Saturday, April 23, 2011

Don't be a Sissy Justice Hegde!

Justice Santosh Hegde has been in news for some time now. The Karnataka Lokayukta is also a member of the committee to draft the Lokpal-Bill; and he is being subjected to some kind of smear campaign, for example by the empty-kurtas like Digvijay Singh. The scum-bag DS accused Hegde of being ineffective in Karnataka and this hurt justice Hegde who contemplated quitting the panel. Now Hegde seems to have decided to continue being in the panel.

We do not know if Justice Hegde is clean; nor do we know if he is unclean. But we do think that he is a sissy. Being a judge, if he is so vulnerable to emotional onslaught by unscrupulous people like Congress-persons, then his ability to maintain composure during investigations does become suspect.

We have already opined that this whole Anna Hazare anti-corruption drive will most likely be a farce (see here, here and here amongst others); and it indeed is turning out to be one. When the draft committee was set-up by authoritarian Anna, it was clear that every member of the committee was behaving self-righteous. The problem is not who the members are and if they are clean enough or not. The problem is how the committee was formed.

As we have mentioned earlier,

``...if this committee was a committee to form the would be in-charge committee, it would have been much less of a controversy. Why do these leaders not choose the
sane way?...''

And none of these members did so much as to even express such a wish, in a hurry as they were to attain the status of super-wisdom. So far so good. Now comes the sequel, wherein as mentioned above, empty-kurtas of Congress, and empty-skull intellectuals are expressing doubts regarding the integrity of the members. In the face of this, each of these members is exhibiting emotional unrest. If they are so high above, why are they perturbed? And if they are perturbed, why did they not adhere to some open procedure earlier?

And this performance by Justice Hegde takes the cake! A few accusations and he wants to quit, a few apologies and he decides to stay! Why could he not challenge the accusers to prove their charges otherwise they face libel? A judge has to be manly enough. Don't tell us that you want to fight against the colossus challenge of corruption while you have no gall to face a few buffoons from the Congress! Don't be a sissy Justice Hegde.

Mr. Justice Hegde, if you would listen please, we are not passing judgment about your legal abilities, or your integrity. But we would like those who want to clean the system to be men of grit. No sissies please. By the way, it is no wonder that you are investigating another sissy, BSY the current CM of Karnataka.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Being a Mohandasian (Gandhian) what else can Anna be other than Authoritarian?

A group of individuals, filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, historian K.N. Panikkar and activist Shabnam Hashmi Friday strongly objected to the authoritarian attitude adopted by social reformer Anna Hazare in his fight against corruption and accused him of being affiliated to right-wing Hindu groups.

Since Congress scum-bags, the foremost amongst them being Digvijay Singh and Manish Tiwari, not to forget Liar Kapil Sibal, have been conducting an orchestrated attack, under the able patronage of Sonia Gandhi (never mind her denials, she also denied that Quattrochi got any kick-backs in Bofors!), shouldn't the right-wing Hindu groups be eulogized for supporting a movement against corruption?

But no, intellectuals in India are mentally-challenged, intellectually-deficient empty skulls who think that Hindu right-wing is more dangerous than corruption and that corruption is more dangerous than Islamic-terror; while Secularism and Socialism are benign!

So they want Mohandasian (Gandhian) policy of tolerance (read spineless surrender) and appeasement to continue. Thus they expect Anna to do the Mohandasian act. And lo and behold, he indeed has been doing that. Anna distanced himself from comments on Modi, says he is apolitical, and so on and so forth.

So what is the problem with these intellectually negligible? They are aghast at the authoritarian behavior of Anna. But what else can you expect from Anna, he being a Mohandasian, but authoritarian behavior?

Mohandas, for most part, was a highly authoritarian operator. He wanted to have the last word on everything that he put his finger in, and there are few places which were spared his finger.

Thus, Hindus were sacrificed for Muslim appeasement, Jawahar was made PM being preferred over Vallabhbhai Patel, and even earlier Subhash Chandra Bose was forced to vacate his electorally acquired President-ship of Congress in favor of a Mohandas candidate Pattabhi Sitaramaiah.

These intellectuals have never raised an eyebrow against that authoritarian performance. So why does Anna's authoritarianism peeve them? Anna is bad enough being a Mohandasian. His being authoritarian merely confirms his being a Mohandasian, and if at all, it must please these intellectuals. Or they must raise their cudgels equally against the man, rather the eunuch, himself (Mohandas).

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Don't Credit Mr. Narendra Modi with Hindutva!

