Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lawyers versus Media Persons: What we need to Learn

There was high drama, or should we say bloody drama, at the Civil Court in Bangalore where lawyers violently attacked media persons. This was followed by the usual: Media being outraged by this, every Tom-Dick-and-Harry expressing anguish over that, Politicians hurling accusations against one another, and Ministers promising quick and decisive action against the perpetrators. This is all routine story, with the end already known; Nothing will come out of this hullabaloo.

However, we would like to point out something crucial here. Lawyers are a part of the Judicial system, in the sense, they are supposed to uphold The Truth in the courts. Similarly, Media are referred to as the Fourth Estate, and are supposed to report The Truth. So here is an interesting incident, those who are supposed to plead for The Truth have clashed with those who are supposed to showcase The Truth.

Given our hypocritical society, this can only mean that neither are lawyers upholding The Truth, nor are the media persons telling The Truth. Our lawyers are exemplified by the likes of Ram Jethmalani while the media-persons are exemplified by the likes of Burkha Dutt.

Since the inception we have been saying that our nation is in a vice-like grip of inveterate dumb-fuckery. The more we degrade, the faster we are degrading; and on top of that we take pride in all this. Take a look at how our moronic parliamentarians yell about the supremacy of the parliament and the infallibility of the constitution. All of us; the supposed-truth-tellers, viz., the media; the supposed truth-upholders, viz., the lawyers, the judges, and the police; the supposed leaders, viz., our politicians; and their followers, viz., the arrogantly ignorant us; have devolved into rank dumb-fucks. The more such blatant incidents occur, the stronger we close our eyes lest we learn The Truth. The more we reap the fruits of hypocrisy the stronger we endeavor in our denial of The Truth.

We urgently need to learn that such hypocrisy will bring us our doom. We need to liberate our Society from the vice of Mohandasian Hypocrisy and establish it on the Truth enunciated by the sages. We need to liberate our system (Constitution, Law, etc.) from the clutches of Jawaharian ignorance and establish it on the Wisdom enunciated by Sanatana Dharma. We need to liberate ourselves from the despondency born out of sloth and invigorate ourselves into action by the inspiration provided by Sanatana Dharma.

Long ago, it would have sufficed if a large fraction of us silently remained honest and good, but we let the degeneration set in. Then it became necessary for us to speak the truth but we remained silent. We were not even voting. Now, it won't suffice to merely vote, for rarely are there any good choices. Now, Good and Honest People need to contest elections. And very soon, that too won't be enough. The Good will have to violently fight both the Bad and the Ugly! We urge Hindus to be prepared for this eventuality.

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