Thursday, May 31, 2012

Manmohan Singh is not even Caser's Wife's Maid! He is Italian Maid's Handmaid!!

It is really stupid of anyone to imagine anyone above suspicion, much more so when someone has been heading the UPA-I and II, which is what Manmohan Singh has been doing.

We have said it before, and we repeat here that personal probity is irrelevant. Whether Manmohan Singh is unlike Bill Clinton who enjoyed a fellatio at White House during office hours is not the issue here. Whether Manmohan Singh accepted bribes or not again is not the issue here. First of all, we emphasize that we do not think that Manmohan Singh is even personally clean. What we also emphasize is that even if he was clean personally it does not matter. He is "non-personally" dirty enough to deserve the severest of criticism.

As a "clean person" if he has not resigned until now, he should have revolted or revealed! The fact that he has not told the nation the compulsions (barring the platitude of colaition compulsions) under which he is operating, and why is is willingly tolerating those compulsions rather than fighting against them!

He did not sack Chidambaram or Raja. He dis not reveal the details of Sonia Gandhi. He did not sack Sibal after the Ramlila Ground incident past midnight, rather he evaded the issue saying that was unfortunate and yet inevitable. Manmohan is surely not to be trusted even personally.

We also wonder why he is compared with Caeser's wife as in the quotation "Caeser's wife must be above suspicion". He not even Caeser's wife's maid! Manmohan, through UPA-I and II has been operating as Italian Maid's maid!! Now whether he "personally" offers any oral services for the pleasures of the Maid is not relevant. Whether Manmohan Singh is a strange bedfellow in the acts with Abhishek Manu Singhvi is also irrelevant here. Not that these matters are irrelevant by themselves. But that the crimes of Manmohan Singh are much much more than kissing the nieghbor's wife behind his neighbor's back!

What is relevant is that he has been cooperating with the thieves who are populating the cabinet. He has ensured that the thieves will look after his welfare after he retires. Manmohan may even run away to Italy to escape arrest. Prashant Bhushan is wrong to compare him with Shikhandi, Manmohan is a trojan horse against Hindus and India.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Indian Parliament Turned 60 recently, But It Has been Senile Since Its Beginning!

At the outset, we would like to clarify that we do not hold the Current Constitution in any high esteem. At worst it should have been trashed a few decades ago, at best it has served some purpose in somehow pulling us along but it is on its last breaths and needs to be laid to rest. 

It was fun to watch a bunch of jokers feeling great about their employer-institution completing 60 years. If it was a bunch of tiny-tots celebrating Janmashtami it would be much more fun and understandable. But when it is a bunch of intellectual-tiny-tots imagining themselves to be leaders, nay rather Crooks masquerading as Saviors, it is horrifying to say the least.

The Parliament, which prides itself as being the Supreme Authority in India, and which so fervently is devoted to the Constitution for providing it with that Demi-god-like infallible status, has in fact repeatedly indulged in acts least befitting its self-anointed status. Be that as it may, in contrast, notwithstanding its repeated claims of being worshipful of the Constitution: 

1. The Parliament has repeatedly (although Constitutionally!) amended the Constitution for the flimsiest of Reasons. For example, to incorporate Secularism and Socialism into its core; increasing their own salaries, perks and other freebies, and such "important" matters.

2. In contrast, the Parliament and the Constitution have utterly failed in arresting the Deterioration in Law and Order, and astronomical levels of corruption all over the country.

3. The Parliament has been increasingly filled with extremely corrupt politicians who are chosen by the Parties which claim to hold the nation very dear and the parliament, and the Constitution in great honor. Likewise, nominated members, as well as elected members to Rajya Sabha are increasingly chosen capriciously.

4. The Constitution is shamelessly pro-Minority and anti-majority. In addition, the Parliament has shamelessly extended Affirmative Action and is equally shamelessly including newer and newer category of people into beneficiaries.

5. The Parliament, at the behest of ruling alliances, has been indulging in Centralization of power at the center while providing mere lip service to Federalism.

6. Recently it displayed the severity of its intellectual bankruptcy by banning all cartoons in text-books.

And so on and on and on.

As the time progresses the Parliament is not becoming mature, rather it is becoming cynic and self-centered. For the flimsiest of reasons it becomes chagrined and attempts privilege motions against those who express their opinions about the Parliament and its members. Needless to mention that the Parliament has been senile since its very inception; Or else despite having seen the millions who suffered during partition, they should not have gone in for Secularism and Socialism as well as other dreaded poisons in form of various evil policies.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Can a Prostitute be Raped?

