Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Anti-Corruption Movement: Right Criticisms and Wrong Criticisms

In the recent past we have had two strong movements against corruption in India, viz., those of Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare. And there have been multiple criticisms of both of these movements, including the criticism of Baba Ramdev movement by Anna Hazare movement, and so on.

India has had crusades against corruption every now and then. Many elections have been fought on this ground. However, what distinguishes the present movements is that they are mass movements led by people who are not professional politicians.

We have presented our reading of the crisis and the recent trends. Recently there has been a spate of critical reviews of peoples' movements, for example the Anna movement, by various authors. Some of them have a reasonable tone, for example this piece by Vaidyanathan, while there are many, for example this and this, which are by Dumb-fucks.

Let us first state two relevant facts:

1. Corruption is a BIG problem in India and any denial of this would be stupidity.

2. Politicians and political leadership has utterly failed in dealing with this malaise, rather our election system has fostered increasing corruption.

Thus, there is a huge problem, nothing is apparently being done, and something desperately needs to be done. In light of this, what is the choice that the large number of people, who suffer corruption on a daily basis, have? Should they resign to these problems? Should they merely keep hoping that the dumb-fuck politicians will wake up one day?

Unfortunately most politicians are in denial. And thus they are criticizing both the ends and the means of the peoples' movement.

One of the most natural things that a large number of people who face similar problems do is to try to organize themselves. Thus they start looking for possibilities of such an organic coming together. Both Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare provided a ray of hope and thus people thronged to them.

It is not that Anna and Baba are free from their own problems. However, those problems are different from issues that are being raised by many of the dumb-fuck critics.

Wrong Criticisms:

Criticisms based on supremacy of the parliament, infallibility of the constitution, and pressure and black-mailing tactics of the people's movement are all misplaced and wrong.

Even worse are criticisms based on non-inclusion of Dalits and Muslims, preponderance of middle class and participation by uninvolved masses for mere entertainment.

Right Criticism:

Neither Anna nor Baba are questioning the fundamental premises and assumptions which are governing our nation. No such movement can lead to any real solution to problems unless we analyze, question and then with a deep understanding discard Socialism, Secularism, Gandhism, and Social-Justice though Affirmative Action.

Thus if these movements do not engender informed and serious debates and dialectical process to arrive at an understanding of all of these foundational issues, these movements will get reduced to cheer-leading groups.

For example, in the aftermath of attack on peaceful protesters on the night of June 4, 2011, when Ramdev declared that he would train people in the art of self defense, everyone including Anna rose to criticize the move as non-nonviolent and anarchist. It is an irony that many criticize even Anna movement as anarchist. Nobody, including Baba and Anna, asks simple questions like: What is wrong in self defense? Why should a citizen not defend himself against state if it is evil? Why is anarchy necessarily bad? Are we any better off than anarchy?

Similarly, why should we assume that poorer people are inherently more moral compared to the rich? Why should middle class not pursue its self interest? Why should people not exert pressure over government? Why is pressure tactic of the people criticized while insensitivity, non-responsiveness and ineffectual nature of government never brought to question?

Dumb-fucks like Arundhati Roy, Binayak Sen want to give away the right to secede to militants, but they want to refuse the middle class the right to protest against injustice meted out to them! As*-holes like Digvijay Singh want to grant Muslims the right to burn Hindu-pilgrims, but they consider even a hint of a thought of a Hindu retaliation more evil than corruption! These deserve to taught lessons that they will never forget.

What Can Serious Politicians Do?

Serious politicians must use this opportunity to realize their utter failure and therefore they must begin a deep intellectual churning within themselves and in their community for resolving above mentioned issues related to fundamental concepts.

What Should Serious People Do?

Serious people must also collectively as well as individually examine above mentioned deeper issues and understand fundamental concepts.

We Need a Philosophical Awakening:

The biggest corruption that we are suffering from is the corruption in our ideas. As we mentioned here, we need to awaken ourselves and then transform our society (through education) and our system (through systemic reforms). And that needs a philosophical awakening in ourselves both individually and collectively. We need to see the false as false and shun it in favor of truth.

The right criticism of Anna and Baba is that they are not aiming at philosophical awakening. Rather they seem to offer superficial solution to symptoms of deep rooted maladies. And any other criticisms are wrong criticisms, however much they may try to sound serious by using terms like parliamentary democracy, constitutionalism and so on, or meaningless Marxist-Stalinist-Jawaharian swear-words.

And of course we need to remind:

O Hindus, realize that no politician is representing you! So you need to choose and send politicians from among yourselves. Make new politicians, make new political parties. Encourage people with spine to become your representatives. Otherwise you will be led by a bunch of Mohandas and Jawahar clones. And surely they will lead you to your doom!

Also, we would also remind the people what we said after election 2009. We have copy pasted from here.

It is not what they say they can do. But what they have demonstrated that they can do, that must decide who we vote for.

Remember: Performance, and not Promises matter.

Look at the Promises: 1950 (Electricity, Water, Roads), 1970 (Electricity, Water, Roads), 1990 (Electricity, Water, Roads), 2009 (Electricity, Water, Roads), 2020 (Electricity, Water, Roads ???)

Look at the Performance: 1950 (Power Cuts, Water Scarcity, Pot holes), 1970 (Power Cuts, Water Scarcity, Pot holes), 1990 (Power Cuts, Water Scarcity, Pot holes), 2009 (Power Cuts, Water Scarcity, Pot holes), 2020 (Power Cuts, Water Scarcity, Pot holes ???)

So, don't look at promises, look at performance. At the very least look at their potential to perform and then critically evaluate their performance.

Remember: Consistent non-performers won't turn into performers over-night.

If you make a wrong choice, you condemn and hurt not just yourself but also your children, your grand-children and their future.

Make Right-Choice. And exercise your choice.

They have made you pay till now, now it's your turn to make them pay.

In 2014 don't just think of voting, decide to contest in elections.

