Monday, April 30, 2012

Morality vs. Moral High-Ground; Dharma vs. DharmAbhAsa

In Sanatana Dharma Avataratas (incarnations) of Ishwara descend to re-establish Dharma. This is enunciated by the couplets:

यदा यदा हि धर्मस्य ग्लानिर्भवति भारत अभ्युत्थानंधर्मस्य तदात्मानं सृजाम्यहं ... (गीता ४.७)

विप्र धेनु सुर संत हित लीन्ह मनुज अवतार. (रामचरितमानस) 

Even saints and devotees perform similar feat, albeit they might focus somewhat on Social-Reform over Moral-Reform. And yet, most of them have been accused of errors ranging from mistakes to blunders. If Bhagwan Rama is accused of killing Vali by shooting him from behind a tree and Bhagwan Krishna has been accused of being manipulative during Mahabharata war; the others have also had their fair share of vociferous critics.
However these Mahajanas (महाजनो येन गतः स पन्थाः) while duly clarifying their actions were never unduly perturbed by these allegations; for they were clear about their goals and went about achieving the same, that is re-establishing Dharma.

Modern life, and even more so modern political and celebrity life is filled with a fake or counterfeit version of this concept, and that is Dharmabhasa or Moral High Ground! Singhvi sleaze is an exemplary case in point.

A video recording of a prominent politician (Abhishek Manu Singhvi) indulging in sex in his chambers located within the precincts of the Supreme Court is uploaded on the Social media; and the most important question that everyone is asking is not if the video is true; but rather if showing the video amounts to a breach in privacy of the politician. All parliamentarians are hush hush.

Those who were questioning Baba Ramdev on escaping wearing a woman's dress (the fecal matter disgorger Lalu) were mum as if they were hell bent upon swallowing the turd.

Those who sling mud on Anna (even if he deserves so) have been hiding behind or underneath the skirts of those with whom their videos may make it to Social media anytime!

In the meantime, the politician himself settles the case out of court and resigns from his posts establishing moral-high-standards! This is a great example of Dharmabhasa or Moral-High-Ground. The act would have (and possibly is going on) gone on unhindered; but now that it was caught, not only was it shamelessly denied, the case was put a lid on by the resignation.

So our leaders are not interested in even arresting the decline of morality (whatever that may be), let alone attempting to re-establish it; rather they are busy establishing Moral-High-Ground.

To the meanest intelligence it is clear that if Morality is for the honest, Moral-High-Ground is for the hypocrites, which is what most of our politicians are. Thus their modus operandi is "When caught deny and resign", while "the show must go on"!

There is yet another use for the moral-high-ground strategy. Keeping the Hindus under perpetual guilt. Thus, no matter how much violence and terror anti-Hindus inflict on the Hindus, the Hindus must always show restraint and non-violence. This was the suicidal prescription given by Mohandas, and used by Jawahar and his anti-Hindu comrades.

Morality is there to be upheld, however Moral-High-Ground is used only to put an opponent down. We Hindus must learn to differentiate between the two and reject the latter. It is Dharma which is to be upheld and not Dharmabhasa!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Is the right to use Terror as a Weapon reserved only for non-Hindus (read Muslims, Maoists and Missionaries)?

Global History:

The global history of Islam, Communism and even early Christianity is replete with mass killings.

Local History:

About 80 million civilian Hindus were killed between 1000 A.D. and 1500 A.D. alone by the Muslim invaders merely because they were Hindus (non-Muslims idol worshippers) and possibly a larger number of Women and Children taken as slaves.

Naxalwadis (ancestors of the present day Maoists) killed a large number of civilians.

Goan Inquisition was a dark period in the history of Goa.

Even the great Bengal Famine was a human made (The British Rulers and their Indian backside lickers) disaster which led to the death of a large number of people.

For example, see here, here, here, and here.

Recent Past:

Godhra carnage of Sabarmati Express, Mumbai attacks, on going bomb blasts are the gifts of Islamic Terror.

The LTTE was largely run by Christians (Prabhakaran and many of LTTE leaders were Christians, etc.) and the LTTE also betrayed the IPKF (Indian Peace Keeping Force).

Maoists (read Socialists in a Hurry) have killed hundreds of civilians, and are continuing to kill civilians in India (and possibly elsewhere as well).

None of these have been termed a religion-inspired, ideology-inspired or race-induced hate crimes. Our self-appointed leading intellectuals always have a secular and social-injustice explanation for all these mass-killings, and in a completely indefensible situation these wise (read anti-Hindu venom-spitting evil beings) men blame human follies (another route for the secularization of the explanation).