The cricket tournament IPL is not worth writing about at all. Under the shadow of a sting operation revealing spot-fixing charges, the event needs to be renamed as WCF (on the lines of World Wrestling Federation), for the events there are stage managed too. Another incident wherein a Bollywood star - we wonder why there are only Muslim male stars, is it because the Bollywood runs on underworld money borrowed from Pakistani ISI? - exhibited his true nature, has been a topic of debate. However, a recent incident has raised an important question. A woman has alleged that she was molested by a player belonging to a team managed by Siddharth Mallya - whose unearned riches are matched only by his imbecility. His imbecility was on show when this blighter tweeted  about the woman to the effect that the woman was of a loose character (whatever that may mean).

For the sake of argument, let us assume for the moment that a woman, who works as a Commercial Sex Worker (CSW) alleges rape, and some intellectually negligible person argues that the woman is a CSW. What does that imply? That if a woman works as a prostitute, she can be raped? Give us a break! To be fair to the brat, he may have only hinted that the charges must be thoroughly investigated before jumping to the conclusions. However, we believe that to be highly unlikely, especially given the ubiquitous stupid behavior of Indian brats.

Be that as it may, we must realise that Prostitution must be accepted as a respectable profession. We do not mean that we must encourage young women to become prostitutes. We do not even mean that women should not be discouraged from becoming prostitutes. We also emphasize that no one must be, least of all small girls, forced into prostitution. At the same time, we underline that if a woman, for whatever reasons, has voluntarily chosen to be a prostitute, her choice and her profession must be respected as most other professions. Please note, that this does not mean that we must allow Prostitution to be practiced anywhere and everywhere! However that is another matter for another article, and for now we return to the issue at hand. In today's standards, we believe that being Prostitute could be viewed as much more respectable than being a Parliamentarian, especially going by what the current breed of parliamentarians wantonly indulges in!

Further, trading is a voluntary exchange of goods, services, etc. A prostitute can not be forced to trade her flesh against her will. Thus, if a person forces a prostitute to sell her services, even if he is willing to pay a much larger price than she demands from her other clients to whom she willingly obliges, it must be considered an offence. We understand that there could be a large number of occasions wherein sex-workers could resort to falsely alleging rape, and such cases must be dealt with equally critically. However, only a fool would argue, as the imbecile brat has done, that if a woman is of "loose character", she can be raped.

Whether the woman involved in the incident is of a "loose character" or not is unknown. But what has evidently become clearly manifest is that those who are running the IPL show, viz., the Team-owners, many of the organisers, and most politicians are Pimps, and are pretty unscrupulous pimps at that. Being an honest pimp for an honest prostitute is surely respectable. However these are unscrupulous pimps who deserve no consideration, least of all our respect.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rape the Rapists

Over the years the incidents of rape have increased quite dramatically. One might argue that this is true of all crimes and that is a fact as well. The way our Law and Order situation has deteriorated in the country is an indication of the ineffectiveness of our Constitution and the grotesque insensitivity of the self-glorifying parliament. We have written about this earlier too (see here, here, here, here and here). The way many of the people wantonly commit horrendous acts and roam about scot-free is a matter of grave concern.

In the present times of sexual permissiveness, consensual-sex and what not, the line between consent and lack of it is often blurred. However, that must not deter us from taking an extremely harsh stance against rape. We as Hindus must remember that the greatest of the two epic wars, one in the Ramayana and the other in the Mahabharata were fought for the dignity of women. We can not claim that we respect Draupadi and Sita while we allow their descendants to be ill-treated.

Rape is a crime of higher dimension than even murder. In terms of cruelty, possibly suffocating an infant to its death might exceed rape. In terms of suffering and humiliation, rape far exceeds other crimes like murder. There can be some debate about what should be the criteria to determine rape. However, once rape has been established, the punishment must be worse than death.

We have been arguing for the initiation of exemplary punishment, for otherwise it is already quite late and we may have no other means to deter future and budding criminals.

Baba Ramdev turns into Maulana Rahimdev!

We had our apprehensions long ago about the Secular potentialities of Baba Ramdev and his Bharat Swabhiman Andolan; and they have turned out to be fairly accurate. In a recent speech this Baba promised to fight for the rights of the Muslims (and Christians)! For example see here, here, here  and here.

What else can you expect from a Yadav (Ramdev is a Yadav!) except Secularism? We already have Maulana-Singh Yadav (Mulayam) and Laila Yadav (Lalu), and now this Yadav joins their band! For all his love of Muslims, Ramdev might as well call himself a Rahimdev!

Phew. So this is what the Hindus claim proudly as their saviors and leaders! Modi who killed 250 Hindus in Gujarat, Subramanian Swamy who says that merely accepting their Hindu ancestry will make Muslims eligible to join his brotherhood, and now Ramdev who vowed to fight for the rights of Muslims and Christians.

The Dumb-Fuck Baba has no balls to tell the Muslims (and Christians) that if conversion did not end their socio-economic plight, they might as well return to their Hindu-Dalit fold and fight for their rights as Hindus!

