Saturday, June 30, 2012

Yeddy! Are you Ready, then become pro-Hindu? Keshubhai! Get Modi-fied?

Yeddy! Are you listening? Are you ready? Listen carefully, we asked: "are you ready?"; and not: "are you Reddy?". Keshubhai! Are you listening? Are you Modified? Listen carefully, we asked: "are you Modi-fied?" and not: "are you modified?"

The above lines summarize the dilemmas faced by BJP leaders B S Yeddiurappa and Keshubhai Patel, as well as solutions to the dilemmas. Yeddy brought Karnataka BJP to power, and Keshubhai brought Gujrat BJP to power. After that the stories diverged. Keshubhai was replaced by Modi-bhai; while Yeddy was replaced by DVS Gowda.

We are not going to discuss the administrative capabilities of the four here. We assume that barring Modi, the rest are just a dash better than Congress persons. In India, since the Law-makers "run" the government, they are always unequal to the job that they must actually be doing, that is, Law-making or Policy making. On this count, all of these jokers, like the rest of the rotten lot, are sinners and they do not even realize that they are sinners. Our Constitution itself is the Devil's manual on this count; and our politicians deem it the Holy-Book. It indeed is like other Holy-Books, we mean, the ones which originated in the middle-east. But let that be the topic for another day.

In terms of being anti-Hindu, Modi qualifies (as of now) as the least anti-Hindu amongst them. DVS Gowda is the most anti-Hindu (for DVS Gowda's version of Hindutva, see here) amongst them. Yeddy and Keshubhai have been exhibiting signs of Secularism of late. For example, Keshubhai is collaborating with Sanjay Joshi while Yeddy sang the praises of Sonia and Pranab quite recently.

The main problem with BJP ministerial aspirants is that they have stupidity entwined into their genetic helix. They climb the tree of power using the ladder of Hindus and once they are in the vicinity of fruits they kick the ladder, imagining that they will never have to climb down! They think that using the "elevator" of Secularism is more efficient and they have no need of the ladder any more. Thus, every once in a while when they "fall down", they rush to their elevator!

However, all of them miss the main point. The ladder of Hindutva and the elevator of Secularism, bot stand on the shoulders of Hindus! The former on right-hearted Hindus and the latter on wrong-minded Hindus. Hindus come in three varieties: The right-hearted: These are the grass root workers. Wrong-minded: These are anti-Hindu leaders. And, both right-hearted as well as wrong-minded: The pesudo-Hindu leaders. In terms of political strategy, therefore, it is high time that Hindus destroyed Secularism and made Sanatana Dharma both ladder and the elevator.

Hindu leaders are at liberty to fight like dogs to gain power, but they should be given no liberty to sacrifice Hindus! They should sacrifice their petty egos for Hindus; or they should be ready to be sacrificed by the Hindus.

O you stupid politicians carrying Hindu names! Don't you, even once, feel a sense of responsibility? Don't you realize that you are all like an evil 45 year old man who rapes his own mother who is 70 years old? The mother who nurtured him. If you don't see this, we earnestly wish that you all experience much worse than what you are inflicting on your mother.

Yeddy, if you want to replace Gowda, don't grovel before Sonia and Pranab. That will not lead you anywhere. In fact it will not even lead you to nowhere. Rather it will lead you to your political doom. To replace Gowda, become READY to be pro-Hindu. Challenge Gowda on his stand on Made-Snana as well as his lack of stand on Karnataka Forum for Dignity which organized the on-road day-light cow-slaughter. Ditto Keshubhai, "Josh(i) se nahin, Hosh(iyari) se kaam lo". Forget Joshi, don't oppose Modi, become more Modi-fied than Modi himself.

What kind of Prime Ministerial candidate should we look for?

The pseudo Seculars, the Truly Seculars and the pseudo-Hindutva have voiced their self-reassuring fake-confident opinions about what qualities we need in a Prime Ministerial Candidate. And as usual most are blabbering the old stereotypes regarding "secularism", "inclusivism", "social-justice" and such bull-shit.

The biggest failure of these stupid self annointed wise men is that they are not only wrong in their answers, they almost always also ask wrong questions. It is stated about a scientist (Wolfgang Pauli) of an earlier generation that when he was told about some theory of some other person, he commented: It is not even wrong! Many of our fake wise men are just that, they are not even wrong! A nation goes through various time periods and if due considerations are not given to the space-time-context many questions related to national well being would be irrelevant.

Just as an example, if India, Pakistan, China, Bangladesh were all wealthy nations yearning to form a South Asian Union, we could have, just for fun, elected a cute looking Johny Lever as our Prime Minister provided he was willing to marry, let's suppose, Pakistan's Prime Ministerial candidate Veena Malik. And the duo would have offered humor and glamor for the audience of all these four nations who would be clamoring for entertainment after a day's hard work. Unfortunately our so called leaders are too dumb to realize that the reality is much different from this, as of now.

Presently the situation in India is extremely grim. And while the situation demands urgent attention those in the government are busy merely surviving. The one thing that we need, and it might sound a truism, is "leadership". Right now, we do not have leaders. We only have restaurant-stewards.

Let us illustrate it with an example. Let us say we are on a journey and we feel famished and therefore visit a restaurant, dhaba or whatever. Our first question would be: What do you have on your Menu, what is "special" here, etc.? Instead of precise answers if the waiter replies in general terms, for example: "We prepare the best healthy and nutritious food, whatever you order we serve it here", we would be extremely impressed, and order our favourite, say some XYZ. And then, if to our chagrin after inexplicable delays, what we receive is some ABC (different from XYZ) and that too badly made, we would be furious and highly dissatisfied. And suppose this repeats many times, then what would our reaction be? On any of our subsequent journeys, we would rather visit a place which has ready-made food items on display, which we can order and get immediately. And if we are satisfied we would visit such places again.

