Thursday, November 12, 2009

Monotheism, RSS taking over BJP, and Crisis in BJP in Karnataka


I would comment on each the above points independently, but let me begin by giving my one line comment on these.

And those with weaker hearts and/or those who have delicate sensibilities, please excuse me for my explicit comments.

One Liner:

Each point epitomises, in a summary manner; thoughts, words, and actions of a Dumb Fuck, hereafter abbreviated as DF, or df.


1. On the Article on Monotheism


The article is another attempt to understand Islam and Islamic point of view, with an aim to accommodating them.


Rather than beating about the bush, we must unambiguously understand that Islam is incompatible with non-Islam, and therefore with us. Islam is non-reformable, always at WAR with others, and is mercilessly no-holds-barred including deception against non-Islamic faiths. So we rather be on our guard.

2. On RSS Taking over BJP


BJP has swerved a lot from its lofty ideals while RSS, and Sangh Parivar have ideological clarity and depth to set the BJP right.


BJP and its mentor RSS (and its family Sangh-Parivar) both have almost always been and are a buch of DFs. Time and again, they repeat the same mistakes. They have no ideological clarity, intellectual depth, or emotional understanding of the matter. They cheated people on Ram-Janmabhoomi in their hurry to form a government. Later, pig-headed leaders like Mr. Pramod Mahajan (in 2004) provided the ill-fated direction to the BJP, while Sushma Swaraj, and Arun Jaitley (in 2009) were busy enacting a Congress-like-high-command and installing L K Advani in the throne of a Sonia-of-BJP.

Indian politicians have Jawahar-meme in them, and therefore political parties have the congress-meme. Each politician is trying to become a Gandhi-Nehru of his constituency/region. And they are always sure that they have all the answers even before they even know the questions, an unmistakable symptom of a DF. Jawahar indeed was a DF, and so are his memetic clones. This is true across all political parties. Absence of fundamental and basic ingredients like intra-party democracy, a functional disagreement handling mechanism, a healthy platform to redress dissent ; all of these are symptoms of a sick political creed. Examples galore. YSR, Chandrababu Naidu in Andhra; Bal Thakery, Raj Thakery in Maharashtra, Vasundhara Raje in Rajasthan, etc., the list is almost endless.

BJP started out with claims of offering a genuinely different alternative. They may claim that they had (more so during Jansangh days) genuinely good intentions too. But we must be aware that good intentions are only a beginning, and hence they alone are not enough. But the speed with which they have replicated a congress within them is astonishing.

It is worth mentioning that an erstwhile leader of BJP (someone who was called 'the windbag' by the inimitable Sitaram Goel) took great pride in the fact that in his younger days he used to be compared with the great Jawahar.

3. On the Crisis in BJP in Karnataka


B S Yeddyurappa is an honest innocent man who has been wronged by dissidence, and intra party subterfuge.


While those at the helm of SP (both) are intellectually negligible, their state-leadership is comfortably ensconced in unmanliness. BSY wept in front of the mainstream media (MSM) like a pussy. He does not deserve any sympathy. He betrays pussillanimity, and yet seeks to be a leader! Even Baligar and Shobha would be happier if he was manly.


1. We must be extremely alert against any efforts to portray Islam in a sanitized way. Islam is a sick ideology with a psychopath, mass-murderer, paedophile as its founder and eternal role-model for its followers. Its history is a story in deception and violence. Don't be deceived.

2. We, the admirers and followers of the Sanatana Dharma, need to found new political parties. We need to shift the platform of political debate, rather than eternally conceding ground to our adversaries in the name of tolerance and non-violence. We need to diligently do our home work and chalk out a lucid framework in which we can work together, where we can dissent, and also have a reasonable mechanism to redress dissent and our disagreements.

3. Karnataka situation is precariously poised and, I am afraid, doomed. After providing some more tamasha on TV, both Yeddys and Reddys will bid adieu to people and hold on to their money. May be elections again! We the people have to hold ourselves up and proceed. It is high time that we realize that politics is too serious a work to be left for Yeddys, Reddys, Gowdas, Swamys, Siddus, Prakashs etc. Don't hesitate to ask those among your friends and relatives, who promise competent performance, to contest elections, and deliver what the people vote them for, i.e. good governance. And remember, lesser government is good governance. Big government is almost always bad government. Let us move towards Freedom and Responsibility.


Please do express your opinions freely. If you found what I have written to be outrageous, well that was my intention. Hindus in India have, unfortunately, become so docile and submissive, that they need a waking up. Once they are awake, I am sure they will do the needful. They have been a great civilization, and they will surely be one.

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