Monday, March 1, 2010

Who among these two are artists? MF Hussein or Tasleema Nasreen, or both?

Ms. Taslima Nasreen is known to be an ardent critic of certain practices in Islam. A Kannada translation of her article has sparked violence leaving two persons dead and many injured. The news is here.

Now the question is, if MFH can paint whatever he wants to paint, why can't Taslima write whatever she wants to write? And where is the Main Stream Media, Ms. Sharmila Pataudi, The Artists of India, The Government of India? Why aren't they expressing outrage and anger? All of these are conspicuously absent, though their silence is eloquent. Of course it was only yesterday that this happened. But I bet that the whole of this bunch will remain silent.

I am anxiously waiting for the reaction of the BJP, and the RSS on this. I surmise that the BJP and the RSS will advocate restraint in artistic freedom lest it should hurt the sentiments of any section of society. The MSM, The Government, The artists will term the publisher of the translation and the translator as mischief monger and antisocial elements. However, before they have opined, we can still give them a small benefit of the doubt against all odds. However, don't be disappointed if you are disappointed!

But don't forget to ask the question: Who among these two are artists? MF Hussein or Tasleema Nasreen, or both?

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