Thursday, August 30, 2012

Don't Secularize Modi, Hinduise the Remaining Contenders for PM

There has been a huge hue and cry that the PM of the country should be secular. We did address a related issue in an earlier article (see here). Either as a result of that there has been a strong force or pressure to secularize Narendra Modi. We do not claim it to be an exhaustive analysis, however, we present here our guesses on the matter. After the next general elections, loosely speaking, one of the following outcomes will emerge:

1. UPA wins/manages a majority (unlikely? Not so much if EVM's are used!)

2. BJP wins 225+

3. BJP wins 150+

4. BJP wins 150(-) and Cong wins 100(-).

Please note that we are not mentioning NDA. The reasons will be made clear as we proceed. Whether it is outcome (2) or (3,4) will also depend upon what compromises the BJP makes to save the 'NDA'. Also, before the elections, the BJP will have to pick from the following choices:

a. With Modi as declared PM candidate.

b. With Modi hinted as candidate but not explicitly declared.

c. With Modi not declared but not ruled out.

d. With Modi declared as a non-candidate (without declaring a candidate).

e. With non-Modi as declared candidate.

The BJP guesses but is unsure that they will make maximum gains with option (a), however, they are afraid that the NDA will split and scatter if that is done; especially they fear that Nitish Secular Kumar will desert along with his coterie. Also there are many Modi-haters within the BJP. Therefore many in the BJP will want to attempt (c); or at best do a (b) and tell Nitish in private that Modi will not be the PM. Such in the BJP want  outcome (2) with option (b,c) but will even settle for outcome (3). This gives them the maximum flexibility. In this situation however, there will be immense in-fighting within the BJP. There will be a competition to be seen as the most Secular to garner the support of Regional 'secular' Parties. Most regional parties would prefer the situations (3) and (4), for that gives them the maximum bargaining power. The Congress would prefer situations (1) and (4).

For the sake of Hindu survival, Modi or (Modi++, a move towards Hindu friendliness) is necessary. Please note that without Modi, it will be one more strongly anti-Hindu government. That is why we have said this.

With outcome (1), a total revolution by Hindus including another partition between a Hindu and non-Hindu country will be the only solution for Hindu-survival. At the moment, one can hope that such a situation does not arise, but it is better to be prepared!

With outcome (2) and Modi as PM, a decade of stable non-Congress, less anti-Hindu government may be expected.

With outcome (3) A non-Modi BJP PM will be a Vajpeyi-clone, and an NDA with Vajpeyi-clone will result in Kargil-Kandahar-event-clones! Hindus must want to avoid not only Mumbai 26/11, but also Kargil-Kandahar-clones! 

With outcome (4) A third front PM with outside support from Congress will be the result. This will lead to more explicit Secular (anti-Hindu) activity and the Cong. will pull the plugs in about 2-3 years. This will be followed by the Congress returning to power, and the nation is back to square one!

Thus, only outcome (2) with Modi as PM is a somewhat feasible option. For such an outcome, we need to drive the message that the Hindu Voter is ready and kicking! Hindu sympathisers need a strategy for next 3-4 elections and not for just the next elections. If they secularise themselves or bend over backwards to accommodate the third(rate) front, they are doomed.

Also, for outcome (2), BJP will need to do (a). If BJP goes for anything other than (a), we strongly wish that the BJP splits and a new alliance with MOdi-as-PM-candidate emerges. Such an alliance must strive to win 225+ seats. Even otherwise, as we said, Hindus need a strategy for next 3-4 elections, so that Hindu-alliance ultimately wins a majority.

As an example, consider the following. Most people think that UPA means Congress, whereas they think that the BJP means the NDA! Mark the difference! While the Congress, despite citing "coalition political compulsions" to wriggle out of uncomfortable situations, constantly asserts its supremacy (by hook or by crook, as it did in the Presidential elections); the BJP again and again establishes itself as a pussy in dealing with its alliance partners! The BJP needs to realize that voters of this country will be unwilling to vote for a coalition led by a party which lacks in self confidence.

The right strategy for the BJP, if they are looking for Hindu support, would be to declare their policy to be unabashedly pro-Hindu and explicitly anti-anti-Hindu. Modi as the candidate can be is  a way of communicating this ideology. The Vajpeyi Advani way of begging and pleading for freedom from political untouchability is an expressway towards doom. Rather they must emphasize that the anti-Hindus are united in the form of Cong and the third front, and thus any genuine change can only come by electing an explicitly non anti-Hindu party or coalition.

Anti-anti-Hindus must try to consolidate themselves and win single-handedly. When in doubt contest. Do not look to unite anti-Congress votes, look to divide anti-Hindu votes. Don't focus on defeating the Congress, focus on winning! Even if BJP does not want to be a hostage to Modi, it needs to take a stand which tilts more towards Hindus than Modi's stand. Stand for stronger pro-Hindu policies and declare that the most pro-Hindu candidate will be made PM. Nitish Secular Kumar must be told that he is welcome to aspire to become a PM supported by the BJP provided he becomes the most pro-Hindu among the contenders for the post of PM! Otherwise he is at liberty to hope to be the PM with Congress support.

Modi who seems wont to harp on his development agenda must answer the following question for himself. Between an India which is a Economically Rich (Developed) Islamic Nation and an India which is Developing Sanatana Bharat, what would he choose as his vision? Notwithstanding the fact that the adjective Developed-Islamic is an oxymoron, we emphasize that we prefer a Developing Sanatana Bharat over a Rich-Islamic-Nation as our vision.

