Friday, September 28, 2012

The Right to Worship Idols. Lessons in History Again

For inveterate Dumb-fucks, 1400 years of getting screwed seems insufficient. A partition, merely a few decades ago, costing lakhs of lives, seems unimportant. The destruction and desecration of thousands of temples remains ignored and forgotten. For such bloody fools, Assam, Mumbai and now Ghaziabad are repeat Lessons in History.

So long as we keep believing that Islam is a great religion (of peace) and a few misguided mullahs have hijacked this beautiful faith, we are preparing our own funeral pyre, nay much worse, we are preparing the rape and enslavement of our children and grand children.  The latest in the sequence of arrogance is the challenge posted by one among the many of the rotten seminal descendents of the psychopathic paedophile Arab falsely claimed to be a messenger of righteousness. 

The supposed 'challenge' is to 'prove' that Ganesha is Bhagwan before the challenger would accept 'prasad'. For once, this guy needs to be told and told hard that Bhagwan Ganesha and his devotees care not a hoot whether this scum-bag partakes of the prasad or not. Further, notwithstanding whether proof for various things can be given or not, there is more than sufficient evidence to show that the annointed child-rapist messenger was as psycopathic, if not more, as his god who sanctioned all the perfidies committed by the monster. 

There is an urgent need to become aware of the dangers posed by anti-idolatry briagde of semitic theology and clergy. We must insist that the Right to Worship Idols is a fundamental right, and anyone who dislikes the sight of idolatry can shut his eyes or better still go and boil his head.

Fools like Chhi Chhi Ravishankar give credence to the imbecilic idolatry-haters by sermonizing that idol-worhip is merely for the beginners. Mr. Ravishankar, whatever be your worth, if you believe that idol-worhip is only for the beginners then please rest assured that you have not even begun! Swami Dayananda Saraswati of the past as well as of the present (when he signed an MOU with a rabbi) fall into the same bull-crap trap.

We won't try and explain idol-worhip by using examples from the inspiring lives and teachings of the numerous saints and sages who practiced it. Nor will we emphasize that we recall that Bhagwan Rama and Bhagawati Parvati worshiped Shiva through his idol, the Shiva-Linga. These, surely are inspiring and heart warming things. However, for now, we wish to state something somewhat different: Sanatana Dharma includes the freedom to be an idolator, and let there be no confusion, anyone who suggests any restriction on that freedom, is an anti-Hindu, and must be dealt with squarely as that.

Are we, therefore, suggesting that idol-worshipping must be mandatory? Not at all. But we are surely insisting that idol-worhip can not be forbidden. Are we, therefore, suggesting that idol-worship can not be mocked? No. But we also insist that freedom to mock idolatry must be accompanied by the freedom to mock idolatry-mockers! Anyone who threatens or challenges idol-worship must be threatened and challened in return with many times the energy of the initiator.

We must assert the Right to Worship Idols and we must squarely meet any onslaught on that right.

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  1. I am glad you see through this imposter. His clientile is made up of corporate cowards who would pee at the very thought of a street-mob coming towards them.


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