Monday, December 27, 2010

Mani Shankar Aiyer exhibits his Congress-mettle by blabbering on Hindutva and showing that he is a bigger ass than we ever thought he was

In a recent television interview, the moron masquerading as philosopher, Mr. Mani Shankar Aiyer told his interviewer that Hindutva was the real and present danger to India. My initial instinct was to clap, clap and clap, except that I wished I clapped with one of my hands on his cheek. If Mr. Aiyer does not deserve a slap on his face then I wonder who ever can.

This hollow-between-the-ears Congress-intellectual was sharing his deep anguish about the BJP wind-bag (Vajpeyee) and another compulsive blabberer (Advani) and said that even though he regarded both these politicians in high esteem, yet he wanted to convey to them his pain regarding the grave dangers of the ideology of Hindutva which both these leaders have nurtured and nourished.

Firstly, as I have repeatedly pointed out that BJP-RSS are perennially confused about Hindus, so their brand of Hindutva is so confused and diffused that it is useless at best, and is more dangerous to Hindus and not to non-Hindus at worst, which usually is the case.

Secondly, even if there was a Hindutva which, like the moron-masquerading-as-philosopher would have us believe, is potentially aggressive, then what makes this suicidal nihilist think that it would be dangerous for the country? The only explanation is that Mr Aiyer thinks that only non-Hindus comprise the country! Otherwise, considering aggressive Hindutva, which should, even if it exists and which we all must wish that it exists, only be called defensive Hindutva, as dangerous to the nation is much much worse than insane! Simply, because this putative Hindutva seeks to slow down and eventually stop, all the exploitation of the Hindus which Congress and its illegitimate descendants have been indulging in for ages!

And since imbeciles like Mr Aiyer are the cerebral-centers of Congress, it is no wonder that the preceptor of the prince-frog Rahul Gandhi, viz., Digvijay Singh disgorges equally stenching speech.

However, contrary to what these fools want us to subscribe to, it is only rightly understood Hindutva (Sanatana Dharma) which will save the nation and us; and not the stupid ideologies of Mohandasian-Non-violence, and Jawaharian-Socialism taught to us by these intellectually negligible morons of the Congress.

It is high time that Hindus slapped the Congress (and its illegitimate descendants) and corrected the historical blunders.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Manmohan Singh and Rajdeep Sardesai : Two bums of the same crack.

Turbaned Dumb-Fuck Manmohan Singh thinks he is as much above suspicion as Caesar's wife, while the evil Rajdeep Sardesai surmises that it is the sciety whose corruption is the culprit. Both these have been analyzed here and here. Not that there is nothing wrong with the society in India. However, Rajdeep is the last person who deserves to point this out. And Manmohan is Brutus imposting as Caesar's wife.

Now, one always wonders whether Rajdeep is merely evil or besides being evil he is a Dumb-Fuck too. And similarly whether TDF(Turbaned Dumb-Fuck) PM Manmohan is merely a DF or evil as well.

Recently I was speaking to an academician who had been a great fan of Manmohan for the latter's academic credentials. It was ironic to notice the change in perception of the former. After skimming over the details of Nuclear-Deal (Both the Nuclear Bill and the Liability-Bill), the abysmal performance post 26/11 in relation to national security, the academician thought that the charitable explanation for Manmohan's actions could be that he wants to ensure 8% GDP growth even at the coast of a 26/11 every two years so that India becomes an entity to reckon with in the global community so that perhaps then India will be able to call its shots. Now this is a typical example of prejudice over evidence.

Notwithstanding how meek this turbaned clown looks, his actions (decisions) in the past have epitomised callous dumb-fuckery at best, and devious traitorousness at worst. Unless the script-writer of the events to unfold be a David Dhawan producing a 'hit" for Govinda which will establish Manmohan as PM-Number-1, all the odds based on evidence are to the contrary.

A skeptic might ask: 'Where's the hard evidence?'. Well, what others are doing is the evidence! In view of all that the UPA governments both 1 and 2 have done, if Manmohan was what he pretends to be or what gullible people take him to be, then he would either have resigned (finding himself too weak to make UPA government move in the right direction) or engineered a change (in the right direction). It is clear as broad day-light that he has done neither. Rather he is allowing his suave image to be used by Congress as a veil behind which they can hide and implement their devious and evil plans. Nuclear Bill, Liability Bill, 2-G scam, POTA repealment, handling J&K, are only a few amongst the many subversive and corrupt actions.

