Sunday, April 11, 2010

So, Baba Ramdev (BR) wants to float a political party, and BJP wants Baba Ramdev to shun his plans lest Hindu votes be divided! See the news item here.

Baba Ramdev wants to arouse the self-respect of Bharat, and Gadkari of the BJP assumes that BR will be representing Hindus. Hence his fear that BR will eat into BJP's Hindu vote bank.

In this way, the confusion regarding India, Bharat and Hindus starts all over again! BR is replacing India with Bharat. One more emotional technique to trap unsuspecting, gullible, and frankly speaking downright stupid Hindu citizens.

BR claims that he wants to promote Yoga for all Indians, and is busy establishing his secular credentials (presumably) by teaching Yoga to Darul Uloom Deoband. BR also recommends 50 percent quota for women.

So when I say that Indian blood has been so deeply poisoned by this Mohandas and Jawahar that secularism (read sacrificing interests of the adherents of Sanatana Dharma), and affirmative-action (read sacrificing interests of healthy upper-caste males who are adherents of Sanatana Dharma) form their logical core; I am not exaggerating a bit! Indian politicians, past, present and aspiring ones, betray the poison unabashedly.

Gadkari wrongly assumes that BJP represents the interests of the Hindus. Never mind the confusion regarding the term Hindu. We take it to mean Hindu-WOL. And he wrongly fears that BR will divide Hindu votes. BJP and the party that would be floated by BR, are both secular Mohandasian, Jawaharian parties pretending to be protectors of Hindus.

And lest it should give my readers the impression that others like the Congress are any better, I must mention that Congress, the Left and the rest do not even feel the need to pretend. They are blatantly anti-Hindu, anti-upper-caste-healthy-hindu-male.

Nevertheless, I recommend that let there be many parties who pretend to be Hindu-protectors, which can later be forced by the will of the Hindu people to be more and more pro-Hindu; and who compete with each other to be more and more pro-Hindu. This should exactly be similar to the situation now where all political parties (certainly including the BJP and future party of BR) are competing against each other to be more and more secular.

So BR is welcome to launch his political party, but Hindus beware, his party will be as secular as they come!

The need of the hour is to detoxify the effects of the poison of Mohandas and Jawahar. BR is extremely prone to fall prey to Mohandas instincts; as A B Vajpeyee fell prey to Jawaharian instincts!

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