Dumb Fucks

What do you tell a child when you see it running on a road with banana-skins spread all over? You instinctively tell it, "Hey, don't do this stupidity. Don't be stupid".

What do you tell an adult who is doing the same? You tell the person, "Hey, watch out, notice the danger. Don't be careless".

What do you tell an adult, who has repeatedly fallen while running on a road with banana skins spread all over, and who is starting run all over again on the same road? You don't tell the person anything. You tell other persons that the adult is a Dumb Fuck.

So the concept of DF (Dumb Fuck) is becoming clearer. Time and again, they repeat the same mistakes. And often they also consider it to be their moments of pride! And DF-ery is when an adult repeats a well known mistake.

There have been many examples of DF's and DF-ery. This blog is absolutely uncompromising and even more so unforgiving in pointing them out. And yes, you are welcome to point out DF-ery of this blog too! We are not omniscient, and we would be very grateful to you if you provide us with corrective feed back. And yes, you can be as harsh if not more as this blog itself is!