A person who thinks nice of Manmohan, must be exceedingly simple minded if not a blatant conspirer.

As for Rajdeep, I think he can still be a better cricketer than he is a media-person! And the comment is about his media-ability and not his cricketing-abilities which hardly anyone knows. This man is trying to be in media what Manmohan has successfully been in politics. A nice man. Phew.

An unfortunate thing about India is that there are no leaders! Only self-fulfilling bureaucrats who seek to further their own selves in the public-sector hierarchy! You name any so called leader whether in politics or in media or anywhere, and what you will get are either corrupt scoundrels who look like themselves or corrupt scoundrels who look like school boys who have been chosen monitors of their classes.

And yet as always, I repeat: O the only hope, O these crores of lovely gullible Indians, rise to rewrite your destiny.

Congress setting New standards of Evil Dirtiness (As always!)

As if the fecal output from Digvijay Singh and Rahul Gandhi was not enough, now the Thayee of Congress has joined the orgy! And we might as well call her Mother of all this Sh*t.

Now Congress in concert is blaming Hindu-terror, Saffron-terror for various things. As I said in the past: "Even a marginally sane person should wish that the false fears expressed by this Singh turn out to be true and those hitherto nonexistent beings somehow come to life and inflict on him in the worst possible manner that which this poisonous liar claims would have been inflicted upon the late chief of ATS.", I say it again: Hindus should not take this as an accusation, they must rather view it a clarion call, accept the challenge, and decimate the Congress, not merely politically but literally as well. I am sure that at the grass-roots level, there are gullible members who have been taken by these leaders for a ride. If they have any blood in their veins, they must revolt! The hope if not in these leaders. Any ray of hope is only in the grass-roots workers from across parties uniting for the cause of Sanatana Dharma.

As for the claim of the Congress : "Terrorism has No Religion", the less said the better. It is the Congress which considers Hindus as terrorists and Muslims as devout followers of Religion-of-Peace. For those who emote with Congress, it may be worthwhile to open their eyes and look at the truth of the-one-true-religion-of-peace!

And mind you, the thayee in the SP-BJP is mum on these rhetorical outbursts of the thayee of the Congress!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rahul's clarification: Too little, Too late

The emperor's new clothes are a laughing stock. A prince's new clothes must be a ridiculing stock!

The main point is not that Rahul has clarified. The main point is why he made those remarks! And what is his state of mind, if not exposed by wiki-leaks. Wiki-Leaks have revealed the dark secrets in the minds of Congress-Persons and now they are attempting to camouflage it by "clarifications".

If Varun Gandhi was called a communal for making aggressive statements for defending hindus, he was attacked by the Congress and its stooges. And now when Rahul makes blatantly anti-hindu statements and that too not in a political speech, but rather in a secret conversation, he is being defended by Congress-stooges.

This is why I have said time and again, that Congress is so blatantly anti-hindu party that it has to be destroyed, if India has to survive. The great scourge Mohandas, if only he ever made an intelligent suggestion, it was, Congress must be disbanded. But since that bandit of a politician, the crafty and sly Jawahar was there too, he managed to deflect that suggestion.

So Congress has survived to further its anti-hindu agenda, just exactly as Islam is there to be anti-non-Muslims. So congress is a natural ally of all anti-hindu forces, and it provides a fulcrum for all of them to collude and conspire.

Those who have intelligently rejected Mohandas must destroy Congress, and those who follow that walking-poison-for-hindus Mohandas, must follow his advice and disband Congress. So in any case, Congress has to be destroyed.

Rahul and Digvijay Singh are only two poisonous flies in the comb of poisonous wasps that masquerades as a political party in the name of Congress. Just exactly as Islam and Christianity are political ideologies masquerading as religions.

We (Sanatana Dharmis) must quickly recognize their farce, and cleanse our system of them.

And mind you, beware of falling into the traps of truly secular parties like the SP-BJP!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Digvijay Singh is so full of SH*T that his eyes look brown ...

Even before I asked in one of my earlier post that the allegations by this blighter Digvijay Singh must be investigated I had almost sniffed this coming from him.