Our beloved mother-land needs not just your vote, it needs you.

If those who you elect do not perform, you must get elected and perform.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

After 65 years of Secularism (Minority Appeasement) and Social-Justice (Reservations) : Islam against Bharat Mata! Dalits against Anna Hazare!!

After nearly seventy years of Secularism (read Muslim Appeasement, for example), we read this. The Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid said:

Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid has criticized Anna’s movement and said, “Vande Matram and Bharat Mata Ki Jai are against Islam.” We can’t support that movement which is anti-muslims.

“Muslims can’t join the movement which is against basic tenets of Islam”, he said.

“Islam doesn’t condone the worship of nation and mother so how can muslims join this movement?”, he said.

Though Anna’s ally in war against corruption Shanti Bhushan has opposed Narendra Modi firmly in his role in Gujarat riots but this doesn’t affect Shahi Imam. But, Bukhari thinks Anna’s agenda should have been communalism not corruption.

Bukhari has accused Anna of his alleged role in politics and he is working at the behest of RSS and the BJP.

Similar report also appears here where there are tens of signatories including Seculars, Gandhians!

It is the most unfortunate that Muslim intellectuals and semi religious and educational institutions controlled by religious leaders are actively campaigning against the anti corruption movement. Darul Uloom Deoband which was recently in the news for undemocratically removing the elected vice chancellor Vastanvi , openly issued dictation, one may call it fatwa, not to support anti corruption movement Vice-Chancellor (V-C) of Darul Uloom, Deoband, Maulana Abul Qasim Nomani OPPOSED ANNA. He declared ” Deoband is not associated with Anna Hazare in any manner“.

Milli Council joined anti- Anna capaign. Its General secretary declares Anna’s campaign as an invitation to anarchy. “Opportunistic elements are trying to ride to power on an Anna wave like they did on the Jaya Prakash Narayan bandwagon in 1977,” Manzoor Alam, secretary general of Milli Council writes in an article titled, “Anarchy is not the option.”

Moreover, things are not confined to Deoband , Muslim intellectuals from all over the country wrote letter to the Prime Minister manmohan Singh. They called this movement as undemocratic, against the parliamentary democracy and indirectly hinted him to suppress it with the state power! Following is the extract of the letter and the name of the signatories:

“…We fail to appreciate the manner in which Anna Hazare and his supporters are leading the anti-corruption campaign. Notwithstanding the support from the people-at-large, only the naive would fail to notice the organized forces that are behind Anna Hazare’s campaign.

“It would be extremely dangerous for the future of our country if through Anna Hazare and his team-mates, the corporate world (read media) and the fascist forces like RSS can be allowed to hold the country to ransom on the ostensible non-political issue of corruption, then the day would not be far when similar tactics would be adopted for even patently divisive issues that are dear to the Hindutva pariv>ar.”


1.Faisal khan – NAPM -Delhi
2. Irom Singhjit, Irom Sharmila’s Brother
3. Dr. Raoof Makhdoomi, (Jammu & Kasmir)
4. Balwant Singh Yadav, Gandhian Activist, (Himachal Pradesh)
5. Dayaan hussain -Advocate -ASSAM
6. R. kauser -socaial activist -west Bengal
7. Abhisar Sarmandal, (Madhya Pradesh)
8. Shadab Bashar, Student Leader (Bihar)
Nasir pathan –RTI activist -Gujrat
9. Ehtisham Hashmi- Advocate –MP
10. Mohammad Iqbal, (Bihar)
11. Saurabh Kumar, (UP)
12. Zaid Kamal, (UP)
13. kaleemullah – Social activist – BIHAR
14. Shahab Ul Haque- J & K
15. Nazim Abbasi – Musician,New Delhi
16. Wassem Khan – Saudi Arab
17. Fahad Hasan – Ajk Mass Communication, J.M.I
18. Shakeel Ahmed- Management Student,Delhi
19. Maulana Mujeeb Qasmi – Student ,Deoband
20. Mohsin Ali – NSAF,Saharanpur
21. Danish Qureshi- J.M.I,New Delhi
22. Syed Perwaiz- Journalist
23. Mohammad Tanveer Iqbal, asian Centre for Social Studies, (Chennai)
24. Hira Makwana, Dalit Activist, (Gujrat)
24. Inam ul Hasan, Khudai Khidmatgar Movement, (Puducheri)
25. Enab Khizra – Pioneer Foundation of India
26. Maulana Feroz- Kargil student forum
27. Mohd.Asghar-Social Activist,Orissa
28. Mohd.Ahmed,Asha Pariwaar,Haryana
29. Mohd.Anwar-K.K.Trust,Chennai
30. Dr.Zakia Akhtar – Research Scholar,New Delhi
31. Mohd.Abid.Youth movement of India,Bhilwara,Rajasthan
32. Syed.Ali Akhtar- Yuva Koshish,New Delhi
33. Mehboob Subhani-Student leader-Nillor A.P
34. Maulana.Fateh mohd.Nadwi-U.P
35. Shah Alam-Filmmaker-Ayodhya
36. Shariq Ahmed- Advancement of social Action,Uttarakhand
37. Jabir Boga- Social Activist,Vapi,Gujarat
38.Shehnaz Jamalbhai Malek, Vishwa Gujrati Samaj, (Gujrat)
39. Shamsul Rehman- Advocate ,Assam
40. Zahid Khan- Journalist,New Delhi
41. Bilal Kagzi, Civil Rights Activists
42. Farah Kausar – Student,DelhiA
43. Shawaiz Danish-P.N. ,Delhi
44. Shoaib Akhtar- P.N.I
45. Dr.Zubair Ahmed – Medical Student,Ghaziabad
46. Asif Mazhar Ansari- S.S Engineering college,Mumbai
47. Mohd.Tariq-M.S.W, Aligarh Muslim University
48. Salaman- Asha Pariwar-Delhi
49. Danish Ahmed- Political Activist, Gujarat
50. Dr.Islam- Jind,Haryana
51. Mohd.Gufran Khan –Prominent Photographer
52. Mohd.Shafi- Social Activist,Godhra,Gujarat
53. Deedar Singh, Kisan Neta (Haryana)
54. Milind Sagare, Dalit Activist, Gujrat
55. Neeraj Gupta, Lohia Vichar Manch, (Bihar)
56. Mohd.Kaunain Rizvi- Haideri Foundation
57. S.Aleemuddin- Khera,Gujarat
58. Ghulam Rabbani- Social Activist,Delhi
59. Feroz Vani-Social Activist,Srinagar
60. Yousuf Ansari-Chairman-Salam India Foundation
61. Fazal Abbas-Social Activist
62. S.Mohd.Akhtar- Software Engineer-Gurgaon
63.Asad Ashraf Social Activist
64. Dr. Kush Kumar Singh, (Rajasthan)
65. Ehsan Raza, (Bihar)
66. Gurmukh Singh, (Haryana)
67. Qamar Intekhab, Khudai Khidmatgar, (Uttar Pradesh)
68. Aftab Fazil, Eduacationist
69. Adeel Khan, Delhi
70. Zishan Ghizali, UP
71. Rashad Iqmal, Orissa

