Sunday, December 9, 2018

Election-2019 A Recommended Strategy for Hindus


Vote NaMo (I am not saying BJP/NDA, okay? Am saying NaMo and his team) - vote NaMo and his team 450+ seats. About 100 might be won by "true seculars".

A hand-waving argument, but will suffice for TL;DR: I don't have any great love for Modi, but when I see ALL THE Corrupt, Anti-Nationals HATE him so intensely, the simplest conclusion that I draw is the following: This man MUST be doing something right. Otherwise why do all these WRONG/EVIL people hate him so much?

Now for QL;YR (quite long,  yet read)

After the first two years of Modi-Sarkar (check here here here here here for first year, and here here for the second year) I stopped the evaluations. I had mostly said what I had to, and it was for Modi government to take it or leave it. During past 4-5 years, his government has done some good things and some bad things. While other things have been passable (to say the least), re' issues related to Hindus/Middle-Class, the errors of omission have outweighed the errors of commission. This is just to communicate to you that I have watched the proceedings with disinterest if not dispassionately. And by no means am I a Narendra-Modi fan, though I am not his detractor either. So this post is NOT about NaMo. It is for us, the Hindus.

I have been wanting to write this for quite sometime. I didn't want to waste these arguments on some state-elections (even though the arguments are not about them, their misuse is possible. And misuse, over-use blunt the utility and effectiveness of the argument).I don't take Exit polls very seriously and we must wait till actual results are out (whichever way). If BJP does well, they might ignore suggestions here and if they lose they might grab these with enthusiasm, however, I am unconcerned with that for the moment.

First things first:

Election 2019 is MORE IMPORTANT than 2014. You may ask, why?

In 2014, everyone knew Congress would lose and BJP will be the single largest party. However, every politician was confident that one of the following things would happen:

1. NaMo will not be made PM candidate.
2. Even if he is made, he will be unable to keep allies.

Both these points went awry and the assumption was rest asunder. And yet, there WAS a twist (as per my understanding). Even those who allied with BJP thought that ditching Modi as PM-candidate will only work to reduce BJP's seats so why do that (BJP/RSS ground level workers wanted Modi [Alleged Hindu-illiterates are quite wise you know?] so not selecting Modi would have led to a huge slack in kAryakartA-zeal; and further they (allies) were sure that BJP would not get 272 on its own). Thus they thought like so (my hypothesis): Let BJP get as many seats as possible (will reduce the additional number of allies needed post election, and thus there will be less power sharing). And after election (since BJP won't get 272 on its own) we can either force BJP not to make Modi a PM (I suspect that he might have withdrawn himself, any ways), or we will be able to force Modi to be a truncated PM (Go figure ... it is easy!). I am sure that even the Congress was BANKING on it. Thus you saw a kind of jovial contempt for Modi (for good or for bad it was also for cow-urine-drinking, tilak-wearing Hindus as well).

However, the unexpected happened. But, the rest is not history YET. The unexpected led to many things. However much we (as Hindus, and Middle Class) may be dissatisfied with Modi (and justifiably so), the anti-Modi camp (subsuming within itself anti-Hindu camp) is Greatly Worried. They want to avoid Modi winning (even a simple majority) whatever be the cost. Yes, you read it right - WHATEVER-BE-THE-COST. It is this, that makes 2019 a much more crucial election than 2014. And remember, a BJP (<= 271) = (tacitly implies) Modi won't be PM. So the "opposition" has solely one aim. Restrict BJP to 271 or less. Rest will be managed (incorporating intra-BJP treason).

For instance, NaMo in my view has been, at the very least, a somewhat Naeemuddin(check here), but the anti-NaMo (even a non-NaMo) PM will be demoniacal and Rabid anti-Hindu. For example, they will quickly do a few things. And for what? They would want to preclude a repeat of 2014 like Hindu-resurgence for ever. Thus, rabid anti-Hinduism (including violence, mass murder, blah blah) will abound. (Slow genocide is any way happening already, and I am NOT looking at NaMo as pro-Hindu either, at least not for now). However, our concern must be, to avoid a non-NaMo PM in 2019. Mind you, I am not even calling NaMo great/bad whatever now. I would rather classify him as a - presently safe/workable "place-holder".

My reasons for classifying him as a safe/workable "place-holder":

1.(Even if) Shit, Shit is  better than (Confirmed) Poison.
2. (Even if) Poison, non-lethal poison is better than (Confirmed) lethal-poison.
3. (Even if) Lethal Poison, In the short run, slow leathal posion is better than (Confirmed) fast lethal poison.

My message to larger Hindu voters (especially also the middle class) is: Your grouse is legit. Please don't whine this time, or better still, please whine all you can but please do swallow the bitter pill one more time, and vote NaMo. However, this time, keep a plan-B (NaMo replacement, if needed, though we must work as if it WILL be needed) ready by 2022-24. Another important aspect is for those who want to teach NaMo a lesson. Yes, we must teach NaMo a lesson, but without inflicting a lesson on ourselves. No point Cutting off the nose to spite the face (see here).

