Monday, January 21, 2013

A Recommended Strategy for KJP (BSY)

This time BSY drew sufficient courage and separated himself from the BJP. While he is seeking the support of all, his detractors are calling him a leader of merely Lingayats. His detractors forget that it this mere leader  who won Karnataka for the BJP.

Be that as it may, for our analysis, let us suppose that there indeed are vote-banks. Thus the BJP must be at the very least afraid of losing the lingayat votes, while the possible outcome of such a swing in votes can be a matter of long and winding debate.

The two parties that are openly drooling are the JD(S) and the Congress. For even if they gain no additional seats - something that is very unlikely - they do gain in the sense that any loss to the BJP is a gain for them, viz. JD(S) and Cong. Therefore, these two will push the wedge (of BSY into BJP) even more.

Optimists in the BJP would like to believe that BSY is another Keshubhai Patel, who will lose and marginally dent BJP's victory. JD(S) and Cong wish that BSY is another Kalyan Singh whose exit will wreak havoc and decimate the BJP for long. Such prospects have made Mayawati join the beeline of droolers.

The man himself, that is BSY, must be wanting to become a Modi of Karnataka. Someone who wins on `Hindutva' and then `Development' planks.

In our opinion, BSY's wanting to become Modi is legitimate, however for BSY it is neither necessary nor desirable. We would rather want BSY to try and do even better. Most importantly we would like BSY to do better by being different from all of them. Thus KJP could focus on the following things:

1. KJP must ignore all allegations of being potentially dynastic, and unashamedly state that they are not averse to being dynastic. After all Congress, JD(S), RJD, and all have been shamefully dynastic.

With this point, he hits JD(S), Cong., and BSP ,etc., all in one stroke.

2. BSY must not be afraid of being called a dictator. However, the key is to have new ideas and the courage to accept responsibilities. This include the glories of successes and the blames of failures.

With the above point he becomes structurally similar to Modi. This may be difficult for BSY who has generally appeared to be a cry-baby, but it would be better if BSY proved this image to be wrong. But then what can BSY do to become clean like Modi?

3. BSY must blow the whistle on all, JD(S), Cong., BJP, himself, all. The key is all. Including, the truth regarding Santosh Hegde as well as H R Bharadwaj being the agents of anti-Hindu forces. Once the dirtiness of all is in public view, BSY can claim the mantle of being a genuine crusader against corruption. In this way he could also pave the way for something like this.

What about development? BSY can easily emphasize that he could play the Gujarat model of growth. If Shivraj Chauhan and Raman Singh can do development, BSY too can.

However,  there is one point, where BSY can do better than Modi. This is the crucial point which needs even more courage than doing point 3, which involves only being a small-time whistle-blower.

4. BSY must question the Universal True Secular Development model. This UTSD model delivers development to all, including Muslims, therefore including Islam and its inevitable corollary Jihad. No secularists whether pseudo or true are questioning Secularism itself. And all of them are deafeningly silent about the threat of Islam. BSY must initiate this debate on the Islam Question.

The above can have two possible consequences. One is that he might lose even the lingayat votes and become an eternal nobody. Second is that he will gain both ligayat and hindu votes. This will make him bigger than Modi.

Why should BSY take the risk of the former possibility? Let us analyze that in some detail. 

(a) BSY built RSS and BJP in Karnataka from the ground up. We are sure that he had some love for the Hindus which made him do so. Now that very Hindu society is under threat, in spite of BJP and RSS, for they have sold themselves onto true-secularism.  

(b) BSY has already made some money and he has already been a chief-minister. Now by winning elections he does no better than merely regaining the same. However, this win is not certain.

(c) With a safe secular strategy, even if he wins, he will at best become another Shivraj Chauhan or Raman Singh. However, if he loses, he descends into ignominy, though he may have the satisfaction of revenge if he can cause the downfall of BJP in Karnataka. More over, afterwards even if returns to BJP he will become a toothless tiger. The black mark of being back-stabber to the parent organization would persist as well.

(d) On the other hand, taking the risk if BSY wins, he becomes a hero, a new initiator, someone who even eclipses Modi. Alternatively, even if he loses, he starts a new chapter in Indian politics.

In our opinion, the number of Hindus who are strongly disenchanted with the true-secularism of BJP will vote for him in droves. The grassroots workers in BJP and RSS will love BSY and subvert the true-secular forces. Most importantly, BSY who possibly loves RSS would initiate a service for Hindus for which even the grassroots RSS-BJP will remain eternally emotionally loyal to him.

(e) Thus taking this risky path BSY will be able to surpass both Kalyan Singh and Modi; the former in his commitment to Hindus, and the latter is his commitment to cleaning up corruption.

It must be clear that what we have proposed is something that every politician who loves Hindus and Hinduism must do. In our opinion, it is a risk that BSY must find worthwhile.

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