Saturday, October 13, 2012

On Pitfalls on the way to Hindu-Awakening

Recently we had commented on an interview of Shri Pratap Simha. We had mentioned how the present times are such that even a mild suggestion questioning the prevailing set-up draws hostile reaction. We had opined that journalists like Shri Simha should rather be even more aggressive. It was, therefore, a pleasant surprise that an article appeared on Mohandas, exposing his "True Legacy". We are in no mood to congratulate Sandeep for he has been too kind on Mohandas! However, our constant refrain that the current establishment is so anti-pathetic to questioning of Mohandas was manifest in the comments section of the said article.

We would like to remind our readers that a few years ago a video-clip was forced to be withdrawn from a web-site; a clip in which a man, dressed as Mohandas, did a pole-dance. The Government of India considered it as an 'insult to a national icon' in its explanation to why they pressed for the removal of the clip. Needless to mention that Government of India never found Mother-F*cker-Hussain's paintings "vulgarising" Hindu-icons as "insulting". However, this is not the occasion to expose the hypocrisy or the double standards practiced by Secularism. That has been done time and again, and by much more competent authors.

We have a different point to make here.

We understand the importance of scholarship and research during various investigations, including journalistic ones. However, we must also guard against falling into the trap of Moral-High-Ground. This is a trap where all responsibilities, in this case the burden of scholarship and research, fall only on Hindus while the adversaries rely largely on propaganda.

As we mentioned in our previous post, if after 1400 years of "performance" of Islam, and after millions of deaths during partition, if we need "scholarship" and "research" to start discussing Islam or Mohandas; may scholarship and research be damned! We also need to focus on people who instinctively and spontaneously perceive that the best thing that could have happened for Hindus was if politicians like Mohandas and Jawahar had not been there at all. However, as history is replete with examples of treason, including the likes of Jayachand (who betrayed Prithviraj Chauhan), recent history contains Mohandas and Jawahar.

We leave a more nuanced examination of the Mohandas kinds for others. Here, we would like to emphasize that it is crucial to understand that post 1857-sepoy-mutiny the British foisted Congress as an axis of counter-revolution against Indian freedom-struggle. Thus while Congress provided a fake-leadership to "independence-struggle", most of its leaders were sold out on the world-view which suited their British masters. Therefore, most of those, who were supposedly providing "intellectual leadership" were consistently making similar mistakes.

While in the "spiritual" (in reality fake-spiritual) domain Brahmo-Samaj and Arya Samaj were consumed with a zeal to convert Hinduism into a Monotheistic (also Formless-God) philosophy and idol-worship-free religion; in the political domain fake-saints like Mohandas attempted to foist their own perverted views of "truth" and "non-violence" on the Hindus. [Recall that despite all of his 'sleazy-truthfulness' Mohandas never spoke the Truth about Islam!] We need to understand that it was crucial for the British to constantly reinforce the "image of a saint" for Mohandas; for without such an image, Mohandas would not have had the "appeal" and "legitimacy" which was so badly necessary to pull the con-job off! In this sense, while the rest of the "freedom-fighters" of the Congress-type were stupid enough at best and evil enough at worst, Mohandas took the cake!

Even in these very days, the anti-Hindu revolution is continuing. While during "freedom-struggle" Hindus were supposed to be non-violent; after independece Hindus are supposed to be unconditionally and perpetually "magnanimous" as "the majority".

Similar games are played when "Hindus" (read the alleged upper-caste-Hindus) are supposed to be paying for the redemption of "Dalit Christians" (or Muslims and so on) even after "Churchianity" and "Islam" are supposed to have "redeemed and liberated" them!

While Muslims, Churchians, etc. are free to organise themselves as groups, any such attempts by Hindus are termed "Communal", as if being "Communal" is a bad thing in itself, at least for the Hindus. Thus, as we said in our earlier article, it is important for Hindus to state simply and spontaneously that they are Hindus and they have a natural affinity and concern for Hindus and Hinduism. We remind our readers that we are speaking here about that Sanatana Dharma which is more ancient than time and yet is eternally alive. And we are not talking about Savarkarian Hindutva, which at best is a starting approximation, but which at worst becomes suicidally dangerous, in its insistence on accepting Owaisi-like Muslims as Hindus!

It is urgent that we bring up discussions on factual topics such as "Islam is a Problem", "Secularism is a Problem", "Socialism is a Problem" on the table; rather than beating our chests and wasting our scarce resources in our attempts to demonstrate that we are "not communal", we are "truly-secular", and that we "care for the poor".

Thus, our request to Shri Sandeep is that while he is at liberty to invest his time in doing research and "exposing" the likes of Mohandas; he should guard against the trap of burden of "research and scholarship". While his interlocutors may have been honest intellectuals; more often than not they are attempting subversion.

Do we imply that research and scholarship on Mohandas must be forbidden? Not at all. Except that "Research and Scholarship" on Mohandas must not be a precondition for criticising Mohandas, if such preconditions are absent while praising Mohandas.

What-Mohandas-was is not that important for us, even if it is important for "researchers". But the fact that perverted versions of "Truth" and "Non-violence", foisted on us, the Hindus, in the "alleged name of Mohandas", have been and are a disaster for us, is manifestly obvious. Take notice, how the Kejriwalian "anti-Corruption" movement is harping on "Secularism" and "Socialism". It is important for Hindus to perceive this fact at once and change their attitudes towards "established ideas". 

We have nothing against admirers of Edwina, or admirers of Sleazy stories of celebacy, who as private individuals spend their own money in building memoirs, busts or statues of Jawahar and Mohandas. However, if agents of Mohandas and Jawahar use tax-payers' money for telling citizens the "greatness" of these two, the burden of research, scholarship, and proof must be on them.

We again request authors like Shri Pratap Simha and Shri Sandeep that they should avoid moral-high-ground traps as much as possible, never mind the "research and scholarship" controversies! In our opinion, their energies are much more useful in their ongoing efforts in awakening and uniting the Hindus as Hindus. And they indeed will be in future as well.

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