Narendra Modi is often hailed (and also bashed) as a Hindutva-Hero. We beg to differ. First of all, we have termed Hindutva as a confusing term, used by many people. Notwithstanding that, Mr. Modi is not to be hailed as a Hindutva-Hero.

There is an old saying, Give the devil his due. We must hasten to add that never give anyone what is not due to him!

B Raman, Additional Secretary ( retd), Cabinet Secretariat, Govt. of India, New Delhi, and, presently, Director, Institute For Topical Studies, Chennai, and Associate of the Chennai Centre For China Studies, an otherwise reasonable man, in his analysis wrote:

``The storm in the tea cup raised by some so-called secular elements over the praise by Anna Hazare, the social activist, of the rural development achievements of Shri Narendra Modi, their whipping-boy, in his State of Gujarat underlines once again the determination of these elements to keep Modi quarantined in his past and not to take cognizance of his achievements in ushering in an era of prosperity and development in Gujarat. ...''

The phrase quarantined in his past hints as if there is some inglorious past. That is, Mr. Modi did or did not do something, amounting an error of omission or commission, for which he needs to be judged!

We claim that:

1. There is no evidence to either effect. That is Mr. Modi did not favor Hindus, nor did he disfavor Muslims. If at all, he favored Muslims, and disfavored Hindus.

and more importantly, we opine that:

2. What happened, the so called reaction, was not inglorious. What was inglorious was the Police atrocity which stalled the spontaneous flow of reaction.

B. Raman continues:

``The venom and hatred, which these elements keep spreading against him, are because of his strong Hindutva ideology, which is anathema to them, and his perceived sins of commission and omission during the horrendous acts of violence against our Muslim co-citizens in the aftermath of the massacre of a number of Hindu pilgrims by some Muslims at the Godhra railway station in Gujarat in the beginning of 2002. ..."

Mr. Modi, like his RSS patrons, extols secularism, does not question it! This is the old fight between truly-secular and the pseudo-secular. The need of the hour is we need to question secularism itself!

Anyone who does not question Secularism can only be  promoting pseudo-Hindutva!

``There has been a perception---not unjustified---that Modi did not, in the initial stages, deal with the explosive situation vigorously in order to protect the members of the Muslim community from brutal and beastly reprisal attacks by the Hindus. The fact that the Police subsequently took vigorous action to protect the Muslims ---as evidenced by the large number of Hindus killed in police-firing--- would not mitigate from the fact that in the initial hours after the news of the Godhra massacre spread across the State, the administration dragged its feet in protecting the Muslims, thereby wittingly or unwittingly giving a free run to frenzied Hindu mobs. It was a horrible episode of which all of us have to be ashamed. ...''

Mr. Modi should then equally be accused of being pro-Muslim for not taking adequate security measures against the traveling Hindu-pilgrims, who were burnt alive in even more brutal, beastly and rather evil manner!

What is even more unjustified is the total absence of the recognition that Hindus are being repeatedly asked to be ashamed of something that everyone else is always allowed and encouraged to do.

Please recall that it is alleged, and possibly proved beyond reasonable doubts, that Congress goons were being encouraged to massacre Sikhs during 1984 riots in Delhi.

Mr. Binayak Sen has recently been granted bail despite the fact that he has been charged with sedition, for  sympathizing with reaction of the poor villagers, also called Naxals!

``After the frenzy of the initial hours, the State Administration did move in vigorously to bring the situation under control. The fact that no effective action was taken in the initial hours has left a scar in the minds and hearts of Muslims. This scar is likely to take a long time to heal. The cases registered in connection with the brutal attacks on the Muslim community are under investigation or prosecution. The investigation made so far has not produced any evidence of complicity by Modi. ..."

It is common dumb-fuckery in India to be satisfied by the bringing of a tense situation into a situation under control. How about justice? Articles after articles by our socialist and communist DF journalists are replete with claims that reactions happen because of prevailing injustice! Recently the media has been supporting Mr. Binayak Sen, who is being tried for reasoning in favor of Naxals. Why are the same journalists not voicing reasons in favor of reaction in Gujarat?

This means that only non-Hindus have a right to react in this secular country. And Mr. Modi is not reasoning in favor of the rights of Hindus to react as well! So what sort of Hindutva-Hero is he?

