Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dealing With Islam

There have been two very encouraging developments in the Netherlands (Holland).

Good News 1:

Geert Wilders, a prominent politician from their country who was charged with hate-speech for calling Islam a hate ideology, and for making the movie Fitna, was recently acquitted of all charges.

Good News 2:

Recently, the Dutch parliament voted to move towards banning ritual slaughter (Halal) of animals.

These are the kinds of measures that need to be taken while dealing with Islam, while the ultimate solution is for the Muslims themselves to realize that Islam is an evil ideology.

An effective way of dealing with Islam-like ideologies is to profess the truth about them, and also disincentivize immigration of Muslim population. One strategy commonly used by Muslims is to insist on Halal food as their religious obligation. This is a self perpetuating cycle. More halal food for Muslims, so more Muslims needed to perform Halal, so more Halal food is needed! Such a vicious circle must be nipped in the bud.

We need to take similar innovative measures.

Even before the government bans Halal Food, non-Muslims must insist on non-Halal Food. Also, the evil nature of Islam must be discussed and brought out in the open.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Answer This Mr. Manmohan Singh!

In a recent press meet on June 29, 2011, the Prime Minister, Mr. Manmohan Singh declared that he is not a lame duck PM.

There are multiple things which are strange about this meet like:

1. Only five chosen editors were invited for the meet.

2. It has been decided that now the PMO (PM's office) will hold a press meet every week!

and so on. Some of these issues are well analyzed in an article (see here).

We want to analyze from a different perspective and re-establish what we have been claiming so far.

First, let us note the following:

1. We currently are in a parliamentary democracy.

2. Thus the parliament is the supreme authority, and being the leader/head of the parliament, Mr. Manmohan Singh is the head.

3. Now, such a head can be of two types:

a. Lame Duck Type
b. The man in-charge Type.

Please note that a lame duck head can beg for blamelessness citing that he was not in-charge and someone fired over his shoulders.

4. Manmohan declared that he is not a lame duck PM thus he is the man in-charge! And thus Manmohan is answerable and responsible for the things that are happening in this UPA-II regime.

5. All kinds of bad things are happening in the UPA-II regime where Manmohan is in-charge. Financial fraud (CWG, 2-G), democratic governance frauds (Handling of the Anna followers on Lokpal), evil treatment meted to citizens (eviction of Baba Ramdev's followers).

6. Either Manmohan is lying or he is not lying.

7. If he is lying then Manmohan is a dishonest man. And if he is not lying then he is the man incharge and the frauds are happening with his knowledge and thus he is a dishonest man.

8. If Manmohan is a dishonest man, then he could even be colluding with all these scamsters and pocketing huge money!

9. And in spite of all this, he wants to portray himself as an innocent honest man.

This man Manmohan is EVIL.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Advani's Late Pseudo-Enlightenment!

Mr. L K Advani's viola event is here. He writes ruefully about "Two missed opportunities, six disastrous consequences" and blames Jawahar (Nehru) for wrong decisions.

The fact that Jawahar hardly ever took any right decisions is something so blatantly obvious that we wonder how Advani took so long to see this light! But wait, it may be pseudo-light! For, we wonder why he did not chastise his senior Mr. A B Vajpeyee, when during his speech in parliament, Vajpeyee was gloating over the fact that Jawahar had praised his (ABV's) performance and that people had likened him (ABV) to Jawahar. Be it Advani, be it Vajpeyee, be it Ms. Bharati, they keep repeating the same blunders.

Then, Mr. Advani goes on to sing glories of Mr. Shyama Prasad Mukherji about this and about that. Well, hoisting national flag in Shrinagar was a great moment. However Advani forgets that Mukherji had resigned from Hindu Mahasabha. Recall that Hindu Mahasabha wanted India to be a Hindu Rashtra (Hindu Nation), and the reason for Mr. Mukherji's parting with Hindu Mahasabha was, as per the wikipedia entry on Hindu Mahasabha: "Mookerji had left Mahasabha after his proposal to allow Muslims to gain membership was turned down by Savarkar". Savarakar was the head of Hindu Mahasabha then.

Mr. Advani in one of his earlier posts sermonized Congress to reconsider their decision on Mr. Savarkar. What is your decision on Mr. Savarkar, Mr. Advani? And are you, or the BJP, willing to reconsider your decision on Mr. Mukherji? Or is it Mr. Advani's moment of pseudo-enlightenment?

To us it appears that like Mr. Mukherji, like Mr. Advani and so on! The greatest tragedy with Hindus is that their self-appointed leaders have no clarity but maximum confusion. And the worst part is that they neither realize nor admit to their confusion. They want to exhibit great clarity and exude greater confidence.

And come to think of it, what a pity? Imagine the following:

1. Mr. Mukherji left Hindu Mahasabha because it denied membership to Muslims.

2. Mr. Vajpeyee prides himself in being likened to Jawahar.

3. Mr. Advani thinks highly of Jinnah (and Jinnah's Secularism!)

Do we need more examples before we learn that the self proclaimed political leaders of the Hindus are so bankrupt between the ears!?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Uma Bharti: And Her Dumb-Fuckery

Uma Bharti has been a fire brand leader of the BJP. She was unceremoniously and more importantly unjustly thrown out of BJP for making statements which peeved the then BJP high-command! So much so for the freedom to express dissent in the BJP! However, recently she has been inducted into the BJP fold once again. So far so good.