Oh, Hindus, if you are looking for Hindu-survival as a step towards Hindu-revival, the need is to resist all attempts at Secularisation of political theater. Don't Secularize Modi, Hinduise the Remaining Contenders for PM. That is the way; there are hardly any other ways. Hindus must look to move the political discourse towards pro-Hindu stance.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tremors owing to Rumours: Don't Censor Social Media, Expose your own Failure, You Stupid Government!

The big news is that the mass movement of NE people happened because of provocative messages from Social Media with false information sourced from Pakistan. So what should the government do? The government is contemplating censoring anti-India sites! Mark our words. The government does not want to protect you, it wants to seize even the limited freedoms that you have.

Let us look at the case in a simple manner:

1. Morphed pictures are uploaded, allegedly from Pakistan, and threats of violent reaction emerge.

2. The threats spread through Social Media.

3. People get scared and start fleeing to protect themselves.

Observe how Social Media has been merely a conveyor of information, which is what it is supposed to be. The information originated in Pakistan. What does Indian government do? The government meekly protests against Pakistan. Remember that post 9/11, a second rate official in Bush administration threatened the then president of Pakistan that Pakistan will be bombed to stone age if it did not cooperate. India being a vibrant and strong democracy, merely bleats. One may argue that India is not so strong as the USA is, but then the counter question is: Why is India not that strong? Will China not bomb Pakistan to stone age under similar provocation? Why is India not as strong as China? The answer is: India, hypnotized under Mohandasian and Jawaharian spell is a self-loathing, suicidal nation. Thus even grave threats to its very existence are merely protested. We wonder why the Indian High Commissioner along with Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Pranab Mukherji, do not erect a tent opposite ISI headquarters near Abbottabad and sit on a hunger strike, preferably fast unto death? That might be a more honest homage to the joker they foisted upon us as the Father of the Nation.

Other less urgent questions though of far reaching consequences are:

Why did a large number of people take rumors seriously? Does it not reflect badly upon average intelligence? What has 65 years of education, under Government-Control (state govt. though), achieved in this regard?

Why did government react as late and as weakly as it did? The government describes the Violent Jihadis who arsoned in Mumbai as Mischief Makers, while it calls Hindu-Protestors fanatics. Why?

Now we come to the most serious part of the analysis. Pakistan is India's adversary so it will do what it can to damage India. It needs no rocket science to conclude or understand that. Social Media (Media in general) is free to spread rumours. However, the most important question is: Even if the rumours were believed to be true by gullible people, why did they panic and begin to flee? The answer is that 65 years after "independence", few citizens in India trust the ability of the government to protect them. This is the only reason they began to flee so that they could be with their own people and feel safe.

Why do people in India, especially Hindus, have no faith in the promised protection by the government. For, the people have realized that the Government neither wants to, nor has the capability to protect them. Notice the "preparedness" of the government during Mumbai protests. The Jihad mob rampaged vehicles, snatched arms and amunition from Police personnel! Will you believe a Police force which can not protect itself to protect you?

If you are an honest person, answer this: If you are threatened by Violent Jihadis, will you believe that the Police will be able to protect you?

Let us clarify that you can not blame merely corruption in Police force for this. The police force is unable to protect you (and itself) because the Secular Socialist government constrains the Police to be soft on Jihadis. The government does so for various reasons. One, for it is anti-Hindu, so it wants to encourage Jihadis. Second, because, it can use such incidents to tighten its control over people (read Hindus) who already have lost a lot of their freedoms. Thus, it is the anti-Hindu hypnotic spell perpetrated by Mohandas and Jawahar that ensures that the Police (even if comprising largely of Hindus) is unable to protect Hindus. And then the same government will further tighten Police control over the same Hindus! Therefore, a significantly likely if not undeniable conclusion, that we can come to, is that this government and this Secular system, is not only anti-Hindus, it is operating as an agent of Jihadis.

What can we do to save ourselves? Tell as many people as you can this Truth. The Hindus must listen, learn and understand these basic truths. The truths that

1. Even though Pakistan sponsors damage-India program, India does nothing. And it does nothing because it is under suicidal self-loathing spell of Secularism perpetrated by Mohandas and Jawahar.

2. Even though the reason that people flee is because they have lost faith in the government's willingness and ability to protect them, the government in stead of becoming willing and instead of increasing its ability to defend its citizens, merely indulges in eye wash.

3. Worse, it uses such crises to increase it own power over peaceful people (read Hindus).

Once you understand the Truth, what should be done will be obvious!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Collective Responsibility a euphemism and cover up for Individual Irresponsibility?

The CAG report is out on coal as well. The estimated loss has been stated to be in lakhs of crores of rupees. The figure may be accurate or somewhat inaccurate, however that huge losses were made seems beyond any reasonable amount of doubt. However, the question as to who exactly is responsible for the loss will be debated over and over again. The Congress will sing like a panegyrist the glories of the turbaned dumb fuck and his impeccable personal honesty. The BJP and the rest of the opposition will be baying for the same person's (PM Manmohan Singh) blood. News media will spend hours and pages discussing the issue and yet the question will remain unanswered.

The times have changed drastically and drammatically. In a land where just a few centuries ago most inhabitants had a deep faith in the Law of Karma which emphasizes that individuals are held responsibile for their Karma (actions); in the present times most people shirk any responsbility for their own conditions. The piece of cake is taken by the complete lack of ability to fix any responsibility in propriety transgressions by members of the government, especially ministers and persons holding high offices.