``Modi enjoys the unqualified support of large sections of the Gujarat population and is increasingly admired for his drive and administrative acumen in other parts of the country too by people who can by no means be called Hindutva ideologues. People, who look up to him and want him to increasingly play a pan-Indian role, are nationalists and as much secular in their outlook and beliefs as the so-called secularists whose main preoccupation has become stopping Modi at every stage. ...''

Mr. Modi must be duly praised and criticized for what he deserves. We are not discussing his drive and administrative acumen here, thus we will skip that matter.

However, Mr. Modi, or anyone for that matter, must not be praised or criticized for what he does not deserve.

Mr. Modi is not fighting for the rights of the Hindus. He is fighting for Secularism!

Of course, Mr. Modi is not Gandhian either. If he were a Gandhian, he would have gone on a fast unto death until the culprits in the incendiary act on coach  carrying Hindu-pilgrims surrendered to the Police! Or he might have done similar to dissuade the rightful reaction in Gujarat.

Mr. Modi did not do either. He could not stop Muslims from burning the coach carrying Hindu-pilgrims. And later he did stop the Hindu reaction to the barbarous incendiary act. So where has he shown any aggressive Hindutva, assuming that there was such a thing?

So don't credit Mr. Modi with Hindutva! You may credit him with Secularism!

We repeat our call:

O Hindus, realize that no politician is representing you! So you need to choose and send politicians from among yourselves. Make new politicians, make new political parties. Encourage people with spine to become your representatives. Otherwise you will be led by a bunch of Mohandas and Jawahar clones. And surely they will lead you to your doom!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Should he be referred to as Dean Headley or Dawood Gilani? At the very least "Mr. David Headley formerly known as Dawood Gilani".

There have been frequent question marks about the sense of responsibility displayed by the Indian news media, who wholeheartedly subscribe to preaching Gandhian-Non-violence, Nehruvian-Socialist-Central-Planning, Communist-Secularism-(Muslim Appeasement), each thing being a DF-ness in itself.

What takes the cake, in the present situation, is their constant reference to a recent accused as Mr. David Headley. I wonder how many of us know that this person changed his name from Dawood Gilani to Dean Headley. Notice how this fact has been mentioned in the media link in a cursory reference. In view of the fact that the perpetrators of 26/11 came from Pakistan; any responsible media-person must not just mention, but rather highlight the person not as Mr. Headley but as "Mr Headley formerly known as Mr. Dawood Gilani". Better still, "Dawood Gilani who changed his name to David Headley". This way of mentioning is not only factual and not merely more complete and accurate, but rather it also helps the reader (or viewer) to place the person in a more complete perspective. Mr. Headley is not an American who converted to Islam. He is a Muslim who has recently (in 2006) assumed a western-sounding name. Imagine how our media would report if a person with a title Sharma or Singh had forbidden from defacating in front of his own home, another person with a title Koda. From NDTV to AajTak, they would harangue the viewers by referring to the incident as an "Upper-caste atrocity on a Dalit". Of course, from the perspective of our news-media, what else is there in Hinduism other than horrible practices like casteism? By the way, a somewhat sober view on casteism is presented here. So a Sharma/Singh vs. a Koda is "atrocious casteism". Whereas in the case of Headley (Dawood Gilani), his former name is irrelevant! Talk of responsible jounalism? Phew!

All right thinking people must guard against such deceptions.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A clarian Call to Hindus

O Hindus, realize that no politician is representing you! So you need to choose and elect new politicians from among yourselves who will represent your interests. Make new politicians, make new political parties. Encourage people amongst you with spine to become your representatives. Refuse to be led and manipulated by a bunch of Mohandas and Jawahar clones. These clones will lead you to your doom! Say NO to them.

If you do not find able leaders, become ones, at least strive to become ones, and also work towards making abler future leaders.

Anna, a Mohandasian Hypocrite

The fault-lines in anti-corruption drive are emerging. In a recent sequence, in response to Anna's praise for Gujarat Chief Minister Modi, the arty-farty commie Mallika Sarabhai shot off a letter to Anna, here is the text (taken from here):

Dear Annaji,

We are deeply shocked by your endorsement of Narendra Modi's rural development. There has been little or no rural development in this state. In fact, gauchar lands and irrigated farmlands have been stealthily taken by the government and sold off at ridiculous prices to a small club of industrialists. There has been no Lokayukta in Gujarat for nearly seven years so hundreds of complaints against corruption are lying unheard. From the Sujalam Sufalam scam of 1700 crores to the NREGS boribund scam of 109 crores, the fisheries scam of 600 crores, every department is involved in thousands of crores of scams.

