Monday, February 6, 2017

An Open Letter. To: Donald Trump (contains To: Miyan N Sharief)

Dear Mr Trump,

A recent incident in Pakistan provided me with an opportunity to write to you a letter that might give you insights which might prove crucial. And a letter to MNSharief provides a nice foundation to convey what I wanted to convey to you. So let me begin by embedding the text meant for MNS.

Dear Ms MN Sharief,

This letter is meant for your Abboo, Mr MNSharief. However, since he is not on twitter, I am addressing it to you, with the intent that the content will reach Mr MNS.

The news re' saving an ancient temple in Pakistan has been a minuscule hint of a very small breath of fresh air, but of course it could be a huge part of mega Taqqiyya. All said and done, do you realize that all you Pakistanis were similar (pagan) majorities who were raped and plundered to make you become an Islamic "majority"?

And you know the basic problem? Let us be frank, okay?

With all your might and religious zeal, after thousands of years and hundreds of millions of deaths, when you become a perfect moslem in your own eyes, you would still only be a second rate Iranian moslem. I know you know, and you know that all know this. But the worst is not yet said.

With all their might and religious zeal, after thousand years and millions dead, when Iranian moslems have become near perfect moslem in their own eyes, they still have managed to become only second rate Arab moslems. So you know? You will manage, if ever, to become only third rate Arab moslem. And surprisingly, the worst has not been said yet.

With all their might and religious zeal, after countless holy wars, millions of deaths, and many millions of murder, the Arab moslems have not yet become even second rate jews. Likewise, Iranians have not become even third rate jews, and you can never even dream of becoming even a fourth rate jew. And even more surprisingly the worst is not yet said.

You know, I know you know, everyone knows, and you know everyone knows, and I know you know everyone knows that there can not be any second rate jews. You either are a jew, or you are a goy, expendable, dispensable.

So I ask you this question - and you too should ask this during interrogation of Hafiz Sayeed and friends - is it worth dying in hundreds and thousands, and killing in hundreds of thousands and millions, to become only a second rate Iranian, a third rate Arab, or a fourth rate jew, err fourth rate non-jew?

Why not try returning to your own civilizational roots? You don't need to hate Iranians, or Arabs, or jews, thought you can pity Iranians and Arabs, and hope that they see this light soon and return to their own civilizational roots respectively. 

You know, when you are in your own roots, or return to your own roots, even if you are held despicable, you have the right to remake it your own and become first rate, nay even surpass the first rate, pagans (even if you despise becoming Hindu again)?

Think about it. Ms Maryam Nawaz Sharief, you are a woman, imagine children born out of rape considering their mother's rapist as their hero and mother as adulteress. Does it make any sense to you?

Be a proud yourself than being a n-th rate someone else. Best wishes for speedy recovery.

Now back to you, Mr Trump:

I am sure you found the first few paragraphs in the letter to MNS highly enlightening and insightful. But did it strike a jarring note towards the end? Why? Why did it? Is it that you are proud of Judeo-Christian Civilization?

Consider this: Do you know what was the cause of White-Euro "rise"? And what has been the cause of its "fall"?

Aren't you told that you were all barbarians who got enlightenment after Judeo-Xianity, which helped you discover Science and invent Technology? But have you ever wondered, if JC was the cause? Why is it portrayed as the cause? Because discoveries/inventions happened after Europe became Christian, I beg your pardon, Judeo-Christian? But consider this, Europe "discovered/invented" SciTech after they colonized India/China etc. So if you apply post-hoc-ergo- procter-hoc (After this, therefore because of this) which you applied re' X-ianity, then what happens? Do you get the drift of my message?

And hasn't your fall been owing to White-guilt re' White-imperialism and White-racism? Now consider this: You are taught to think in terms of Judeo-Christian pride and White-guilt. Why not try interchanging? Why not White-pride but Judeo-Christian-guilt? Even now, when your executive order to keep some immigrants away is being criticized, isn't "violation of Christian values" mentioned as one major point? 

When Caeser conquered Egypt did he destroy Egypt? Then why did Judeo-Christian Europeans destroy the civilizations of the "conquered"? Was it because of their "whiteness" or was it because of their "Judeo-Christianity"? And it was all commensurate with "Christian values" then, no? Don't you see a contradiction? Or possibly even a deception?

I wont give you any answers, but I am sure if you ask yourself these questions, the very asking will produce some insights.

However, in light of what I asked Mr MNS, let me ask you likewise: Do you still want to be wannabe second/third-rate jew, err non-jew? Being expended over wars, and what not? Are you still ashamed of "Nazism"? Would you still be ashamed if it was "Judeo-Nazism"?

Your pal Steve Bannon is right about immoral capitalism and immoral socialism, it is just that he is not right about the cause and solution. See these as Judeo-Capitalism and judeo-Socialism and you might understand.

Keep SciTech, but use White-pagan past to make America great again. If you really want to feel guilty, feel guilty about what Europeans did as Judeo-Christians during their evangelo-imperial conquests? By the way, was it White-Euro-imperialism, or Judeo-Christian-imperialism perpetrated by befooled Europeans?

All the best. Leave "the only true" and provide welcome to "pagan truths".

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