Of course, when there is not even a whiff of a hint of a shred of a trace of a clue, the same wise men ascribe any deaths of Muslims, Poors or Christians to the Nazi-like hate practised by Hindu-right-wing and Hindu-casteists. Why? On one hand Jawaharian gene-line (Rahul Gandhi) and meme-line (Dogvijay Singh) consider Saffron-Terror (with unproven killings less than a hundred?) more dangerous than Islamic Terror or Mao Terror which has maimed and massacred millions! And the Jawaharians want to continuously keep the Hindu-Society guilt ridden. And on the other hand, since Hindus are peace-loving and docile these scheming criminals, the Jawaharians, have no fear of them. The only thing that they fear is Islam and Maoism, for there are Islamic terrorism and Mao-terrorism.  In contrast, since there is no Hindu-terror, Hindus are not heeded at all. To this fact if we apply age old wisdom that Actions lead to Reactions, it becomes obvious that if these Jawaharian political elites continue madly to tolerate and facilitate jihadism and Maoism in India, and to prohibit all truthful criticism of and opposition to the spread of jihadism and Maoism, then counter-jihad extremism or counter-mao-extremism, will inevitably emerge. One could go to the extent of saying that it should emerge. 

Thus the truth is the exact opposite of what Jawaharians (anti-Hindus) believe and profess. If the supposed Saffron Terror (hitherto non-existent) ever happens and grows, that will neither be Nazi nor insane. Rather the chest-beating and anti-Hindu hate-filled surprise that many profess at  even the  possibility of Reaction that is insane and evil. The same insane evil which has accorded the right to use Terror as a Weapon only to non-Hindus (often anti-Hindus). It is this insane and evil hatred of the Hindus that will engender the inevitable. Those who live by Terror will and must die by it!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Ignorant Katju Vomits his Wisdom!

Judge them not by their words, rather judge them by their understanding. We are sure some one must have said this in the past. In any case, we surely say so. And a leading example of this is Markandey Katju.

When Katju said "Ninety percent of Indians are fools", we thought, here is a man who talks like a man who knows. When he commented on a Bollywood Hero undergoing checking at a US airport: "Those who mind checking should not go abroad", we thought, here is a man who notices the problem of celebrity culture in India. When he rightly spoke on the Jan Lokpal Bill that it might engender blackmailers, we almost felt excited at his insight.

But then he betrayed his stupidity by his words "Akbar was the Founder of Modern Secular India!" and that India is a nation of immigrants (ibid). Phew! And now this guy has sought restrictions on Social Media. What a damn fool!! Katju has established himself a well entrenched part of his own ninety percent Indians! Akbar, by the way, according to the inimitable Sitaram Goel, was a frequent kidnapper of Hindu women for his harem. We request our readers to google and discover for themselves. So Akbar, who like all his Muslim brothers, was very secular (read targetting non-Muslim women) in his lasciviousness, is the epitome of Secularism for the genius Katju. Our readers will appreciate even more why we condemn not just pseudi-Secularism (like the pseudo-Hindutva morons from BJP do) but Secularism itself, and we advocate Sanatana Dharma.

Coming back to M. Katju.

Firstly, this guy has discovered his wisdom post retirement. We need to be wary of the wisdom that comes to government officials, or often even others, after they retire. Gurcharan Das is another such example. We need to look for people who want to live by their wisdom in their youth rather than after they have stashed more than enough for a comfortable, nay, even luxurious life; a wealth often acquired by acting in defiance of the same wisdom they are so wont to eagerly profess in their later years. It smacks of rotten hypocritical self righteous opportunism.

Secondly, this guy, while being a Sanskrit aficionado  - something that is commendable - is not only a servile worshipper of modern science; as if modern science has already found all the answers, or going even further as if modern science potentially has all the answers, but also a kook who continues to believe in the Aryan Invasion/Migration Theory! It smacks of a deeply entrenched inferiority complex often seen in self glorified Rationalists, Anti-Theists, etc. This might earn him the status of Romila Thapar's proud student! 

Thirdly, this guy, disseminates his opinions, as if pontificating from a pulpit to lesser mortals, in a conceit disguised as wisdom. Something that is a signature and a trademark of Jawahar and his illegitimate intellectual progeny.

Thus, notwithstanding his correct appreciation of the problem of Low Congnitive Ability of Indians, prevalence of Celebrities-are-above-the-law Culture, and the follies in the Jan Lokpal Bill; the guy remains a Jawaharian totalitarian (advocating more and more laws to put more and more curbs). Further notwithstanding his admiration of Sanskrit Texts his allegience is to Modernism and post-Modernism as well as Secularism.

