Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Times of India - Undertakers of the nation

There are many buffoons on the scene now. As an example, Shashi the boor (Shashi Tharoor). Why was he not equally internet savvy while he lost to Mr Moon in the UN election? I wish he can teach the cattle to tweet. Cattle are much better than prattlers like this buffoon.

There are many criminals on the scene too. As an example, DGP Rat-hole (DGP Rathod of molestation fame). I wonder who taught him. By the way, if Shri Ram Sene folks could go and publicly bash up this DGP, they will garner a lot of support for themselves.

There are many DF's on the scene as well. I ask you to think of examples. I politely suggest this as a homework for you. And I can assure you that this is a very very easy homework!

Coming back to buffoons, criminals and DF's, the Times of India has worsted them all. They have set a new standard of buffoonery, criminality, and DFery. They have a death-wish for our nation. Can even an ass imagine wishing one's own country a new year, the way these idiots did? It looks as if the mantle of Mohandas has descended on them. They want to hatch a plot and lead us to national suicide as skillfully as that crafty sly conspired.

Who was it, who was screaming Enough is enough, post 26/11 on TV. Was it the inimitable Shobha De? I would strongly urge her to terminate her writing contract with the TOI. For the TOI surely is going completely against her. Rather than echoing with Ms De, TOI is saying much beyond It's not enough, they are shouting from the roof-tops that it can never be enough. It is like pronouncing the judgment To be hanged till death.

For the benefit of our vernacular fellow beings, let me mention that the word undertaker refers to a person who digs holes in the ground for the dead to be buried. In that sense, the TOI have arraigned on themselves the title of Undertakers of the nation. And they started this evil exercise on a new year day!

Instead of pursuing aman-ki-asha we need to cherish a man ki asha. We need to look around with fervent hope for a man. When will we get one sane man? Better still, why don't we each struggle and become a man? How long will we keep waiting?

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