Now consider this: All Secular, Social Justice and Inclusive leaders are running those abominable restaurants and dhabas. They have no Menu, only promises of "best quality hygienic, nutritious and tasty food" which have time and again turned out to be horrendously empty. Then, who should we choose? Would we not go for someone who has "something tangible" to offer, even if it is NOT the best possible thing?

We are in a situation wherein, as we mentioned, we need "leadership" and "decision-making" and then "acceptance of responsibility for those decisions". We need leadership in terms of "ideas" which will "solve" the problem; not some stupid, mostly unworkable, platitudes. A preferably demonstrated ability for such is the bare minimum.

Nitish Kumar, despite all his fluffy and inflated ego is merely a Lalu-Yadav-quality photocopy of the original that he is striving to emulate. This is the reason he proposes Affirmative-Action even for the post of PM, by stating that the PM must preferably come from a poor state. This fool does not realize that this is what Manmohan and his Congress are trying to do internationally! Manmohan wants to become an international leader and therefore wants to make India a poor nation! This is what Jawahar et al. did for decades! Such arrogant asses do not have the quality of even ordinary sports-persons who at least utter the words: "May the best player win", before a match. Jokers such as these must be shunned. We have had more than enough of Mulayams, Mayawatis, Lalus, Jayalalithas, Naveen Patnayaks and so on. We have had enough of Jawahar-clone Rajdharma upholders too.

Further, as we stated, we need to choose someone who comes closest to fulfilling such criterion, even if we have none who foots the bill completely. Performance and not mere Promises should count. And no bull-shitting of undisclosed secret recipes as solution to national problems. Manmohan had promised arrest of price rise in 100 days, it is about 2000 days over now. Those who do not put forth specific ideas, those who are afraid of debating their solutions in public, those who hurl platitudes thoroughly failed concepts of Secularism, Social-Justice, Inclusiveness etc., and also those who are poor caricatures of the original must be outrightly rejected.

Lest our readers get the impression that we are slipping in Narendra Modi. We reiterate that Modi is merely the best available choice. He is about OK, surely not good. We might concede though that he is the least anti-Hindu of them all, as of now. Very recently, we read a beautiful piece on Kalyan Singh. By the standards of the wind-bag Hajpeyi, Kalyan Singh may not have followed Rajdharma, but as the author points out, he still stands the tallest. Shri Narendra Modi, are you listening? You have nothing to learn from Hajpeyi and Advani, but if you really want to learn, take the initial lesson from Kalyan Singh.

As Hindus we need a pro-Hindu PM.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rashid Alvi and Congress Strategy

Many people are expressing surprise that Congress spokes person Rashid Alvi has called Mulayam Singh an agent of the BJP. In fact Congress too has expressed surprise and has distanced itself from the comment, claiming that Rashid Alvi was not authorized to make any such statement on behalf of the party.

Before we go any further we would like to relate a Panchatantra like story: There used to be a fox in a jungle which was famed to be very accurate in predicting the gender of the baby which would be born to any jungle-couple. The predictions used be correct all the time! Then a rabbit decided to investigate the matter. It made a list of couples who were expecting a child birth in their families and went with each of them to the fox. On each occasion the fox said some thing, a male birth or a female birth. After the delivery, some of them were found to be different from what the fox had predicted. However the fox claimed that it might have been a slip of the tongue and it would have to rfer to its diary where it wrote the "correct" prediction. And invariably the diary would contain the "correct" prediction.

We are sure that our wise readers have guessed the plot. The fox used to make a prediction (say A) for a couple and would write the opposite (if A was male then female and vice versa) in its diary. Thus if the oral prediction came correct, the fox would get credit for correct prediction directly and otherwise it would get its credit after the diary was referred to.

Now this is any body's guess that Congress (and many parties like it) have played this foxy role for a long time. We will return to this issue later in the article again.

This statement from Alvi is to hedge against Mulayam doing a repeat U-turn to support Sangma! As we have said in an earlier post that both Cong-A and Cong-B are anti-Hindu and pro-Islam, they attach the biggest stigma to the charge of being an agent of Hindutva (however fake the Hindutva may in reality be). Note that the Cong-A gang has already started calling Nitish communal for his past association with BJP (a despicably Truly-Secular party). Thus for any member of either Cong-A or Cong-B everyone else except themselves are Hindu-agents (How much we wish that this was true!). The BJP has been branded as the permanent "communal" party, a tag that they should take pride in if they are pro-Hindu, however owing to their own pseudo-Hindu conscience they feel guilty and always strive to be Truly Secular.

However, "officially" the Congress has distanced itself from the Alvi-comment so that in the short run Mulayam is not sentimentally "hurt". If Mulayam indeed did another U-turn (however unlikely) then watch how Congress would claim (like the proverbial fox) that they always knew Mulayam was a BJP-agent!

If Congress is really serious on such matters it must either throw a person out of the party (or post) for some large period for indiscipline. However the Congress would not do it, for Alvi is a part of the strategy. Exactly like the DogVijay, the stinking mouth Manish Tewari, etc. Recall that when Abhishek Manu Singhvi was caught in camera practicing love in the premises where law is to be practiced, he "resigned" from his position and stays resigned. However the foul mouth Manish Tewari called Anna Hazare deeply drenched in corruption, but he was away for merely a few days. Similarly DogVijay called Baba Ramdev a thug (a cheat) but was never chastised, however he has been chastised for calling Mamata immature and erratic.

