Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Senile Wisdoom of the Ideologue!

Wish you all a Very Happy Diwali. And please be not surprised, there is no spelling error in the title. More about it later in the article.

Diwali festival is also a festival of fire-crackers and fire-works. However, the patrons of the festival will recall  that there exists a fire-work, often called a 'snake'. This is usually a black coloured tablet, and when ignited, starts delivering a continuously oozing black tube like structure, often accompanied with a sort of foul smell. Few adults enjoy that, though there are many among children who do, and they are well within their rights to enjoy it as children.

Recently, MG Vaidya, who we should have referred to by the term that we use often, a dumb-fuck, has betrayed his childishness on his blog (Marathi here, Hindi here). Recall that we have time and again blamed the Hindutva Brigade of being headless, and this time the old-man displayed the same shame in its full glory by sharing his senile wisdoom. The use of the word senile seems obvious going by the geriatric state of the person, however wisdoom might need a small clarification. These elderly thinkers are entrusted with the burden of showing farsightedness in the interests of the organisation. What would you call their opinion when these alleged wise give out material which will most likely spell doom for the goals? We have used our limited intelligence to coin the term 'wisdoom', to refer to such special cases of DF-ries.

In a nut-shell the developments are the following:

1. The old Jethmalani vomitted his wisdoom recently regarding the president-ship of the BJP, and who should be BJP's PM-candidate.

2. Since the person demanded resignation from Gadkari and annointment of Modi, the wise-Vaidya put the twos and twos together to claim that the needle of suspicion pointed towards Modi.

The first point, and the first half of the second point are matters of facts, or rather news items. Our focus is more on the second half of the second point: the putting together of the twos! Despite lamenting about the tendency among people to undermine bigger causes by not raising contentious issues within internal fora while choosing to stir the hornets nest by raising them at public fora, the old man betrays his wisdoom by he himself raking the matter up in a public fora, his blog!

For the sake or argument, let us assume, tentatively, that the rotten Jethmalani is a stooge of Modi and his baying for Gadkari's blood at Modi's insistence. However, what should a typical, and strategically astute response should be? Especially by those who keep crying about the absence of unity within the fold? In our opinion, their consistent response should be: It is an anti-Hindu conspiracy hatched by vested interests. However, as we have mentioned repeatedly, those whose brains have been addled by constant dose of Savarkarian-Hindutva, and those who have fallen into the trap of moral-high-ground, can scarcely understand the obvious and can hardly get their basic instincts in place. They are like the proverbial moth who instead of pissing in the fire to extinguish it, falls in love with the fire to eventually successfully immolate and destroy itself.

Just out of curiosity we perused through articles by Vaidya here, here and here. We chose these articles purely by their seemingly impressive titles. And lo and behold, the highest point among all these three articles was a passing criticism of 'Mohandasian-Socialism' in this article. The rest of the article spaces are full of the abominable True-Secularism, the senile Savarkarian-Hindutva, the peevish The-Congress-Initiated-Ayodhya-Crisis, and such sour balderdash.

A complete Freedom of Expression of opinion is absolutely fine, even if it means having to endure the feculent outpourings of a Jethmalani, or even a Karnad. However, when it comes as a pearl of wisdom from an ideologue like M.G. Vaidya, who is an ex-spokesperson of his esteemed organization, it does betray a deeper malady.

As we have often pointed out, be it Jaswant-Advani's Jinnah moments, Bangaru-Laxman's telelka moment, Gadkari's we-have-moved-from-Ram-Temple-to-Ram-Rajya moments, the infantile cunning of these Hindutva type is so puerile that it often makes even dyspeptic rattle snakes like Manish Tewari seem as composed and profound in comparison! The senile ideologues, as well as, this tottering ideology needs a comprehensive overhaul. Understand that Savarkarian-Hindutva is not enough. The inferiority-complex-ridden performance akin to a B-team of Congress is shameful. The platitudes of Hajpeyee-ian Statesmanship are annoying. 

Return to Vivekananda and even beyond. Go to the very roots. Go forth to the Rishis-propounded Sanatana Dharma. Otherwise, you will keep blabbering your senile wisdoom. O Hindus, ...

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