This moron has neither the wisdom nor the courage to tell the Muslims (and Christians) that if they chose Islam (Christianity) thinking that it was one (and only) True-Faith then they made a mistake and therefore they must rectify the mistake by home coming.

This ignoramus has neither the knowledge nor the guts to tell us the truth that a lot of Birth-based-unfair-discrimination in India is most probably owing to Islam and Christianity. He does not know that not all discrimination is bad per se.

This blind-claiming-to-be-a-seer does not critique birth-based, state-institutionalised Affirmative Action nor does he offer any alternative solution to the problem that is putatively addressed by Affirmative Action.

As we mentioned in this entry

... We need to understand the mind-set of Hindus in India, and how that mind-set has come about. If we take a look at the state of our nation, it is not difficult to observe that:

1. Hindus think that being Secular is a great virtue, Hinduism is Secular and India is, rightly, a Secular country.

2. Non-Hindus (Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs ...) think that India is a Hindu country, but it should be a Secular country, and it is the responsibility of Hindus in India to ensure that India becomes a truly Secular country.

And we concluded:

1. Baba Ramdev might shamelessly surrender to the Dar ul Uloom for a paltry support from a small number of Muslims, sacrificing the interests of the very large number of hindus who may be supporting him.

That is why emphasize our Clarion Call:

O Hindus, realize that no politician or Baba is representing you! So you need to choose and elect new politicians from among yourselves who will represent your interests. Make new politicians, make new political parties. Encourage people amongst you with spine to become your representatives. Refuse to be led and manipulated by a bunch of Mohandas and Jawahar clones. These clones will lead you to your doom! Say NO to them.

If you do not find able leaders, become ones, at least strive to become ones, and also work towards making abler future leaders. Be suspicious of even the Babas. They use your support but work for the Muslims, Christians, Buddhists etc. sacrificing your interests.

Rather read, learn and practice from your own scriptures, rediscover and persevere in your own efforts in your own spiritual tradition and become enlightened. And with this enlightenment work towards reawakening the practice of Sanatana Dharma towards establishing Sanatana Bharat.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rajiv Gandhi, Direct Action of Muslim League, and Narendra Modi: The True Class Conflict!

Rajiv Gandhi said in 1984  "Some riots took place in the country following the murder of Indiraji. We know the people were very angry and for a few days it seemed that India had been shaken. But, when a mighty tree falls, it is only natural that the earth around it does shake a little". More than a few thousand Sikhs died, massacred mercilessly by Congress Goons and Muslims, not merely orchestrated but also supervised by the likes of Sajjan Kumar, HKL Bhagat etc. 

During the direct action plan  of the Muslim League, hundreds and thousands of Hindus have been mercilessly massacred by Muslims.

However, Rajiv Gandhi is a beloved ex-Prime Minister of India, so beloved that his beloved (Sonia G.) is now ruling the country with the help of the spineless Manmohan Singh! Needless to add that Rajiv G. is to be viewed as a great protector of the minorities and a confirmed Secular. Similarly, Muslims are painted as the eternal victims, never mind the numerous terror attacks that are designed and carried out by the Madrasas funded by the government run by Seculars using the money taken from Hindus.

Haven't you heard the typical statements made by the ruling class? Statements like: Oh, those peace-loving weapon-wielding Muslims belonging to the Religion of Peace are so meek. If they kill a few hundred Hindus in frustration, should we not understand and accommodate him? Or, If they batter their wives under the able guidance from their peace-loving religion, shouldn't we overlook that slight? And such oozing of wisdom goes on and on and bloody on. The bloodier the onsalught on Hindus, the bloodier the Islam-dictated-and-mandated atrocities on women, the rosier the wisdom disgorged by the bleeding-heart wise men and women! The same can be said of the other Social-Justice-seeking pro-Dalit rabid-anti-Hindu victim-saviors of India.

Muslims burnt two train bogeys full of Hindus - men, women and children of various Hindu denominations including dalits - yet a soft-hearted Narendra Modi said in 2001 "On the contrary, I had issued orders to maintain peace, communal harmony at any cost". In the ensuing phase more than 250 Hindus were killed by the Police. For such blatant partisan behavior, Modi should have been demonized for having such deep sympathy for Muslims and anti-pathy against Hindus. 

Instead, what do we observe? We observe Modi being demonized, and that too, being demonized as pro-Hindu! What is the reason? One reason is that the champions of Social Justice, including the walking fecal matter container Lalu Yadav, are against Modi for he belongs to a caste lower than theirs. Another reason is that the champions of Socialism, including the Convent Educated Yechurys and Rahul Gandhis, find Modi to be of lower class than theirs. Yet another reason is that the champions of women's rights, including the likes of Roys - both Aruna and Arundhati - and Brinda Karat, find Modi to be of vernacular background as opposed to their English Speaking Convent background. Therefore, though Mayawati, who gets her shoes flown in in chartered aircraft is considered a Dalit leader, while a frugal Modi is painted as an agent of the upper-caste.

