Monday, April 8, 2013

The IQ Revolution that the Hindus Need

Election fever is rising. NaMo vs RaGa music records are being played endlessly. Thus we see both these leaders, as personalities, indulging in rhetoric of melodrama and blood-pumping. In this brouhaha the stakes are being reduced to 'Development' vs 'Inclusion'.

However, some of the most important common sensical questions are being avoided. It seems as if there is a lack of IQ (Cognitive Intelligence) and lack the courage to ask the IQ (Islam Question).

First: Lacking Cognititve Sense:

The Moron-ish Media keeps asking: "Where are the Big Ideas?". Don't they remember what the big ideas of Jawahar led to by 1991? Why doesn't Moron Media tell how they will evaluate Big Ideas? Then, what indeed are the big ideas that are being paraded? For NaMo it is "Development" and RaGa it is "Inclusiveness".

However, there lies the grave danger and a great problem. What is the problem? The cognitive problem is that the complex nature of the situation is being reduced to a sort of Marxist Economic Constructs.

Will somebody ask NM: What his 'plan B' is (other than Confidence) if `Development' pushes us to a Social Disaster?

Will somebody ask RG: What his 'plan B' is (other than Jawaharian platitudes) if `Inclusiveness' pushes us to Economic Disaster?

And the biggest irony is that even in purely 'material' sense these ideas have been failing, for example:

On the one hand, Inclusiveness, Minorityism, Affirmative Action have made the "victims" even Bigger "victims". This means that the sense of entitlement for freebies has taken gigantic proportions. Rice at Two rupee a kg, free electricity, free house (slum dwellers' relocation), 100 day an year guaranteed employment (read guaranteed money). Thus, this increasing  indulgence towards wealth redistribution is a sure recipe for an Economic Disaster.

On the other hand, 'Development' has made cities even more crowded than they ever were. Thus you will have no water even if you are willing to pay. No road space to drive even when you own car, no electricity even though you own an air conditioner, three commuting hours to be added to nine working hours, an impending housing bubble in India(?), and what not. 

And the worst is yet to be mentioned! And that is, while not delivering on "such convenience issues" , the whole paradigm is not just oblivious, rather it is deliberately silent about one of the the real threats that is facing us. The threat of unethical wealth redistribution of Socialism, the threat of unethical Social (and possibly Environmental) Disaster of Development, and a near total ignorance of the threats of Islam.

Which brings us to the question of Courage. Is it that these politicians lack the minimal intelligence needed to perceive the threat of Jihad which is inextricably linked to Islam? Or the threat of Mao-violence which is inextricably linked to Marxist Ideology? It seems unlikely. The cleverness with which the politicians pull off the tricks of demagoguery betrays that they lack courage and not perception.

For example, notice that while there are increased threats and incidents of  Maoist and Jihadi terror, all purportedly against 'injustice' resulting from lack of 'development' and lack of 'inclusion', the fundamental cause seems to be insufficient appeasement and successful bullying by the nuisance makers. Not just that, the most obvious causes of them (especially in the case of Jihadi terror) namely Socialism and Islam are not being mentioned at all. More over, any efforts to mention them (especially the latter) are being high-handedly dealt with and are being mercilessly demonised, if not silenced.

Thus while every plausible stratagem is being used, for example, to demonize 'patriarchy' and push Marxist Feminism, whenever crimes against women take place; even a hint of the suggestion that Islam is intimately related to Jihadi terror, is considered 'Hate Speech' to be silenced by the abuse of Article-66-A. 

Hindus need to become acutely aware of these ploys. Hindus need to inculcate an awareness of being Hindus. Hindus need to unite as Hindus qua Hindus.

While crimes against women have to be dealt with very sternly (see for example here, here, here and here), we must strongly resist the push of cultural Marxism of Political Correctness (Feminism and the like). Similarly, devious designs of Islam to bring the whole world (and thus Bharat too) under its Sharia must be resisted with equal if not much greater force.

The strategy of the politicians of pushing superficial choices to obfuscate real issues must be assiduously thwarted. Hindus need to remain adroitly aware and must use all their intelligence to force right ideas into the discourse.

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