Recall that Anna and his team distanced themselves from Narendra Modi! So Mr. Anna and his team, do you still like the taste of Imami-backside or the Secular-behind? Do you realize that the support of the BJP (and Sangh Parivar) was crucial to you? Do you still want to continue with Mohandasian DF-ery? Recall that Anna gave a clean chit to Manmohan recently, while he exhibited disdainful attitude towards Baba Ramdev.

In our opinion, if Anna does not get his head right in addition to mending his ways, he will turn out to be a second Mohandas, and wreck untold miseries upon Hindus. Hindus must see this clear and present danger urgently.

What do you call a hall filled with 543 Dumb Fucks? The Parliament on Aug 27, 2011.

After the people's movement brought the government and the parliament to its knees, the parliament was forced to convene. Please don't believe for even a second that this was only due to the idiot box orchestrating a fashionable movement (as the clown Sharad wanted every fool to believe and understandably most parliamentarians obliged), or that the government wanted to save the life of a seventy four year old man called Anna Hazare. The government, and the parliament realized that the people would rise in revolt and the government's God-mother's Baap (father) the Uncle-Sam (Not samalochaka silly, The United States) will take notice, and so they started pretending that they were worried about Anna's deteriorating health and so on.

And then they started an ugly display of their equally vulgar thoughts. We examine some of the fake arguments presented by them.

1. One and all of them emphasized the Supremacy of the Parliament and their reverence for the Constitution, and described Anna as un-democratic and the path taken by Anna as unilateralism, a dangerous trend in democracy.

Firstly, we clarify that we are Hindu-civilizationists and we do owe greater allegiance to Sanatana Dharma (which is a Truth Based Civilization) than to some system of governance.

However, even if we take democracy as a given, then what is democracy if not the supremacy of the people? Was our constitution created through a democratic process? NO. The committee were appointees of Jawahar as much as Team-Anna are appointees of Anna. While we have criticized Anna for his hypocricy, there is no reason to believe that Anna is any inferior to Jawahar or rather Jawahar has any superiority over Anna. Empirically speaking, Jawaharian policies brought India to an economic distaster and we were rescued only after we, even though partially, abrogated those Jawaharian imbecilities. On the other hand, Anna has transformed Ralegaon Siddhi to a better place than it was.

Our parliamentary system is a legacy of only that constitution. It has no sanctity other than the fact that it was thought that it would work great wonders for India. And until now it has indeed worked great wonders, except that they have been disastrous wonders! We have mentioned earlier that our system has failed miserably. Our politicians give a fake answer to this problem. And that is, we have a great constitution and great laws but our implementation of them is erroneous. Even if we grant that putative greatness assumption, the question remains that if we have been unable to implement them correctly and effectively for nearly sixty five years, then may be the constitution and its laws are not correctly and effectively implementable. More over, if we examine with just a dash of skepticism, we might perceive that they most probably are as wrong as the assumptions and vision of Fabian Socialism of Jawahar was.

So an important question is: How do we evaluate our constitution? Either we must have a way of showing it to be a self-evident truth, or we must judge it empirically. On both counts we have negative results. And another question is how long do we subscribe to and suffer owing to these platitudes regarding constitution before we start questioning? After nearly two thirds of a century has passed, after a close shave with economic doom, after having lost crores of rupees and thousands of lives to the Muslim and Mao problem, after suffering long agonies of an unresponsive governing system, are we still supposed to sing glories of Socialism, Secularism, and Parliamentary system? It is high time that we realized and acknowledged that these have failed. Unfortunately, Anna too owes allegiance to the same constitution. Anna's movement suffers from the same heart-head paradox (heart right but the head confused) as many other noble intentioned movements face.

We have expressed earlier that we feel we need a new constitution.

2. Non participation of Socio-economic downtrodden and Muslims:

Lalu and Sharad Yadav in the parliament and Mayawati out side the parliament voiced concerns about Dalits, Socially deprived and the Muslims. It is high time that we called the bluff on these stupid theories of affirmative action. So many decades of affirmative action and we need more of it and for longer time? We need to realize the falsity behind affirmative action.

3. Many parliamentarians felt that the civil society does not represent the will of the people, and only a handful of middle class people are behind the movement. With low voter turn out and more often than not a triangular contest, a candidate wins with even about ten percent of votes in a constituency. If we take the total number of voters and votes polled and add the votes obtained by the winning candidates, the number may not be much more than say about five crores. Thus in a country of 120 crore people and about 40 crore voters, a group which has collectively obtained about 3 crore votes, claims to represent all the people. If such is the case (more research needs to be done on this to make the argument more accurate), then Anna can surely claim to represent a substantial population of India. However, that is not the point. The point is that the parliamentarians believe that once they have won an election, they have a carte-blanch for five years! This has to go.