But it looks as if this home coming has gotten into her head and she has started indulging in thoughtless rants. Not that she was ever known for making very measured statements, yet she was passable.

In her recent speech she declared that she would gift Jawahar's book to Mr. Rahul (Doggy Singh's protege) Gandhi. She further continued:" ...I want Rahul to learn from his grandfather Jawaharlal Nehru how to respect your opponents ...".

Uma Bharti will do well to learn that Jawahar had scant regards for points of view contrary to his own. His dastardly behavior was mentioned here. Jawahar is also reported to have referred to many freedom fighters as "mis-guided youth".

By showing respect for that man, Jawahar, Uma Bharti has exhibited Dumb-Fuckery. Readers might recall that Anna Hazare exhibited similar DF-ery recently by writing a letter to Sonia Gandhi.

BJP leaders would do well to learn very quickly how to avoid being dumb-fucks. Sarcasm may be OK but DF-ery is not!

We Need Some Form of Consistency Checks

Politicians, media, bureaucrats, industrialists are all showcasing their wisdom by expressing their views on diverse matters. The discourse is full of confusion in and around words. On the one hand there are usages as what one might call genuinely technical terms which might clarify matters, and on the other hand there are usages as buzz words employed for obfuscation. These conflicting and confusing uses often impede reasoned debate.

For example: Socialism, social justice, communalism, secularism, nationalism, democracy, corruption, free-market, and many such are oft repeated words.

None of the parties or individuals are ever cross-examined on what exactly they mean or imply when they use such terms; nor are their meanings and implications examined if they have internal contradictions.

This has led to wide-spread hypocrisy in public discourse with the electorate and the public helplessly watching this as some meaningless entertainment.

We feel that there may be some way to get around this. And one such way is to design questionnaires for each topics. Those who express views in public could be required to commit their answers to these questions. They may be allowed to change their views, but then such changes will be recorded in the media, and can be used as reminders for public memory. Further, if there are stark inconsistencies in their views, such hypocrisies will be brought out in the open very effectively.

We may, as an exercise, consider the concept of Freedom of Art, Expression and Speech which was so hyped about in India in relation to an old man who died recently. And we could always ask the following:

In terms of Freedom of Expression which of these should be permissible by the law? The answers must be in yes or no.

1. Making nude pictures of Goddesses Lakshmi, Saraswati, etc.

2. Making nude pictures of Mohammad. (For much less, see Danish Cartoons)

3. Picturing Mohammad enjoying his time with a goat. (see geiten neukers)

4. The pictures shown by Andres Serrano as Piss-Christ.

5. The pole-dance video caricaturing Mohandas K Gandhi.

6. Picturing Gautam Buddha drinking wine.

7. Picturing Mahaveer Swami eating meat.

and so on.

The above set is merely suggestive, and it is clear that anyone who says "no" to any of the questions above is displaying inconsistency in his position.

We need to develop and improve such questionnaires to expose the hypocrisy of our public figures including politicians, journalists, media, and other celebrity riff-raff!

Of course, as many readers would have guessed, most of those asked would prefer to reply with "no comments"! These along with the hypocrites must be weeded out from reasoned debates.

We welcome readers' suggestions towards many more such sets of questions.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Farce of a Debate on Lokpal

On Headlines Today, there was a cacophonous exchange of din in the name of "Debate". Not only did Anna Hazare, but everyone there performed like a true Mohandasian; so much so that Anna appeared to be the least Gandhian of them all! The quality of exchange was so abysmally low that any viewer would have felt ashamed of being even a spectator!

Shouting, screaming, finger-pointing, incessant interruptions during other persons' speech, a clown imposting as moderator (Rahul Kanwal); all ingredients that make a debate a non-debate were there.

Each participant thought that he or she was above all suspicion and scrutiny and was privy to the noblest and highest of truths!

Those who might have taken a look at the wikipedia page on the list of fallacies or elsewhere would have easily realized that every kind of fallacious argument was made by those participants.

If this is the state of our intellectuals, then we must hang our heads in shame! Better still, we must realize that they are as much "Intellectual" as much they claim themselves to be "Civil"! Frankly speaking, we never thought that Supreme Court lawyers, self proclaimed eminent journalists and so on would demonstrate such low standards. All in all the exchange was as unintellectual and uncivil as there can be.

We think, we the peoples of India have to urgently do a reality check. And as individuals we must realize our weaknesses and shortcomings and strive to overcome them. More importantly, as citizens, we must strive to implement mechanism to dislodge incompetent people from positions of responsibilities.

As we wrote earlier:

It is not what they say they can do. But what they have demonstrated that they can do, that must decide who we vote for.

Remember: Performance, and not Promises matter.

Look at the Promises: 1950 (Electricity, Water, Roads), 1970 (Electricity, Water, Roads), 1990 (Electricity, Water, Roads), 2009 (Electricity, Water, Roads), 2020 (Electricity, Water, Roads ???)

Look at the Performance: 1950 (Power Cuts, Water Scarcity, Pot holes), 1970 (Power Cuts, Water Scarcity, Pot holes), 1990 (Power Cuts, Water Scarcity, Pot holes), 2009 (Power Cuts, Water Scarcity, Pot holes), 2020 (Power Cuts, Water Scarcity, Pot holes ???)

So, don't look at promises, look at performace. At the very least look at theirpotential to perform and then critically evaluate their performance.

Remember: Consistent non-performers won't turn into performers over-night.

