Sunday, September 19, 2010

Has the Meccan Imam apologized for the Somnath Plunder by Islam?

There was a proposal by a pastor (Rev Terry Jones) in the USA to burn the Koran as a mark of protest against the 9/11 attacks. (Unfortunately) He recapitulated and withdrew the proposal. But, lo and behold, the peace-loving muslims belonging to the religion of peace are protesting violently.

More unfortunately the AICC (All India Christian Council) too has criticised the Burn-the-Koran initiative. Do they criticise their clergymen when these clergymen mock at Sanatana Dharma (hinduism)? No.

Why hasn't the Pope apologized for the Portugese inquisition of the hindus? Why has the Meccan Imam not apologized for the plunder of Somnath temple committed by Ghaznavi?

These are, a small fraction from a large number of questions that must be answered by Secular (whether pseudo viz., Congress and the Left; or the self-proclaimed real - BJP and the Sangh Parivar) politicians.

But how can they? Aren't they busy mining in Obalipuram for iron ore and Common Wealth Games for loot?

Bloody *********.

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