Thursday, September 30, 2010

Learning from Ayodhya

It was irritating to watch some of the Hindu leaders gloating over the judgment on Ayodhya by the Prayag High Court.

We must clearly understand that this is not victory as yet. Even after rightfully securing Ram-Janmbhoomi; there are other two equally important sites, viz., the Krishna-Janmabhoomi, and the JnanaVyapi temple of Bhagwan Shiva , which still remain to be secured.

Afterwards too, there are innumerable mosques in India which were built by destroying temples which existed at those places.

The simplest thing that a non-Muslim must understand from the Ayodhya dispute is that Never ever allow a mosque in your land.

And now that we unfortunately have many many mosques, we must aim for getting rid of all mosques.

There has to be No mosque in India campaign. Once we clearly realize that Islam is evil, and that mosques are spreading centers of this evil, we will quickly understand that having even a single mosque is tantamount to inviting a danger in future. Remember that prevention is better than cure, preventive medicine (removing all existing mosques) is better that unsure future cure (having to fight for decades and centuries for what is rightfully yours! with no guarantee of success!!).

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