Now this bag of shit has opened his foul mouth again to deliver a few more stinkers. He now claims that BSNL does not have the records since the incident took place more than twelve months ago. I surmise that he made his revelations deliberately more than twelve months later so as to avoid possible verification. This is typical strategy of Congress-persons. This pot of shit , in the same news item, also claims that he is not a liar!

Another item accuses Mr. Singh of politicising India's darkest hour. I think that is a very charitable charge. What this petilential blob of turd is up to is much worse. As a blogger has commented: DS is Pakistan's ISI's dream come true. I think the blogger still has been very mild in his opinions. Mr. Singh must be in the pay-rolls of ISI, if not directly, then indirectly through the arses he licks, namely those of Sonia and Rahul. Please note that neither of these two have chastised Mr Singh. This Singh is trying to worst the elder Singh who got the affirmative action policy implemented for higher education and even at places meant for technical excellence!

Even a marginally sane person should wish that the false fears expressed by this Singh turn out to be true and those hitherto nonexistent beings somehow come to life and inflict on him in the worst possible manner that which this poisonous liar claims would have been inflicted upon the late chief of ATS.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Karkare and Congress General Secretary Mr. Digvijay Singh

In a recent news item, it is reported that Congress General Secretary Mr Digvijay Singh claimed that he was contacted by the then ATS chief Hemant Karkare who was later killed in the terror encounter. Mrs. Kavita, wife of the slain ATS chief, rubbished the suggestions.

It appears, or could be plausible, that Mr. Singh must have master-minded the death of Mr Karkare and now is looking for an alibi by claiming that he was called by Mr Karkare. Even if the conversation records are present with the cell-phone service provider, in view of the Congress Party and the Scam-Raja, there is no guarantee that the records have not been tampered with to suit the advantages of Congressmen.

However, this suggestion of a conversation between Mr Karkare and Mr Singh must be assiduously probed and if ambiguities are found, Mr Singh must be sent to confer with Mr Karkare to seek his pardon. Of course, Mr Karkare would give Mr Singh an appropriate treatment.

Mr. Digvijay Singh would do well if he confined himself to his duty as a Congressman to lick the backside of UPA chairperson, rather than pretending to be a smart detective, which even his angels can not become.

My heart bleeds for Mrs Kavita, who has to undergo all this ruckus being orchestrated by these imbecile clowns. If one has to be objective, it is a foregone conclusion that Mr Karkare and his team acted rather amateurishly while chasing the terrorists. The allegations that the bullet-proof jackets weren't bullet-proof is also worrisome. Those who approved the purchase must be tried for treason as well as murder, and should be sent to Al-Qaid as emissaries to promote freedom of religions!

My sincere advice for Mrs. Karkare is the following:

If she wants to be left alone in peace, it might be prudent to migrate to some western country.

If she wants to transform the Indian system, she has to make herself really strong and fight to finish against the corrupt and dumb-fuck system that Indians have made for themselves. A word of caution, she must assiduously guard against following the foot-steps of Medha Patkar, Arundhati roy, and Shobha De; unless she wants to make a life for herself in a traitorous way.

The irony in the Indian system is that while courageous women like Mrs Kavita are short-changed, foreign women like Ms Sonia are worshiped! But it is high time that common people like Mrs Kavita take up cudgels and fight the system. It is a torrid time for her. Barely has she lost her husband and she is being dragged into all this non-sense. Recall the sympathy which Sonia got after Rajiv was killed, while Kavita gets only apathy!

But Mrs Kavita, I humbly urge you to have courage and faith. It is the descendants of honest persons like you who will inherit India, and not these illegitimate off-springs, along with their backslide slurping coterie, of the Jawahar-Mohandas clan. And that's the earnest prayer to Ishwara from the heart of all right-minded Hindus.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Pat Down Security Check of Meera Shankar : The Issues

Recently there has been a Hulla-Balloo about pat-down security check on India's envoy to the US Ms Meera Shankar. The media seems to express righteous indignation and they recall SRKhan's supposed ordeal at a US airport last year which lead to his Broke-Back mountain partner Karan Johar making a movie MNIK (My Name is Khan) amongst other things.

