Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The coming of very bad times? Urgent action needed.

I still wish that this news is not true. In a horribly evil incident "Senior District Official Set Afire by Petrol Mafia".

Just a few days ago, a fisherman was killed by Sri-Lankan navy off the coast of Tamil Nadu. The stupid minister, Mr. S M Krishna said that the killing was "unacceptable". Let's hope that Krishna himself loses something, after which we can placidly call it "unacceptable".

So where are we heading? What low levels are we waiting to sink into before we act? Why are we so "tolerant" and "peace-loving"? Or are we deluding ourselves? Are we fundamentally so selfish, that nothing bothers us unless we are directly affected?

The b*star* Diggy has no qualms about making use of Late Mr. Karkare just to gain a trifling media-attention.

If, this b*star* Diggy, blames "Hindu Terrorists" for this Malegaon incident, then he really needs what he hypothesizes.

The bigger b*star* Manmohan has no qualms about heading a government full of Radia-active people.

The smaller b*star*s from BJP and the likes have no qualms about having no alternative solutions to offer!

And the mother of all b*star*s Sonia has no qualms about counting money for the b*star* prince Rahul.

If we remain complacent and do nothing, the situation is going to get worse. And the worse it gets, the faster it will get further worse!

Wake up people, Do Something!

These are signs of coming of very bad times. We need to organize ourselves, and get the act together. Don't leave such a horrible state for your children and grand-children.

Start feeling in your hearts. Start thinking what can be done, and what YOU can do. And start doing! Don't wait for others to make a beginning! Others will join you once you start. It doesn't matter who starts it, so long as the action does get started. If there is none in your neighborhood who has taken a lead, then take an initiative yourself and make a start. If someone has already taken an initiative, join him. It doesn't matter even if there are multiple initiatives, sometimes even mutually orthogonal. Action is needed. Quick action. Shun sloth, and get into Action.

The terrorists are into action. The corrupt are into action. Congress is in action. Other political parties are in action. Only the afflicted are not getting into action.

How long will we let them have their way? How long will we be in inaction while they are all in action? Slough off all the laziness and fear, all the rust and dust. Let's do something.


1. b*star* = bastard.

2. Let it not be like the post 26/11 emotional out-pour "enough is enough"! All and sundry said that on TV, and what followed? More of the "enough"!

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