Monday, December 27, 2010

Mani Shankar Aiyer exhibits his Congress-mettle by blabbering on Hindutva and showing that he is a bigger ass than we ever thought he was

In a recent television interview, the moron masquerading as philosopher, Mr. Mani Shankar Aiyer told his interviewer that Hindutva was the real and present danger to India. My initial instinct was to clap, clap and clap, except that I wished I clapped with one of my hands on his cheek. If Mr. Aiyer does not deserve a slap on his face then I wonder who ever can.

This hollow-between-the-ears Congress-intellectual was sharing his deep anguish about the BJP wind-bag (Vajpeyee) and another compulsive blabberer (Advani) and said that even though he regarded both these politicians in high esteem, yet he wanted to convey to them his pain regarding the grave dangers of the ideology of Hindutva which both these leaders have nurtured and nourished.

Firstly, as I have repeatedly pointed out that BJP-RSS are perennially confused about Hindus, so their brand of Hindutva is so confused and diffused that it is useless at best, and is more dangerous to Hindus and not to non-Hindus at worst, which usually is the case.

Secondly, even if there was a Hindutva which, like the moron-masquerading-as-philosopher would have us believe, is potentially aggressive, then what makes this suicidal nihilist think that it would be dangerous for the country? The only explanation is that Mr Aiyer thinks that only non-Hindus comprise the country! Otherwise, considering aggressive Hindutva, which should, even if it exists and which we all must wish that it exists, only be called defensive Hindutva, as dangerous to the nation is much much worse than insane! Simply, because this putative Hindutva seeks to slow down and eventually stop, all the exploitation of the Hindus which Congress and its illegitimate descendants have been indulging in for ages!

And since imbeciles like Mr Aiyer are the cerebral-centers of Congress, it is no wonder that the preceptor of the prince-frog Rahul Gandhi, viz., Digvijay Singh disgorges equally stenching speech.

However, contrary to what these fools want us to subscribe to, it is only rightly understood Hindutva (Sanatana Dharma) which will save the nation and us; and not the stupid ideologies of Mohandasian-Non-violence, and Jawaharian-Socialism taught to us by these intellectually negligible morons of the Congress.

It is high time that Hindus slapped the Congress (and its illegitimate descendants) and corrected the historical blunders.

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