Thus it turned out that it was a case of 543 jokers who were trying to congratulate each other while condemning a peoples' movement.

Anna and Politicians both are Wrong, but Politicians are More Wrong!

We are not misled into having faith in Team Anna, notwithstanding their apparent success. Our understanding of the present situation is as follows.

The near unanimous chorus, during the session, regarding the supremacy of the parliament, and cries of constitutionalism, overlooks certain simple realities. Despite seventy years of independence we still are struggling for drinking water, road and electricity, not to mention the forlorn law and order situation. There were dumb-fucks pretending to be wise (see an earlier entry on them here), who maintained that corruption was only a symptom and the malady was different. But they all either failed to mention what that malady was, or those who mentioned, are immoral wealth-redistributionists masquerading as prophets of social equity.

Objectively speaking, there is a growing realization that there are serious wrongs in our system. As we mentioned earlier, there is a degeneration in society and that besides we have a system which has failed. The politicians are either being foolish or being clever by half in disregarding this fact. The reason why lakhs of people are willing to join a movement led whether by Anna (Hazare) or by Baba (Ramdev) is because the parliamentarians have failed in providing that leadership. And in their unwillingness to accept this obvious failures, the politicians are trumpeting the platitudes regarding constitution. They do not realize that at a fundamental level they are being in denial. This denial, or failure to perceive the reality (of a serious problem) is the folly of the politicians.

On the other hand, the solution provided by team-Anna, that of Jan-Lokpal is another red-herring. It may improve the situation modestly, but will not change the basic realities. The success of team Anna, if viewed as a symbolic victory, can give us a new perspective. This means that if people unite to say NO, the government has to bow down. The government has only as much legitimacy as those who are governed voluntarily accord to it. Thus the governed have the liberty and the might to delegitimize their governors. However, only the simpleminded will believe the Jan Lokpal as a solution to the problem of corruption. If the Central Vigilance Commission and the Election Commission have failed then there is no reason to believe why a Lokpal will rewrite history.

The politicians are wrong being in denial while team Anna is wrong in having a misplaced affirmation. However, since Anna's victory symbolizes the affirmation of the power of the governed, team Anna is only less wrong. The politicians on the other hand, in their parrot-like affirmations of cliched platitudes are guilty of both denial and wrong affirmation. Thus they are More Wrong!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Manmohan's Independence Day Speech Analyzed

We have taken Highlights of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's Independence Day speech as reported at Yahoo. We have made guesses about the intended meanings and purported actions from those highlights. Sometimes we have put our rejoinders.

We share with our readers some of our insights. Your blood should boil, but nevertheless you must also enjoy the humor!

Manmohan's thoughts in Italy (italics) and our reactions in bold.

* Without understanding and restraint, our security and integrity can get adversely affected.

Therefore, despite repeated terror attacks we must keep talking with Pakistan.

* Some people who want to create disturbances in the country so that our progress gets stalled.

They want our progress towards a Islamic nation

* This is the time 'to rise above our personal or political interests and build consensus on issues of national importance'.

OK. Rise above your interests and resign man!

* We have provided political stability and socio and economic progress.

Stability for stable social and economic progress of individuals steeped in crime and corruption.

* We have established an environment of communal harmony in the country.

Muslims, Christians and minorities can harmoniously loot Hindus.

* His seven years have seen rapid economic development.

Rapid economic development of Suresh Kalmadi, A Raja, and yes Manmohan himself.

* We have taken special care of the needs of our brothers and sisters from Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, minorities, women and children.

Yes, and for that we loot Hindu men women and children.

* Promises food security legislation soon.

To make the number of lazy bums even larger so that they will vote for congress.

* The country is full of 'confidence and self-respect'.

Full of confidence amongst the Congress politicians in crushing citizens' self-respect.

* Corruption is a big obstacle in national transformation.

And since we are capable of surmounting the largest of obstacles, presently we are focusing on enlarging the obstacle by increasing corruption.

* Corruption should be discussed in a manner that 'should not create an atmosphere in which country's progress comes into question'.

And the only way the country can progress is by letting Congress loot the nation.

* The government is taking strictest possible action in cases of corruption.

Therefore government is taking the strictest possible action to increase corruption.

* There is no single big step which we can take to eradicate corruption.

But there is a single small step you can take. RESIGN.

* Corruption cannot be eradicated unless 'we improve our justice delivery system'.

And yes for that we are increasing the number of Congress sponsored judges so that they will take bribe and give quick decisions.

* Want strong Lokpal to prevent corruption in high places.

And the highest place is that of a peon in Sulabh Shauchalaya.

* Hunger strikes and fast-unto-death will not help.

Very good. Now do you understand why the belief that Mohandas won freedom for us is WRONG?

* Nothing should be done to dilute independence of the judiciary.

Instead their financial dependence on salary must be reduced by facilitating bribery.

* Acknowledges 'misuse of governmental discretion in allocation of scarce resources'.

But does not acknowledge responsibility, therefore will stick to the chair!

* Government taking steps to reduce corruption in government projects.

By reducing the percentage to be paid as bribes.

* Government will lay down principles and practices with regard to government purchases.

For that we will form a committee which will look into forming a committee to form a committee ...

* No government has a 'magic wand' to eradicate corruption.

Your government has a magic wand to reduce corruption. RESIGN

* We have to fight against corruption on many fronts.

And we are those many fronts!

* Compliments farmers on producing a record level food grains.

Farmers in India or elsewhere?

* We need a second Green Revolution.

It is already happening stupid. The Islam revolution.

* Acknowledges 'a phase of sustained high inflation'.

Promises only intermittent high inflation.

* Our government fully understands its responsibility to control rise in prices.

And then does nothing or only contrary things about it?

* International markets fuel inflation in India.