There is indeed a class conflict going on, though not in the Marxian sense, but rather in the more correct sense of the Exploiter vs the Exploited; those luxuriating at Tax payers' expense vs those working hard to pay the taxes.

Sonia to Rahul, Manmohan to Mulayam, Lalu Yadav to RamVilas Paswan, Aruna Roy to Arundhati Roy, all belong to the exploiter class. Their constituency are the Muslims and various such recipients of Affirmative Action. The same recipients who for the sake of the miniscule fraction of the immoral gigantic wealth redistribution that they get - the wealth distribution that takes place from the hard-working tax payers to the hard-luxuriating tax consumers - and  therefore act as vote banks to sustain the political power of this exclusive bunch of exploiters. Approximately ninety nine percent of tax colloection comes from Hindus while ninety nine percent of tax beneficiaries are usually anti-Hindus. Well, even if that is not exactly the case, that is the goal of the current ruling class of India.

It is high time that tax-payers (largely Hindus) contemplated as well as implemented Direct Action Plans against these tax-consumers, viz., Gandhis, Yadavs, Roys, Karats and others belonging to this exculsive club. Afterall, direct action can never be an exclusive privilege of those defined to be victims by the self-appointed bleeding heart chauvinists of Affirmative Action. The truly victimized and oppressed, the Hindus must exercise their prerogative as well. And if government or its machinaery impedes this exercise, its members must be dismemebered so that the survivors remember that injustice eventually does beget injustice.

Recall how the peaceful assembly of Baba Ramdev followers was perceived as a threat against law and order. In contrast, the Congress and such anti-Hindu lobby is crying hoarse that the brutal burning of passengers at Godhra Station did not deserve any reaction! Also recall how Men, Women and Children were brutalized by tax-funded - taxes paid by Hindus - Police officials at the Ramlila Ground; while Maoists are rewarded with the release of their comrades! 

Baba Ramdev may have shelved his plan of making an army, but the Hindus should not shelve that plan. The majority of people working in army, police and such services, who are patriotic and discerning must voluntarily extend all overt and covert support to such initiatives. 

The army, the paramilitary and the police must realize that they exist to protect the people, the common hardworking tax paying citizens predominantly comprising of Hindus; and not the criminals, the corrupt, the tax-beneficiaries, and the gloating-in-self-glory ruling class. In the fight between the people and the exploiters, the military and the police must side with the people. Those who grovel at the commands of the anti-Hindu ruling class are not different from the British Generals, the likes of Michael Dwyer and Colonel Reginald Edward Harry Dyer. Howver, such evil men must remember that Hindus are also capable of breeding Bhagat Singh and Udham Singh.

Hindus must unite and destroy this ant-Hindu ruling class. Nobody else will do it for them. They must act to help themselves.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Amicus Curae or Assinine Opinionated?

The amicus curae report has been made public. Some of the relevant points are copy-pasted below, and some important sections are blue and our comments in green.

6. The most important allegation in the complaint, which is required to be considered in detail by this Hon'ble Court, is the allegation made against the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shri Narendra Modi. It is alleged that, in a high-level meeting held at about 11.00 P.M. on 27.02.2002 at Mr. Narendra Modi's residence, illegal instructions were issued to senior police officers and bureaucrats "not to deal with the Hindu rioting mobs". It is also alleged that the Chief Minister had influenced the police at the time of the riots, as two of his cabinet colleagues were placed in the State Police Control Room and the Ahmedabad City Police Control Room respectively on 28.02.2002."

Against modi, mere allegations are always enough!

"16. As already stated in paragraph 6, the most serious allegation levelled by the complainant was regarding the alleged statement made by Shri Modi in the meeting convened on 27.02.2002. Therefore, an interaction with the witnesses who could throw some light on the said meeting was necessary. Similarly, witnesses relating to the positioning of the 2 Cabinet Ministers were also relevant. Accordingly, an interaction took place with the following witnesses at Gandhinagar on 18th and 19th June, 2011, namely (1) Shri Sanjiv Bhatt, (2) Smt. Swarnakanta Verma, (3) Shri K. Chakravarthi, (4) Shri G.C. Raiger, (5) Shri P.C. Upadhyaya and (6) Shri P.C. Pande, the then Commissioner of Police. (The first of whom, as already stated, claims to have been present at the meeting at the Chief Minister’s residence on 27.02.2002, and stated that the Chief Minister gave illegal instructions, while the remaining persons do not accept his presence.) "

Against modi, mere allegations are always enough!