My message for NaMo: You may rely on TINA (there is no alternative) factor; but you must perceive that if your own CORE voters think WTWA (pronounced like fatwa: wut-wa: Wish There Was Alternative), there must be something amiss. Think about it! And you got a few months to ACT on it.

Now I come to "details". As I mentioned earlier, 2019 elections are more crucial than 2014. The thing is, you like it or not, NaMo remains, if not THE least anti-Hindu, one of the least anti-Hindus (anti-H he surely is!). Yogi etc might be somewhat better, but Yogi too is too damn soft for my taste. We need some one who has the balls to do 10X-"Islam" on Islam, get it? I know you got the drift. With that behind us, thus for 2019 I am treating NaMo as a reasonable "place-holder" we have. What does that mean? It means we must elect 450+ explicitly pro-Hindu Loksabha members (who, for now, are pro-NaMo [as place-holder] for his being non-corrupt, pro-development, blah blah).

With 450 pro-Hindu members, Hindus can push NaMo to do what Hindus want. In case some among 450 turn out shitty, we can throw about 150 out and still have 300. Worse, if most are shitty, our 150 can resign and form explicit pro-Hindu party, while leaving NaMo to continue doing his Vikas. You got the drift, right?

Now you may ask, among so many, Why only NaMo as the place holder (why not x,y,z?):

1.  I am advocating NaMo as a place-holder, for he is by now, at the very least, a familiar evil. Presently we don't know who will be lesser evil. And even if we "elect" a leader, the "leader" can later claim his hands are tied blah blah. So better we fight for a "good hand" (450+, pro-Hindu LS members; see?), then "leader" might not matter much.

Remark: This strategy will incentivize even non-BJP parties to put forth explicitly pro-Hindu candidates. Then Hindu-voters must choose one who is non-corrupt and pro-H. You ask why non-corrupt? The answer is as follows. Why are alleged secular-Hindu leaders secular? For they can win elections and make huge money. Thus anti-corruption automatically disincentivizes secularism. You may ask, why not corrupt who are pro-Hindu? The thing is, one who is corrupt will not remain steadfastly pro-Hindu. For lucre will lure him into secularism. We have seen that many times, ain't we? The rest of the argument is, the non-corrupt won't mind NaMo's (any PM's anti-corruption policies) and pro-Hindu won't let (even if NaMo, anti-H policies).

2. NaMo, Amit Shah, and team have formed a well oiled machinery which is working efficiently. Best to leave it working, and work on a plan-B (strong non-corrupt pro-Hindu to replace NaMo in case NaMo repeats sissyness.)

3. It is also to put some pressure and onus on hindus as well to find a replacement while someone is on the job. I, for one, just after 2014 victory was yelling for finding multiple new NaMos. The turd-tards were busy mocking Pappu, and gloating in self congratulations. In fact, it is only after Gujarat that a bit of sobriety entered the scene. However, even after that, they have always preferred the lazy argument: Arguments like, "So you want to vote Pappu?", "Middle Class is traitorous", etc. It is high time that such imbeciles are truncated within BJP/RSS. Yes, while it is true that they (those dissing Hindu middle class) also ARE our hindu family, however, we must brace for calm, sustained, fight. I never mind abusive language, so long as familial solidarity is a given. The goal must be, let the best strategy be taken. anyways, I digressed.

A quick, cursory, yet representative evaluation of NaMo's work:

I am not going to summarize pluses and minuses of the govt. I leave that for abler writers and minds. They have done that well (and much better than I do) and will do that. I would cursorily mention a few points.

NaMo's pluses (Each a big/huge plus): No Corruption, Infra investment, Swacch Bharat, Mudra, etc etc

NaMo's main minuses (Emotionally huge, pragmatically somewhat less so): 1. On Hindu Front 2. On Middle-Class economy front 3. (by and large) on civilizational front. 4. Too much "welfare"?

A benefit-of-doubt and alternative view of minuses:

1. NaMo's welfare is "capital investment" (not "consumer subsidy"). So one time cost will likely do away with recurring costs. Recall recurring "welfare" was one of the main planks of Cong's appeasement and vote-bank stratagem. More over, this new approach would likely result in a genuine empowerment which will (hopefully) push "poor" into "self sustainable" middle class.

2. This "welfare" also has other (likely Civilizational as well) benefits: The people who are vulnerable to "conversion industry" become less vulnerable (Though on ideological level also more needs to be done). I must mention here, that our poor are often much better positioned and ideologically rooted than the "middle class and rich". Never forget that they stuck to being Hindu despite poverty and suffering, while we (as middle class) quickly turn into whiners (however legitimate) and H1B-seekers.

3. This part I can't do well. Therefore, I would also like someone better equipped to make and present comparison between alternative scenarios and their real implications for middle class. For example, if we have  x% growth, y% inflation with y greater than x, does our quality of life improve or does it go down? Etc..