So we will increase fuel prices! By the way, are you going to retract your and your buddy Montek's globalization policy?

* Finding a solution to inflation will be our top most priority in the coming months.

As ending terrorism has been our top most priority. And we have succeeded everywhere except for stray cases of Hindu Terrorism.

* Land acquisition must be transparent and fair.

People must know whom to bribe and how much.

* Government will establish a new Education Commission to suggest improvements in education at all levels.

To teach Koran, Bible and Das Capital to promote Secularism and Socialism.

* 12th Five Year Plan should focus on health.

Health of Sonia at Indian tax payer's expense.

* Investment in infrastructure has grown more than one-and-a-half times in the last seven years.

But the infrastructure has not grown! Investment has gone into swiss bank accounts. Investment-banking you know?

* 'We want to make India slum-free...We want the slum dwellers to get ownership of clean houses.'

And we will force the middle class to pay through their bloody noses in form of taxes, cess and sur-charges.

* 'Malnutrition in women and children is a matter of concern for all of us.'

So we have sent Sonia and her children abroad.

* Declining sex ratio 'a matter of deep regret...essential to change the approach with which our society views girls and women'.

We will treat girls and women the way we treated Rajbala at Ramlila grounds.

* Should not lower guard against terrorism; it is a long battle to be fought jointly by the central government, state governments and citizens.

Fought jointly by terrorists, central government, state governments against Hindu citizens.

* Will eradicate the very reasons which gave rise to Naxalism.

We will eradicate Hinduism by second green revolution (Islam)?

* Warns against climate change and promises 'an environmental assessment and monitoring authority to streamline the process of environmental clearances'.

So that we can streamline the bribe-taking process.

* Acknowledges the younger generation's higher aspirations; institutions should tap our people's potential.

Tap the people's potential hard so that it cracks.

* 'Our entrepreneurs and businessmen should not feel constrained in their activities.'

They should overcome constraints by using streamlined bribing methods to pay bribes to ministers in congress.

* 'We should all stay away from tactics that create suspicion or apprehension among those connected with industry, business and investment.'

So please do not harass Nira Radia.

* Development should not increase inequalities.

So we must rob the middle class and redistribute wealth to our vote bank.

* We have the collective capacities and the confidence to deal with tensions and conflicts in society.

We will collect Muslim mobs under the able guidance of Dog-singhs, Man-ish Tiwaris, Sanjiv Bhatts, Rahul Sharmas, and deal with tensions and conflicts.

Merely because we have used a satirical approach, it should not convey to our readers that we have any less anger. Every extra single day that this government survives, it pushes deeper a knife into the heart and soul of our nation.

And yes, you are welcome to suggest your own insights!

Don't Let Manmohan fool the nation again!

We are talking about a hypothetical scenario. This is just a surmise. We will be happy if the nation does not get fooled, but we are afraid that we, as a nation, may come close to that.

In some time, Manmohan will tender his resignation, and start crying in front of the camera. His statements will be to the effect: "I am a great patriot. I have always been honest. Until now, my hands were tied. I was eating their (UPA! not Congress) salt, and I could not betray them. Now that I am out, I can speak the truth boldly." On and on and on, he will go while the corrupt and EVIL media will give him prime time. Suddenly he will ask for forgiveness and ...

Anna, Baba, Subramanian Swamy, the BJP, the CPM will join the chorus and pardon him. They will concede that Manmohan has always been an honest man.

And then Manmohan will complain about the problems of coalition governments and seek blessings for Dog-Singh's pupil, the son of a witch, Rahul; and the people of the nation will vote Congress back to power.

Do we wish it? NO. Do we fear this? Partially yes. Therefore, we request you to spread the message: Don't let Manmohan fool the nation again.

Throw away Secularism, throw away Socialism, Fight for a New Independence, Fight for a New Constitution, Fight for reawakening Sanatana Dharma.

Wow! What an Independence!

Just after we reminded our readers, we were vindicated, as if by a providential coincidence so to speak, by this news. The title of the news item makes the message amply clear: Delhi Police refuse Hazare permission to fast.

Where are our constitutional experts to tell us that the government has the right to refuse a peaceful protest, blah, blah, blah? Manmohan showed his true color yesterday by shifting the burden on Delhi administration. Manmohan's office is actually not involved in anything! It is just an out-office for Sonia.

Now, we hope that our readers will understand why we have been terming Anna, Baba and such company DFs. We are no admirers of Mohandas, but we suppose even in British ruled India, Mohandas never had to take any permission to undertake his protests! And in so called independent India, a citizen, a Gandhian has to seek permission to fast? And we are a free country? No way! We seem to be a Congress colony!

There is no use fasting in this country. Those who burn women and children in train coaches have their saviors in DIGs and IGPs, but not those who want to fast! Oh of course, the simplest explanation eluded us for so long. Now it is clear that those who burnt the train coaches in Gujarat had taken, and were granted, the permission from the Congress. Simple, isn't it?

Don't fast old man, Fight. Anna, Baba, and all your followers! You need to shelve that Mohandasian prescription of fast unto death. You need to undertake Chandrashekhar Azadian prescription of fight unto death. Both at intellectual level and physical level.

We are not independent. Muslims may be free (to perpetrate terror), Congress-persons may be free (to perpetrate corruption), but we are NOT free. And nobody can give you freedom, it is you who have to assert your freedom.

And Anna (and your followers), understand the game of divide and conquer being played by the nouveau-British. We had pointed this out as early as on June 7, 2011 that the Congress will play this game. And yet Anna and Baba fell into the trap. Dear readers, please do not think that we are smart, not at all. We are stating the obvious. This is what the Congress has done on all issues. Rather, those who do not see the obvious are DFs.

We do not need to merely throw this government. We need to decimate and destroy this government. They are not merely corrupt or criminals, they are EVIL. And EVIL must GO.