18. It may be mentioned that Shri Bhatt brought along with himself his former driver, Shri Tarachand Yadav. He also submitted an affidavit of Shri Tarachand Yadav, sworn on 17.06.2011, stating that the same had been sent for filing in this Hon’ble Court. The said affidavit seeks to support Shri Bhatt’s assertion that he had gone to the residence of the Chief Minister on 27.02.2002. Shri Bhatt also submitted an affidavit of Shri K.D. Panth, Police Constable, affirmed on 17.06.2011, again stating that the same had been sent for filing in this Hon’ble Court. The said affidavit seeks to support Shri Bhatt’s version about going to the Chief Minister’s residence on the night of 27.02.2002. Shri Rahul Sharma submitted an analysis of the call records of senior police officers which, according to Shri Sharma, corroborates Shri Bhatt's statement. These documents were taken by me only with a view to help me in understanding the statements recorded by the SIT.

19. It is necessary to state that the interaction was in order to understand and appreciate the statements already made by the witnesses to the SIT and, therefore, no fresh statements were either recorded or got signed by me. The witnesses more or less reiterated what they had stated in their Section 161 Cr.P.C statements.

Typical pseudo-humilty and pseudo-wisdom by anti-Hindus.

20. The most vital material, supporting the allegation made by the Petitioner against Shri Modi, is the statement of Shri Sanjiv Bhatt, the then DCP (Intelligence). The SIT has concluded that his version is not believable for various reasons, inter alia that (a) the other senior officers present in the said meeting have not supported his statement, (b) his silence for more than 9 years without any proper explanation appears to be suspicious, (c) a number of departmental and criminal proceedings have been instituted by the Government and hence, Shri Bhatt has an axe to grind with the Government of Gujarat. Therefore, the SIT opines that his statement is motivated and cannot be relied upon. The SIT also points out discrepancies in Shri Bhatt’s versions about the exact language said to have been used by the Chief Minister. The SIT also discredits Shri Bhatt by pointing out that his version about a subsequent meeting at the Chief Minister’s residence on 28.02.2002 at about 10:30 hours cannot be believed because his mobile phone records show that he was at Ahmedabad at 10:57 A.M., and therefore could not have reached Gandhinagar before 11:30 A.M.

21. The SIT has further pointed out that Shri Bhatt has tried to tutor witnesses (Shri Tarachand Yadav and Shri K.D. Panth) to support his version. I have also received a copy of a letter (marked confidential) dated 22.06.2011 from the Under Secretary, Home Department to the Chairman, SIT. In the said letter, the Government of Gujarat has stated that it has “retrieved” several emails of Shri Sanjiv Bhatt (I am not commenting on the legality of such “retrieval”). According to the Government of Gujarat:

“It leaves no room for doubt that it is a systematic and larger conspiracy, through Shri Sanjiv Bhatt, involving top leaders of Congress Party in Gujarat, vested interest groups surviving on anti-Gujarat campaign and electronic and print media reporters all of whom have started final efforts to keep the Godhra riot issue live based on concocted facts and Shri Sanjiv Bhatt, through all of them, is trying to build up a story at a stage when after almost 10 long years the Hon’ble Supreme Court has virtually concluded the judicial proceedings after undertaking tremendous judicial exercise as elaborately pointed out in the affidavit of the State Government.”

22. I am conscious of the fact that though Shri Bhatt has been contending that he would speak only when under a legal obligation to do so, his conduct after making his statement under Section 161 Cr.P.C. has not been that of a detached police officer who is content with giving his version. I am left with no doubt that he is actively “strategizing”, and is in touch with those who would benefit or gain mileage from his testimony. But these factors, in my view, cannot be grounds for ignoring his statement at this stage.

And despite the dubitable nature of the accuser, his accusations must be heeded to!

23. In my opinion, despite the aforesaid background, it does not appear very likely that a serving police officer would make such a serious allegation against Shri Modi, the Chief Minister of the State, without some basis. There is no documentary material of any nature whatsoever which can establish that Shri Bhatt was not present in the meeting on 27.02.2002. In the absence of the minutes of the meeting, there is again no documentary material available as to the participants in the meeting and what transpired at the said meeting. Therefore, it is the word of Shri Bhatt against the word of other officers, senior to him. The SIT has chosen to believe the word of the senior officers, i.e. senior bureaucrats and police officers. However, I find that the SIT itself, in its Preliminary Report, has observed as follows [at p.13]:-

"(3) Some of the public servants, who had retired long back, claimed loss of memory as they did not want to get involved in any controversy.

(4) The other category of public servants, who have recently retired and provided with good post-retirement assignments, felt obliged to the State Government and the present Chief Minister and therefore their testimony lacks credibility.

(5) The serving public servants, who have been empanelled for the higher posts, did not want to come into conflict with the politicians in power and incurred their wrath which affected their frank response."

And yet Bhatt's statements must be heeded!