If you make a wrong choice, you condemn and hurt not just yourself but also your children, your grand-children and their future.

Make Right-Choice. And exercise your choice.

They have made you pay till now, now it's your turn to make them pay.

In 2014 don't just think of voting, decide to contest in elections.

Our beloved mother-land needs not just your vote, it needs you.

If those who you elect do not perform, you must get elected and perform.

On this term Civil Society

One is getting sick of this term "Civil Society". The reason is not that being civil is despicable; far from it. But the way the term civil society is used to denote only those people who are associated with Anna Hazare's movement while other such endeavors are denoted by some other terms, for example Baba Ramdev's followers, frankly peeves us.

This discrimination makes it appear as if anyone who is not associated with Anna belongs to "Uncivil Society". If you called Congress by that name, "Uncivil Society", it would make sense (though it is much much lesser than the truth); but the current generalization of calling only those associated with Anna's movement as Civil Society is an insult to the rest.

It would make much more sense to call this group Anna's followers, as the Congress is Sonia's backside cleaners. Those who claim that the whole nation is behind Anna must then agree that the whole nation is behind Baba as well! This is not meant to drive a wedge between various movements against Corruption, rather this is an effort towards removing existing wedges!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Congress talks nonsense about RSS-BJP

If wolves were politicians, they would accuse deers of harboring violence since they grow horns! Well, the Congress is worse than Wolves in Sheep's clothes. If there is one thing on which we agree with Mohandas, then it is with his wish that Congress must cease to exist.

Earlier, until the times of Indira Gandhi, the American secret services, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was the hidden evil behind everything. Indira was so foolish that once she blamed even the failure of the monsoon on the hidden hand of CIA.

However, now the times have changed. The Congress has sold itself out to the USA, and has its usual breakfast with ass-licking the USA. But, then who do they blame for all of their own follies? The Congress has found an easy target, the RSS and the BJP.

The Congress is promoting a three layered propaganda on this matter.

1. RSS-BJP are Hindu parties.

2. There is Saffron terror, and is fueled by SP (Sangh Parivar = RSS+BJP+...)

3. Saffron Terror, if there is any, should be eliminated.

We claim that each of this is patently and blatantly false.

1. SP (RSS_BJP) are not Hindu parties. It is very very unfortunate that in our country there are no Hindu parties! Headless RSS, follows the footsteps of Golwalkar who had deep respect for that pedophilic psychopath, otherwise known as prophet muhammad. BJP calls itself nationalistic while its leaders and mentors propound their confused concepts of Hindutva.

RSS-BJP are secular parties who are soft on Muslim-communal parties like the Congress, The Communists and so on, by calling them pseudo-secularists. SP, sadly and unfortunately, are not opposed to secularism.

The fact therefore is that RSS-BJP are secular and not Hindu parties.

2. The Congress was never knowledgeable about the difference between crime and punishment, evil deeds and retribution, and unprovoked action and reaction under sever provocation. Their philanderer father Jawahar always thought of Rana Pratap, Shivaji, and even revolutionaries like Bhagat Singh "misguided youths". Those who have been unfortunate enough to read the Discovery (Distortion) of India by that imbecile would know what we are talking about.

Thus Congress hastens to categorize legitimate reaction as Terror, and the peace-loving hard-working people from whom such reaction emerges as Saffron!

Thus, there is no such thing as Saffron Terror at the moment.

3. It is unfortunate enough that there is no such thing as saffron terror. After all a large group of people, whose rights have been callously and brutally both denied and violated for centuries, are expected to react. But unfortunately Hindus are too peace-loving to explore other options. Now, in the absence of even a semblance of saffron terror, to intend to eliminate, while ignoring the already existing terror from Islam and Communism, is evil.

Recall that the Congress has never termed Naxalites and Indian Mujahideen as Red-terror (Communist Terror), and Green Terror (Islamic Terror), which is how they should rightly be termed as. And given the preponderance of communist terror and islamic terror, the occurrence of saffron terror should be seen as a rather delayed reaction.

Recall that the stupid and evil Rahul Gandhi proclaimed in UP that if the Congress had been in power, the disputed structure at Ayodhya would remain intact. He has no similar sympathies for other religions.

Thus, completely contrary to what the Congress claims:

1. BJP-RSS are not Hindu parties.

2. There is no Saffron Terror.

3. Even if there was any Saffron Terror, it does not deserve any worse treatment that Communist and Islamic Terror.

We would rather exhort as earlier:

O Hindus, realize that no politician is representing you! So you need to choose and send politicians from among yourselves. Make new politicians, make new political parties. Encourage people with spine to become your representatives. Otherwise you will be led by a bunch of Mohandas and Jawahar clones. And surely they will lead you to your doom!

Also we would like to state that:

1. There should be Hindu Political Parties.

2. Hindu youth must ready and equip themselves so that they can react appropriately to oppression and tyranny on Hindus.

3. So long as Communist Terror, and Islamic Terror and their likes exist, Saffron Terror (Hindu Terror) must thrive and flourish, and strive for Hindu self-preservation.

Is self-protection Violence Mr. Hegde?

Santosh Hegde called Baba's demands for arming youth as violent. So here is the epitome of Mohandas for you. This was the reason why their icon, Mohandas, while open to dialogue with the British, opposed other freedom-fighters like Bhagat Singh, calling them violent!