As Indians we have to understand an important distinction between a law-abiding society and a law-less society! We as Indians are inching towards lawlessness. Why? One may ask. Let me give you something to chew on.

A typical western person takes pride in the fact that even the highest ranking person in his country is subject to the same set of laws that govern the common people. While in India, even the smallest politician prides himself in the claim that how law does not apply on him!

Now, you need not even go to the level of politicians. you take any Samiti, Group or whatever: The rules applies to "ordinary members"; while "office bearers" are above the rules! You go to a government or private hospital, or anywhere!

Thus in India, while law-makers discuss a new law, they are completely oblivious to its implications, and they can afford that, for the law will never apply on them! In few and far between cases if the law indeed applies on them, you can see the dismay and righteous indignation on their faces! These days, even petty media persons (like Barkha Dutt) consider themselves to be above the law! Huh.

In more enlightened nations, this is not so. Rules are made to be implemented!

So it comes down to whether as a society we have respect for the rule of law. We must admit that as Indians, we don't have that, well most of the times. Thus there is a rush for seeking immunity from law!

Post 9/11 and other such attempts, the US (and the west) is rightly concerned about their security. Why do they have to be like India, which is sitting like a lame duck even after 26/11 where its own home minister was giving a running commentary on the deployment of forces for the benefit of the terrorists!

So, they have implemented the body scan or its alternative pat-down check. And they might as well do it for their own people. And they are doing it on all!

So why should Meera Shankar have any quibbles on that? Why should SRKhan not be subject to the security check that every other person is subject to? Who should be and why should anybody be above the rule of law?

As long as the Dumb-fuck Indians, do not develop self-respect, and thereby develop respect for the rule of law, thereby respect the process of law-making, so long as we are not serious about that; we have a problem on our hands.

I just now heard on the news that the Security Authority of the airports in US has refused to regret the pat-down check, and I commend them. The diplomats of India are not above the law, even more so, the law of a foreign land.

Indians may have the habit of cringing before the VIP's, not everyone else! Not only Meera Shankar, Sonia too should undergo pat-down security check somewhere, so that they might develop some semblance of respect for the law for ordinary citizens. Those who are used to traveling in cars with red-lights in India have heads far above their shoulders. It is high time that they let it rest where it must, on the shoulders and the feet on the ground.

Oh, and I miss being the one giving pat-down checks to some of these beauties. But I guess they employ only women security employees for patting women passengers. Should we fight against this gender discrimination too? Hahaha.

Modi has two enemies: LeT and Thayee (Sushma Swaraj)

MS informs us that LeT was plotting to kill Gujarat CM Narendra Modi. I am sure they would have had a friend in BJP! Thayee (Ms Swaraj) was attempting to kill Mr Modi politically during the recent Bihar polls. Of course, if LeT had succeeded, Thayee would have used Modi's picture to win an election for herself!

This is the level to which we have reduced ourselves!

BJP calls this American inaction! Did they raise the issue as to why visa was denied to Modi when President Obama visited? No. The "leaders" in the BJP (read LKA, Jaswant Sigh, Arun Jaitley, and Sushma Swaraj) do not consider anyone other than themselves (and do not want anyone else other than themselves) National Leaders! So how does it matter if Modi was denied a visa? what is more important is that SR Khan was groped as security measure! So you see the conclusion! BJP sees all Muslims as peaceful, but Modi as mass-murderer!

So beware, it is not merely LeT which is trying to assassinate Modi. And the numbers who are trying to kill Hinduism (sanatana dharma) is much larger!

Why should V Bhatt's resignation from Vijay Karnataka matter?

Vishweshwar Bhatt has resigned from the editor's post of Vijay Karnataka. And there are rumors doing the rounds!

Why should we be concerned? If Mr Bhatt has been wronged, he must come out in the open! I am also surprised that Media Syndicate considers this to be a possible conspiracy! First of all, I do not see any thing in what Mr Bhatt did that should attract a conspiratorial removal! The owners are TOI (Times of India Group), if they want to remove Mr Bhatt, they remove it, that's it! Or, if Mr Bhatt wants to leave, he just leaves! Why should we sniff conspiracy?

But there is a greater conspiracy at work against India where we do not sniff! We have got so used to it that we feel that it is perfectly normal to be in such a situation:

1. We have a Super PM (Prime Minister) who is a a foreigner, and a Christian.

2. We have a Primer Minister who is a Sikh (sick too?), and who recently goofed in Kashmir by letting separatists a bigger say!

