Sunday, February 13, 2011

The last man (Arun Shourie: The crusader against corruption) Quitting?

Recently former telecom minister Mr. Arun Shourie appeared on a tv show and revealed a lot about the 2G-scam.

The summary of the revelations is as follows:

1. There is an honest officer (name not disclosed owing to security reasons) who knows everything about the scam, and who acted the whistleblower.

2. Arun Shourie informed the PM (Manmohan Singh the Turbaned DF!) in the corridor of Rajya Sabha, showing him the papers and documents. PM took no interest.

3. Arun Shourie informed the then CBI director (Mr Ashwini Kumar), the CBI got all the facts and then stayed put!

4. Arun Shourie told all he knew to the BJP "high-command", and they did nothing to follow it up. He surmised that there are vested interests.

5. AS said that Radia tapes have done a great favour for they have shown how everyone knows everyone else and talks to everyone else.

6. Arun Shourie himself did not pursue the matter since in his own words "There is no doubt that I could reveal it, but I don't have that anger now in me to pursue these things. I'm attending to other matters at home and that's what I'm doing."

7. Congress, and in particular Kapil Sibal, are trying to portray 2G scam as if BJP started it.

What do we understand from all this? This surely is not a very pretty sight, or is it? Congress, BJP and the third (rate) front are all corrupt. All along I have been calling hoarse that SP/BJP are spineless who either have no courage or have other vested interests. And now none other than one of their own insiders has revealed the truth of the matter.

India is being ruled by a bunch of traitors. And the opposition parties are their bed-fellows. Thus we have the three monkeys:

a. Congress: The eternal subverter, and anti-national.

b. BJP: A bag of spineless loud mouths who pursue vested interests claiming themselves to be nationalists.


c. The Third Front: The thirdest rate front!

And the saddest part of it is that the person who has always been a crusader against corruption, Mr. Shourie (Recall his contributions in removing AR Antuley from office way back, his role during the other such crucial investigations), himself seems to be giving up!

Mr. Shourie, you are one of the last men who are standing, how could you too give up? And even if you want to take a retirement, do not retire before building an army of young Arun Shouries who will continue the crusade, and you must mentor them to make them as bright as, if not even better, than what you are.


And I stand corrected. Just a few moments after I posted this write-up I came across this statement by Mr. Shourie. Shourie wrote: "... And it also so happens that I am an adorer of Sardar Patel as of the Lokmanya, and a worshipper of Gandhiji. ...".

And a person who respects truth can scarcely be a worshiper of Gandhi. A worshiper of Mohandas is at best an ignoramus, and at worst a dark evil. A person of the name Arun Shourie ought to be much much better.

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