Is there any reason why we should not call these actions and the actors thereof (Anna and Hegde) Dumb-Fucks? I would love to see Anna and Hegde react if the police beat them in the night.

Our heart bleeds for our nation. With such imbeciles claiming to lead the Civil Society, we can be rest assured that what we will have is only Civil Servantry (a Euphemism for Civil Slaves!).

They are not addressing the issue of violent violation by the state of fundamental liberties of its citizens; while they are busy emphasizing their insistence on non-violence! Surely they are Mohandasian Dumb-Fucks.

The Congress has successfully driven wedges amongst various groups fighting against corruption. The evil will continue for a while. The only solution to this conundrum is decimation of the leaders of Congress, for they are refusing to change their ways.

We pray that the youth of this nation, notwithstanding what stands are taken or modified by Annas and Babas, realize the fundamental nature of political reality. Strength respects strength. Citizens need to be strong else their own State ceases to respect their liberties!

We exhort the youth to rise to the occasion and teach the tyrants a fitting lesson. For it is they and their progeny which needs to be protected from such tyranny in the future.

The dilemma facing Mohandasians !

Santosh Hegde called some of the demands made by Ramdev divisive. Anna commented that Baba Ramdev is not mature enough to lead! We wonder what Baba's answer would be. And what are the reasons? Their reasons are, amongst others:

1. Baba's call for making youth wing capable of protecting itself, technical education in Hindi, and so on [Santosh Hegde]

2. Baba's call for arming youth, and the nature of decision-making, that is unilateral as opposed to consensus building. [Anna Hazare]

Our readers will recall that we had mentioned the perils of Mohandasian tendencies quite early in the game. Given that Baba is potentially as Mohandasian as Anna and Hegde, and that each of these people have exhibited high-handed behavior while claiming to be working for democracy, and also accusing the other of high-handedness! For a general review, please see here, here, here and here.

As we mentioned emphatically earlier (here, here and specially here), at the moment, the focal point must be the evil nature of the atrocious decision, and the barbaric nature of its implementation on June 4-5, 2011. The focal point must be that this government must go and then there must be a national-debate on core issues.

However, these buffoons are playing into the divide and rule game of Congress. Baba may not be mature enough to lead, but then neither Anna nor Hegde are! Anna, despite being old enough, isn't wise enough, and Hedge, despite being a judge, is not judicious enough!

However, being Mohandasians, they are bound to face such dilemmas.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Digvijay Singh is an ISI Agent

The way this rabid canine has been yapping, the biped dog, Digvijay Singh must be investigated. Anna Hazare called for his admission into a mental asylum. That is close to the mark. But we believe him to be an ISI agent.

If you trace the trajectory of comments that have emanated out of this foul-mouth, you will immediately suspect him of membership of the ISI. Everything that is even remotely beneficial to the Hindus is fascism for this bast**d. Anything that is even obliquely a service to the cause of Indian Civilizational Nationalism is communalism for this ass-h*le.

Now how can that be? Can someone be merely out of his mind and conjure up such insane views? If an insanity is too bloody consistent then it smacks of subterfuge. And so it is. If you juxtapose it with the fact that Jawahar took pride in his Mughal cultural leanings, and always expressed shame regarding his being born a Hindu; and that this blighter DS is the mentor in chief of the great-great-grandson of the same pestilential beast; it is obvious except to those with utterly and extremely feeble intelligence that the preceptor must be some agent. The moment this thought emerges, then it is a plain simple conclusion that DS must be a member of the ISI.

Oh yes, his great respect for the founder of Al-Qaida OSB, merely corroborates the obvious. Thus, India must, even before it worries about Dawood Geelani (Dean Headly), it must investigate Dig Singh, along with no doubt, the others of his ilk. Just to name a few, well almost all Congress-persons.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ramdev turns Armdev: That is the Way to Go

After the events of the dark night, it was anybody's guess that the only recourse for common peace-loving citizens who love their freedom and dignity would be to take up arms. Well that is what Baba Ramdev announced yesterday.

The Congress canines both male (Dog-voice Singh) and female (Ms. Nut-Rajan) reacted, expectedly, like a dyspeptic rattle snake.

Sometime later, however, Baba issued a clarification:"... I am not training Naxals or Maoists but people who will fight for this country ... People should not take my statement in the wrong context ... Our Constitution is supreme ...".

We beg to differ on the matter a bit. A Constitution that does not allow the right to bear fire-arms is an unacceptable Constitution. A citizen must have the right and the wherewithal to fight against the state if it should ever become tyrannical, which it has become!

The Congress wants only the Naxals, the Criminals, the Islamic terrorists, and the unwieldy police, and so on, to be armed to the teeth, so that one, some or all of these can wantonly perpetrate violence on the unarmed peace-loving citizenry (most commonly Hindus!).

The Congress must experience what it has imposed on the crowd on that dark night (June 4, 2011). We don't trust the peace promised by the Congress or the Constitution that has been foisted upon the people by the Congress.

We demand a New constitution. No less will do!

The PAIN(ter) Dies ...

Amongst all kinds of blood boiling news items, there was a whiff of fresh air in the form of news that the big pain in the backside, M(other) F(u**er) Hussain died in London.

Surprisingly, unlike his usual self, Bal Thackeray had a somewhat mild comment on the croaking of the poisonous frog. Mr. Thackeray said:"Damage may have been caused to modern art due to his demise. That's all. May Allah give him peace".

