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Three Main Blunders in the history of Modern India


The invasions began sometime in 700 A.D. A lot of historical research needs to be done to analyse the causes and effects of the period that ensued. That is not in the scope of this article.

Let us start at just about independence. In 1947, we began with a great hope. Things happened potentially rightly but not actually.


Praising Jinnah is irrelevant and can be left to pig-heads like Lalkrishn A. and Jaswant S. What we must praise is partition. Not the geographical, but the religious. For long, fools toyed with the idea that Hindus and Muslims can live together. Note that Hindu is being used as synonym for some one who practices Sanatana Dharma, and Muslim denotes a practitioner of Islam. For once, wisdom thought that Hindus and Muslims can never live together. Nothing new in this, Muslims can never stay in peace with non-Muslims. It is another matter that often they do not live in peace with even other Muslims. But then we made the blunder of ignoring (not seeing) the fact that Hindus and Muslims cannot live together.

Hence, although partition could have happened for the good, but it did not happen rightly. It should either have been in to Muslim India and Hindu India, or into three parts Muslim India, Hindu India, and Secular India.

Just imagine! Mohandas, Jawahar, and Communists could have gone to Muslim India, or Secular India. So partition was not bad per se, it was badly done!

Post Partition:

What ensued was one DF-ness after another. Let's mention the salient ones.

1. Mohandas-ian non-violence and SP-ian Sarva-Dharma-Sambhav (applied to include Islam).

Consequence: This resulted in spineless surrender to nuisance makers, made us weak, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.

2. Jawahar-ian-statism: Socialism/Central-Planning. This was propaganda based dictatorship. Not even the debacle in 1962 opened our eyes. Fools galore all over the place shouting that we must strengthen Panditji's hands post-humiliating-defeat. Emergency in 1975 evoked a knee-jerk reaction. Janata Party came, struggled, and fell. And the DF-ness continues.

Consequence: This made us dependent and unself-reliant, instead of innovating and enterprising.

3. Communistic-Secularism: Appeasement-Affirmative-Action. This blamed all evils of India on Sanatana Dharma or Hinduism. Brahminical-tyrrany, casteist-exploitation were some of the frequently used swear words. Not that we had no ills in our society.

Consequence: But it made us self-hating, self-doubting; practically suicidal.


1. After 26/11 we have been furnishing "proofs" to Pakistan. Did US even have (let alone furnish) any proof to Afganistan post 9/11? We will say, but we are not as strong as US, not even as strong as China. But why? We believe in being weak! See our Manmohanian nuclear policy. DFs like K Subramanian , R Rajaraman writing that we donot need fusion bombs, because fission devises are lethal enough!! Since deterrence is not effective against irrational adversary. So what should we do? Their answer is, "nothing can be done"! Ask them what they will do if a potential irrational rapist was staying next to their holiday beach-resort.

In my opinion, India's current doctrine of no-first-use of force is useless at best. Firstly, the terrorists have already struck innumerable blows! So even if we strike now, we are only retaliating. Secondaly, even if the terrorists had not struck, and we had tangible evidence, we should have struck. One of the things that can certainly work against an irrational adversary is pre-emptive strikes.

2. In 2009, recession struck. Commies went berserk shouting at roof tops blaming free-market, and capitalism for the down slide. What they didn't shout is that the sub-prime lending crisis of the US was an outcome of central-planning (a thoroughly commie idea), and not free-market. And let me remind you that this government bail-out package too is a commie idea. And this bail-out is the cause for the second-dip that will come in 2010!

In my opinion, the more we rely on government, the more we empower the government, and thereby the more it becomes bigger and more and more wasteful and corrupt.

3. On Dec. 6, 1992 Babri-mosque was demolished, and the media has been shrieking since that Hindu-fundamentalism has been on rise. Liberhan commission has indicted numerous persons and has mentioned many causes, errors of omission and commission. As if the gravest danger to the nation comes from Hindus!

In my opinion, if Pakistan was made for Muslims (Islam followers), then India must be for non-Muslims! Importantly, the question one must be asking oneself is, if there were three partitions of the nation in 1947, namely Muslim, Secular, and Hindu; which part would one have chosen to be a citizen of? I give my answer: I would have chosen to be in Hindu India.


I mentioned various problems, and now I propose my preferred solution to them. In my opinion, in the place of what we have been practicing so far, we need:

1. Krishna's non-violence. Not Mohandas's

We must educate ourselves about dharma (a righteousness which alone can truly sustain us) well, so that we can discern if adharma is masquerading as dharma. Never practise tolerance, or non-violence towards adharma!

2. Chanakya's State. Not Jawahar's.

Free market with good moral values. Moral values through quality education about "Freedom, Personal Responsibility, and Wisdom of our heritage Sanatana Dharma". For the moment, we can make only a beginning with this. It may be too far fetched to talk of achieving Ram-rajya at this juncture.

3. Sanatana Dharma's open-mindedness. Not commie-secularism.

Truthful and honest recording of experiences. Learning by verifying or assimilating the wisdom of these experiences. Exploring in a spirit of freedom mellowed with a sense of responsibility. An unswerving and bold allegiance to truth. Discovering, and rediscovering truths pertaining to both Spirituality and Science and reaping benefits from them.

The Common Factor:

The answer has been given time and over again and again. Education, education, education. From the ancient times of the Vedas, to modern India's Vivekananda, to recent saints viz., Ramana, J Krishnamurti, have all emphasized one word. Education. Macaulay destroyed India by destroying its education, Communists (Jawahar to Romila thapar and company) have been destroying India by poisoning education. And now, if and when we want to rebuild our civilization, we must do it through education.

Let us begin NOW.

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