Sunday, November 13, 2011


Before parliamentary elections in 2014, we Hindus must be able to find 500-600 able political candidates who must then contest elections on a pro-Hindu agenda.

1. Pro-Hindu not in the apologetic BJP sense wherein they criticize pseudo-Secularism while claiming to subscribe to true-Secularism. We must discredit Secularism itself.

2. Pro-Hindu not in the sense of condescending and violent reformers, rather those confident and self-believing leaders who may also pursue reforms more as a health-keeping pursuit. We must tell anti-Hindu reformers mind their own business and bother about reforming themselves.

3. Pro-Hindu not in the sense of perpetrators of birth-based discriminations, rather those humble and ready to self-examine Spiritual persons who are deeply interested in understanding the essence of Varnashrama Dharma, and interpreting it it the present context.

4. Pro-Hindu not in the sense of those who will surrender to the present Constitution and anti-Hindu ideologies of Mohandas and Jawahar, rather those who will boldly question, besides also contemplating and providing aletrnatives to, the present Constitution and the present system of Parliamentary Democracy.

We invite the comments from readers to make this list more comprehensive.


  1. Is birth based comprehension okay?
    Or is this going to be just some aalochana?

  2. Could you elaborate on the idea of birth based comprehension?

  3. "..3. Pro-Hindu not in the sense of perpetrators of birth-based discriminations...."
    The off-the-cuff remark was in response to the above point in your article.
    Today we are hearing this point very frequently in the ELM, eg. Subramaniam Swamy (in current speeches) and ELM articles.
    Please read the following:
    For what it is worth, Swami Kriyananda of the YSS has also given similar opinions.
    Till 200-300 years ago, EVERY FOREIGNER visiting India praised its'social system and justice.
    Deliberate implants and twisting of Indian history, the visceral hatred of the Communists etc have spread lies which have now been internalized: that there was tremendous birth-based discrimination and the Brahmins are the culprits.
    Please read Sw. Vivekananda's statements also...."the older I grow, the more I realize the merits of India's systems..." here
    My comments are merely a response to the above.

  4. @seadog ...

    Sorry, your comment was delivered into the spam folder. Luckily, I was scanning the spam folder instead of deleting it!

    Thanks for the comment. You have mentioned a very important point that until very recently (200-300 years ago) India was being praised for its greatness. And then suddenly the tone changed to that of condemnation.

    Revision of history, especially with a view to knowing the truth, is a major task that Hindus need to undertake.

    Though it is true that it requires a very large movement, it is also true that if lots of individuals take small initiatives and are open to teaming up with like minded friends, such large a movement is not that difficult a possibility.


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