We felt a more appropriate remark would be: "No Damage was caused to any art due to his death. Though while alive, he did cause immense damage to art whether modern or otherwise. May he be judged for what he was, for he may have to rest in pieces."

The unworthy, walking container of mephitic excreta, Dog-voice Singh barked:"... .there were some reactionary organisations which took direct action against Hussain ...The activists were from hardcore Hindu fanatic organisations...". It is becoming abundantly evident that the worthier the cause, the more asinine the yap from this rabid canine.

The other canine infected with the worst mange, Ka-pill Si-bull(sh**) hasn't yapped yet. We were looking forward to hearing a "Jo hua achchha hua" this time too!

It was really annoying to watch the news readers and certain other celebrities, including the once eye-full Ms. Dixit, pay glorious tributes to one who was, to say the least, a blot on the landscape. But, may be that's India! For the national self appointed elite mass seems to be replete with ass-lickers; the bigger and smellier the ass, the more ardent the lick!

Lest we be reminded that someone has died and that it is unbecoming of someone claiming to promote Hindu-culture to indulge in berating a dead person, let us reiterate that notwithstanding the generally accepted customs, we do not wish to deny someone what one rightly deserved. And the pain(ter) deserved much more of what we said of him.

Harping on "freedom of speech" while sulking instead of eulogizing the Danish Cartoons equally, as art-work; betrays a dubious commitment to the principle.

By the way, the said cartoons themselves, in our opinion, portray their central character in rather a very adulatory manner. The character portrayed there, epitomized the worst pedophilic psychopath the world has ever seen.

But of course, do biped dogs have any brains?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Question of Lokpal

Corruption has discredited such a large proportion of our politicians that the whole political system stinks of Corruption, nay, the whole governance stinks of corruption.

But then, can we do away with politicians? More importantly, should we do away with politicians?

The only answer is an unambiguous NO!

Politics is too serious to be left only to the politicians. And yet, we strongly believe that, we need righteous politicians much much more than we need apolitical Gandhians!

Given that most politicians may be corrupt. Being a corrupt politician must be a shame; however, merely being a politician must never be a shame! Rather being an effective and efficient politician must be as much a pride as being any other skilled professional.

Our motto must be: Throw out all corrupt politicians, and NOT: Throw all politicians!

In our opinion, the decline in politics despite being present in significant proportion earlier as well (how else do you imagine that the likes of Jawahar and Mohandas came to be?), accelerated in the mid nineteen seventies.

Mrs Gandhi (Indira) institutionalized corruption. Initially people called it dirty politics but later they over-generalized the phenomenon and called politics itself as dirty.

Once that happened, good and honest people drifted and moved away from politics, and thus more and more bad and dishonest people started entering politics.

Then, just as mentioned in Plato's following quote:

The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.

We came to be governed more and more by evil men.

However, as the disease, so the medicine. What we have brought about by our action (or rather inaction), we can and must do away with with our own action.

Thus the goal must be: Good and honest people must enter politics, become good, honest, effective and efficient politicians, and throw out all bad and corrupt politicians!

Unless we do that, we have only a negligible hope. And in so far as team Anna, and team Baba, are striving to bring about a step in the direction of such a transformation, we must appreciate them. However, if they are interested in feeding their own egos, priding themselves as apolitical Mohandasians, they need to be shunned.

What we need is societal change and systemic change. Societal change through education (knowledge of the truth leading to wisdom), and systemic change in form of a new Constitution.

The Dubious Game of Congress

Congress has always played the game that the British played in their colonies, that of divide and rule.

We have mentioned earlier (here, here, here and here) that the idea of a Super-Wise Lokpal is somewhat dubious. It smacks of the same Mohandasism that has brought us into this mess.

However, the Congress does not want an effective Lokpal for a different reason. The Congress does not want an end to Corruption! How could it? For that matter, why would any Corrupt group want an end to a Corrupt System, especially when it itself is the biggest beneficiary? Recall the old adage: Never ask a barber whether you need a haircut.

Notwithstanding the differences between team Anna and team Baba, and further ignoring the immensely dangerous, Mohandasian tendencies in both of these; we can still concede that these individuals, both separately and jointly have inspired the imagination of the masses of an India free from Corruption.

However, instead of listening to this essential message, the Congress, like a clerk who is clever by half, indulges in vain and futile attempts to discredit these two teams. What the Congress fails to see is that the people do not look upon team Anna or team Baba as ideal, to be more precise, not everyone who is attached to the movement necessarily holds either or both of these two individuals as ideal. But people, by and large, do find these two as convenient and effective rallying points.

Look at the developments:

1. Anna declared fast for the Lokpal Bill, Ramdev supported the fast, the government bowed to pressure, conceded forming a joint committee.

2. Baba expressed some reservation about the father-son duo being in the committee, the Congress jumped onto the opportunity, and started wooing Baba.

3. Baba demanded retrieval of Black money stashed in foreign havens, and the Congress found itself into a soup. Then the secondary game of Congress began:

3.1 One rabid dog, started calling Baba names.

3.2 One loyal dog, expressed desire to negotiate with Baba.

3.3 Various loyal dogs, kept giving diverse views, creating confusion.

Please note, that the Congress always creates confusion by creating multiple mouthpieces expressing diverse opinions, so that no one knows the official view of the Congress. The official spokes persons of the Congress, will keep reiterating null-comments like the actors in a serial directed by Ekta Kapoor. Typical statements being, we are deliberating, we have left it to the high-command, we have requested the high command and it is looking after deciding the next move and usually the next move is to appoint an individual who will look after forming a committee which will look after ..., and so on. In short, they buy time.

a. In the mean time the crisis either blows over, or the crisis happens.

b. Somebody is usually bribed to become a scape goat.

c. If the crisis gets resolved successfully, of course the high-command is credited with the success.

d. If there is failure, the whole congress (often including the scape goat) cries in unison that the blame does not belong to the high-command.