The poor and rural people are being sold to Modi's friends the industrialists. The state is in terrible debt because of his largess to industry while 21 lakh farmers wait for compensation. Your endorsement is appalling and we will be forced to distance ourselves from the Lokpal movement unless it is irrevocably retracted.

Mallika Sarabhai

Now, whatever may be in her mind, Ms Sarabhai clearly states that Modi has done precious little for rural development in Gujarat. So her objection is to Anna's praise for Modi's rural developmental initiatives in Gujarat.

However, in his response, Anna writes:

Dear Malika ji,

Let me at the outset say that I am totally apolitical and strongly against communalism.

I am pained that I have to explain myself on Mr Modi. I was asked a question about Bihar's and Gujarat's Chief Ministers development work at the press conference, and based on media reports I said Bihar and Gujarat have done good work in rural development. At the same time I condemn 2002 riots and communalism,

I am with no party, I stand for no party, I am totally apolitical and focus on rooting out corruption in my life.

This is a long struggle and I trust people like you who have fought for people's right will understand the spirit of the movement.

I have faith that like-minded people as you will carry the torch forward.


Anna Hazare

So, now Anna says that he praised rural-developmental work in Gujarat and Bihar based on media report. Then he goes on to condemn 2002-riots.

Please observe these facts:

1. Anna has not been accused of supporting communalism, he was accused of wrong information regarding rural-development in Gujarat.

2. Anna does not apologize regarding the information. Rather, he condemns only the Gujarat-riots.

It is clear as daylight that Anna is a true Mohandasian.

Any person with common-sense would respond to charges regarding false information with either accurate data or accurate interpretation as rebuttal, failing which an apology can be issued, but the apology has to be about inaccurate information.

This eunuch does neither. He condemns. And he condemns what? He condemns 2002-riots!

Please observe this carefully again:

Anna did not condemn all killings, for all killings include the incineration of the passengers in the rail coach.

In the true Mohandasian spirit, he condemned only the reaction to the incineration and he calls it communal-riots. Does it not sound all too familiar? This is modern Mohandas for you! And the commie-secular brigade of arty types, consisting of Mallika and her ilk are the new villains.

Even when I foretold earlier that this anti-corruption movement is flawed, I expressed a wish (see here) that my apprehensions be unfounded, and yet I also added the fear that the actual course might be much worse. That is exactly what seems to be lying in the store.

We Hindus (Sanatana Dharma) must declare clearly that we do not want apolitical Mohandasians, rather we want righteous politicians.

Further, we are compelled to quote our oft-repeated call:

O Hindus, realize that no politician is representing you! So you need choose and send politicians from among yourselves. Make new politicians, make new political parties. Encourage people with spine to become your representatives. Otherwise you will be led by a bunch of Mohandas and Jawahar clones. And surely they will lead you to your doom!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Anna, Baba, Mohandasism and High-Command

Much earlier than we expected hints of misunderstandings amongst the anti-corruption brigade have surfaced. Baba (Ramdev) alleged nepotism, while Anna (Hazare) rules out any changes in the committee.

While, thus spoke Baba:

(Father and son) in the committee, alleging it showed nepotism. "Why is there nepotism in the committee? Why both father and son are accommodated in the committee?" Ramdev had asked.

Thus retorted Anna:

On other side Hazare disagreed with Yoga Guru that, "You can level any allegation against me. I am a person who follows Gandhian principles. Nothing wrong in having two members of the same family in the panel. We need experience. We need expertise".

Interestingly, Anna claims infallibility (recall our projection that Anna would claim super-wise man status) brandishing his being a Mohandasian (Gandhian). We wait to see how Baba responds. Meanwhile Anna plans to sort out the misunderstandings by talking to Baba.

In our humble and arrogant opinion, what a huge dumb-fuckery this is. This is Mohandasian culture, this is high-command culture, this has become the bane of Indian politics, governance, and society at large.

Here we pose a simple question:

Which is better: Discuss, debate, conclude and then communicate the conclusion OR decide and then offer explanations while maintaining a rigid stance?

Our answer: A sane way is the former, and typical Mohandasian way is the latter.

Recall that we had commented that if this committee was a committee to form the would be in-charge committee, it would have been much less of a controversy. Why do these leaders not choose the sane way? Why do they choose stupidity over sanity? Simply, because Mohandasians are not bothered about all these details,;for they claim to be super-wise persons! And you see all leaders smalltime or big-time are scurrying to find a niche place for themselves where they can stake claim to super-wisdom!