3. We celebrate Arundhati Roy, a Christian who is anti-Indian, as a great speaker for human rights!

4. We have a President, Mrs. Patil, who recalled her statement that "veils came to India as a result of Muslim invasion", emphasizing that even our President has NO Freedom of Speech, while Arundhati Roy, and Muslim separatists enjoy all the freedoms!

5. Our major media groups are headed by non-Hindus (read anti-hindus). For example, TOI by Jains, and The Hindu by N. Ram!

The list is almost endless! Here lies a much bigger conspiracy!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Democracy and Corruption in India

KMS of Media Syndicate has posted an interesting article on corruption in India. He has raised some very important questions. And in his inimitable style left the answers open! A thought provoking piece indeed.

Before we delve into the nitty-gritty, we need to understand a few fundamental differences.

1. Republic and Democracy are not the same: A Republic is representative government ruled by law (the Constitution). A democracy is direct government ruled by the majority (mob rule). A Republic recognizes the inalienable rights of individuals while democracies are only concerned with group wants or needs (the public good).

1.a. India, although enshrined as "Republic" in the constitution, has effectively been functioning as "Democracy". Recall how the constitution is amended for trifling reasons. Indira Gandhi did it (changing India to Secular-Socialist... in 1972), Rajiv Gandhi did it (Muslim women protection-post Shah Bano case), they DO it all the time.

1.b. Vote bank politics is typical of extractive view of politics. Since the powers of the government are not restricted constitutionally, the "elected" representatives are free to do as they please. Thus those who vote them to power "extract" favors, and the elected grant them favors.

2. Universal Enfranchisement and Restricted enfranchisement are not the same: In most countries all persons above a particular age have the right to vote. In India it is 18 years of age. This is universal enfranchisement. I personally differ from this. I think that only those who have a stake in the survival of the nation and who are responsible ought to vote. For vote is power, and without the wisdom to exercise power, power is perilous, not just for oneself but for the rest as well.

2.a. It is common knowledge in India that the vote of many of the people can be bought with just a bottle of liquor and a blanket. Should such individuals have the right to vote? Government introduces some pension-benefit, or some women-benefit, in short some affirmative action, and the beneficiaries vote for the benefactor. Should such things happen?

2.b It is also common knowledge that in border areas, politicians grant ration cards and then voting rights to illegal immigrants, for example in Bengal. Should such things happen?

3. Electoral Process: Tamasha and Debate are not the same: In India, there are no debates between the contestants, there is only shadow boxing! At some rally Advani-babu will hurl a charge and at another rally sonial-madam will respond rhetorically. Allegations are answered by counter-allegations and not refutations.

3.a UPA will call NDA communal, and NDA will call UPA pseudo-secular; while both surrender to bullies, and resort to minority appeasement.

3.b People contest elections from jail even though they have been booked and jailed under criminal charges!

4. Parliamentary system and Presidential system are not the same: In presidential form, the president can be held responsible and accountable for whatever happens. In parliamentary system, the accountability is diffused, so despite having ministers like Raja and so on, Manmohan can survive, so can Sonia!

5. Incompatibility of democratic process and the high-command structure has already been highlighted by KMS in his article.

So all in all, we have a farcical system! Dumb-fucks claiming to be politicians and getting elected, and dumb-fucks electing them time and again! This has to end! So what's the solution? Please note that I do not have all the answers, much less all the correct answers; however we need to ponder over these questions. We need to propose tentative solutions, discuss and debate them, and then most importantly choose to implement them.

My take on the matter:

1. We need a new constitution.

2. We need a presidential form of government.

3. We need to be republic. And we need to restrict the powers of the elected representatives.

4. We need to restrict franchise.

5. We need have debates rather than mere political speeches!

And many more to be added ...

And most importantly, we need to draw inspiration and wisdom from our ancient civilization and other civilizations as well. Learn from their pluses as well as minuses! For the uninitiated this introduction of the term civilization will strike a jarring note, but bear with me. There is a lot to be gained by understanding human nature with both its virtues and follies, and what better way to learn than to use available knowledge in addition to what we know and have discovered?