How is it that while it is possible to catch a pick-pocket "red handed" and accord him punishment it is impossible to figure out who caused the huge astronomical losses in big scams? The simple answer is the term "Collective Responsibility". While a lay person would expect that the notion of collective responsibility must result in a group being punished in the place of one for the unlawful action, the prevailing perception is that none is punished! The state of the current political establishment is such that collective responsibility means or implies no individual accountability!

Thus, ministers can take atrocious decisions and never be held responsibile. This lack of fixing the responsibility and the resultant lack of punitive measures against the trangressors has instilled a nonchalance in the political class and their cronies that they can do anything and get away with it. If the notion of collective responsibility really worked, the whole government should have resigned not only after the 26/11 terror attack, they should also have resigned after the 2G scam or the recent coal-scam. However, no one has been held accountable so far.

If there is one thing that needs to be done really really urgently in this country then it is an efficient mechanism to detect failure and an equally efficient mechanism in fixing responsibility and punishment of the guilty. In the absence of that we are far far away from being a nation, we remain not only an unruled (does not mean liberated!) and an unruly mob!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Want to understand Hindu Exodus from Pakistan, and Muslim protesters terrorizing Indian Police etc.? It's Islam Stupid!

How do you understand the recent news of Paki-Hindus wanting to migrate to India, and the Muslims in Mumbai attacking Police during protest against Rohingya Muslims in Burma? Recall how Moplah Muslims rioted against Hindus for days when the  Khilafat movement to bring the whole world under Islamic Caliphate failed.

Our empty-suit "Secular" (both pseudo and true!) intellectuals will keep theorizing endlessly about Pakistani animosity for India, the eternal love between the Hindus and the Muslims, and the gross injustice being done to "poor" Muslims. They will also skirt the issue of Pakistani genocide of minorities terming it "Mischief by Miscreants"; miscreants who are a negligible number of fanatics in Pakistan (or for that matter, India).

All of these evil idiots ignore the elephant in the room. It's Islam Stupid! For past 14 centuries the history of Islam is replete with bloodbath, carnage, arson, rape and plunder of non-Muslims. Islam's founder, who is the eternal role model for all Muslims for all time to come, himself indulged in such rapes and plunder. Islam's scriptures sanction the horrendous atrocities, Islam's founder exemplified the horrendous scriptural commands, Islam's history is full of Muslim historians proudly narrating horrendous crimes on non-Muslims by Muslim Jihadis. And yet, the wilfully blind intellectuals want to present the matter as if nothing very bad ever happened really.

The Truth of Islam needs to be told. Those Muslims who practice Islam without knowing the Truth are ignorant, shouldn't they be told the Truth? Those Muslims who practice Islam knowing the Truth are dangerous, shouldn't they be dealt with? The unequivocal answer would be the affirmative, Yes. And yet, all of these Affirmative Action toting scum-bag intellectuals oppose one affirmative action, they oppose Telling the Truth about Islam.

And while one is welcome to do one's own research, there are many sites which have done some pretty good work in terms of collecting and presenting information about Islam. For example see here. On the stages of Jihad, see here. For a printable pamphlet, click here.

The fact that there may be ignorant Muslims who behave moderately should not lull you into believing that Islam can be moderate. The Truths that: There is no Moderate Islam; Islam is mortally dangerous to the very existence of non-Muslims; Islam can never live in peace with non-Muslims; are the Truths that must be repeatedly told. 

There is nothing complicated in understanding Hindu-Exodus from Pakistan, Muslim violence in Mumbai, and such incidents. It's Islam Stupid!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Real Solution to Vote Bank Politics ...

A lot has been said regarding Vote-Bank-Politics in India. It is our considered view that Democracy engenders Vote-Bank Politics. For, notwithstanding their tall promises, the Election contesting candidates are interested in getting Votes in order to win elections. And even if some contestants refuse to indulge in vote-bank politics, their adversaries can always indulge and win the contest. The history of Democracy, all over the world, is by and large replete with examples of this, and Indian Democracy tops it as an extremely vulgar and grotesque example among all.

Recall that many agitators against Corruption have been alleging that the present condition engenders "Political Power through money, and money through political power" approach. They are quite right, however, they fail to see the bigger and complete picture. Money is not the only culprit. The larger vicious circle is "Political Power through Vote-Bank-Appeasement, and Vote-Bank-Appeasement through Political Power".

Now let us turn our attention to the question: What do the Vote-Banks expect as "appeasement" from the candidate they vote for? The answer, obviously, often is that they want the candidate to give them something more than what "everyone" gets. That is, they (the Vote-Bank members) expect to gain a preferential treatment in terms of a differential advantage over the rest.

Thus, one of the the only ways in which Vote-Bank politics can be put to rest is by doing one or both of the following:

1. Electoral Representative should not have the right to promulgate any policy which gives any differential advantage to any group.

2. Any group which derives any policy based differential advantage over any group must cease to have Voting Rights.

In India, especially where lots and lots of new groups have mushroomed who demand "Reservation" and such "differential advantages", point number (2) is critically important. Please note that if we implement (1) all State Sponsored Affirmative Action will cease; and if we implement (2) eventually (1) will get implemented. For the sake of completeness and robust effectiveness both are needed together.