24. I also find it difficult to accept the conclusion of the SIT that Shri Bhatt’s statement is motivated, because he has an axe to grind with the State Government over issues concerning his career. Further, in my opinion, it may not be proper to disbelieve Shri Bhatt at this stage, only because the other officers have not supported his statement. Similarly, the delay in making the statement cannot be the sole ground to disbelieve the statement at this stage, especially in view of his explanation that as an Intelligence Officer who was privy to a lot of sensitive information, he would make a statement only when he was under a legal obligation to do so.

Since it is difficult to prove that Bhatt is motivated so we must assume that he is not motivated! What inversion?

29. I reiterate here that I am fully conscious of the fact that the statement made by Shri Bhatt has possible limitations inter alia (a) the delay of 9 years in coming out with his version, and (b) the statements of other senior officers contesting his claim. I am also fully conscious of the fact that Shri Bhatt has made attempts to get other witnesses (i.e. Shri Tarachand Yadav, Shri K.D. Panth etc) to support his case, and has been part of a “strategizing” effort. However, it is ultimately for the competent court to decide whether Shri Bhatt is to be believed or not. As long as some material indicates that the allegation may be true, the case must proceed further in accordance with law.

35. The next question which arises is that, if the statement of Shri Bhatt is to be believed, then what offence(s) are made out against Shri Modi. The direct role of Shri Modi is limited to allegedly making this statement on 27.02.2002. Though it is alleged that, with a view to ensuring that his instructions were carried out by the Police Department, Shri Modi had positioned 2 of his cabinet colleagues at the State Police Control Room and the Ahmedabad City Police Control Room respectively, the SIT has come to the conclusion that the Ministers did not interfere in any manner with the functioning of the Police. The material collected by the SIT does not indicate that these 2 ministers interfered with the working of the police department at the time the riots were taking place. However, there is the possibility that the very presence of these 2 Ministers had a dampening effect on the senior police officials, i.e. the DGP and the Commissioner of Police, Ahmedabad, if indeed Shri Modi had made a statement (as alleged) the previous night. This is again one of the circumstances which can be taken into account and examined during the course of trial.

39. If Shri Sanjiv Bhatt is to be believed, the message conveyed by the Chief Minister (at the meeting held at his residence on 27.02.2002), was further conveyed by the very stationing of the 2 Ministers in the Police Control Rooms. While there is no direct material to show how and when the message of the Chief Minister was conveyed to the 2 Ministers, the very presence of political personalities unconnected with the Home Portfolio at the Police Control Rooms is circumstantial evidence of the Chief Minister directing, requesting or allowing them to be present. As already noted, the Chairman, SIT himself has found that their positioning in the Police Control Rooms had, at least, the Chief Minister’s “tacit approval”.

40. However, there is no material to show that the Ministers interfered with the functioning of the Police Department or gave any instructions to the senior police officers. Even Shri Bhatt, who claims to have been present in the Police headquarters at that time, says that Shri Jadeja did not remain in the office of the DGP for a very long time. There is an absence of material to indicate that the statement of Shri Modi, allegedly made in the meeting on 27.02.2002, had been actively implemented by the Ministers or the 2 police officials who participated in the said meeting.

Thus the amicus curae goes on and on to tell us why we must still keep investigating against Modi. Why? Because, Modi is assumed to be guilty and so investigation must continue until some evidence however much doctored comes out!

We are reminded of an extremely contrasting case: famous OJ Simpson Murder Case. OJS was alleged to have murdered his girl-friend. OJS is Black and his girl-friend was White. There were two gloves which were allegedly used by OJS. At the height of the case, the question was "Did the gloves fit?". Despite the preponderance of other evidences including DNA, OJS was acquitted on the flimsiest of doubts. OJS was more than ninety nine percent guilty and yet was acquitted owing to less then one percent doubt.

In the present case of Bhatt, the relevant questions are:

Was Sanjiv Bhatt present in the alleged meeting, if it was held, that is?

And if so, did Modi utter what Bhatt alleges he did.

We do not know what evidence can be brought to establish these, and whether Bhatt's testimony is to be taken as reliable.

Yet, the amicus curae recommends prosecution!

The main argument used by amicus curae to ask initiation of investigation against Mr. Modi is that the affidavit submitted by Sanjiv Bhatt must be given due credence given his seniority and given the sensitivity and the seriousness of the allegations and the case.

Subramanian Swamy has held positions more respectable than Sanjiv Bhatt and he is on record saying that Sonia Gandhi has been involved in various scams.

Thus before one even contemplates whether there is a case for investigating Modi, there is ample case to initiate investigation against Sonia Gandhi.

Further Modi allegedly headed the meeting. Manmohan Singh has been heading this corrupt government for past ten years and yet he is clean!

Similarly regarding Sajjan Kumar etc.

However, everybody, including the likes of Sajjan Kumar (1984 riots infamy), Quattrocchi (Bofors infamy) are taken to be innocent even when proven guilty; while Modi is treated guilty even if proven innocent. This is the level to which the anti-Hindu ethos has stooped to in this country.