This shows that Congress takes getting caught indulging in promiscuity more seriously than making false allegations against common people. Please note that Congress does not take promiscuity per se very seriously. It is the getting caught which is the issue. However getting caught making horrendously evil and vile statements is no issue with the Congress.

There is one difference between the Congress and the proverbial fox though. The fox used to make a mere double game. Congress plays multi-mouth games. Thus on any matter, there will be a large number of arbitrary voices from them. If their adversary is weak, it will be bulldozed. If the adversary is smart, Congress will detach itself from arbitrarily large number of such comments, claiming that they are the personal opinions of the comment-makers. And when the truth emerges, Congress will quote that person who was closest to the emerging truth (remember that if there are 50 possibilities and 100 different people spanning all options surely a few would have exhibited the correct option), and then claim that it was right all along.

Please notice that therefore Congress always (more often than not) makes its final official statement, almost after something has happened. Recall that Manmohan spoke about four days after the Ramlila Maidan pogrom where Congress stooge-police lathi-charged and killed Rajbala.

Rashid Alvi's statements should also be seen in this light.

NDA's electoral loss in 2004 elections and its "Truly Secular" analysis!

Intelligent persons always attempt to learn from the past. Thus the attempt to understand from the loss in 2004 and 2009 is certainly a desirable thing.

There are certain "truly Secular" leaders in the country who think that if Modi had been dismissed post 2002 events, then NDA would have come back to power in 2004. Let us take a look:

1. This means that the "truly Secular" leaders have no moral stand. They choose everything on the basis of winnability in the elections. Therefore if they perceive that a bigger 1984-like-riot will help them win an election, they will go for it. More over, this also makes the biggest shortcoming of present Indian Democracy abundantly clear, that Democratic Governance in India is NOT about providing leadership to the peoples, it is about "winning elections".

2. Modi could have possibly been dismissed in 2002, but NOT for the reasons that the "truly Secular" are citing. The only reason for Modi's removal could have been the massacre of 250 innocent Hindus at the hands of Gujarat Police, and his failure in protecting the innocent men, women and children traveling in the Sabarmati Express who were incinerated at Godhra, burnt alive as a result of a meticulously planned and cold-bloodedly executed act by the Islam-inspired Jihadis. Incidentally the "truly Secular" leaders have been criticizing  Modi  for not apologizing to the Jihadi-sympathisers, completely disregarding the real people deserving Modi's apology . The right thing for Modi is to apologize to Hindus for his above mentioned two failures.

3. The "truly Secular" leaders think that Modi failed to uphold the "Rajdharma" a "crime" for which Atal B. Hajpeyi chided Modi. However, as we observed in a recent post, that the record of "truly Secular" leaders in upholding "Rajdharma" is not significantly better than the out-right anti-Hindu Seculars. Anti-Hindu Seculars uphold Rajdharma by massacring Sikhs (as in 1984) and Truly-Seculars uphold their Rajdharma by surrendering to Jihadis and sending them money as well as releasing their comrades. We must HATE such Rajdharma.

Many of the pseudo-Hindu leaders scream like cry-babies against what they term "vote-bank" politics. What they fail to realize is that they squander their own "vote bank", which is bigger than any vote bank that they can ever imagine, by their "truly Secular" actions.

A genuinely Hindu leadership should not shy away from the realpolitik. As in well known, the vote bank is also known by a more respectable term - "constituency". Serve your constituency and then seek their votes. Your constituency is not your keep. Deceive it and it will deceive you into oblivion. Be loyal to it and they will be loyal to you.

Further, Hindus need to be educated and made politically aware and conscious for this constituency to emerge from its slumber. Opportunistic use of slogans like "Ram Temple" and then equally capricious rejection of it in favor of a new buzzword like "Ram Rajya" will hold no water. Hindus may be lazy, they may often be unbelievably tolerant, but Hindus are not FOOLS. Respect their intelligence and you will have their blessings (and votes!).

Presently there are only three power axes in India's politics: Congress, Third Front and The Void! Hindus need to fill that Void.

Since there is a collection called the "third front" (which in reality is much worse than a third-rate front), we presume that analysts think that Congress is the "First front" (in reality the first effront), and the BJP is the second front (in reality a second-rate Congress). For convenience, let us continue with this presumption.

Congress claims itself to be Secular (read anti-Hindu and opportunistic) by definition. The third front claims itself to be anti-Communal (read anti-Hindu and even more opportunistic) again by definition. The BJP claims itself to be Nationalistic (read pseudo-Hindu, aspiring to be Secular, and always failing in opportunism!) while ideologically it represents only a void.

There is an unwritten understanding between the Congress and the Third Front to keep BJP out of power; or in the worst case keep it under Secular veto. The BJP, however much they may claim to uphold Hindutva, and the RSS however much  they may claim to be "Hindu", fail to see this simple truth. Therefore, however much we may let our hearts bleed for the hearts of RSS and BJP workers, our heads must endlessly roll in laughter at the supidities of the headless BJP and RSS.
Further, this third-rate front has one particular character, and that is: When Congress is in power they oppose Congress, however when Congress does not have "the mandate" this third-front forms government with Congress support. Thus if Congress alliance can be termed Cong-A the third-front with outside support from Congress can be termed Cong-B. Both the Congress and the third-front hope that power must be in the hands of either of these, viz., Cong-A and Cong-B.