Coming back to the present crisis:

3.4 Some scape goat will be found. (Never mind the initial denials! Also recall that a word was being spread that there are differences between the Congress Party and the UPA government)

3.5 Some non-committal remarks have been made (in this case they are outrageous, but how can a Congress-person like Manmohan do better?) viz., it is unfortunate but it was inevitable.

3.6 Finally Soniya, will make some heads roll, go and meet Mrs. Rajbala (the woman who is lying paralyzed), and play the giant statesman!

3.7 The dogs will stop barking claiming that they are of extremely disciplined breed and never defy the high-command.

4. In the meantime, since team Baba episode seems over, the Congress is concentrating on badmouthing team Anna, so the rabid and loyal dogs have started barking. Some similar sequence will pan out.

4.1 For example, one dog will say that Anna must be arrested while another will go to garland Anna before he is arrested. Further, this dog (and/or many other dogs) might even touch Anna's feet, claiming that they are respecting and old man who is striving to follows the ideals of Mohandas (phew Mohandas!), while another dog calls Anna fascist!

4.2 In the mean time if page three crowd joins team Anna in large numbers, Manmohan or Soniya will intervene and make some concession (of zero significance) to Anna. For example, Anna may be invited for a cup of tea in the Prime Minister's residence and so on.

The Congress has played this game time and again so many times that we wonder why it is not obvious to many. For example, we are appalled when activists (like teams Anna and Baba), other political parties (like the Communists and the BJP) and most importantly the news anchors fail to corner them! The incompetence is so incomprehensible that we surmise that most of these are sold out to the Congress.

However as we have said elsewhere: The Congress does not deserve negotiation, rather the Congress deserves decimation and extermination.

Our sincere request to the voters is that during elections they should feel free to accept bribes (cash or kind) from the candidates, however the voters must vote against the one who bribes them. So the motto is: Take money and vote against the one who gave money. If more than one persons offer money, vote for the one who offered the least!

Of course, those who have the necessary resolve to fight and expose such candidates so that their candidature is cancelled must surely do exactly that. However, those who are vulnerable (physically vulnerable to violence in view of our corrupt system) could exercise the strategy mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Dialog is the first option, but it is never the last resort. Violence is never the first option, but it surely one of the last resorts. So any government when it pushes people towards the last resort, it gets what it wanted!

The Evil Event Revisited

Every time we see the replay of incidents as they unfolded on that fateful night of June 4, 2011; we feel limitlessly outraged.

The sight of women getting lathi-charged, elderly people choking, women limping with bandaged heads, ... -the list is endless - can melt even a stone. Yet, it did not move the hearts of Congress-persons. No remorse, no contrite apology; only arrogance, only intransigence!

For the sake of argument, even if we disregard that there were women, children and elderly, and assume that there were only adult men (ages between 20-35 years). Would such an eviction seem justified? If we further assume that it was done at 1 in the afternoon and not at 1 in the night; would such an eviction seem justified?

The unequivocal and only answer is a firm and non-negotiable NO. The more we think, the stronger we feel. It is NO, NO, and NO!

Again, for the sake of argument, it does not even matter, if the existing laws allow such an eviction, though we are reasonably sure that the law does not allow this. But even if the laws allow this, then the law must be changed.

A law, a Constitution, that does not recognize the right of people to lodge their grievance peacefully is in itself unlawful, and unconstitutional! It must be changed, nay, it must be thrown away! The sooner the better. Recall that for much flimsier reasons the constitution has been amended in the past. For example, recall Shah Bano Case etc.

What the government ordered and what the police carried out is surely exacerbated because of the presence of women, children and elderly; and the fact that it was carried out in the night. However, the basic fact is that the very act of evicting peaceful demonstrators is not merely wrong, it is evil!

It is such highly evil that the perpetrators lose any right to further participate in the governance. They should not only be forced to resign (if they do no do so voluntarily), they should be accorded exemplary punishment.

Here we express our deeply felt sincere wish. Sibal, Digvijay, Manmohan and Soniya, amongst many others, must be taught a lesson that even the onlookers wouldn't forget. They must be forced to endure the same indignity, fear, pain and agony, that they were instrumental in perpetrating on the peaceful demonstrators.

The way this government has dealt with its own citizens, it has lost the privilege of being spoken to. A government must be so sensitive to its citizens that it must respond to what the citizens whisper in the night! For otherwise the citizens are forced to shout. When the government fails in this, people protest, then take to streets. If, in spite of all this, the government not only does not heed, in stead it violently and barbarically crushes a peaceful dissent, then it is no more a government. It is a tyranny. And a tyranny must not be protested against. It must be uprooted and thrown. It must be destroyed for ever.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Our Demand (post June 4, 2011)

The system has failed. That Manmohan and Soniya must go are obvious. That Sibals and Singhs must be kicked is a forgone conclusion. That Congress must be destroyed is undoubted.

But we need to understand one more point:

We need a New Constitution.