We do need to throw a few things. We need to throw, Secularism, Socialism, and such Evil thoughts. And we need to enshrine the search for Truth in Freedom and Responsibility; we need to reawaken Sanatana Dharma. Until we do that, we will only be changing our colonial masters, but we will continue as a colony.

May Durga, the goddess of Shakti, give us the strength and resolve to attain and retain freedom.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy Reminder Day ....

On August 15, 1947 India became free from its White colonial masters; or so we believe. But did we, as the people, and more importantly did we, Hindus, get what we wanted? There is only one answer NO.

all along we have been ruled by Brown colonialists who have been anti-Hindu.

We have made a desultory list of points. Please note the following:

1. India was declared a secular-socialist-republic (read as: Anti-Hindu pro-Muslim, pro-Christian, pro-tax-consumers who are looting tax-payers, mobocracy).

2. Hindu places of worship are under government control, and the government takes money from these temples while subsidizing Minorities (read Muslims, Christians and so on).

3. Hindus institutions (Education, Health Care and so on) receive NO money from the government (it is Hindu tax-payer's money anyway) while Minority institutions luxuriate on government funds. And this has been enshrined in the constitution!

4. Anything that is even remotely related to Hindu religion, for example Yoga, can not be taught in government schools. Sanskrit teaching is opposed.

5. History books are doctored to teach that Muslim rulers were kind to Hindus. The massacre and destruction caused by Muslims and Christians is completely covered up. Please note that according to noted historian KS Lal, about 80 million Hindus were killed during the invasions and thousands of temples destroyed and looted and scores of libraries containing Hindu books burnt.

6. Text books are written where Muslim and Christian names are used more often than Hindu names. Similarly Bollywood, which is run by Muslim mafia Jihad money, keeps producing secular movies in which more often than not we have Muslim heroes.

7. Halal food is being promoted in a large way.

The list can be very very long. We have not mentioned the terror attacks and corruption as they are already well known. But the money through corruption eventually makes its way to those whose sole aim is to subvert Hindus and Hinduism.

Realize that if you donate to Hindu temples, if you pay taxes, when you watch movies, a part of the money is being used against you. When you are manipulated into supporting your adversaries, when you are not free to teach your children your own religion and culture, when you can not have text books and movies which tell you the truth, then where is Freedom or Independence?

Thus, on this day, we would like to remind you to ask yourself a few basic questions.

1. Are you a Hindu?

2. Do you want your children and subsequent descendants to be able to survive as Hindus?

If your answer is yes to these questions, then you have an urgent task on your hands. Please note that we have not even asked you any question regarding development, prosperity and so on. Right now, it is matter of survival. Once we ensure that we survive as Hindus, we will earn peace and prosperity for ourselves soon.

Open your eyes, open your ears, perceive the onslaught on Hinduism and Do Something to Fight Against It. Realize that no politician is representing you! So you need to choose and send politicians from among yourselves. Make new politicians, make new political parties. Encourage people with spine to become your representatives. Take up the fight.

Friday, August 12, 2011

An Indecent Proposal ...

How many secular people live in India? We often have this question. Most politicians claim that most of the Indians are secular. Of course what they do not tell you is that being secular means Muslim-appeasement. Pakistani politicians also say that Pakistan is a secular country! For Islam is a Religion of Peace (My foot!) and there is no compulsion in religion in Islam. Ask any secular and he will vouch for that. We have heard it maddeningly often times.

Thus there are only one category of people who are not secular. They are Hindu-Fundamentalists. For the sake of argument, let us suppose that most Indians are secular, and only a small fraction is Hindu-Fundamentalist, whatever that means. And we are tempted to ask a "mad question".

What if: The Hindu-Fundamentalists demand a "small piece of land", for example Pakistan or Jammu and Kashmir for themselves, and the rest of the land can be used for the secular people. Thus, Hindu-fundamentalists will cross over to Pakistan, will name it say, Sanatana Bharat, and the rest of the subcontinent can be named Pakistan-A secular-Islamic Nation. All the peaceful followers of the religion of peace along with secular Indians can live in that.

Does it sound mad? May be, but what is wrong in getting the opinion of the people. We would like to ask the following question:

Assume that we are living in 1946. Assume that there is a proposal to divide the then-India into three parts:

Region-A. For Muslim Fundamentalists (whatever that means).

Region-B. For Hindu Fundamentalists (whatever that means).

Region-C. For Religion of Peace along with Seculars.

Where would you like to live?

We wish some agency will conduct this kind of opinion-poll. And it might also throw some light on a possible practical solution to many problems!

A Simple Question Regarding Modi

The Congress is seated in Delhi since 2004. The Congress has had the reputation of dismissing state governments, applying some Art. 356. We are sure that the Congress has done it about a couple of dozen times.

If they had even an iota of a case against Mr. Narendra Modi, would they spare him? The answer is obvious. They do not have even an iota of evidence against Narendra Modi.

But a related question is, after the 1984 riots which were masterminded by the Congress and carried out by Muslim hooligans under the guidance of the then Congress leaders, why is it that the people of Punjab, especially sikhs, ever vote for the Congress?

The DF-ery of Christians in India

For the past many centuries, Islam and Christianity have had one agenda, and that is, eat the non-Christian, non-Muslim world for lunch! It is usually said that everything is fair in love and war (and politics!); but these religions have transformed it into: no holds barred for conversion.

Inducements and threats are the beginning and much worse followed. If you think Portugese inquisitions are a matter of distant past then you might want to know that Mother Theresa was primarily a conversion agent and not a charity worker. About Islam, the less said the better. It is a madness started by a psychopath, its fundamental book is a psychopathic pornographic text on violence, and the acts of its followers a matter of gory news everyday.

