Friday, February 18, 2011

Advani: Loh Purush? Purush? You must be joking!

There was a time when Advani appeared to be a Purush. He used to declare with vocal support from the crowd: "Jahaan Ram ka janm hua hai, mandir vaheen banayenge". However, things changed drastically. Possibly owing to his mentor Vajpeyee. Now Advani, like his predecessor "Vajpeyee" is NOT a man. He is a Shikhandi. However, the blame of Advani becoming a Shikhandi is his own, not of anyone else, never mind his mentor.

For quite sometime, whenever Advani opens his mouth, he spurts out some trash. Recall his blabber. On this occasion he has "regretted" the "hurt" caused to Sonia and her family. And he has been rightly rewarded by the CBI re-opening a case against him.

Those who are afraid of the truth will be tried for the false! The Congress is making use of the CBI in an opportunistic fashion. The Congress does not deserve any blame. The Congress only deserves to be buried, along with the ghosts of Mohandas, and Jawahar and their illegitimate political and intellectual children.

However, the opportunism of the Congress does not absolve Advani of the DF-ery. If a report by the BJP contained allegations against Sonia, then the allegations stand either on prima-facie grounds, or they have to be refuted on the basis of tangible evidence. This old joker Advani has accepted Sonia's mere denial, and expressed "regret"! He should rather have regretted that the denial came so late, and that the denial is unacceptable unless accompanied by some documentary evidence, for the circumstantial evidence rather gives credence to the suspicion!

But how can a being (I insist that he is not a man!) think without a head, and feel without a heart?

One clarification: When I state the Vajpeyee and Advani are not men, I do not mean that they are women. India has traditionally had women like Sita, and even in recent history has had Rani Laxmibai. And these women have been much much more than many a men. So with due apologies to Shikhandi, Advani and Vajpeyee have to be likened to Shikhandi.

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