The Secular Socialist brigade who recoil at the mere thought of Subramanian Swamy's suggestion of disenfranchising the Hindu-ancestry-denying Muslims, our suggestion will surely appear to be much much more than outrageous. However, in our opinion, if we want to save ourselves from the impending socio-politico-economic doom and gloom, this is the least we need to do.

Some of the Consequences of (2) will be:

(a) If Muslims (Christians etc.) want minority "benefits", they must all be disenfranchised, otherwise they must aggree to live without minority privileges.

(b) Ditto SC/ST/OBC and reservation beneficiaries.

(c) If women are demanding "reservation", they must aggree to become disenfranchised.

(d) Either, there will have to be a "uniform" taxation policy, or those who pay "less percentage" must be disenfranchised.


We do not claim that this is the final word. We do not rule the possibility out that even stronger steps may be needed. As a baby step, we must be willing to consider the ideas in this post on the discussion table.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

NDA vs UPA: Pseudo-Hindus (Somewhat Weaker Anti-Hindus) vs Strongly Anti-Hindus!

In a recent article we discussed the necessity of a vertical split in the political theater in India. With the BJP striving to maintain the unity in the NDA, the much needed split will require stronger efforts. One of the weakest links in the BJP kind of intellectual attitude is the lack of brains. Unfortunately they try to emulate the standards of their equally abominable peers or competitors from the rest of the political arena.

For the abominable lots of Strongly anti-Hindus, a part of the home work was done by western Marxists who peddled their discredited theories of exploitation, victimhood and so on. The Congress-persons and the Communists could easily plagiarize the ideas used by western Marxist Ideologues and make their living. The BJP brass, in its turn, tried doing the same and that has been its worst Achille's heels.

We quote from the Constitution of the BJP:

"Integral Humanism shall be the basic philosophy of the Party."

The wikipedia entry on Integral Humanism defines it as Swadeshi and Decentralization. It is further described as 

"His proposal was an "integral" approach that attempts to create a harmonious society. This could be done, he argued, by satisfying the needs of the body (hunger, shelter), the mind (traditions), intelligence (reforms), and the soul (common aspirations of a people that shape their unique culture)."

It becomes obvious that the four goals are a wishy washy rehash of the traditional human goals described in the Sanatana Dharma. However, notice how the "right wing" ideology speaks of "Creating a Harmonious Society" which incessently smacks of Social Engineering of the Socialist kind a la "Egalitarianism". Finally whatever negligible remnants of the "Hindu Principles" remain, they are destroyed by the Gandhian hypocritical pronouncements. For example, read below:

"The Party shall be committed to nationalism and national integration, democracy, 'Gandhian approach to socio-economic issues leading to the establishment of an egalitarian society free from exploitation', Positive Secularism, that is, 'Sarva Dharma Samabhav' and value-based politics. The party stands for decentralisation of economic and political power."

And, not even in your dream imagination, should you ever sympathize with "Hindutva", especially of the Savarkar kind, for Savarkar, a subscriber to the now discredited Aryan Invasion Theory, declares 

"Aryans or the cultivators as they essentially were, we can well understand the divine love and homage they bore to these seven rivers presided over by the River, 'the Sindhu'. which to them were but a visible symbol of the common nationality and culture."


"Thus knowing for certain that the Persians used to designate the Vedic Aryans as Hindus and knowing also the fact that we generally call a foreign and unknown people by the term by which they are known to those through whom we come to know them, we can safely conclude that most of the remoter nations that flourished then must have applied the same epithet 'Hindu' to our land and people as the ancient Persians did. Not only that but even in the very region of the Sapta Sindhus the thinly scattered native tribes too, must have been knowing the Aryans as Hindus in the local dialects in accordance with the same linguistic law. Further on, as the Vedic Sanskrit began to give birth to the Indian Prakrits which became the spoken tongues of the majority of the decendants of these very Sindhus as well as the assimilated and the crossborn castes, these too might have called themselves as Hindus without any influence for the foreign people. For the Sanskrit S changes into H as often in Indian Prakrits as in the non-Indian ones. Therefore, so far as definite records are concerned, it is indisputably clear that the first and almost the cradle name chosen by the patriarchs of our race to designate our nation and our people, is Sapta Sindhu or Hapta Hindu and that almost all nations of the then known world seemed to have known us by this very epithet, Sindhus or Hindus."

Presenting these as "Settled Facts", Savarkar goes on to present his "conjectures". The whole book can be obtained from here. For a direct link, click here.

This is not the occasion to critically examine the whole document though with modern knowledge its thesis seem rather puerile. Among them, one of his main thesis is "Hindutva is different from Hinduism". Savarkar possibly is thinking of Immigrants from unknown region reaching and settling in a Geographical Region. Thus he emphasizes geographical interpretation of the term Hindu while on matters of language he speaks highly of Sanskrit and its descendants. As an aside, we remark that accolades to Sanskrit and its descendant languages is a good thing, and we also respect Savarkar's love for the Hindus. However, this emphasis on Geography and Language became the foundation of the "Hindutva" movement. Once we understand this, we can easily apprehend how Bal Thackeray's Shiv Sena's love for Marathitva and Maharashtra is a direct rehash of Savarkarian Hindutva. This variety of nationalism, albeit better than Jawaharian Secularism, is far far from adequate and it also misses the main directions.