Again, not to sound as if we are singling out Anna, we re-iterate that this imbecility has, unfortunately, become our national character. We need to get rid of this! Also, not to state that super-wisdom is impossible. There have been persons of extra-ordinary wisdom who could be thought of as super-wise; however they are few and far between. Further, they themselves hardly ever claim or impose such claims on others. So we need to devise and honor procedures meant for and practiced by ordinary people!

Thus, our message to the people is:

Look, observe and understand the follies of such nature. You can love, respect and even follow whichever leader you wish to, including Anna, Baba, and so on; however, force them to shun their insane, dumb-fuck ways. For insanity will beget more insanity, and dumb-fuckery will beget even more dumb-fuckery!

Let the skeletal framework be: Think, act and learn; and not Act, explain and repent!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cry Democracy and subvert Democracy

So the government has apparently thrown in the towel against the mighty protesters. And a new committee has been formed and the members are: Messrs. Pranab Mukherji (Chairman), Kapil Sibal, Veerappa Moily, P. Chidambaram, Salman Khurshhed from the government, and Messrs. Anna Hazare, Shanti Bhushan (Co-Chairman), Prashant Bhushan, Santosh Hegde, and Arvind Kejriwal from outside of the government. Thus, the committee consists of Congressmen and Hazare-men! And all this in the name of democracy! Phew.

We criticized these developments earlier (see here and here). It is becoming apparent that Hazare being a Mohandasian (Gandhian) wants to become en extra-democratic, nay a super-democratic authority, and he has succeeded in it. Very soon he may even prop his own prime-ministerial candidate (Rahul Gandhi for example) who will become the second Jawahar of this nation, and subvert the civilization.

We project the following scenario:

1. Manmohan Singh will carve a clean image for himself merely since he has conceded Hazare's demands. And at an appropriate moment make a respectable exit.

2. Hazare (and his stooges) will become de-facto the super-wise men of the country. This is very much like the original constitution drafting committee.

3. Sonia Gandhi takes the credit for this, since she is the defacto super-PM. And thus can present his son as the heir-to-the-throne after it is vacated by the-stooge-Manmohan-Singh.

4. There will be a re-shuffling, appearing to be major over-haul in the Congress, and Sonia will be able to get rid of all elements who even remotely appear to be a threat to Rahul's leadership.

5. By 2014, Rahul under the tutelage of Hazare (or his nominee) will contest the elections as the un-declared Prime Minister. Remember that Congress never projects a PM. The reason being that if they lose elections the PM-candidate needs to accept responsibility!

Now, whatever we are writing appears to be a fantastic conspiracy-theory, and we sincerely wish that it is merely so. However, unfortunately, this or something even worse, is a very likely scenario.

Now the uninitiated should not think that we do not want to give Mr. Hazare his due! We would have been greatly impressed if Hazare had fasted demanding a promise and/or action-plan that his feat in Ralegaon-Siddhi should be replicated in as many villages as possible all over India. For that will build a more self-confident India.

For corruption to end, the state must do less and less while the people, in their freedom and with responsibility, must do more and more. Large scale replications of Ralegaon-Siddhi might have been a more effective leap in that direction. Instead we are getting another election-commission-clone, this time to end corruption. Any one who still doubts the probable efficacy of this should read about the intended purpose of Rajya-Sabha, Central Bureau of Investigation, Election Commission and so on; and also observe what they have become and what they have been doing!

Given the practical situation in India, only the simple-minded or the-crooked will believe and therefore propose or accept the promises from such attempts. Indian citizens have been clever-by-half and have been fooled umpteen times, and those who succeed in fooling them are scarcely the simple-minded persons they project themselves to be.

Friday, April 8, 2011


It was on a Vijaya-dashami day that Bhagwan Ram administered euthanasia to Ravana. The austerities of Bharat (and Shatrughna), valour of Bhagwan Ram (and Lakshaman), and devoted sacrifices by the Vanar Sena culminated in the establishment of Rama-Rajya not only in Ayodhya, but all over the world.

Rama-Rajya is not merely an “excellent system of governance”; it is a state where the citizens are so good that “no system is necessary to govern them”. It was not that “Bhagwan Ram” ruled over the world. It was an epoch wherein all over the world, irrespective of who their local king was, the people reached a citizenship where “no system” was necessary to govern them. And yet they also had peace and prosperity.

How is it, that we degenerated ourselves so much that at the present times “no system is able to govern us”? Can we recoup ourselves again? If we can, how can we? These are some of the questions that we need to address.