Such fools must be seen to be what they are, damn fools, and must also be displaced from the pedestals of self-aggrandizing heights. So next time you read very reasonably sounding remarks from this man, appreciate the comment; however please also be forewarned about the clumsy  and bigoted clutter head that he is, chastising Mamata on the cartoon controversy  and chastising social media on Sighvi sleaze!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Hypocricy Behind Denying Mamata and Mayawati what is Enjoyed by Sonia!

We, in this blog, are fair-minded people, are staunchly opposed to gender-feminists and don't fear the risk of being termed a bunch of MCPs (Male Chauvinistic Pigs!). We hate the self-obsessions of Mamata and Mayawati. We uphold the fredom to practice idol-worship but we hate idols of jokers made at tax-payers' expense ... for example, of Mayawati popping up everywhere. This self-aggrandizement at public expense has to be put a stop to. But the stopping must begin where it all started. Naming facilities built at tax-payers' expense after the names of jokers like Mohandas, Jawahar, Indira, Rajiv ... and installing their idols. And don't be surprised, the list is NOT long. Just a the few; as if they are the only Heroes worth their weight in clay!

This backside licking sycophancy has emboldened politicians of the ilk of Mayawati and Akhilesh Yadav to dream of becoming Nehru-Family-Dynasty at an appropriate level. We have pointed out earlier that most influential politicians in India are trying to become the Nehru-Gandhi family of some region. We consider this to be greatest malaise facing the nation.

Having understood this, we need to understand another malaise related to this. And that is opposition to the idols of many, while granting the same without a question to some, is hypocritical to say the least.

1. The shit-between-the-ears Sibal wanting to cesure social networking media for posting "objectionable material" against Sonia?

Where was freedom-of-speech?

But if Mamata wants her cartoons to be removed it is termed fascism!

2. The shit-everywhere Congress wanting to name everything in this nation after Jawahar, Indira, Rajiv and Mohandas!

Why this obsession with the few?

And yet if Mayawati thinks (however wrongly) that her idols add to the beauty of the landscape, she is termed narcissistic.

Such hypocrisy has to go.

Like Mohandas and Jawahar, there are also many other fecal-matter-containers whose busts have been planted hither and thither. One amongst them, for example, is Kanshiram. The "maanyawar Kanshiram" of "Behen Mayawati". Recall this proclaimed genuis's slogan: Tilak Taraju aur Talwar Inako maaro Jootey Chaar (Literally Hit Brahmanas, Kshatriyas and Baniyas with Shoes Four times!). And yet we have idols and statues of his dotting all over UP causing blots on the landscape.

We need to transform ourselves into a responsible adult-nation from the cry-baby-bunch! Mamata and Mayawati will do a greater service to the nation by removing the idols of the undeserving rather than installing the idols of the undeserving. Also, the pig headed media and bile disgorging Congress must realize that they can not get away with Hypocrisy for much longer.

We are not defending this self-importance of Mamata or Maya; we are pointing out that however bad it may be, however much it may be deserving to be put an end to; it is no worse than similar acts done in the name of others, viz., Mohandas, Jawahar etc.

Let us put an end to this sycophantic culture. Let us put an end to aggrandizement of personalities at tax-payers' expense. If people love someone they will build a memorial at their private expense.

Show the door to Mamata and Mayawati; but don't forget to show the gate to Mohandas, Jawahar, Indira, Rajiv and Sonia too.

Agni-V: India has the Capability; But Does India have the Will?

Many congratulations to the DRDO on the successful launch of the ICBM Agni-V. But let there be no much gloating over such successes. India may have developed the capability; but has it the Will necessary to use it?

Here are points to be noted:

1. In 1947 immediately after independence Pakistan started intrusions into J&K; India did nothing (of course what else can be expected with Jawahar at the helm?).

We had some capabilities, but NO will.

2. In 1948, after the accession of J&K to India, and with Pakistani intrusions continuing, Jawahar merely played a cry-baby at the UN.

We had the capabilities, but NO will.

3. In 1962, in the war with China, India LOST. We had a better air-force but we DID NOT use it.

We had some capabilities, but NO will.

4. In 1965, in war with Pakistan, India WON but returned the conquered territory.

We had the victory, but NO Will.

5. In 1971, India WON, Bangladesh obtaned liberation with Indian assistance, and yet we allowed it to become one MORE Islamic nation in our backyard which is now collaborating with Pakistan based Islamic Terror Network to inflict terror-strikes against India.

We WON, but we had NO Will.