With such wishy washy "Hindutva" and "Gandhian Egalitarianism", the anti-Hindu enemies can not even be scratched on their surface, let alone be defeated. For example, do you think that anyone could change the heart of someone like Manishankar "moron" Aiyer or Dog(poop)VijaySingh by offering him a bouquet? No. These demons masquerading as demagogues love their "green" friends, for they have seen (on videos) how their beloved friends behead the "infidels"; and therefore they need to exhibit their "fidelity" to their "friends" by spewing anti-Hindu venom. This is what V. S. Naipaul meant when he said:"...However, we are aware of one of the more cynical forms of liberalism: it admits that one fundamentalism is all right in the world. This is the fundamentalism they are really frightened of: Islamic fundamentalism...".

We need to become confident (free from inferiority complex and associated shame), guilt-free (bold in accepting that there may be flaws in us however confident that we can correct ourselves without external guidance and assistance being thrust on us), and comfortable (we are what we are). We need to be proud that ours, viz. Sanatana Dharma, is the only paradigm, which is history assimilating (not history destroying) as well as history transcending; geograhy assimilating  (and yet not imperialist) as well as geography transcending, language assimilating (not language destroying) as well as language transcending, etc.

On political front we must cease to have knee-jerk response to vaccuous allegations of "Fascism" and "Nazism". Lalu's "grassism" (Fodder scam worth thousands of crores of rupees) did much more damage to citizens of India than those fashionable epithets from Europe. We must not only bring the history (as well as the present) of Islam (and Church) on the discussion table, in addition we must also dissect and vivisect them by analysis. While "Rivers of Blood of the Hindus" caused by marauding Islamic conquerors have been brushed under the carpet by Romila Thaperian terms like "grand sweep of history", small incidents of ommission and commision have been projected as thousands-of-years-of evils by the "gutter seeking and magnifying" approach vis-a-vis Hinduism. This has to be squarely challenged, debunked and discredited.

For anything like this to begin, Hindu sympathizers must not only comprehensively reject strongly anti-Hindu UPA constituents, in addition they must also reject the "Secular" components of the NDA, namely JD(U) etc. Regional satraps like BJD, who practice crony-capitalism while selling themselves by projecting their self-image as pro-poor Secular parties must be seen for what they are: Opportunist components of a Third-Rate front. All anti-Hindus must be out-rightly rejected. Moreover, the wishy washy "Hindutva"-toting pseudo-Hindu bands must also be severely chastised and forced to take corrective measures.

The "Grassist" Lalu Yadav predicts the next general Election to be between "Secular" and "Communal" forces. This moron must be made to bite the dust. The coming elections should be contested to reject anti-Hindus. Besides a vertical split in the current political theater in India, there is a need to constantly expose UPA, Third-rate Front, as well as Secular components of NDA as anti-Hindu national-suicide promoting morons.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Members of the now disbanded Team Anna, If you want to join politics to make a Change, Come up with Ideas not Platitudes

The only things that Anna and Baba movements have established are that multitudes of people have been suffering for long, and that they are very very angry. In such a situation there is a spontaneous realization that something must be done. However the more important questions are What are the things that need to be done? It is here that ideas are more important than mere good intentions. It is true that we need people of good character to join politics, however mere good character, like mere good intentions, is not sufficient. We need good ideas. Where are the ideas? What are those ideas? This is where there has been a vacuum.

While Congress and Left have been parroting platitudes like Secularism and Socialism for decades, despite their fairly obvious failures, their adversaries, namely the BJP, propose nothing significantly different in terms of ideas. The BJP prides itself with the epithet of true-Secularism, while it hopes to befuddle the Hindus by using the term "Hindutva", all the while remaining ambivalent about rampant state sponsored welfare-ism. 

Such cerebral lethargy will not do. We not only have to perceive urgently that the system is crumbling, in addition we must also identify the causes. For example, if the nation had not indulged in the hero-worship of Mohandas, Jawahar etc. and had not subscribed to the Jawaharian obsessions of Secularism and Socialism; we would not have faced the financial crisis in 1991 or the scourge of Madrasa indoctrinated home-grown Jihadi groups. Thus a corruption in ideas is a very dangerous thing. Therefore we must clearly understand that however "clean" these new politicians may turn out to be- if at all - if they employ bad or wrong ideas as solution to the Political, Social and Economic problems, the eventual outcomes will be disastrous. Similarly we must also stop, think and evaluate our experience with the law enforcement system we have had for the past 65 years. We must perceive how our justice system is so lethargic and so twisted towards protecting the rights of the offenders that the offended have hardly any hope of getting even a semblance of justice.

The likes of Kejriwal and Prashant Bhushan have been vociferously making a case for revolution, however, their revolution, even if it ever happens, would be nothing more than fluff and gas. The real revolution must usually be initiated in the field of ideas. One can not bring about a revolution and then stop to think for ideas! We have seen the utter futility of such revolutions. Kejriwal and Bhushan do have some ideas - even if we disregard Kashmir stupidity of Bhushan - but they are the very same ideas which have failed all over the world. Like the BJP wanting to bring "true Secularism", team Anna will promise to bring "true welfare". Such attempts are doomed at the very outset.

For example, it was realized by the end of last century that Socialism was doomed and could only result in economic disaster. Likewise, since the beginning of the present century, the realization is slowly yet steadily dawning that Secularism and its bastard child multiculturalism and its illegitimate cousin minorityism is doomed and can only result in socio political disaster. And yet, team Anna members do not have even a hint of a dash of willingness to debate these matters.

