws all Secular anti-Hindu Morons from his company and anti-Hindu ideas from his conceptual lexicon, and does each of these demonstrably; he has to be Rejected.

If just a hint of Hindu uprising and awareness made Maulana Mulayam a Hanuman devotee Mulayam then imagine what a genuine Hindu uprising and awareness will do. Election 2012 saw merely a dash of pro-Hindu postures by the likes of Mulayam along with electoral debacle for Maulavi appeasing tactics of Rahul. Hindus must force the politican parties to weild highly pro-Hindu candidates and promote pro-Hindu policies. Hindus must encourage and promote people to become good politicians to work in the service of Sanatana Bharat.

Some years ago elections were fought on the plan of true-secularism and pseudo-secularism. For past few elections the plank has been good-governance and development. Let 2014 be fought on the plan of truly pro-Hindu versus pseudo-pro-Hindu, and Hindus must make the most pro-Hindu candidates, and a party with declared pro-Hindu policies win the elections. At the very least, all anti-Hindu forces must be made to bite the dust.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lawyers versus Media Persons: What we need to Learn

There was high drama, or should we say bloody drama, at the Civil Court in Bangalore where lawyers violently attacked media persons. This was followed by the usual: Media being outraged by this, every Tom-Dick-and-Harry expressing anguish over that, Politicians hurling accusations against one another, and Ministers promising quick and decisive action against the perpetrators. This is all routine story, with the end already known; Nothing will come out of this hullabaloo.

However, we would like to point out something crucial here. Lawyers are a part of the Judicial system, in the sense, they are supposed to uphold The Truth in the courts. Similarly, Media are referred to as the Fourth Estate, and are supposed to report The Truth. So here is an interesting incident, those who are supposed to plead for The Truth have clashed with those who are supposed to showcase The Truth.

Given our hypocritical society, this can only mean that neither are lawyers upholding The Truth, nor are the media persons telling The Truth. Our lawyers are exemplified by the likes of Ram Jethmalani while the media-persons are exemplified by the likes of Burkha Dutt.

Since the inception we have been saying that our nation is in a vice-like grip of inveterate dumb-fuckery. The more we degrade, the faster we are degrading; and on top of that we take pride in all this. Take a look at how our moronic parliamentarians yell about the supremacy of the parliament and the infallibility of the constitution. All of us; the supposed-truth-tellers, viz., the media; the supposed truth-upholders, viz., the lawyers, the judges, and the police; the supposed leaders, viz., our politicians; and their followers, viz., the arrogantly ignorant us; have devolved into rank dumb-fucks. The more such blatant incidents occur, the stronger we close our eyes lest we learn The Truth. The more we reap the fruits of hypocrisy the stronger we endeavor in our denial of The Truth.

We urgently need to learn that such hypocrisy will bring us our doom. We need to liberate our Society from the vice of Mohandasian Hypocrisy and establish it on the Truth enunciated by the sages. We need to liberate our system (Constitution, Law, etc.) from the clutches of Jawaharian ignorance and establish it on the Wisdom enunciated by Sanatana Dharma. We need to liberate ourselves from the despondency born out of sloth and invigorate ourselves into action by the inspiration provided by Sanatana Dharma.

Long ago, it would have sufficed if a large fraction of us silently remained honest and good, but we let the degeneration set in. Then it became necessary for us to speak the truth but we remained silent. We were not even voting. Now, it won't suffice to merely vote, for rarely are there any good choices. Now, Good and Honest People need to contest elections. And very soon, that too won't be enough. The Good will have to violently fight both the Bad and the Ugly! We urge Hindus to be prepared for this eventuality.