6. We developed Prithvi, Nag, Akash missiles and yet we restricted ourselves during Kargil Conflict.

We had capability, but had NO Will.

7. During the Indian Airlines Hostage Crisis, the pussy PM Vajpeyee sent the rabbit minister Jaswant Singh escorting horrendous terrorists who later planned and executed the Mumbai Attacks. We had the forces surrounding the plane at Amritsar but we let the plane go.

We had the preparedness, but NO Will.

8. Mumbai attacks happened. Everybody was shouting "enough is enough"; we had the "evidence" but We DID NOT ACT. Why? Because We had NO Will.

9. Kasab and Afzal Guru are in jail, we have the "rope" but NOT the Will to "hang" them.

So it is high time that we focussed on developing our WILL.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sanatana Dharma is not a genetic civilization, it is a memetic civilization!

Falling prey to temptation of the Judaistic attitude - one of the Abrahamic belief-systems - there are some who consider Sanatana Bharat also to be comprising of one PEOPLE based on DNA. Followers of Judaism pride themselves as One People (racially), using One Language (Hebrew), believing in One God, following One Book (sort of), having One History, etc.

Firstly, we mention that we neither deny nor are opposed to the possibility that most Indians (most people in the subcontinent) share similarity in DNA.

However, the attitude mentioned above is the very anti-thesis of Sanatana Dharma. The Truths purported to be Understood and Lived in Sanatana Dharma are language-transcending, history transcending, scripture transcending, etc.

Sanatana Dharma (and any civilization worth its name) sustains itself over generations, not by genetics rather by memetics (educations). Sanatana Dharma is carried over by Dwijas (known as twice-borns). If we ponder as to what "twice born" means, it becomes clear at once that the second (and more important) birth comes as a result of education.

Thus, even a white European or a black African can become a dwija if a competent preceptor initiates him into the knowledge and practice of dharma; like wise even the self proclaimed "brahamanas" (for example having titles like "Sharma", "Mishra" in north india, and "Ramanujan", "Thiruvachagam" in south india) cease to be dwijas if they are ignorant and are bereft of the practice of the Dharma.

In a somewhat oversimplified manner we could understand it by the following example. Can someone be a non-practicing vegetarian? Can someone be called a vegetarian, even though you consume meat regularly, merely because his parents were vegetarians?

Thus, in our opinion, it is a grave mistake to conflate commonality of DNA with absence of significant differences. A practitioner of Islam, inasmuch as he takes Koran as word of God and Muhammad as a role model, is a mortal danger to non-Muslims, no matter how much their DNA's may match.

Similarly, the commonality of DNA means that we should not call someone a brahmana merely because he claims that his parents are brahmanas, nor should we deny the possibility of becoming a dwija to someone who may be born to parents belonging to scheduled caste, for example. A good birth might imply some advantage but it can no more be like the advantage one has by being born to "educated" parents, say for example, being born to doctor parents. His early childhood might accord him a head start, that's about it. But to become "educated" himself, the ward has to study and learn for himself and then also practice it. What we need is not a caste-less society that some DF's (including the otherwise bright Subramanian Swamy) profess, rather we need to rediscover the True Varna System and the Associated Certification Process.

Sanatana Dharma is not a genetic civilization, it is a memetic civilization!

Is Sadananda Gowda promoting BJP's Hindutva?

The Chief Minister of Karnataka, D V Sadananda Gowda wants to proscribe the practice of Made Snana practiced in various temples in Karnataka. This is an instance of Dumb-Fucks coming in all shapes and sizes. Such social engineering projects can only exist in Islamic Socialism, not in a country boasting of Liberties and Freedom.

There are many many issues involved here:

1. Government interference in Temples is Evil Crime. Note that all these stupid politicians want religion to keep away from politics but they never want to keep politics away from religion. For favors they keep Islam and Christianity, and for disfavors Hinduism and Hindus.

2. What practices happen in a Temple are decided by their traditional patrons. If someone does not like them, he can choose not to go there. Many of us are vegetarians and we wouldn't go and watch an animal sacrifice in a temple. We may also recommend to our friends to refrain from such acts, but government proscription? Are we living in a Communist Dictatorship?

Practices in temples DID change in the past, but the changes were brought about by seers and saints who inspired the temple patrons to modify their practices. No chief minister until now has been a seer or a saint.

3. If Sadananda Gowda is interested in REAL reforms. he must fight for the independence of temples and fight against Temple funds / Tax payer's money being used for Haj subsidy.

If he is merely interested in projecting himself as a "True Secular", he should join JD(Secular) and hob-nob with the secular Gowdas openly.