For the moment, can we see how far removed we are from Ram-Rajya? Does our present leadership, be it in BJP, SP or anywhere else, elicit confidence in us that they can lead us, let alone lead us to Ram-Rajya? Do we really want Ram-Rajya? Who are we? What do we really want? We need to ponder over many of these questions. Or do we even need to ponder? We need to ponder at least on whether we need to ponder ...

Ending Corruption or beginning of newer and bigger corruption?

Sandhya Jain, an editor at VijayVaani, expresses her disagreement in her article Anna Hazare: NGOs for Governance? She makes her points quite forcefully, and her main points are that such movements (fast unto death):

1. De-legitimizes parliament and elected government, by showing anti-democratic disdain for the elected representatives.

2. Wants to enthrone, people of dubious credentials in the name of NGO's and so on, which are puppets of America.

3. The hurried action smells of a hidden agenda, for it tends to underplay the possibly existing dissent.

Sandhya also gives the example of Medha Patkar run NGO whose credibility has taken a beating owing to recent court strictures against it. We agree with her concluding remark:``... I must say I cannot agree with the main object of Anna Hazare’s fast –to elevate a select coterie as national super cop and super judge, as a national daily put it so aptly.''

The building blocks of the article seem sound, however it misses certain salient points.

Since independence (even though the trend had begun possibly before that), India has never been a functional democracy, unless we consider merely the holding of elections as the proof. Time and again, politicians have tried and succeeded in becoming larger than the nation, and above law.

Mohandas was foremost amongst them and was succeeded by Jawahar. It is no wonder that Mohandasians (Gandhians) pursue the same dream. We, as people think of democracy for them, not for us. This means that we often instinctively think that Laws are for them, we are above law.

If we observe carefully, the high-command culture, prevalent in most political parties reflects this same meme. Each and every, street politician lives and dies dreaming this same privilege.

I have pointed out earlier:

``... How can there be a healthy and vibrant democracy in the presence of a high-command culture? Is Congress democratic? NO. Is JD(S) democratic? NO. Each party is a Congress with different Nehru-Gandhi equivalents at the helm. The high-command is taken to be wise. So Sonia-Rahul in Congress, Devegowda-Kumaraswamy in JD(S) are the decision makers. Why, because it is they who have most of the money, and all parties need money. ...''

Thus, it is not surprising that Anna Hazare, Medha Patkar, one and all cherish and pursue this dream. I have also pointed out that Democracy by itself is not the solution. We need a democratically elected government, but a government which works under an effective constitution. We are anyway full of democracy which can be misused or undermined. Thus we need a new constitution.

And it is this constitution that must be arrived at after a series of debates, drafts, discussions, in short after a lot of deliberate intellectual home work. Until then we will have new jokers replacing old jokers.

I am also appalled by Sandhya's allegiance for Manmohan's personal integrity. We don't care a foot whether Manmohan is clean or not. He has been overseeing a government which has been one of the most evil, most corrupt, and the most anti-national government we have had, with the possible exception of Jawahar's governments. And that is enough for us to understand Manmohan.

Sandhya chastises Mr. Hazare for ``...instigating the middle class intelligentsia that comes to hear him at Jantar Mantar – and neither he nor any of his allies is a grassroots mass leader – to despise and distrust politicians and bureaucrats as a class when these are the constitutional pillars of State....''. Sandhya should know that Mohandas did the same, and thus Mohandasians do likewise!

While Sandhya rightly points out various negative aspects of this movement, she fails to provide her solution to the problem of corruption that Anna Hazare claims he is addressing. We think, providing a conception for a workable solution to the problem of corruption is as important as pointing out flaws in other attempts. For otherwise, people tend to drift towards whatever is available in the name of something is better than nothing.

We did propose a framework for a skeleton of possible solution long ago. In our opinion, in the place of what we have been practicing so far, we need:


1. Krishna's non-violence. Not Mohandas's

We must educate ourselves about dharma (a righteousness which alone can truly sustain us) well, so that we can discern if adharma is masquerading as dharma. Never practise tolerance, or non-violence towards adharma!

2. Chanakya's State. Not Jawahar's.

Free market with good moral values. Moral values through quality education about "Freedom, Personal Responsibility, and Wisdom of our heritage Sanatana Dharma". For the moment, we can make only a beginning with this. It may be too far fetched to talk of achieving Ram-rajya at this juncture.