Let us collect a few simple facts:

1. Five years is simply too long to bear any bad government. Leave alone an evil one like the present one.

2. Parliamentary system, with collective (read ambiguous) responsibility, is too irresponsible to fix any responsibility for any action.

3. The executive must be directly elected as the legislature is. Law-makers, should have no role in executive. No sitting Members of Parliament as minsters! No Prime minister as the head of the government.

Consider the present crisis:

Thousands of peaceful non-provoking protesters were committed atrocities upon. Who takes the blame? Who is actually responsible? Remember, politicians love parliamentary system because they can easily wash their hands off anything. Remember, Indira Gandhi washed her hands off the sins of emergency. Manmohan will try to wash his hands, and more importantly Soniya's hands, off this evil act. The Congress will try to wash its hands off by blaming merely the Police.

We need to understand that even if the Police had not committed any atrocities, the decision to evict peaceful protesters from Ramlila grounds was WRONG. Period. In this country, do we have any fundamental rights or not?

If we have a Constitution, which grants the citizens the right to carry fire-arms to protect themselves against a tyrannical state.

No crime is bigger than the tyranny that was perpetrated by the state, then governed by Soniya, through Manmohan, thorough ..., on the night of June 4, 2011. And citizens, however peaceloving, MUST NOT BE at the MERCY of such a tyrannical state.

The bastards are saying that the country is moving towards anarchy. We want to reply to these evil bastards: Anarchy is preferable to this Tyranny! These tyrannical bastards have to be tried and convicted.

And please note, that a new Lokpal Bill will not do!

Thus we demand:

A new Constitution.

Let there be an interim care-taker government. Let there be debates and discussions. Let us give ourselves an year or two and write for ourselves a simple, and new constitution.

The Evil joke called The Preemptive Action (June 4, 2011)!

In one of the funniest possible justification for the evil atrocity on peaceful and sleeping protesters which included women, children, and elders, the Congress PM , Manmohan, says that it was unfortunate but it was inevitable.

Manmohan, do you really mean it?

The government claims (this is what it has been showing to the Americans) that it has credible intelligence that Pakistan has terrorists-training camps in its territory. Manmohan, you never have had the political will or the courage to make a preemptive strike against those!

Now, you have the gall and the audacity to order the most brutal attack on peaceful demonstrators, in the middle of the night, inflicting atrocities on women, children, and elders; and you say it was inevitable!

We don't care what your intelligence was. We don't care whose mistake it was. We don't care about the credentials of Baba Ramdev. We don't even care about what the people in Ram-Lila grounds were contemplating.

You cannot punish people for what you assume regarding their intentions.

You cannot disperse in this way peaceful protesters because you are afraid that they might become unruly.

You cannot term the denuding of women, choking of elders, and heart-numbing cries of children, as inevitable!

You, your government, your leader, and your party are EVIL. You should be, must be, and will be made to pay for this evil.

The Main Point that must be stressed!

The media has been conducting endless debates over the evil that happened during the night of Saturday, June 4, 2011, wherein the Police committed crimes against peaceful and innocent citizens, and worst of all, they committed evil acts on women, children and elderly.

We were appalled by the lack of intelligence of the anchors and the participants of the debate. They were all meandering over questions of various hues and colors. Whether Baba Ramdev is clean or otherwise, whether the fight is becoming political, and so on.

In our opinion, none of that is germane to the issue. The ONLY point, or rather points that must be stressed now are:

1. Police committed evil during the middle of the night while the peaceful protesters including women, children, and elderly were sleeping.

2. Manmohan and his mistress are the prime culprits, and along with these two, every other who is responsible must be convicted and given exemplary punishment.

3. Kapil Sibal (he said: Jo hua, achchha hua), Janardan Dwivedi ( he said: Manmohan is the "true Sanyasi"), Digvijay Singh (he said: *#$@!). All such people must be tried as accomplices.

Mark my words! Mere resigning from the post will not do. They must be tried and convicted and given exemplary punishment. No elected leader in a democracy must ever even imagine getting away with an evil deed like this.

In our opinion, these are the main points. Anyone who after this evil act even as much believes in the leadership of Manmohan or Sonia, does not deserve the right to even contest elections.

This PM and his Mistress are Evil!

The nation saw what happened during the night of Saturday June 4, 2011. It is not merely a black day in the history of India. This is black day in the history of humanity. Attacking sleeping women, children and elderly people is something that the Islamic invaders did.

Anyone who was gullible enough to think that Manmohan was personally a clean and honest man, must be feeling guilty of a committing a crime! And his mistress? Well, words fail to describe her evil nature.

The history of this family is replete with Hindu-hating acts. In the following, we give a few examples:

1. About Jawahar - the the evil root of this family - Sitaram Goel narrates an incident in his book (please see here):

I happened to be in Delhi towards the end of 1947 or in early 1948, and went to see my journalist friend from America. As I have mentioned, he had left Calcutta for Delhi soon after India became free. As I sat down with him in the Coffee House, he said, " Sita, who does this man think.he is? Almighty God?" I asked him, " Who? What has happened?" He told me the story of some Sadhus who had sat down on an indefinite fast near Pandit Nehru's residence in New Delhi, and were seeking an assurance from him that cow slaughter would be stopped now that the beef eating British had departed. My friend said, "I had gone there to take some pictures, and gather a report. American readers love such stories from India. But what I saw was a horror for me. As I was talking to one of the Sadus who knew some English, this man rushed out of his house accompanied by his sister, Mrs. Pandit. Both of them were shouting something in Hindi. The poor Sadus were taken by surprise, and stood up. This man slapped the Sadu who had moved forward with folded hands. His sister did the same. They were saying something which sounded pretty harsh. Then both of them turned back, and disappeared as fast as they had come. The Sadus did not utter so much as a word in protest, not even after the duo had left. They had taken it all as if it was the normal thing." I observed, "But in the case of Pandit Nehru, it is the normal thing. He has been slapping and kicking people all his life." He concluded, "I do not know the norm in your country. In my country, if the President so much as shouts on a citizen, he will have to go. We take it from no bastard, no matter how big he happens to be." I kept quiet.

