Evil Islam

The fake-intellectual term Secularism has transformed us (The Hindus) into a cuckoo-brained group. We are ignoring some very elementary facts which are staring at our faces, for we are blinded by the veil of secularism.

There are three levels at which Islam is easily seen as a violent supremacist ideology.

1. Its Scriptures:

    The Koran and the Hadiths which form the core of Islam are full of teachings exhorting its followers to inflict lethal harm to non-Muslims.

2. Life of Its eternal Role Model Muhammad:

   Muhammad's claim that he was a messenger of God was rejected  by the then Meccan Jews. Muhammad went to Medina, converted Medinans into Islam, and then eventually laid siege on Mecca. After a bloody war, he unleashed destruction on the Meccan Jews, so full was he under the passionate spell of revenge.

  Muhammad being an eternal role model  for the Muslims, Muslims are exhorted to practice any means including deception (taqqiya) to subvert, subjugate, and destroy non-Muslims.

  So terrorists are not bad-Muslims, Terrorists are the truest Muslims!

3. The History of Islamic Conquests:

   History is replete with examples in the last 1400 years of bloody Jihads (holy-wars) committed by Muslims all over the middle east, the Indian Sub-continent, and Europe.

So the obvious conclusion is that Islam is an evil design (Koran and Hadiths), it has  an evil prototype (Muhammad), and it has a long history exemplifying the preceding part of the statement.

Further, it is foolish to believe that there can be a negotiated settlement! The mentioned aspects of Islam are non-negotiable. Thus it is a battle for survival! 

Islam is designed, determined, and endeavoring towards erasing non-Islam. So what should non-Islam do? Our Secular friends tell us: Islam is a Religion of Peace! Thus they are casting veils before our eyes. They are planning our surrender and our eventual elimination?

It is important to realize this fraud. Before Islam succeeds, We need to succeed. The one and a half billion Muslim population has no aversion to erasing the remaining non-Muslim population (Four and a Half billion). So why should non-Muslims not exhibit reciprocal sentiments?

As Islam is exemplified by Muhammad, Osama Bin Laden and Qardawi, the only way it can be handled the best is when there are  equally psychopathic  persons, a hundred times more powerful, and having a thousand times more hatred for Islam-Muslims than they have for non-Islam-non-Muslims.

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