However, in 1998-1999 there was a twist. After the drama of H D Deve Gowda and Inder Gujral, BJP got about 200 seats. They should have formed a government on their terms. However, owing to headlessness of BJP, they made a "truly Secular" alliance, the NDA. And for this, they put the Ram Temple, Article 370 and the Hindutva issue on the back-bench. That was the beginning of the end of BJP's rise. While the right thing would have been to form a truly pro-Hindu alliance, they went in for "truly Secular" alliance! And thus, this became, what one might term as Cong-C. And no wonder that they lost badly in 2004 and 2009. After all why would people vote for a C-team when A and B teams are available?

Since 2014 seems unfavorable for Cong-A, Cong-B has stepped up its efforts to take over the seat. Nitish et al. are attempting tto become a consensus candidate for Cong-B.

In our opinion, the right strategy for a Hindu-alliance is to be boldly Hindu. And they must expose Congress and third-front as Cong-A and Cong-B. The Hindu-alliance must tell the people (and politics surely involves communicating with the masses and so you had better learn it!) that if people want any real change they must reject Cong-A and Cong-B together, otherwise they will keep having Congress directly or Congress by proxy! And this Hindu-alliance must present itself as a genuine alternative. 

The present obsession with "development" has to be viewed in proper perspective. Western European nations are "developed" but they are losing their civilizational war to Islam! Therefore, we should stay away from such foolish ventures, viz., "development alone"! Further, promises of Social-Justice (read massive wealth-redistribution from productive people to unproductive people), and Inclusiveness (read Affirmative Action) which  mandates that sub-standard and low-quality persons must be preferred in employment, promotion, etc., must be perceived with utmost suspicion and must be comprehensively rejected. Fair, responsible and informed charity for the deserving is a much better way.

Another important aspect in the strategy is to substitute the discussion on "Secularism" with a discussion on Islam, and Jihad. The Secularists and Social-Justice enthusiasts have been harping on what they term "Manuwadi forces". It is high time that  discussions on Islam, Christianity, etc., are arranged and their imperialist and extermination-of-the-other aspects are brought to the fore. The people are sufficiently educated about "Manuwad", and now must also be educated on "Koranwad" and "Biblewad". And the Hindu-alliance need not hassle its brains. A formidable collection of material is available on the web.

O Hindus, realize that you need to become politically aware and conscious. So you need to choose and elect new politicians from among yourselves who will represent your interests. Make new politicians, make new political parties. Encourage people amongst you with spine to become your representatives. Refuse to be led and manipulated by a bunch of Mohandas and Jawahar clones. These clones will lead you to your doom! Say NO to them.

If you do not find able leaders, become ones, at least strive to become ones, and also work towards making abler future leaders. Fill The Void in political space, and save yourselves!

Shiv Sena and Nitish Kumar outcompeting each other in DF-ery!

Just in our previous post we had suggested that NDA could mull Bal Thackeray as their Presidential candidate. We turned out to be a BIG DF in this case. [Remark: This should also lay to rest any notion that we reserve the choicest word DF only for others and that we are restrained while criticizing ourselves].

Shiv Sena has established once again that, contrary to however much they may claim, they are merely Maharashtra's Shiv Sena only for Marathi Manoos and NOT Shivaji Maharaj's Sena for Hindus. In the last Presidential election too they supported Ms. Patil merely because she was from Maharashtra, and also a Marathi. We wonder what Shiv Sena would decide if Congress made Dawood Ibrahim (also from Maharashtra) their Presidential candidate. Congress is surely capable of doing this, if it can make Sonia (an italian maid) the super Prime Minister then there is nothing stopping them from making Dawood (a Jihadi-bhai) their Presidential candidate. We are sure Shiv Sena would have rejected Dawood, but not because he is a Jihadi (though they will claim so), but because he is NOT a Marathi, despite being a "Keskar"!

So this time the Marathi Manoos party is supporting a Bangali Babu ostensibly to maintain the dignity of the President's office. Their (Shiv Sena's) other obsession is "consensus". You, Shiv Sena fools, do you think you did the dignity of President's office any good by supporting Ms. Patil? If you really think so, your brains must be in your trouser seats. And this time you are doing worse by supporting Pranab. Talking of consensus, Mohandas (like the evil V P Singh) was another consensus guy! The Shiv Sena of Shivaji took guidance from Ramdas, and this Shiv Sena is now taking guidance from Mohandas!

Giving a stiff competition to Shiv Sena (in DF-ery of course) is Nitish Kumar, the new Secular Prince on the block. In a recent interview he made it amply clear that only a non-Modi (Narendra Modi) can be the candidate for PM's post. This joker wants "external forces" to remain out of Bihar, except that he wants "external money" to flow into Bihar! Mr. Nitish Kumar, you entered Maharashtra claiming you had a right to be anywhere in India, and now you think that Narendra Modi has no right to be in Bihar? Our number eleven foot! Nitish Kumar is talking secession and must be charged with sedition. Maoists want to carve out a separate nation and Nitish is going a step further, he wants to carve out a beggar state! Mr. Nitish Kumar, Bihar deserves a leader much much better than you are and you will learn this the hard way now. Bihar is the state where Dr. Rajendra Prasad was born. We mentioned in our previous post that Rajendra Babu's "Love for Hinduism" was a thorn in the eye for Jawahar. Now this stupid ass wants to become the blue eyed boy of Jawahar by becoming a Muslim-appeaser! Another fool, Sushil Modi, said that PM should be like Hajpeyi. I think this Sushil moron Modi thinks that Hajpeyi was from Bihar for his name contained "Bihari", and a gene akin to Marathi-Manoos of Shiv Sena must have kicked in!

