Monday, April 19, 2010

Some important questions about Bharat Swabhiman Andolan (BSA), Baba Ramdev (BR), and RSS

A reader, Kiran, has posed two very important questions in my blog entry on Sangh Parivar (SP). And they are:

1. Does BSA or Baba Ramadev support Dar ul Uloom as a back up plan if his drive for Hindutva in BSA fails?

2. Has RSS too become secular(so called) in nature and in action? They started Andolans, but why it stopped/fazed?


Before we address these questions, we need to understand the mind-set of Hindus in India, and how that mind-set has come about. If we take a look at the state of our nation, it is not difficult to observe that:

1. Hindus think that being Secular is a great virtue, Hinduism is Secular and India is, rightly, a Secular country.

2. Non-Hindus (Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs ...) think that India is a Hindu country, but it should be a Secular country, and it is the responsibility of Hindus in India to ensure that India becomes a truly Secular country.

Contemporary History:

Let me outline a few points from my understanding of the contemporary history.

1. Mohandas, who is touted as the role model for Indians, always claimed that he was a Sanatani Hindu, and therefore arrogated himself to be the sole representative of all the Hindus, was in his actions always an appeaser of non-Hindus, especially the Muslims.

Mr. Nathuram Godse has very clearly and skillfully analyzed and presented this aspect, in his defense statement.

2. Jawahar, who was Mohandas's illegitimate intellectual child was proactively anti-traditions, and since he identified Hinduism as representing Indian tradition, he was proactively and violently anti-hindu. That he was opposed to his daughter, Indira, marrying a Muslim, is another story, but it reveals how hypocritical this man was.

3. Mr. Hedgewar, the founder of the RSS, perceived the plight of Hindus, as he noticed that during most riots, which were quite frequent in his times (early twentieth centuries), Muslims were aggressors and Hindus were at the receiving end.

4. Mohandas proclaimed that a typical Muslim was a brave bully while a typical Hindu was a coward.

This might well have been true, and Mr. Hedgewar rightly wanted to change the attitude of the Hindus.

5. Further, as a consequence of Jawaharian direction in education, Communists of the likes of Romila Thapar, wrote, rather rewrote a doctored history of Indian subcontinent. The whole design was to achieve mass-indoctrination of the following two points :

a. Hinduism preaches tolerance, is secular, and is open from all sides.

b. Anything in Hinduism, that is other than the above, is superstition, casteism, and sexually perverted stories.

The Mistakes:

While Jawahar was being touted as a great intellectual (phew), and Mohandas was being hoisted as the role model (huh); most Hindus sucked up to it. And as a consequence of Jawaharian education with Mohandas as the role model, the above mentioned mass-indoctrination has been eminently successful.

Hedgewar entrusted the intellectual leadership with Madhavrao Sadashivrao Golwalkar, and in my opinion, he was less than equal to the job. Notwithstanding his other insights and his spiritual-intellectual competence, he expressed, at some places, his greatest admiration for the founder of Islam. And that has been one of his greatest undoings.

In my opinion, Hedgewar is the heart (emotion) of RSS, while Golwalkar is the head (reason) of RSS. It is not difficult to appreciate that while the heart of RSS may be passable, but its head is undeniably egregious.

The Present:

Owing to the success of the evil design of the education system, most Hindus have wrong ideas and even worse suicidal tendencies regarding India as the nation.

In that sense, it is not surprising that even some of the so called leaders, be it Atal Bihari Vajpeyee or Lal Krishna Advani, exhibit such rank stupidity when it comes to the survival or security of Hindus.

Needless to add that I have skipped the mention of Congress-Prime-Ministers as most of them including the current PM and super-PM, except Lal Bahadur Shastry, have been arch traitors, and have callously betrayed the Hindu electorate, who invested their confidence in them.

The members of the RSS, as well as Baba Ramdev are the products of the same educational-ethos. So it is not surprising that they have imbibed Mohandasian and Jawaharian instincts.

The Conclusion:

In light of the above, my answers to the questions you have posed are:

1. Baba Ramdev might shamelessly surrender to the Dar ul Uloom, even if he gets the support of very large number of hindus.

2. RSS is Secular in nature and in action, because they allow their Golwalkarian head to over-ride their (hopefully) Hedgewarian heart. Thus they start with a heart, and then stop without a head.

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