Friday, March 12, 2010

Now it is P Chidambaram who is Deceiving Indian Public using Convoluted Logic.

I was happy to read a headline on that our home minister Mr. P Chidambaram has said that "India will act decisively if another attack happens". But as ill luck would have it, my joy was only short-lived.

The detailed news item reports, Mr. PC as saying "If we are able to establish with a reasonable degree of certainty that another attack on India emanated from Pakistani soil, we will respond swiftly and decisively. Now the key part of the sentence is If we are able to establish.

So how does our PC go about establishing it? Further down the article PC provides the answer. PC said,
"Investigations around the world are carried out in a certain way. If Pakistan does not know how to interrogate Saeed, then they should allow my agents to go in there and do the job. I am willing to get this done." Do you observe the they should allow?

And then PC goes on to tell us that, as usual, Pakistan does not allow. PC continued: "
The voice samples can be tested in India or in a neutral country - maybe in Quantico, USA - and that would go a certain distance in helping establish what we believe - that state actors are indeed involved, but Pakistan refuses to provide us with these samples".

So what does PC propose if they do not allow? PC answers: "The two nations are nuclear powers, and war is not an option, so we must talk" - the home minister said. PC continues: "At other times, we must remain vigilant."

So what is the summary? PC begins by saying
India will act decisively if another attack happens, but adds a rider If we are able to establish. Now if we want to establish we need that they should allow. But the fact is that Pakistan does not allow. And so in such a case we will not be able to establish.

And now comes the icing on the cake. What do we do if Pakistan does not allow? PC answers:
we must talk and we must remain vigilant.

Have you ever heard a more entertaining joke than this? A home-minister, in charge of the safety of more than one billion people, says that if another attack happens his decisive action will be to talk and to remain vigilant.

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