The third big fool, Brajesh Mishra, possibly rightly said that Modi can become PM only if BJP comes to power on its own. He is confusing the issues. Possibly with only Modi (as PM-candidate) can the BJP come to power all on its own! Brajesh is an out and out Hajpeyi's back-side licker, much like Sudheendra Kulkarni being Advani's comfort, and he mentioned that there was no comparison between Modi and Hajpeyi. We wonder if this indeed is the case, for Modi himself is much like Hajpeyi. As we mentioned earlier, Modi is somewhat a Socialist and somewhat an anti-Hindu, and the only difference between him and Hajpeyi may be that he may not be as much a Socialist and an anti-Hindu as the wind-bag Hajpeyi was, but he remains quite close. However, that is not the point. The ass Brajesh Mishra thinks that it is an awful thing to be unlike Hajpeyi. Oh our sainted aunt! We think there are fools, then there are damn fools and then there are Brajesh Mishras. Mr. Mishra, mark our words, however many times people like Hajpeyi become PM of this nation, it will always be a matter of PRIDE to be unlike Hajpeyi (and Jawahar). Jawahar too was a PM of this country, so is it a good thing to be like him? What logic?

Another noteworthy point is that Hindutva is alleged to be a "upper caste" (read Brahmin) ploy. Now take a look: Jawahar (putatively Kashmiri Pandit!), Morarji Desai (Brahmin), ... Hajpeyi (Brahmin), etc.  Now, Shivanand Tiwari JD(U) ... Talking about being anti-Modi, recall Brajesh Mishra, Nitin Gadkari, Sanjay Joshi (all Brahmins)... We wonder how Hindutva is seen as a Brahmin-ploy! Rather we must suspect "Secularism" to be "Brahmin-ploy".

Notwithstanding these seemingly sad developments, we feel vindicated by these events. We have been mentioning it for a while that RSS has become the hand-maiden for all these anti-Hindus by proxy as BJP has become the  concubine for these anti-Hindu opportunists. Thus RSS slogs for BJP and then BJP kicks the RSS butt. Similarly BJP slogs for its NDA "allies" and they kick the BJP's butt. O you strategists and planners of RSS and BJP, are you listening?

Atal Bihari Hajpeyi and his Rajdharma

The trouser seat comforter of the wind-bag (Hajpeyi), Brajesh Mishra spoke in an interview - fecal matter disgorger Lalu spoke the same - that Hajpeyi had recommended Narendra Modi's removal for his failure to follow Rajdharma.

So it is very important that we take a look at "Rajdharma" practiced by this "venerable" ex-PM. We list only a few and we are sure that there are many more. Also, we are not presenting this list in any order, chronological or otherwise.

1. Sent five HARD-CORE terrorists escorted by his minister as a gesture of surrender to get about 250 hostages released. These five have massacred more than a thousand innocent Hindus since then.

What a great feat of Rajdharma.

2. Trusted the then PM of Pakistan Nawaj Sharif (and Musharraf) and got a kick in his pants (inside his dhoti of course!) in the form of Kargil-aggression in 1998. In further display of his "astute" Rajdharma he also divulged to his Pakistani counterpart the name of the agent who was spying for India and as a result the agent was "taken out" by the Pakis!

An even greater feat of Rajdharma.

3. Was so inclusive that he got K N Govindacharya (though a fool but a fool dedicated to the party) kicked out of BJP for calling him (Hajpeyi) only the face of BJP. Compare this with Modi removing Joshi - Joshi was baying for Modi's blood! Had Modi not got him, Joshi would have got Modi! But of course, Hajpeyi, by sacking Govindacharya, established his own "tolerant", "inclusive" credentials! We are not so sure, but Hajpeyi also had a role in removal of Uma Bharti as well.

4. Sacrificed Kalyan Singh twice for his (Hajpeyi's) sister Mayawati, the vitriolic woman, who never tired of accusing BJP of being Manuwadi, and on both occasions ditched the alliance as soon as her half of the power agreement was over. [The BJP central leadership continued this tom-foolery in Karnataka, only to be ditched by another snake H D Kumaraswamy]


So next time someone tells you that the Prime Ministerial candidate must be like Hajpeyi, do ponder a while on these points as well!

By the way, Advani's Rajdharma is exmeplified by his initial rhetoric "We will make temple at the very spot Bhagwan Rama was born" (i.e. at the very site) with a U-turn "The destruction of the disputed structure was the saddest day of my life".

With such a history of "Rajdharma", the dumb-fuck Brajesh Mishra must bury his head where it deserves to be buried, in abject remorse and shame, for invoking the "Hajpeyi Rajdharma".

Monday, June 18, 2012

DogVijay barks again: Mamata has been immature and erratic while he likes'em mature and erotic!

The barking dog who has lost his bite - as the results in UP assembly elections showed - has started barking again. This time the loyal (loyal to anti-Hindu Congress and its Italian-maid Sonia) dog has barked against Mamata (who is equally anti-Hindu). So what's the fight between the anti-Hindus? Has one of them turned less anti-Hindu? Not at all.

This Jawaharian illegitimate progeny thinks Mamata is immature and erratic. He said so on CNN-IBN recently. Probably like his other moral colleague, Abhishek Manu Singhvi, DogVijay wants Mamata to be mature and erotic! Notwithstanding the dog's cocksure posture we wonder if it can get its infrastructure up and going.

Even when we take a distant look at Congress - it is a misfortune if one has to take a close look at them - one conclusion emerges very clearly that Congress deserves 1984 style riots except that now the riots should be much bigger and against Congress. And barking dogs must not be spared either. Since Congressmen like it erotic - ask N D Tiwari - they will do well to seek company of their comrades, the martyred Jihadis. Of course there is a caveat, and that owing to the falsity of the promises given to Jihadis, the congressmen will be equally in lurch. Those who do not disabuse themselves must inevitably result in self-abuse!