In this sense, if we want to make any real difference, we must learn to forsake, at least for some while, our unquestioning respect for the existing institutions, be it the Constitution, be it the Supremacy of the Parliament, etc. For without a healthy amount of scepticism, we may never get to the bottom of the understanding, which is the least that we need in order to come up with solutions to the colossal problems that we are presently facing. However, what we observe in the political discourse is almost a fanatic devotion to phrases like "Supremacy of the Parliament", "We must uphold the Constitution" and so on. It is nothing much different from stupid prejudice if supposed intellectuals insist on preconceived notions like these.

Moreover, these empty suits among the Indian intellectuals who keep singing glories of "institutions" must realize that institutions provide sustenance to ideas. Therefore institutions by themselves can not be good or bad. Institutions founded for sustaining good ideas will be good and vice versa. For example a Madrasa is an Educational Institution, however since it is an instrument for indoctrinating young and impressionable minds with virulently poisonous and utterly violent teachings, they are bad institutions.

Unfortunately Team Anna members have betrayed themselves as a bunch of empty suits, perhaps well meaning, but empty suits nevertheless. All through their chest-beating din against Corruption, moron-like platitudes like Secularism, Welfare for the Poor, are yelled repeatedly. We do not claim that Baba Ramdev is much different or that the existing political parties are any better. However the fact of the matter is, you can not get right results out of wrong ideas. Those wanting to make any real difference have to initiate a battle in the domain of ideas and not waste resources in parroting platitudes. Team Anna members parrot the same wrong ideas which have failed us in the past 65 years. They also repeat the same ideas that have failed the world over in the past century.

Why it is not merely Wrong but also Suicidal for Hindus if they define "Hindutva" as "Inherently Secular Cultural Nationalism".

The icon of the Hindutva-brigade (we mean the Sangh Parivar version of Hindutva) V. D. Savarkar published a piece on Hindutva, which seemingly is a foundational document for the said brigade. We saw in an earlier article how Jinnah, Jawahar both were searching within the western framework and thus could think of nothing original and were stuck with Secularism and Socialism.

Secularism in its historical context was needed to clip the wings of the Church. It is said that over time the Church became so powerful that it started interfering in the affairs of the kings; and kings naturally took umbrage. In a manner that is similar to deciding "line of control" to ensure stable peace between two warring nations, the idea of Secularism was mooted.

Similarly, Socialism, has been founded on Marxian terms like class-exploitation, class-consciousness, proletariat revolution and so on. The end result is hoped to be an Egalitarian society.

However, owing to the diversity extant in nature, there is sufficient variety even amongst humans, therefore any sense of Equality necessitates use of an abstraction of the notion of equality. Also, we must recognize that so long as there are scarce resources and contention between different principals for these resources (The Problem of Social Order) a moral or ethical framework is necessary so as to avoid and/or reduce conflict. Thus loosely speaking, any solution to the problem of Social Order requires a set of principles which are (or result in) a moral framework.

The moral framework in Secular and Socialist solutions to the problem of Social Order, is materialistic. Such a framework not only does not work, it is hardly logically sound not to mention that it is utterly incomplete.

Sometimes there are attempts to define the moral framework not in terms of principles but in terms of peoples supposedly practicing them, and in turn the peoples are defined in terms of race, geography or a combination thereof. Thus, often the concept of nation when defined uses terms like "peoples", "race", "geography" and so on.

Hinduism, usually defies such attempts at defining it. Even granting the possibility that defining "Hinduism" might be a tough task (though it can surely be fairly efficiently done, see here), the Savarkarian notion of "Hindutva" is cultural-geography or vice versa; that is, a culture expressed in terms of peoples belonging to a geographical region in history. In our opinion, this is not only a crude definition, if at all, that besides it is fraught with dangers.

As we have mentioned that Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) is not only history assimilating but also history transcending (ditto geography, language, etc.), Savarakarian idea of Hindutva changes the broad nature of Hindutva into a parochial (regional) notion. This is not to state that Savarkarian Hindutva is absolutely wrong, rather it is to show that Savarkarian Hindutva is unnecessarily restrictive and fraught with potential dangers.

Sanatana Dharma, in a somewhat broad sense, is easier defined the way we understand modern Science, and thus is better understood in terms of idea-line rather than in terms of blood-line. While peoples in many civilizations define themselves as parent-children lineage (this pertains to the body) Sanatana Dharma can be better understood as a Teacher-Disciple lineage (in dualistic terms, it pertains more to the spirit than to the body).

It is in this sense that a Koenraad Elst can be a Hindu while a Jawahar can be a staunch anti-Hindu! This is where Harvard-conceit touting Subramanian Swamy gets Hinduism wrong when he tries to use genetic statistics to call peoples of the subcontinent "same peoples". A Jinnah or a Jawahar become no more useful to the Hindu cause by merely acknowledging that they have Hindu ancestry while a Koenraad Elst or a David Frawley are no less Hindu despite insisting that their biological ancestors were not Hindus.

We are not suggesting that India or Sanatana Bharata is a proposition nation; rather we want to clarify that it is far more accurate to term it a Education-nation rather than a genetic-nation! We are not opposed to using approximate terms for purposes of mass-communication involved in political theatre. However, it would be immensely useful to be as clear as possible of the foundational principles, and be as close as possible in its political expressions.