The marginal difference between the two is, Christianity has been more cunning and less violent while Islam has been less cunning and more violent amongst these two! Or, rather they have been competing with each other. Both of these consider each other as people of the book, and consider the rest (Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Mayans, Incas, all the rest) as pagans. And note that pagan is used as a pejorative term and not merely a descriptive term. For example, until now when we call someone a Christian, we mean that the person follows Christianity. But when a Christian or a Muslim call a person pagan, their understanding is that these people are steeped in darkness and have to be 'saved'! And we know how our ancestors were saved! About 100 million killed!

One thing that we learn from this is that we must not be averse to using pejorative connotation against them, if that is what they use against us.

The advent of twenty first century brought about a new shift. The conflict has shifted and now Christianity and Islam seem to have a direct fight! In most part of the developed world, be it Europe or America, Muslims want to bring down the system prevailing in those regions and foist Sharia on them. There is one more difference, an average man in the west who started with Christianity long ago but has changed himself and his beliefs into something quite different. For example read the article titled "We are all Hindus now". On the contrary, Muslims are becoming more and more retrograde.

In any such conflict, often the more civilized people are at a disadvantage against the less civilized. It is exactly the same as in the past Hindus were at a disadvantage compared to Christians and Muslims. Now Christian nations are at a disadvantage against Islam. It is evident therefore that in this global fight, Christians should be inclined towards considering Hindus as allies, even though Hindus might continue to be suspicious about them.

However, Christians are being big dumb-fucks in this matter. Instead of considering Islam as the main enemy, they continue to target Hindus in India.

We as Hindus must therefore be aware that both these are collaborators against us (along with many other partners). We understand that a large number of Hindus have great regards for the personality of Jesus Christ. We must be clear that Jesus Christ, as known by the gospels (the four gospels in the new testament), is a spiritual teacher (or son of god if that is how you want to take it). But the Church founded later on is an expansive cult just like Islam. So we must clearly distinguish between the two. And also note that like you have regards for Jesus, the Christians have no such regards for Hindu teachers. Christians too destroyed temples in Goa, like the Muslims who did so all over Sanatana Bharata, Greater India.

Thus notwithstanding the facade of charity, education, medical care, Christian Organizations must be seen for what they are. They are being dumb-fucks by collaborating with Muslims against us, the Hindus. But we must not be dumb-fucks not to understand them.

While Christians must realize that whatever is spiritual in their tradition can survive the onslaught of materialism only if it draws from the spiritual fountain of Sanatana Dharma, with due gratitude. Jesus is believed to have learned in Kashmir from Hindu saints, and there is no reason why the modern Christians should not learn from Hinduism. Further, Christians must also realize that if India ceases to be Hindu, it won't become Christian, it might become something else which may be much more dangerous to them than Hinduism is.

They must remember that when Britain partitioned India into India and Pakistan, they wanted to weaken Hindus, and now they realize that Pakistan is a much much bigger problem than India or Hindus are. Recent riots have also shown that Blacks (most of whom are Christians but who are converting to Islam at a rapid rate) are a much bigger problem to them.

Thus, Islam poses the real and a much threat to Christianity. More over, only Hinduism can save Christianity against the onslaught of Materialism. Under such circumstance, Christians collaborating with Muslims and working against Hinduism, is dumb-fuckery of the highest kind.

Dumb-Fucks faking Wisdom! Lalu, Sharad et al.

In a new item, the Muslim news paper of India, the Hindu reported that Lalu Yadav is displeased with the onslaught of western culture on India. He wants to defend Indian Culture. Hmmm.

Lalu was joined by none other than another Mandal commission missionary Sharad Yadav! He and some similar others criticized, Homosexuality, Valentine's Day, Slut Walk (recently held in Delhi), chatting, Facebook and Internet.

It looks as if Lalu is worried that his wife might run away with some young lad. Stupid A**-hole. As per the news item: "... Several members, cutting across party lines, found logic in Mr. Prasad's observations. ...". Other included CPI leader Gurudas Dasgupta, Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh, RJD president Lalu Prasad and the BSP's Vijay Bahadur Singh who warned against blindly aping the U.S. and West. So a group of dumb-fucks faking wisdom?

Amongst other things, this dumb-fuck asked "... Where is this country of saints and sages headed for, ...". This is the same fool who terms anything even remotely related to Hinduism as communal. He thinks RSS and BJP are fascist and communal parties. Please note that these politicians regularly host iftaar parties during Ramzan. Don't they know that as far as India is concerned, even Islam came from the west?

These dumb-fucks fail to realize that all the ills that they are wailing against are outcomes of Secularism and Socialism who are founded upon materialism and liberalism. The well from which they have been drawing water of Social Justice is the same well from which homosexuality and slut-walk too come out.

We challenge all these dumb-fucks to elaborate what they think Indian Culture is. For them Indian Culture is Manuwaad, and they have been opposing Manuwaadi forces! So now have they changed their opinion on Manu?

Hindus must strongly oppose such chameleon politicians and their parties. Anyone who has been slinging mud at Sanatana Dharma and Varnashrama Dharma, as communalism and Manuwaad, and has been opposing them in the name of Secularism and Social Justice is a poisonous dumb-fuck. Hindus must shun them, and flush them out.

We mention here that we do not claim to be sole keepers of Sanatana Dharma and/or Varnashrama Dharma, nor do we claim to be any great authorities on them. We also note that there have been lots of confusions about many issues related to these concepts.

However, we strongly oppose and have nothing but unalloyed disdain for those who have, until now, been showing utter disregard for Sanatana Dharma. Hindus must teach them strong lessons.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Where does the buck stop Mr. Montek?

When Anna Hazare praised Narendra Modi he was accused of communalism and an ideological weakling that Anna is, he quickly retracted. Now when Montek Singh Ahluwalia defends Manmohan Singh, what is the press going to accuse him of? Should Montek and Manmohan be called members of Khalistan Brigade, or should Montek be accused of being hand in glove with corruption?