In the mean while the NDA (Naturally Dysfunctional Alliance) has been struggling to polish its rocket. We mean the attempt to bring about a consensus within NDA to oppose the UPA candidate. Nitish is scared for his political life (scared of Modi?) and so will reveal his love for the Congress pussy, the Italian cat, anytime now. And if the BJP falls prey to consensus building trap, the game is over even before it begins.

Are these self-proclaimed Hindutva-brigade members of the BJP so pusillanimous and brain-dead that they need to support only a Kalam or a Sangma? If Kalam or Sangma want BJP's support, why do they not declare themselves to be "Hindus", even if of the Mohan Bhagwat variety? Kalam wants to contest only if he is sure to win! What mark of a great man? And this man wants to inspire and ignite young minds! And Sangma, of all his accomplishments if there are any, can recall only his being a Tribal as his reason for seeking Presidentship!

In our opinion, this presidential election must be used to initiate at least a semblance of a pro-Hindu alliance. Why not make Bala Thackeray, or even Subramanian Swamy, BJP's presidential candidate? The first president, Dr. Rajendra Prasad was loathed by Jawahar for his Hindu proclivities (see for example here. And Bala can be rewarded for his remarks on the disputed structure demolition at Ayodhya, or Swamy for his article (though a weak one) on Islamic terror?

Listen BJP, RSS or whoever you are, if you are always running away from a fight, you will remain a loser! Change your outlook, fight, even if you lose, learn from your mistakes and move on. Advani began with his Rath-yatra and later Vajpeyi (and Promod Mahajan) converted it into a Haj yatra! Later Advani (along with Jaswant Singh) fell prey to Vajpeyi gene! If such DF-ery is not avoided, BJP will not get even 100 seats in the next parliament elections. RSS began in 1930's and they waited for 70 years before reaching a tally of 200 MPs, and then goofed up to reduce themselves to less than 100 for a decade. Reason? The clamor to win the hearts of minorities and anti-Hindu allies. BJP-RSS have mastered the art of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. And if they haven't learned their lessons what else can you call them other than DFs? This is an opportune moment to make a new beginning. Make it. Otherwise leave these Hindutva pretensions and join the ranks of other political parties. For as we mentioned, 1200 years of slavery under Islamic and Christian rule seems better than 65 years of independent Secular rule! Likewise Hindus will be better off without any Hindu-party (they can at least strive to make a real one for themselves) rather than being fooled by a fake Hindu party. Don't tame Joshis and Keshubhais, rather discipline them by confrontation. Ask them to be more pro-Hindu compared to Modi or chuck them out and let them join the anti-Hindu Secular brigade.

Also make it abundantly clear that the opposition to Pranab Murkhaji (for his foolishness see here and here for example) is for his anti-Hindu political nature, and if he is seeking BJP (and Shiv Sena etc.) support he must recant his sins by disabusing himself of Mohandas and Jawahar and must pledge to be pro-Hindu, or at the very least become Hindu-neutral.

So our suggestion: Make Bala Thackeray or Subramanian Swamy as Hindu presidential candidate. Let Mamatas have Kalam or let Naveen Patnayaks have Sangma, or for that matter let Nitish Kumars have Pranab; the Hindu-front should not budge.

Even Swamy-accused-Naxals, Kejriwals and Sisodiyas have courage to question Pranab. Is BJP not even as brave as a Kejriwal or a Sisodiya?

Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Few Sugestions for Modi

In our previous entry we said a lot of things in a desultory manner. In this entry we would like to collate what Modi must do if he really wants to serve his mother, Bharat Mata.

We have remarked earlier that many sincere-at-heart persons with leaning towards Hindus betray abysmal absence of intelligence. They try to begin with a virtuous heart and all end up committing sins from their heads.

If there is some benefit of the doubt that can still save the likes of the RSS, Advani, Hajpeyee, etc., it is this that they have a decent heart but an empty head. They often fail to understand Golwalkar with the heart of a Hedgewar (we mean figuratively), and therefore get their brains muddled up on issues like Mohandas, Secularism and so on.

In fact, to his credit, Advani had hit upon the idea of "majority card" when evil Rakshasas like V P Singh (and his illegitimate progeny Mulayam Singh and Lalu Yadav and likes), Congress family and the Communists were playing with the "minority card", "Dalit card", and "OBC card". This was in the late 1980's. However, Advani's clarity was like a spot on the pan, and lasted only about a decade, after which he shamelessly moved towards anti-Hindu cards of true-Secularism and so on.

Our advice to Nitin Gadkari and Sanjay Joshi is: Cleanse your addled brains, and disinfect your ideological core from infections of Mohandasianism, Jawaharism, etc. If your heart bleeds for Muslims and Christians from India, tell them the Truth and invite them back. If they do not want to come back, let them go! If you want to defeat Modi, do it by leaning further towards Hindus, not away! Let the battle be for the cause and sake of Hindus! And we mean Hindus (as in Sanatana Dharma) not Mohan Bhagwat's hindus.

First, a few reminders:

1. The other day we heard the jack-ass, Kumar Ketkar, frothing at the mouth that Modi was not a leader of all sections of society, and was representing only upper caste (read Brahmins) Hindus.

This moron is so shamelessly evil that he is willing to ignore that Sonia Gandhi, Lalu Yadav and all such buffoons represent only Muslims, Christians and anti-Hindus. He sees no problem with that, but he sees a problem with representing "upper caste Hindus". Such shit-heads must be dealt with head-on.