India conceded about one third of Kashmir because of this bastard. And of course, later in 1962, owing to Jawahar policies, India tasted a shameful defeat in the war against China.

2. Indira, the next in the line, imposed emergency for the flimsiest of reasons. Thousands were tortured in jails. Later, merely to rectify some consequences of her own political mistakes, she ordered army into the Golden temple. After she was assassinated the Congress party, along with its Muslim goons, perpetrated riots and atrocities on Sikhs in many parts of the nation, worst of all in Delhi. Her son, Rajiv, remarked: "once a mighty tree falls, it is only natural that the earth around it shakes."

3. This same Rajiv Gandhi, fooled by the old fox Junius Jayawardene, then leader of Sri Lanka, sent Indian military personnel to be killed, in the infamous peace-keeping operations in Sri Lanka. This was one of the worst botched peace-keeping operations in the history.

4. And now, on June 4, 2011, this atrocity.

We wonder if this leaves any doubts regarding the evil nature of this family, and her stooges. Such evil people and their party should not merely be defeated, they must be destroyed, and yes literally!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Digvijay Singh Exposes a Truth about Congress!

For once, the empty-between-the-ears, mentor-of-the-potential-tormentor (tormentor who? our very own Rahul G!), Digvijay Singh has spoken a truth and exposed the real nature of Congress. He is reported to have said:

"If the Congress was scared, Ramdev would have been put behind bars. There is no fear that is why he is out in the open and there are discussions with him ..."

So, now we know that when the Congress gets scared it puts innocent people behind bars!

This is as explosive a revelation as there can be. And no doubt this is true. History has time and again shown such inclinations amongst the despotic rulers. This also smacks of veiled threats to impose emergency!

Corruption is a BIG issue and when people vent their emotions, the ruling party can always portray it as potentially hazardous law-and-order situation and curtail fundamental rights!

It is a very shocking revelation! We exhort the people to teach such despots a hard harsh lesson.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Anna, Baba, Lokpal, and Corruption ...

Anna (Hazare) and Baba (Ramdev) add different hues to the fight against corruption. Anna wants Lokpal to become a Super-Man brandishing a magic stick. Baba strives to be realistic.

Let us consider the position: Some bureaucratic organization must have the power to prosecute the highest elected office! Does that make sense? Very difficult to concede!

Consider a slightly altered position: Some bureaucratic organization must have the power to investigate the highest elected official. Does this make sense? Very likely.

Whenever we make or institutionalize a body which would act as the watch-dog, we need to resolve the conundrum:

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

which literally means: Who will guard the guards themselves? Or in simpler form: Who watches the watchmen?

In a democratic republic (not mere democracy!) the highest power rests with the people. Thus, the highest office-bearer must be elected by the people.

Baba Ramdev has, in our view, rightly suggested that the Prime Minister must be directly elected by the people. This is a move in the right direction. We, however, support a Presidential System and we have been advocating this.

Even after we have (let's suppose) a Presidential System, we would have two options regarding Lokpal:

a. A bureaucratically designated Lokpal. Let us call such a Lokpal by the term Lokapal-B (bureaucratic lokpal).

b. A directly elected Lokpal. Let us denote this by Lokpal-E (elected Lokpal).

In our view, if we opt for Lokpal-B, president (highest office) should not be under its ambit for prosecution, though investigation should be possible. However, if we opt for Lokpal-E, we could, in principle, empower Lokpal (Lokapal-E) to even prosecute the president. However, a much better choice would be a constitutionally limited president who can then be recommended to be impeached by the Lokpal, but the impeachment must be done by another elected body, something akin to the senate in the USA.

In fact, the present situation must be used by us (the peoples of India) to draft a new Constitution. For we also need to get rid of the biggest source and cause of corruption, the elections themselves. In India, Corruption begins at Election itself!

Thus, besides mass awakening brought through mass education by the social leaders (including people like Anna and Baba) we also need systemic reforms. We have put forth some of our views earlier, see for example here.

In the past sixty odd years, as a nation, we have learnt a lot; and it is an opportune moment to incorporate what we have learnt, into a new Constitution.

Coming back to Lokpal, Anna wants a Lokpal (Lokpal-B) to have the highest powers, while Baba wants Lokpal (Lokpal-B) not to have the highest power. Here, by highest power we mean, the power to bring the highest elected person/body under the purview of Lokpal.

Thus Baba's position, in our view, is better compared to that of Anna.

However, Baba too, in his behavior, is Mohandasian. This is similar to Mohandasian stance of Anna. Recall Anna wants the Lokpal to be a Super-man, and we conjecture that, he fancies himself to be the first and founder (and therefore until his death) Lokpal.

As a nation, we need to strongly oppose such Mohandasian tendencies (see here and here).