We demand that if there has to be any investigation or prosecution, it has to be against: First Sonia, Sajjan Kumar, Chidambaram, ... and after that first Sanjiv Bhatt and only after that, let there be even a debate if there needs to be any further investigation against Modi.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

An in-principle Acceptance of Legitimacy of Modi's Candidature as PM Must Be the Litmus Test for a Least-Anti-Hindu Partnership.

Elections may happen anytime between now and 2014. The Congress is prepared to lose, but it is striving hard to ensure its priorities. In our opinion the priorities of the Congress are:

1. A non-BJP government, preferably third front (third-rate front) at the center with a Mohandasian Jawaharian PM.

2. Even if NDA forms a government, Modi must not be the PM.

The tactical maneuver of the Socialist Secular politicians have all been aligned with the same goal. On opposition to Modi; Lalu and Nitish are united, Akhilesh and Mayawati are united, the Congress, the CPM and even the Maosists are united; Why?

Is it because Modi orchestrated the subdued response to the dastardly carnage in Sabarmati Express by Muslim Extremists? Is it because Modi is accused of being dictatorial? Is it because Modi blah blah blah? Should we believe that Modi will be accepted as not-guilty if the courts exonerated him?

The answer to each of these is an unequivocal NO.

The Congress orchestrated anti-Sikh riots in 1984, falsely called them Hindu-Sikh riots, and yet is a Secular Party. While Modi, even if he gets exonerated by the courts will be held morally-guilty. Congress breathed in and out under the thumb of Jawahar (post China-war defeat the backside licking of Jawahar continued), Indira (Devkant Barua an erstwhile Congress President stated that India is Indira and Indira is India), and  does so now under Sonia, but Jawahar, Indira or Sonia are never called dictators, rather they are termed beloved leaders. Lalu owns his RJD, Mulayam owns his SP, Mayawati owns her BSP, Mamata owns her TMC, and they too are not dictators. But Modi is a dictator! Whose standards and what morals are these? 

Why is it that anti-Hindu terror is seen in Secular terms while even a mere questioning of this is considered Hindu-Communalism? Why is it that whether it is Mamata or Mayawati, Navin or Nitish, Akhilesh Yadav or Lalu Yadav, they boldly and shamelessly unite for Secularism (against the putative Hindu-Communalism), boldly and shamelessly unite for Social-Justice (against putative Hindu-Casteism); but they never ever display even an iota of interest for Hindu interests and safety? Do we need complex theories to understand this? No. At worst it is anti-Hindu unjust mind-set and at best it is anti-Hindu appeasement for political opportunism. Every political outfit exhibits this crass behavior. At the first opportunity to form a government the wind-bag Vajpeyee led BJP compromised on Hindutva. This is why we term that political outfits in India are not Secular or pseudo-Secular; they are either anti-Hindu or pseudo-Hindu. This has to change.

There are a few individuals who display from time to time a somewhat Hindu-sympathetic behavior. Bal Thackeray, Subramanian Swamy and Narendra Modi being some of them. And recall that they do it only occasionally while their opponents display anti-Hindu ethos contiuously. For example Bal Thackeray played a vital role in the release of Sanjay Dutt who had committed grossly anti-Hindu crime. Swamy has once called RSS evil. And Modi underplays Hindu causes. But for the presence of Modi administration, the understandable reaction to the evil and unprovoked Godhra carnage would have been much bigger. Thus the supposed pro-Hindu stance of these leaders is intermittant at best. And yet, merely for an occasional inclination towards Hindu-sympathy, the ubiquitous partners in anti-Hindu alliance hate them and demonize them. This shows the depth of the vile hatred the Jawaharian Socialists and Seculars have against the Hindus.

Bal Thackeray, Subramanian Swamy and Narendra Modi must be supported and encouraged not because they are pro-Hindu, which they are not; but because they are the least anti-Hindu among the current politicians. And we need to use Narendra Modi as the litmus test because the anti-Hindu alliance of the Jawaharian Socialists and Secularists hates him the most. Thus, for the forthcoming election (in 2014 or earlier) anyone who is opposed to Modi's candidature as PM must be rejected as Jawaharian anti-Hindu. The formation of any alliance that is not anti-Hindu, the litmus test must be the in-principle acceptance of Modi's candidature for PM. The main question is not about who is to be projected as PM. The main point is that those who oppose the candidature of a person merely because he is perceived as pro-Hindu must surely be squarely rejected.