2. During about 1000 years of Muslim and subsequently 200 years of Muslims and Christian onslaught, India (the subcontinent) largely remained Hindu. In 1200 years, even with the help of Auranghzeb, Chenghis Khan and the likes, Muslims percentage increased from zero to about 30 in the pre-Independence India. However, post-independence, in about 65 years the Muslim percentage has increased from about 5-10 to about 25-30. So this is what "Secular" rule has done.

If the so called lower castes and Dalits were facing insurmountable problems, India would have had only "upper caste Hindus" and no "lower caste". But that is not so. In Hinduism, even the "lowest of the lowly" knows that Ishwara comes to him if he prays with an earnest heart, and he needs no Brahmin or upper caste middle-man to mediate between his prayers and Ishwara. This is the bold Truth that sages have told for centuries. Not the bull-crap of "only son of God" and "final prophet" mandating the mediation of the Church or the braying in Arabic.

In fact, while a significant portion of "upper castes" converted owing to lure and torture, a very large portion of "lower caste" remained loyal to Hinduism in spite of lure and torture. We, as Hindus, feel extremely proud of them and grateful to them for their diligent persistence with their convictions.

3. We consider the Sikh Gurus, Mahaveer Swamy and other Teerthankaras, Buddha and such to be our own. Similarly we consider Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists as our fellow travelers and even brothers. However if Sikhs, Jains or Buddhists, and/or their leaders think of themselves as separate then we should not feel obligated to accommodate them.

More over, their claims for originality should also be candidly confronted since all of these use Law of Karma, Cycle of Birth and Rebirth in their foundations which were borrowed from Sanatana Dharma.

4. Recall that even after more than a decade of abject humility to Secularism where is BJP and its dream NDA now? BJP is the pariah party against which all other political parties are united, except for a few smarter ones who use them and throw them!

Imagine what the situation would now be if BJP had stuck to its Hindu frame of mind (not the fake Hindutva agenda!) with conviction and diligence. They would have been looking at 2014 elections to form a government all on their own!

5. There are a huge number of hypocrites in India who hurl the term fascism and Nazism at even a hint of sympathy for the Hindus.

We must boldly counter them by reminding them that as Hindus we have suffered more at the hands of Islam and Church, and not at the hands of Hitler or Mussolini. And we are more concerned about protecting our Hindu interests, so we are bothered about Islam and Church.

The dumb-fuck Karan Thapar in his recent show reminded a BJP representative on his show that Hitler's party also called itself Nationalist. What this moron does not recall that from Muhammad to Aurangzeb they tortured non-Muslims in the name of Islam. Does this ass Karan Thapar have the brains to notice this?

If Lalus, Mulayams, and Thapars are so worried about Nazism and Fascism, then let them go to Pakistan and preach to their heart's content the evils of F-ism and Nazism, for these ideologies are more popular in Pakistan, which is home to their heart-throbs the Muslims!

Hindus did never persecute the Jews. Jews have been the victims of Fascism and Nazism and so they can legitimately be concerned about these.

But we must remember that Jews have not been the only victims in History. We Hindus have been horrendously massacred by the Islamic armies and Church's inquisitions. So we must be concerned about them. We are fighting for our survival (Hindu survival) so we must address threats to ourselves, that is Islam and Church and anti-Hindus.

Thus, to begin with Hindus need to be guilt-free, confident, and candid.  Now to Modi (or anyone wishing to represent the Hindus):

1. Don't be afraid to be seen as a leader of only Hindus. Rather, even if you are accused of it, be proud of that. State boldly, frankly and confidently that you are worried about the hundreds of millions of Hindus. Declare that there are already a large number of flakes who worry about Muslims, Dalits, Yadavs and so on, but none who really cares about Hindus; and so we stand for them. And declaring thus, do stand for them, the Hindus.

2. Don't deny the possible existence of Social evils amongst Hindus, but assert proudly that Hindus are capable of solving their problems on their own. Such things have happened in the past not by Secular overseeing agents but by the sages and seers within Hinduism itself.

3. On the election front, don't drool for 200+ seats with minority support, Dalit support, etc. Rather, be content even if you achieve 50-100 seats, on the Hindu support base. In the parliament, boldly fight for Hindu cause rather than eying broadening the base. Notice what Mulayam is doing for Muslims with only 30 seats! Persevere and your seats will grow from 50-100 to 300-350! Guard against the slippery ideas of attracting "minorities" to the "larger Hindu fold". If minorities do come, they must come because they perceive the Truth, and not because they have been lured by the Secular promises of protecting their Islamic and Churchean practices.

4. Let there be no defensive attitude when false comparisons with fascism and Nazism are made. For even if true, the Hindus suffered more at the hands of Islam and Church and not at the hands of Mussolini and Hitler. So we have not only the right, but also a duty to tackle our problems first, which emanate from Islam and Church.

Readers' suggestions are Welcome.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Indian Political Theatre in India needs a Vertical Split.

After the anti-Modi startup by Keshubhai Patel, now the old ass Advani is targetting Modi. Now, we are no fans of Modi. Modi is a Leftist (much less Socialist than  CPM possibly but leftist-Socialist none the less) and anti-Hindu (though of a milder variety than Monamohan's Muslim League etc. but anti-Hindu none the less). Modi's constant talk of welfare of the poor and his recent efforts to woo the minorities (read Muslims) go on to show our point.

However, what surprises us is that the old ass is now braying against Modi. This is the same ass who once prided in being compared to Sardar Patel (Phew, as if the Sardar was any great pro-Hindu!) while the ass's master (the old wind bag Hajpeyee) was gloating in the glory of his comparison to Jawahar.