It is evident that Indian Culture (Hindu Culture) therefore is much easier understood in terms of Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma) rather than in terms of the peoples belonging to the subcontinent. The peoples historically living in the subcontinent have been largely responsible to carry on the Hindu-tradition and we do need to acknowledge this geo-cultural fact. However we should not ignore that it is also the case that peoples belonging to the same geography who have also caused immense damage to the Sanatana Dharmic traditions. And thus conflating the issues makes us vulnerable to multifarious perils.

One such peril, one of the biggest in our opinion, is the Hindutva notion of western Secularism based on a false understanding of the aphorisms "Ekam Sat Viprah Bahudha Vadanti" and "Aa No Bhadrah Kratavo Yantu Vishvatah". While the former is more accurately translated as "the Immutable is One which is referred by Sages using Variegated Names", its Jawaharian translation has been "All Religions Teach the Same Thing". Similarly while the latter means (in more accurate terms) "Let Noble Thoughts Come to Us From all Directions", it is falsely propagandised as "Whatever Comes From any side is Noble!". Such ideological inexactitudes are potentially fatal blunders and it is no wonder that Hindus have been made to suffer for so long.

The potential political advantage in terms of numerical strength, especially in a democratic set-up, is at once reduced to a nought by reliance on false notions. While the dictum of "Satyameva Jayate" [Truth Alone Triumphs] must remind us to persevere on Truth, The dictum of "Pramado Vai Mrityuh" [Wilful ignorance (callous indulgence in actions against one's own wisdom) is verily Death Itself!] must send a serious enough warning. This Pramada is exemplified in the statement by Duryodhana in the Mahabharata "Janami Dharmam Na Cha Me Pravrittih, Janamyadharmama Na Cha me Nivrittih", which can loosely be translated as "I know what is right but I have no motivation to do what is right and I know what is wrong but I have no motivation to refrain from committing wrongs".

Let us, that is, we Hindus, who are the spiritual descendents of the Rishis, strive to learn about ourselves, our heritage and our heritage transcending wisdom.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

LSE: Lassi School of Thought taught in Lassi School of Education

Dumb Fuckery has been fairly understood by now. Its cousin is the LSE, or the Lassi School of Education.

While we were much younger we had coaches and health instructors whose canonical advice on all fitness matters used to be: Get up early in the morning, at 5 A.M., drink a large glass of Lassi and go for running and you will do wonders. While it might be true that this might go a long way in building the stamina or this might surely provide some health benefits, it would be fool hardy to say that that would by itself be enough. Not merely that, it is important to realize that in certain cases it might also be counter productive.

Especially in matters of ideas as solutions to problems, Lassi School of Thought represents Dumb Fuckery at its maximum. We will frequently use this term in our discourse on issues related to politics, sociology and economics. The Indian idea-scape especially in matters mentioned before is so mono-maniacal that it at once reminds one of the Lassi School of Thought. Whatever be the problem, Lassi is the solution. Well, it would be very nice if such a solution could be found; and if and when such a "Lassi" is found, it would be an ambrosia for the social, political and economic ills.

Unfortunately, the comedy turns into a horrifying tragedy when the proverbial Lassi turns out to be hemlock. In the Indian context, the hemlock of non-violence of the Mohandasian flavor, and Secularism & Socialism of Jawaharian kind have been such hemlocks. And yet when politicians of all ilks and hues endlessly emphasize that they uphold these very ideals, it becomes apparent at once that their hopes and promises would be forlorn.

Let us try and rid ourselves of the perils of Lassi School of Thought, especially the hemlocks being paraded as the ambrosias.

The BJP on another Blunder-course?

They lost the elections in 2004, they did an encore in 2009, and yet they seem unwilling to learn. The BJP patriarch Advani in his blog wrote

"So far as the BJP is concerned, the bungling in Karnataka notwithstanding, all recent public opinion surveys clearly reveal that the principal beneficiary of the Congress Party’s fast eroding reputation continues to be the BJP!"

This indicates the possibility that the BJP will again be complacent in its mass communication efforts in the forthcoming elections. Many so called stalwarts in BJP think that the others are so bad that the people will automatically vote for the BJP. They conveniently forget that the Indian voters, more often than not, defeat the arrogant rather than making the "better" candidate (or party) win. In 2014 Congress will, in most likelihood, lose not because the BJP is much better, but because because the Congress is arrogant. If the BJP manages - and it seems to be striving hard - to portray itself as even more arrogant than Congress is, they will ensure their own defeat.

For example, notwithstanding the supposed good governance by Modi, he won in 2007 more because of Congress's arrogant jibe - a la -"The Merchants of Death". This time Cash-u-Bhai (Keshubhai) might actually help Modi win again. However, Modi can hardly be complacent.

Advani's surmise that the third (rate) front provides only a short term government is fairly accurate. The third-rate front being a group of impatient opportunists - note that the Congress and the BJP are opportunists too, however they seemingly have more patience than the third rate front - quickly begin to squabble and then collapse. In terms of patience, the Congress has the maximum, thus it merely waits for the third rate front and the BJP to discredit themselves and then returns to power! 

Thus, even if the BJP wins, it must also persevere. They can vainly hope to gain advantage "notwithstanding Karnataka" but they will have to grovel in abject humility if the situation turns into a "notwithstanding India"!

Be that as it may, the attitude that we will win because the other is bad is highly negative to say the least. Vote for us because the others are bad is a negative and arrogant way of seeking votes. In our opinion, the voters must be told: "We will be much much better". It serves no purpose to parrot "We are different", it is also important to communicate (repeatedly) what the "difference" is.