3. Sanatana Dharma's open-mindedness. Not commie-secularism.

Truthful and honest recording of experiences. Learning by verifying or assimilating the wisdom of these experiences. Exploring in a spirit of freedom mellowed with a sense of responsibility. An unswerving and bold allegiance to truth. Discovering, and rediscovering truths pertaining to both Spirituality and Science and reaping benefits from them.


We need to build further on this. All are invited to debate, comment and fiercely criticize. All inputs and ideas solicited as well as respected, and we valuable ones surely heeded. Unless we undertake such an enterprise, most if not all, moves towards ending corruption will only pave a beginning of newer and bigger corruption.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Some Interesting Developments in Islam vs non-Islam during March-April 2011

After the Koran burning by pastor Terry Jones, another brave woman Ann Barnhardt has bettered the pastor. The videos can be seen here and here. The pastor can be seen here.

The book-ban-supporting buffoons of India, Narendra Modi included, would do well to derive some courage and values from the brave lady. Recall that India was one of the first countries to ban the book, The Satanic Verses, under the (dis)able(d) leadership of Rajiv Gandhi.

Unfortunately, such items are never reported in Indian media, or even if they are, they are not given their due.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Anna Hazare, Congress and the Lokpal Bill

The anti-corruption drive by Anna Hazare is gaining momentum by the days if not by the minutes. I am yet to read their draft proposal of the Jan Lokpal Bill. The wikipedia entry states:

The Jan Lokpal Bill (Citizen's ombudsman Bill) is a draft anti-corruption bill that would pave the way for a Jan Lokpal, an independent body like the Election Commission, which would have the power to prosecute politicians and bureaucrats without government permission.

This brings to mind a question. If this body is going to be like the Election Commission, then it too may become as corrupt as the EC now is! So what do we gain? If you have some doubts, please read the manifestos and promises of political parties in the forthcoming 2011 elections in Tamil Nadu!

In our opinion, this anti-corruption movement is marred by certain fundamental flaws:

1. It is being led by Gandhians. This reveals that the aftermath of its success may turn out to be worse than the disease itself. Gandhians are big-time socialists, and even bigger-time pacifists (read appeasers). This will entail an even more horrible future replete with immoral affirmative-actions, and state-controlled-economy.

What we need are a new set of principles, to conduct ourselves.

2. It is using democracy as its primordial foundation. It is a well-known fact that democracy is always fraught with perils of reducing to mobocracy (Ochlocracy), a consequence where the cure is worse than the disease. We are already suffering from these symptoms. Our nation has been termed a Republic in its constitution but has largely been functioning as a Democracy. Recall how Ms. Indira Gandhi (Thirty Ninth Amendment) and Rajiv Gandhi (Shah Bano) misused democracy.

What we need is loosely described as a Constitutional Republic. However since the current constitution is infested with Gandhian principles, Socialism and Secularism; we need a new constitution.

We need to ask many such important questions, and obtain fundamental, workable, impersonal answers to them. Otherwise, we will merely have another cult Anna-Hazare-cult, a few decades after we have had Mohandas-cult.

Now, all this does not at all mean that we agree with the objections being raised by Congress clowns, Mr. Singhvi and the likes. There is no gainsaying that this Congress government is one of the most evil, most corrupt, and the most anti-national government we have had, with the possible exception of Jawahar's governments. Meanwhile allegations and their counters are being exchanged. An interesting coverage is given by blog MediaCrooks. The hollowness of arguments by congressmen is appropriately exposed. Needless to state the Congress, in its total lineage, has been one of the most hypocritical political parties.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Vivekananda : The Monk who liked Ice-Cream.

In a recent review of a new book titled: The Monk as Man: The Unknown Life of Swami Vivekananda, it is reported that Swami Vivekananda was fond of ice-cream. The reporter, , also states:

``... The 20th century visionary from Bengal, who inspired millions of young people across the world with his secular views on religion and progressive philosophy was intuitive about food. ..." (emphasis mine)

one of the commenter, Mutluru Venkata, below the news item states:

As a layman I am of the opinion that Swami Vivekananda is a Bramhachari who practiced meditation and dhyana., It is quite surprising to see that He liked ICE CREAM., which I feel will be above the practical living by the great soul., Please for heavensake don't try to impose ur personnel ideas about the habits of the legends., Thank you.,

This very effectively summarizes the confusion we seem to have about religion, realization, and spiritual life, at least as regards Sanatana Dharma, also known popularly as Hinduism, and so on.