Advani - who has blabbered in the past about his assinine versions of Hindutva along side the dim-wit Mohan Bhagwat - during his last breaths is trying to be a Hajpeyee. So the Sardar-clone wants to turn into a Jawahar-clone! This is very similar to Ramdev's Rahimdev act in the recent past. With Modi too going the minorityism way, the Hindus have a battle on their hands!

In our opinion, and we have repeatedly expressed this view, the political theater in India needs a complete face-lift. Presently, there are left parties, far left parties, damn left parties,  and then there are BJP, Congress, CPM (the so called left) etc., moving further leftwards. Similarly there are anti-Hindu parties, damn-anti-Hindu parties, violently-anti-Hindu parties, and then there are BJP and the rest becoming progressively anti-Hindu. We do not even have a mildly-anti-Hindu party leave alone a Hindu-neutral party. Similarly we do not even have a mild-left-party leave alone a Center.

For BJP - which should actually be known as Besharam (Shameless) Jawahar Party - to imagine itself as center-right and pro-Hindutva is nothing but height of deception and self-delusion. The NDA, with strong Socialist and Secular pull from the likes of Nitish Kumar, and with hopes of inducting mad-Mamata (Muslim backside licker) into its fold, is a forlorn case.

For any small step towards level playing field for the Hindus, we need a vertical split in the political spectrum. We have no hope for a Hindu-neutral Center. However, the only hope for a least anti-Hindu small-left beginning has been Narendra Modi. And look who is targeting him? The BJP itself! Advani seems to be batting for Sonia now. The stupid Rajnath - this was the guy who along with Kalraj Mishra and Lalji Tandon was responsible for the ill treatment meted out to Kalyan Singh who had twice sacrificed his government for the philanderer wind-bag's soft corner for Mayawati - and the old rat MM Joshi are with the Sardar-clone.

The RSS who seems to favor Nitin Gadkari - Ishwara knows why! - too has been shooting poisonous pins (if not arrows) at Modi. Sanjay Joshi being his Man-Friday. Modi must surely be criticized for his minority-appeasement gestures or his Socialist leanings. He can not be criticized for being "dictatorial"; for he is the only CM who has been braving all the blame as a leader must. We must realize that the "collective responsibility" model (including the Parliamentary System) has thoroughly failed to deliver. For decades we have been struggling with collection-of-crooks with collective-zero-responsibility syndrome. Lakhs and Lakhs of Crores and Crores of rupees have been stolen, squandered, lost and wasted and yet we have never been able to fix the responsibility! Manmohan, the actually-very-dirty-pretending-to-be-clean man, has been presiding over the most evil government ever - second possibly to Jawahar's - and yet no blame has fallen on anyone, no heads have rolled and the turban seems comfortable enconsed on the deceptive head!

Does that mean that Modi needs to learn nothing about good-governance? Not at all. He still is short on many many fronts. But what his detractors allege have no grain of truth in them. The allegations against Modi seem to be wailing of the frustrated lot. Frustrated at the success of a man who has risen from a modest social and economic background. Did Modi have a hand in violence? Possibly yes, especially in the death of the 250 Hindus who died in Police firings, but surely not in the death of 700 others who died and who are propagandized to be Muslims.

Any aspiring leader of Hindus needs to learn to be a Hindu, and a proud Hindu at that. He needs to be free from guilt that is usually heaped on the Hindus by their enemies. Anti-Hindus have infinitely more skeletons in their cupboards than they allege that there are in the Hindu cup-boards. A Hindu-leader must learn to represent the Hindus instead of trying to be a leader of all. All the so called leaders of "all" have been anti-Hindus, starting from Mohandas.

A Hindu leader must be able to say not only boldly but rather also in a matter of fact manner that: We are Hindus, we want a Hindu homeland, and we begin with Bharat. We want a Hindu Constitution where we decide how we will live. And when we say we, we MEAN WE. We are not egalitarian, for we are pro-freedom and pro-Truth. We proudly believe in Varna, but in the varna of the Bhagwadgita and not what is practised by Lalu Yadavs, Mayawatis etc., or the self proclaimed Brahmins who are actually not even shudras. We are Hindus who revere sage Valmiki at whose hermitage Bhagwati Sita delivered her two sons. We are Hindus who revere Eklavya. And we are Hindus who pride in acharyas like Shankaracharya, Ramanujacharya, Madhwacharya and numerous such.

We are Hindus who must candidly tell Muslims that you either made a mistake or your ancestors were raped and forced in to conversion. We tell Christians similarly that you were fooled and bribed into conversion.

We also castigate the self-proclaimed Brahmins (many of whom are not even Shudras) for alienating the larger Hindu Society. We invite the Muslim-converts and Christian-converts back home.

On these points, if Modi needs to be chastized, we are all for it. But for Golwalkarites like Gadkari and Sanjay Joshi and their friends in the RSS, who are hell bent upon Secularising (read strongly anti-Hinduising) the already anti-Hindu BJP, to sermon Modi to soften himself is to be rejected at once.

Let there be a vertical split in the Political spectrum with Modi detractors joining the strongly anti-Hindu "secular" front. RSS and BJP will do the Hindus and Bharat a great favor by expelling Modi from their party and fold so that he can stand alone and invite willing Hindus to join him. And we assure you, Hindus will join him in hundreds of millions if not in billions.

And Modi must remain aware that he is not the default choice for Hindus. Hindus must always be ready to throw out anti-Hindu politicians. Hindus must always be willing to become their own leaders and fight for their rightful place.

May Ishwara give us the Desired Clarity, Resolve and the Strength.