Thursday, February 11, 2010

DF-ery Continued

When two big fools fight, it is difficult to imagine who'll be worse off than the other. Messrs. Bal Thakerey, and Raj Thakerey are displaying just that. In his recent remarks Mr. Raj tacitly supports SRK. Raj should oppose Big B, if he is upset with him, and oppose SRK too.

SRK is busy displaying his "integrity" here. SRK has proved himself to be a sinister guy when he proclaimed post 26/11 Mumbai attacks that Islam was being portrayed in bad light and that he would work towards salvaging its image. Can you imagine? "Islam being portrayed in bad light"? Phew. What has Islam been doing for past 1400 years? Running charity shows?

For the unsuspecting and gullible readers, let me inform you that the real story on which "Chak De India" was based had a Hindu coach. The movie had the name altered to a muslim name at the insistence of SRK. The buzz doing the rounds is that SRK insists on having a muslim name for himself in his movies. Even if it is statistically true, it shows the man that he is, rather the Shylock that he is.

Avoid buying such bull**its.

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