Monday, January 21, 2013

A Draft of Declaration by Hindus

Some time ago we had proposed a declaration here. It might be considered the first draft. That was written in the aftermath of the horrific and tyrannical government perpetrated violence. 

In the aftermath of the recent incidents of Delhi Gang-Rape and Owaisi-Speech etc., the tyrannical approach of the government has become subtler but more vicious. There has been an orchestrated drive by the media as well as the state to push for Marxist-Feminism and anti-Hate-Speech-laws. Both of these are horrendous ideologies and they aim to stifle the Hindus.

This is a second draft for the declaration. This too is far from being the final version. We have also borrowed some style from the American Declaration of Independence.

The Declaration:

Historically, we Hindus have been a very Peace Loving and Accommodating People. We suffered innumerable evils under Islamic Invaders as well as European Colonizers, and yet we have still retained our basic character, owing to the heroic and valiant resistance offered by our predecessors.

We have been a civilization which is founded upon Truth, Freedom and Responsibility. For ages, our civilization has held on to the principle: ``Know the Truth and the Truth will set you Free.''. While the knowledge of truth delivers freedom, the wisdom borne out of such a knowledge makes us perceive our responsibility.

Despite gaining Independence from the British Rule on August 15, 1947, the plight of the Hindus has remained largely unmitigated. It has been as if the `Islamic' invaders and the `British' colonizers left, but the `Indian' Invaders and Colonizers have taken over. While there have been innumerable atrocities on Hindus by various `Indian' governments, the events during the night of that fateful day, namely June 4, 2011, have reaffirmed that at the midnight of Aug. 15, 1947, Hindus did not gain independence.  As Hindus, we have no rights, we have only the duty to forbear the evil deeds of these anti-Hindu governments. Successive governments have used propaganda to induce ethical confusion and have perpetrated the emasculation of the Hindus. The existing constitution, however well-intentioned and well-crafted it might have been, has summarily and comprehensively failed, and has been a hand-maiden in plotting and execution of the plan to turn Hindus into hostages. 

We Hindus hold that governments are there to facilitate Responsible Self-governance. Such a system of governance must be based on the principle of Responsible Liberty. To elaborate a bit - Responsible Liberty in pursuit of Pleasure (Kama), Wealth (Artha), Ethical Standards (Dharma), and to seek their own Spiritual Liberation (Moksha). Governments (Rajya) must derive their just powers and sustainability only from the Truth and Laws that are coeval with Manifest Existence. 

Also, whenever any Form of Government or System of Governance, is destructive of these ends, it is not only the Right but also the Duty of the People to abolish it, and restore a new Form or System of Government which can protect the ethical principle of Responsible Liberty. 

We Hindus, therefore solemnly publish and declare:

That we are, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent people; 

This domineering of Hindu Political Aspirations by the `State of India' using its `Constitution and Protocols', is completely illegitimate and ought to be totally dissolved;

We call upon Hindus in `the System' to openly oppose this anti-Hindu tyranny, by refusing to 'obey' the 'orders', and in stead of supporting `the system' by extending their support to the `Hindu Cause'.

As Free and Independent people, we have full Power to Design our Governance, and write a new Meta-Constitution for our ourselves.

This new Meta-Constitution outlining the Governing System will come out of the Debates and Discussions held in which Everyone has the freedom to participate and contribute. Surely, while drafting the final version, experts in Law will play their role. Without the Voluntary and Informed Consent of the Wise, such a task can hardly be complete. We solicit the enthusiasm, drive and participation of all of us. Let us make a beginning and take the first and the most important step: Let us make a Resolve to draft the new Meta-Constitution.

While preparing meta-Constitution might take time. Thus we may need an interim-Constitution. Since that too might take a few months, at the very least, we propose that a quick tweak of the "current system" be put in place for the intervening period. 

On each of these issues we invite readers' comments and suggestions.

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