4. Further, on a broader canvas, if someone can formulate alternative/different strategies: check their consequences holistically, and present in simple to comprehend terms, it might tell us a different story. This again is not much of my domain but I suspect that while NaMo's has not been best, the best may/could not have been too different (in the first term).

5. Swamy vs Jaitley: This seems to be one of the major sore points for many. I view them as follows. They might have their weaknesses etc and even might be personal adversaries, but I surmise both love Hindus, India, and NaMo (in my preference, in that order) much more than they disagree or hate each other. And at this critical juncture will play judiciously.

6. Religious War /Caste War.

I have often mentioned that we are going through a combination of Religious-war as well as a caste-war. I have written about it cursorily. For now, it suffices to say that brAhmins pretend they are pro-NaMo but will likely vote against him; brAhmaNa-s are explicitly angry with him but will surely vote/support/bless him one more time. He is on to a tough job so things might not go as simple as one might want. In NaMo's second term it will become obvious whether NaMo merely faced difficulties or lacked right intentions. Thus at present give another chance. By 2024, his feet must be held to fire. The B-surnames must guard against being conned by brAhmins, and heed to wisdom of brAhmaNa-s. (Just to be plain, I don't assign brAhmaNa-ness based on support for NaMo, rather my support for NaMo derives from brAhmaNa-wisdom).

I further surmise (only as a benefit of doubt this time) that it is owing to this dicey deception game, NaMo is unable to be explicitly pro-Hindu. In my opinion, brAhmins are trying to con B-surnames, SC/ST, and minorities to unite (just as Cong vote bank used to be, and later became BSP vote bank) against NaMo. On the other hand, in my understanding, NaMo is trying to unite Indians (likely hoping gharwapsi, which muslims and christians should do if they get even an inkling of the con-game they are subjected to by their Mullahs, and Padres).

7. Thus, my note to X-ians and Sullas:

People convert(ed) to X-ianity and Islam (let us ignore love-jehad victims, rice-bag converts etc for the moment; not that their numbers are small, rather to make a larger point) to be free from alleged-"casteism" and "brAhminism". However, despite the conversion, they got into the trap of Mulla/Padre brAhmins. So what use was conversion? Newer "brAhmins" to replace earlier ones, with added contempt by Arabs and Europeans? Sullas and X must realize that sanAtana dharma is the only "religion" which is truly anti-brAhminism. Judeo-Abrahamisms are brAhminical traps. So sullas and X must do gharwapsi and join hands with Hindus, and work on (and fight for) brAhminism-free hinduism (not brAhmaNa-free). Realize that brAhminism is first and foremost anti-brAhmaNa. Likewise brAhmaNa-wisdom frees you from brAhminical clutches. (aparOkShAnubhUti [direct perception] over Officialdom)

8. Note to Hindus/Mimddle-Class who are contemplating voting against NaMo:

Before you make up your mind, calmly consider the following:

a. 5 years of corruption-free government. First time in 70 years. Not even Hajpeyi/PVNR did. Shastri might have been greater, but lasted (was allowed to last only?) 2 years.

b. We all lament Hajpeyi's election loss in 2004. The question is: Does only Modi need to learn from Hajpeyi-2004? Is there nothing that Hindus should also learn from what they did to Hajpeyi?

In my opinion, had Hindus given second term to Hajpeyi (even as a place holder) things would have been much much different.

c. We (in general) want democracy, and still blame someone who tries to win elections? Then, what do we want? A pious loser? Remember, for all his greatness what people did to Hajpeyi. He was a "pious loser". Who hailed him for his piety? None. Rather, all mocked him (even when they pretended they respected him) for being a loser. Again, I am no fan of Hajpeyi, but what needs to be said, must be said. The main point is, Hindus must avoid striving to become "pious losers". At least for quite some time now.(Also check "cut off nose ..." part mentioned earlier).

d. DeMon, Triple-T, etc are tough-decisions. Did Hajpeyi/PVN take any such tough decisions? Of course you will say, "coalition govt". Then why should we seek another "coalition govt"? Get it? We may only say that had Hajpeyi/PVN a majority like NaMo has, they would have taken much tougher decision. Yes, that does show NaMo in poor light, but does not take away his "place-holder" status for now. And as I mentioned earlier, we do need a place-holder in this crucial election.

e. PVN was "forced to do" many things which he did (likely unwillingly). Ditto Hajpey (Kandahar etc).. NaMo too "had to be the way he has been", but he DID have the option of "ceasefire with Cong". No gainsaying that. And from what appears (a few more active [could become action-packed as well] months are left) he won't be a "ceasefire with Cong" type. He shouldn't be.

So what is the bottom line?

Election 2019 are much more crucial than 2014. While NaMo may have been much worse than what was expected of him and what he could have been; he remains a safe and reasonable place-holder. Further, in reality he may not even be as bad as he is made out to be. More importantly, in our anger to teach him a lesson, we must guard against cutting off the nose to spite the face. We must elect NaMo with a team of 450+ non-corrupt, anti-corrupt, and explicitly pro-Hindu Loksabha members in 2019.