1. Secular views on Religion!

Firstly, notice the characterization of Swami Vivekananda as someone who had secular views on religion. Whether Swami Vivekananda indeed had such views is a matter that can be debated on a different platform, possibly by more knowledgeable individuals. However, it is surely never obvious that he had such views.

Secondly, the phrase ``secular views on religion'' in this article, in my opinion, portrays as if it was a great thing to have secular views on religion. This too is never obvious, except to those who whole-heartedly subscribe to or have surrendered to the ideology of secularism. And those who have such ideological subscriptions will always slip in a phrase, which can later be referred to as evidence, that Swami Vivekananda had secular views on religion, and that it is a good thing to have such views. One needs to constantly be on guard against such tricks.

In my opinion, Swami Vivekananda always emphasized verifiability of spiritual truths, exactly like all other truths, and thus was one of the earliest articulators of Sanatana Dharma as Truth Based Civilization.

2. Monks do not like Ice-creams!

Notice the earnestness with which the comment is made: ``... It is quite surprising to see that He liked ICE CREAM., which I feel will be above the practical living by the great soul. ...". But earnestness is not enough!

Krishna, it is said, used to like ``Butter and Crystal sugar''. Does that make him any less? The purANas are full of stories and details which are mind-boggling and can cause delusion to even the wisest.

If a detail, of an exalted person, is brought to fore, the knee-jerk reaction should not be that of denial! Please know that it is the same Vivekananda who thundered: "Truth does not pay homage to any society, ancient or modern. Society has to pay homage to Truth or die." So, if the fact is that Swami Vivekananda like Ice-cream, so be it! Also, recall that it is the same Vivekananda who boldly declared: ``... Be strong, my young friends; that is my advice to you. You will be nearer to Heaven through football than through the study of the Gita. These are bold words; but I have to say them, for I love you. ...".

It would be foolish of us to evaluate the spiritual persona of Vivekananda by knowing if liked or disliked Ice-cream. It is high-time that we stopped indulging in such foolishness, or worse still, stopped falling into traps laid by the Secularists.

Thus, let Vivekananda's liking for ice-cream not worry us, but let us not be entrapped by the statements like ``secular views on religion''.

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Truth Behind ``Hindu Terror'' : Aseemanand alleges Harassment

Aseemanand, who is an accused in a few high-profile blast cases, has alleged that the investigating agencies harassed him and his family to scoop out a confession from him.

This, if true, is a very very serious matter. The evil Congress, the corrupt Media and their illegitimate ancestors have been beating their chests for months to educate the common citizens about the truth of Hindu-Terror. Now if it turns out that the accused have been tortured to make confessions then it is clearly implied that it is the Congress and Media which wants to conjure up the idea of Hindu-Terror and establish it as a fact by fraudulent and criminal means.

To those who know and understand the Congress and the Media, this is fairly obvious and has been well known. And this must make it obvious to even the die-hard devotees of Congress and Media. Any groups which contain specimens like Digvijay Singh or Barkha Dutt can never come even within miles of credibility. And yet since Congress chose DS as a mentor for their heir-apparent, and the Media Group which thought BD fit enough to represent we the people, they can not be perceived as merely foolish. They are evil.

We do not imply that Aseemanand or any other accused have done no crime. We only say that they must be treated as they are, merely the accused. And until their crime is proven, they are not-guilty. And once we see this, all this chimera of Hindu-Terror falls like a house of cards!

There are two more things which we need to keep in our minds. Ajmal Kasab massacred scores of people in full glare and yet it took the prosecution more than an year to build a proper case. Barkha Dutt spoke to Nira Radia on record and yet she sought benefit of the doubt, a doubt which was nonexistent! And yet, in the case of Aseemanand, in a matter of a few weeks the agencies had obtained a detailed confession, and the bunch of evil jokers, which our politicians and the journalists in large numbers are, had established the fact of Hindu-Terror!

Secularists and Socialists have one common trait. They see what they think exists, and they do not see what they think does not exist. For them, the fourteen century long history of Islam is non-existent, seven decades corruption of Congress is nonexistent, but Hindu-Terror is obviously existent! Manmohan Singh presides over a cabinet mired in corruption cases worth lacs of crores of Rupees, but he is touted as an honest man.

The facts regarding Aseemanand may take some more time to come out, and they may well be contrary to what you and I may surmise; and yet we need to guard against believing what we are told by the media and also the politicians. For, Aseemanand, in all likelihood, is a decent human, while the likes of Digvijay Singh, and Barkha Dutt are most certainly not!