Let the UPA, the Third Front (third rate front) and even the NDA go to dogs. What we Hindus must desire and work for, to begin with, in the forthcoming general elections, is a Least Anti-Hindu Alliance. And none who refuses even the legitimacy of Bal Thackeray's Ram-Temple stance, Subramanian Swamy's anti-Islamic-Terror-solution, and Modi's merely perceptible pro-Hindutva, to be included in the political discourse, must be comprehensivley rejected. We have had enough of anti-Hindu Jawaharism. We may be far from pro-Hindu mind-set. But we must begin by building the Least anti-Hindu mind-set. And for that, in-principle Acceptance of Legitimacy of Modi's Candidature as PM Must Be the Litmus Test.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lots of Hullabaloo over a Useless though Very Expensive Post: The President

If Pratibha Patil could become the president of India, then barring possibly Ajmal Kasab and Afzal Guru, just about anybody is fit to become the president. But then why all this fuss over the coming presidential elections? Since independence India has been electing president as beauty contests elect winners. This may not necessarily be wrong, except that such winners should not luxuriate at tax-payers' expense. Now, Dr. Rajendra Prasad and possibly Dr. Radhakrishnan surely did not luxuriate, however, after that the rot set in. It is almost like saying that Marilyn Monroe was truly beautiful but that modern beauty pageants do not necessarily select the most beautiful person. To be more accurate the measure of beauty has undergone tremendous change under the combined onslaught of Gender Feminism, Multi-Culturalism, Social Justice, and so on and so forth. Not so curiously the same family of ideas dominate the election of the president as well.

Thus, sometimes the electorate want a Sikh president, sometimes a Muslim president, sometimes a Woman president, sometimes a Dalit president, and so on and on and boringly on. Nobody asks the question: What is the President there for? A ceremonial monarch? A all-expense-paid foreign dignitaries receiver-at-the-airport? What the bloody hell is the President there for? Why do we never ask, who will make a Deserving President? And what makes for deserving the post?

Again, not so curiously the title Bharat Ratna is also conferred likewise, the only difference being that unlike the President who drains the exchequer for 5 long years, Bharat Ratna is largely a one-time leak. Recall that a person like M G Ramachandran was deemed fit for the award.

The same goes for the post of Governor! Recently Sachin Tendulkar has been nominated to the Rajya Sabha. It looks as if our system of governance is looking for all qualities except the ability to govern in all election and selection processes.

To top it all, we keep patting ourselves on our butts claiming ourselves to be the largest, a vibrant and all such empty adjectives, democracy. Phew. Democracy our number eleven foot.

Be that as it may, the current conundrum before the low-intelligence-party (the one and only BJP!) has been: how to elect a non-Congress candidate for the President. And they have got a kick in the face and a bloody nose. If there is one party which loves being humiliated by its allies, it is the BJP. Following its own mentally negligible leaders, it keeps committing suicidal acts one after the other and then tries to paint it as sacrifices it made in the National Interest.

Presently it is busy cajoling Nitish Kumar, the man who should be shown the door for all the tantrums that he has shown. Further another kick is expected from Akali Dal and then possibly another from Mamata. However, the BJP has such abysmal lack of self-esteem and such insatiable greed for kicks by the allies that time and again it indulges in this self debasing acts. Of course its motives are to stand for what it terms true-Secularism, and Hindutva; while the fact of the matter is that it has become the electoral prostitute of opportunist mercenaries who use it and then kick it. Navin Patnayak did it, and Nitish will do it.

We Hindus must realize that there is a need for a pro-Hindu stand in the political discourse. All anti-Hindu scumbags whether of the pseudo-Hindutva/true-Secular kind or of the anti-Hindu/Secular kind must be rejected completely. Further notice the shamelessness in the pride with which the Congress is pressing for Pranab (the only old man who might oppose Rahul G becoming PM), Samajwadi Party's support for Hamid Ansari (who is just retiring from vice-Presidentship after a five-year-luxury at tax-payers' expense!), and Nitish's fretting at BJP's unilaterally declared opposition to these two. In light of this and the fact that our self appointed intelligentsia is not averse to have politicians donning the hat of the president (Pranab M.), not averse to Cartoons becoming the president; why is there nobody supporting the candidature of a decent Cartoonist, Bal Thackeray?

The Congress wants to reward the backside lickers of the dynastic family, the Seculars want to reward Muslims, The Socialists want to reward anti-Hindus; why can't the BJP have the courage to think of rewarding someone who has stood by their Hindutva agenda (however pseudo the agenda may have been) through the thick and thin? Barring a little amount of Marathi Manoos obsession - which is not so bad in itself given the fact that those in Delhi think that Delhi is India and India is Delhi - Ba Thackeray has been an OK man. If they think that a Marathi Cartoonist is too small a fry and a person (just like Pratibha Patil) of international intellectual repute (as if it means anything at all, when will this perpetual inferiority complex end?) is a must, then Dr. Subramanian Swamy is no less deserving!

Any aspiring pro-Hindutva party must understand one thing very very clearly. They must learn the perseverance and determination to go alone. If they have the strength and courage to go alone, allies will join (and become fellow travelers); otherwise the allies will enjoin (and become kicking dictators, as they have already become to the nightmare of the BJP!).