Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ban Halal not Gulal

Last Deepavali we got to know of a new development. In posh schools run by minority communities the students (many if not most of who are Hindus) were being discouraged if not dissuaded from bursting fire-crackers as part of Deepavali celebrations. That these crackers pollute the air was given as the reason. We asked a few students if any alternative ways of celebrating the festival were suggested, we got no answers. We smelled a rat. Though, after a while, we forgot about it. This Holi, the media was abuzz with how huge quantities of water is wasted in celebrating Holi. And it was at once confirmed that the smelling rat was that of anti-Hinduism.

It is very very important to realize that we need to develop a We-are-Hindus-and-we-love-Hindus consciousness. We also need to develop an attitude of asserting our rights, and our liberties. In stead, all the so called extreme right wing Hindutva groups bleat like sheep.

It was not in the least surprising that the self-annointed Hindutva groups were thumping chest about how IPL (the cricket tournament) would result in a waste of much more water. While environmental and resource conservation concerns are legitimate, it is very annoying to see the pseudo-Hindus run for cover and take apologetic and defensive positions. There was none who had the audacity to say: Ban Halal not Gulal.

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