Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wafa Sultan: If only a few of our main stream leaders had the clarity of this lady

Wafa Sultan is a doctor from Syria who emigrated to the USA. She is a vociferous critic of Islam, its founder Muhammad, and the Islamic Law, i.e. Sharia.

She points out (see videos here) unequivocally that Islam wants to take over the whole world, subjugate all non-Muslims with a view to converting or killing them.

Most importantly she points out that it is not some fringe interpretation of Islam, not Radical Islam, not Islamofascism and all such non-sense which she insists are terms that are product of fertile imagination and suicidal tendencies born out of Political Correctness; rather it is Islam itself which IS the danger and which is the problem.

She calls Muhammad a false prophet who was a self-gratifying-pedophile, and Allah a God-who-hates, which also the title of one her books.

She has debated (in Arabic) with Mullahs and clerics and Arab diplomats (even on Al Jazeera).

We recommend our readers to watch some of her speeches and see for themselves what is meant by "Boldly speaking the Truth".

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