Tuesday, August 6, 2013

On Challenges from Internal Adversaries

In our recent posts (here and herewe outlined the strategy of Congress and what BJP could do to  counter those devious designs. However, Congress or Secular parties are not the only challenge faced  by Modi. A formidable challenge is being put up by many who are in BJP itself. In order to assess the danger posed by such challenges we need to examine what Hindus suffered under Congress.

After 1857 war of independence, Congress began as an Indian movement, however now we know that it was a British design as a counter revolution. What Brahmo Samaj etc. failed to inflict onto Hinduism, Congress largely succeeded in inflicting onto Hindu-political movement. And the reason for that is not difficult to grasp. While Brahmosamaj etc., were recognized as external pressure onto Hinduism, even if plausibly towards reforms, Congress was misconstrued as an internal movement for independence.                                                            Thus Congress managed to gain access to emotional core of people which they should never have got.

Mohandas, the greatest Congressman, posed as Sanatani-Hindu, and skillfully slipped in his perverted ideas of no-self-defense in the guise of non-violence, etc. He was one of the most useful tools in the hands of British. While it typically took take enormous efforts to begin an agitation, this fake Mahatma could at any time switch it off at once by his emotional black-mail of fast-unto-deaths. In this way, the British had a tight control on when and how to switch any agitation off.

Thus, it was in British interests to equip Mohandas with substantial traction within Hindu society and therefore they gave him lot of respect and propagandized it through British controlled media. It is worthwhile to recall that while Mohandas was touted as a spiritual genius who gave the world new insights, those who eulogized him (for example the British) never used those high principles themselves. Mohandas's letters to various political leaders during the second world war, even if they gave the false impression of containing great spiritual wisdom, are easily seen to be either frauds or puerile.

Congress was useful to the British as all young people who were interested in joining the freedom-struggle would be attracted to Congress and it made the job of British intelligence to track their movements easy. No wonder that those who disagreed with Mohandas left Congress, or were forced to leave, or were betrayed by Congress. For Congress was a tool for subverting Indians (read Hindus). Thus, while British encouraged Congress (despite pretending to be opposed to it), they also encouraged Muslim Leagues of various hues and kinds.

A few points emerge out of the above: Typically,

1. An adversary who has infilterated your ranks is much more dangerous than external adversary who is recognized as an adversary.

Example: Congress, Mohandas, Jawahar inflicted immense damage. Congress by derailing the freedom in freedom-movement; Mohandas by derailing armed struggle; Jawahar by 

2. Such internal adversaries would push for high-moral-standards (which actually are dharmabhasa and rarely are dharma), which are intended to weaken your own resolve.

Example: Congress, Mohandas, Jawahar, etc.

3. These internal adversaries would get very high respect from the external adversaries as epitomes of great virtues. Despite such high-respect the real adversaries never practice the virtues which they eulogize.

Example: Atal Behari Hajpeyi, Brajesh Mishra, etc.

4. Despite all this, if success ensues owing to great sacrifices made by grass-roots workers, the success is attributed to the philosophy and policies of these internal adversaries. Also, despite repeated failures, there will be constant propaganda to strengthen the hands of such subverters.

Example: Mohandas (Partition), Jawahar (1991-"Bankruptcy" of India), Hajpeyi (Kargil).

Example: Mohandas (non-violence), Jawahar (post 1962 debacle), Hajpeyi (consensus builder)

5. These internal adversaries are extremely cruel on anyone who exhibits even a hint of dissent within the fold, while they are very kind with real adversaries (dharmabhasa again).

Example: (What Mohandas did to Bose, what Jawahar did to Many, what Hajpeyi to Govindacharya, etc.)

It would be good to remember here that we do not advocate an openness which is a vulgar washing-dirty-linen-in-public. However, a culture of frank evaluation of ideas, including publicly expressed disagreements, need not be taken as that serious a threat so long as professional co-operation despite differences is practiced. Serious differences leading to a simple disassociation too is admissible. What is important is to accept responsibility. Any large group that practices power without accountability will bear fruits of Mohandas, Jawahar types.

Now we provide a few examples:

1. Mohandas and Jawahar are foregone conclusions. A partition with unprecedented blood-bath, and a policy vision which led us to the 1991 cul de sac, should be sufficient for anyone to sit up and question. However despite these huge costs their policies are being paraded as self-evident truths.

2. Hajpeyi was foisted upon Advani. And then Advani himself discarded his earlier avatar to recast himself as the new Hajpeyi. A Govindacharya who was hounded for his remark on Hajpeyi, has turned around and now attempting to Hajpeyise BJP.

We emphasize that we are not necessarily endorsing any one who was opposed to Mohandas, Jawahar, etc. Many of the opponents themselves suffered from perilous myopia or wanton blindness that those who they were opposing suffered from.

It is also important to note that while there is incessant talk of ideologies, what we perceive are endless glorification of personalities. Despite failure of their ideologies, we still push for critical-evaluation-free idolozing of the personalities who pushed for those ideas, and now want newer generation of leaders to adopt the same poisonous ideas. And, that dear friends, IS the way of subversion. This is the devious design to ensure so that no matter who wins the same shame and sham ideas rule the roost.

The worst is that such subversions finally precipitate in snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Recall how a very good opportunity for total population exchange was lost due to Mohandas-Jawaharian partition. Recall how the momentum built by Advani during early 1990's was lost into Hajpeyian consensus-building during late 1990's.

For a long time Hindus have been subverted and deceived by "well meaning" insiders. If we might paraphrase an old quote: The subversion towards defeat is often presented in the guise of good intentions. And it is the "guise" that we need to assiduously guard against. Otherwise, despite quibbling over "fiscal responsibility" we will be sliding into Coercive Wealth Redistribution, despite parroting opposition to "Muslim-appeasement" we will be sliding into Surrendering-to-Islam and Surrendering to Semitic-designs.

Be on vigil against Internal Adversaries.

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