This is the double game of collective-responsibility and individual-exculpation! Montek must come out open on one thing: Who is ultimately responsible in this country? Where does the buck stop? Will you answer this Mr. Ahluwalia? With such rampant corruption charges either the whole central cabinet must resign, or the whole parliament must resign leading to new elections, or at the minimum the Prime minister must go! Of course, since Congress-persons are cast in shameless Jawahar mold, they never resign. They are bloody uncouth crooks, while a large section of the media is their agent.

This is why we believe that we are going towards a civil war. Please note that the west is reeling under a spat of black-on-white rampage mob crimes. In the recent past, there have been many in the USA (see here as well), Some (see for example here) in Canada, and the latest is in London (see here). This is exactly similar to Muslims-on-Hindus criminal violence, and the down-trodden-on-the-privileged violence in India. For example, recently the RPI (Republican Party of India) has threatened the theaters in Maharashtra against screening Akarshan, a film on reservation. We are sure the film will be a damp-squib as Indian Film Industry as as much Secular and Socialist as our news media is.

The wealth producing tax paying section is sermonized on peace, tolerance, social justice and such crap, while the Muslims, Christians, the SC/STs and the OBCs are taught about their victim-hood. All this is done so that this large section of have-nots can vote themselves to the ownership of the wealth of the haves. This is the history of India's affirmative-action program. Reservations leading to more reservations, minority-ism leading to even more minority-ism, and all of this at the expense of the hard-working people belonging to Sanatana Dharma.

The Congress does this, the CPI does this, the RJD does this, the media does this ... And how long can this sustain? An ill designed and ill functioning system must crash, and that crash is the civil unrest. Our political leaders are busy stashing money in foreign banks assuming that after this ship called India sinks they will go and live in peace and luxury in those havens. Just like the dreams of many erstwhile despots. It will be great fun to see the reaction of these uncouth crooks when they discover themselves under attack from flash-mobs in these supposed havens. However, it will be much better if they meet their deserved fate in India.

The burning of the petrol inspector (see here), the action against peaceful demonstrators, the rampant corruption are all ominous signs. We may choose to be dumb-fucks and go to sleep, but reality can not be denied for long. After decades of Jawaharian Socialism, the nation had to renounce that and resort to liberalization in the nineties; similarly we will have to renounce Secularism-Socialism-Mohandasism etc., and resort to Sanatana Dharma. Otherwise, and mark my words, Sanatana Dharma can survive without us, but we will not survive without Sanatana Dharma!

Coming back to Mr. Montek: So the question is not whether Manmohan is clean or not, Manmohan is not clean, but the question is why is Montek defending him? And the more important question is, how long will such hanky panky will last before the whole thing crashes?

Saturday, August 6, 2011

If B S Yeddy then why not Sheila Dikshit, P Chidambaram and Manmohan Singh too?

The resignation drama in Karnataka is over. B S Yeddyurappa resigned and D V Sadananda Gowda has been elected as the new CM. One of the best things that happened was that the new CM was elected through a secret ballot. If political parties shun high-command-culture and follow democratic principles, many of the ills will reduce. It is unfortunate that most political parties go for high-command-culture in most matters. In that sense the BJP has set a good precedent in Karnataka.

Returning to the demand of resignations from tainted ministers, now it is the turn of Delhi CM Dikshit, Home minister Chidambaram, and the master of them all Manmohan Singh. Manmohan Singh has had the luxury of being known as Mr. Honest while overseeing the most evil (second to Jawahar et al.) and most corrupt government in India. It is high time that he is made to stand up to be counted.

However, as far as we can see, the BJP is being foolish if they think that they can make Congress ministers resign because a BJP CM has set a precedent. Nope! Congress is a group of seasoned and veteran shameless uncouth crooks. They can talk well and make a gullible person fall for their tricks. And yes, when it comes to treachery BJP is an infant compared to Congress. BJP or any sane party must invest their effort in educating the voters, rather than hoping that Congress will ever have a change of heart. Congress can at best fake a change of heart.

Unfortunately we have been a nation of more than a billion dumb fucks. Indira Gandhi imposed emergency in 1975, committed abominable atrocities on innumerable citizens, but was forgiven in 1979-80 elections by the voters! Her father lost the China war, mostly because of his own dumb-fuckery, and yet shamelessly clung to power. The list is seemingly endless!

Even at present, the response by Indians to the challenge of corruption is another high-command Anna Hazare! These and many other are the reasons why we believe that we as a nation need awakening. And to us, our nation means the civilizational bouquet of Sanatana Dharma and its Hindus as its people. And we do not mean BJP's Hindutva, or even Subramanian Swamy's Hindutva.

For us the important thing is the Dharma, rather Sanatana Dharma propounded by the Rishis, and re-enunciated in the writings of Aurobino, Vivekananda and so on. It is in light of this Dharma that we need to reorganize ourselves and our nation. Our politics must emanate from Sanatana Dharma and not from Secularism or Socialism or for that matter even Democracy! It is the Freedom and Responsibility mentioned in Sanatana Dharma and a society based on competence and excellence, that are important. Individual Charity based on educated wisdom learned in the environment of Freedom and Responsibility are much much superior to State-mediated taxation-based affirmative action. Freedom to pursue truth at one's own responsibility is much much better than taxation-subsidized minority-appeasement secularism of Madrasas and Missionary Schools.

In the absence of Dharma, the efforts of BJP (in itself corrupt) to appeal to good sense of Congress are very much like Yudhishthira's offer to Duryodhana that Pandavas will settle for peace if they got even as little as five villages. BJP is nowhere close to Yuddhishthira in conduct and Congress is much much worse than Duryodhana. Thus, whatever happened in the past seems to be imminent in the future as well. A great war is coming. And we as Hindus have to be prepared for it.

And of course, Sheila will continue in her Jawani, Chidambaram in his suave poisonous ways, while Manmohan will keep playing the jackal. They won't resign. They must be thrown out, and thrown out so well that they can not return! We Hindus must forsake forgiveness for some time, at least with respect to our leadership. One mistake and they must be out of governance for life!