Lastly, we believe that "good governance" is not enough. Hindus are face to face with a survival crisis. What will be done for the protection of the Hindus? This should be an important question. True-Secularism can merely be an interim relief at best. At worst it will be suicidal complacence. More over, we as Hindus must focus more on the ideas that will govern our nation rather than who the ruling alliance will be. If a Modi, even when he is a PM, is forced to be a Hajpeyi, then he can only be useful inasmuch as he will be a lesser evil. Thus he will be a marginal relief from Jawaharian Secularism, however we must strive for much much more.

The Hindus must not look to the BJP or a Modi as their saviours. They must ensure that right ideas are put into place. We must be clear that we don't care about the NDA, we care about rejecting the anti-Hindu forces. If the BJP wants to contest 2014 elections under Nitish Secular Kumar or his appointee projected as PM, the NDA along with the BJP must be shown the door. If this Secular Kumar is averse to Modi, he can go and join the Corrupt Congress-led UPA.

The picture is simple and clear. All the third-rate front leaders are licking their lips in anticipation, for they smell a victory for non-Congress in 2014. And they imagine that by emphasizing Secularism they can keep Modi away. Morons like Nitish Secular Kumar are even imagining themselves as the PM! Remember that a small party controlled alliance will be as flimsy as the UPA has been.

Anti-corruption is surely an issue, Anti-anti-Hinduism must be a much bigger issue.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Team Anna, the New Third (Rate) Secular Front?

What can we say about a movement whose intelligence is bettered by a dumb-fuck like Markandey Katju? Well, Tean Anna, after criticizing politics and politicians for over an year has come round a full circle and has decided to provide an alternative. For a flavor of our criticism see here. The Mohandasian Anna confirmed his allegiance to Mohandas in two ways, one stupid (for the Hindus) and one clever (for his own person). 

The clever way was to state that he would keep away from "elections" but "support" the "good candidates". This absolves him of all responsibilities in case the move fails. While Mohandas has been foisted as "Father of the Nation" on a nation that is yet to gain most of what  is meaningful freedom (property protection, rule of law etc.); Anna will be foisted on us as "Father of Corruption-free Nation" on a nation that will for the foreseeable future will remain mired in Corruption.

The stupid way was to emphasize the Secular nature of the nation. The rabid canine DogVijay must be jumping and yapping in joy to discover that as per the Congress-Plan, the Team Anna movement has finally emerged as the Congress-Run movement. The Congress strategy to keep accusing any movement as "backed by RSS" is just a smoke screen to force the movement to the farthest Left and the staunchest anti-Hindu positions. Recall how Baba Ramdev supported reservation for "Backward Muslims".

We also suspect that this new third rate Secular front will be first tried against Modi in Gujarat. Congress will keep daring Team Anna to challenge Modi and Team Anna will oblige. Congress has a win-win strategy in this. If Team Anna succeeds against Modi, Congress has won it big time. Then the pup Rahul G will prostrate before Anna and the new version of old evil duo "Mohandas and Jawahar" will reincarnate in the form of "Anna and Rahul" duo. Anyone who is wondering why Rahul G is delaying his entry into active politics should note this. In case Team Anna fails against Modi, the Congress would have neutralized one of their potential detractors (Team Anna). Then the Congress would try and support Nitish like third rate front against the Hindus. Thus, Congress would use the Gujarat elections to pitch Team Anna and Modi against each other, hoping to neutralize at least one, and preferable both!

Such fiercely anti-Hindu is the nature of the political theater in the country. On the other hand, the other Secular, Baba Ramdev, will have a problem on his hands, since on Modi issue he may find his position cornered. His best way would be to remain neutral. However, given his dumb-fuck tendencies he will goof in some way.

This is why we have been emphasizing time and again that we need to become plainly and unabashedly pro-Hindu in our attitudes. We can not find all these anti-Hindu forces without countering their deep fundamental agenda, viz., anti-Hinduism. We have mentioned that far from having any pro-Hindu right wing, we do not even have a Hindu-neutral Center! The whole political stage is so far Left and so outrageously outright anti-Hindu, that a mere questioning of Socialism and Secularism evokes foaming-at-the-mouth response from our Leftist anti-Hindu political class.

So what is the way? The only way is the way forward by sticking to the basics. We Hindus need to develop a Hindu-consciousness and self-awareness and be comfortable with it. We must become guilt-free and frankly Hindu. Watch any live show, talk show or debate on TV or in any media, and observe how self-humbling and defensive the self-proclaimed truly-Secular Hindutva forces are. The refusal to see the enemy as the enemy is the worst delusion, and our Hindutva-brigade indulges in it. Instead of uniting "truly-Secular" forces in the name of NDA, a Hindu Alliance must be explored.

Without bringing Islam, Secularism and Socialism on the debate for critical examination, without a straight faced pro-Hindu approach, any truly Secular front will merely keep losing territory to the anti-Hindus. There was a hint of a change when Mohan Bhagwat stated that the country needs a PM who propunded Hindutva. This is welcome, but this is only a baby step. He needs to move much further. RSS should also cease to be soft on evil journalists like Kumar Ketkar. Kumar Ketkar has spewed venom against the RSS in the visual media, he must be forced to recant on visual media in addition to the written apology. Truth must be told, for example, see here.