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Congress's Strategy Against Modi and A Possible Effective Counter Strategy


As we have mentioned elsewhere (see here, here and here) Hindutva itself is too weak for the defense of Hinduism and Hindus qua Hindus. However, the political theater in India is so anti-Hindu that even a whiff of a hint of shred of a trace of a clue of weakening of anti-Hindu stance is portrayed as evil. Similarly, India has no right-wing either! In the name of inclusion, there is a conspiracy to violently exclude upper-caste middle-class males, while excluding the upper castes and middle classes somewhat less obviously. Through all this, the push and shove of anti-Hinduism by the anti-Hindus is barely concealed if not explicitly manifest.

Now that NaMo is the unofficially declared PM-candidate, the Congress has a problem on its hands. They and their coterie (that includes Third Front which also includes the pretending-to-be-rabid-anti-Congress parties) will work in unison against Modi. As we have mentioned, it is not because Modi represents Hindutva (which he doesn't, in fact he strives to be a Truer-Secular among the True-Seculars), not because he is anti-Muslim (which he isn't, infact he skillfully avoids mentioning the ever dangerous Islam-problem), not because he is anti-Socialism (which he isn't, he too is a BIG-government guy!), and the list is long; but because he is merely perceived (by Media Projections) to be presenting Hindutvaanti-Muslim and non-Inclusive face.

Thus, there will be this orchestra of lead-barker and the echo-barkers making the echo-chamber. Most Third-(rate)-Fronters will be the echo chamber. Typically, DogVijay et al. will lead the band. Also, Congress is on a kind of BSY-mode. That is, their top priority will be defeat of NaMo(BJP) or restricting them to below 150. Wherever BJP's loss is certain, Congress will field its candidates (to maximize its gains); wherever uncertain it might enter into alliances. However, that is not the main theme here.

A Typical Pan-Indian Voter: 

In universal suffrage democracy, perception dominates the reception. NaMo has been able to tune his perception in Gujarat, however before he works his magic across India, he may do well to appreciate that voters in a large part of India may not be as "business-like" as Gujaratis are. The middle class youth will most likely be his constituency, except for those who have fallen for the "charms" of Rahul Gandhi. It should be borne in mind that RG, while striving to appear as prince-charming, will turn out to be out and out prince-harming. Recall his wikiealks statements that he was more afraid of majority (read Hindu) terror.

Non-youth, non-middle-class voter is often swayed by "emotional" perceptions. Mass waves in favour of Rajiv Gandhi (in 1984) or M G Ramachandran (in TN), etc., exemplify the point. Sympathy factor, anti-Arrogance factor, etc., play a large role. And this is where Congress and its cronies will concentrate on.

Basics of Congress Strategy:
  1.  RG will not be declared the PM candidate. He will ever be claimed as our leader. If Cong wins, RG will want to do a SG (no accountability immense power), if Cong loses, the team will be held responsible.
  2. Congress will never bear any Burden-of-Proof (except when obvious as daylight). Also, they will largely rely on Shoot and Hold-ground by shifting the burden of proof. Their echo-chamber barkers will employ Shoot-and-Scoot.
  3. Congress will never commit on anything except vague and undefined sweet sounding generalities. [Recall Secularism, Inclusive, etc.]. They will insinuate that Modi is anathema to these nice things and media will demand "proof" from Modi-spokespersons.
  4. Congress will Challenge Modi to commit on things (critical things like Hindutva, Inclusivism, etc.). Modi's potemtial detractors within the BJP too will honestly and humbly suggest the same. Refusal to commit will be termed deception and/or cowardice, while committing will be termed as arrogance, anti-nice-things, nasty, etc.
  5. SG/RG will NOT criticize Modi, rather they will pretend to be kind, well-mannered, royal charmers. Almost chiding their own team to be soft-spoken (while paying them to bark the loudest), while communicating as if the substance of the allegations by the barkers is self-evident.
  6. Blatant and Shameless announcements of freebies and goodies will be the bonus for the Vote-Bank!
  7. We won't be surprised if SG gets a near-death-experience or even dies.

With this in the background let us project what a typical scenario will be,

A Typical Congress-Attack Scenario: 

DogVijay throws the challenge: Gujarat has not developed and whatever development has happened is non-inclusive. After all what else can you expect from a man who is a product of Fascist Hate-Ideology. Channel after Channel will run endless debates on this "allegation".

Typical BJP-Response:

The BJP-team, including ear-to-ear grinning Piyush Goyal (and mind you he is one of the better ones) will be tying himself into knots "disproving" the "allegation". Nirmala Sitaraman will be mocking herself by striving to appear stern and logical. Meenakshi Lekhi will be gaspingly laughing while venting out at the jokers like Kumar Ketkars and Sanjay Jhas. The less said about the likes of Ravi Shankar Prasad, the better. Sushil Modi will be "advising" Narendra Modi to become inclusive and wear the "cap", and consider "apologizing" for 2002. Lesser members of the BJP-team will be struggling against the disdain and contempt that Manish Tiwaris, etc., heap on them.

Devang Nanavati may be OK, but he is wasting his energies if he takes flippant allegations seriously. The very "struggling" against such an "allegation" gives a small amount of credence to the charge. If the "defense" is successful, it is merely a relief, otherwise it is Barkha Dutts and Sagarika Ghoshs smirking with patronizing disdain.

Also, please note that Congress will employ only "stupid" and/or "conceited" people to "debate" BJP-team members. It is either Ketkar, Jha or Renuka, and at the very best it will be a Satyavrat Chaturvedi. And they will keep playing "disdain", "shifting goal post", "putting the burden of proof on the opponent", "everybody knows", and such balderdash.

Recall that DogVijay had asked: "If L K Advani is Bheeshma, who are Shakuni and Duryodhana?". It should also be kept in mind that most "debates" are biased "against" Hindus by the supposedly "neutral moderators". In light of these, what Should Be the Basics of Strategy by NaMo-Team?

An Outline of Basic Strategy:

1. Debate:

Fight fire with bigger fire. Fight "mocking" with "contemptuous ridicule" etc. Defeat the bast*rds in their own turf. This is not going to be easy, but surely NOT as difficult as it might appear. There is sufficient time and a few days and weeks of home-work will do wonders. Also bear in mind that Congress will be doing its home-work. The team needs to have many groups. 

  • Group 1: Devang Nanavatis and Piyush Goyal types who will do serious data-backed debates ONLY after frivolous debaters have been decimated.
  • Group 2: Meenalshi Lekhi, Nirmala Sitaraman and Ravi Shankar Prasad types who will conduct serious general debates ONLY after frivolous oponents have been decimated.
  • Group 3 and Group 4: These groups are presently non-existent. These groups need to be groomed (This is the home-work that is needed) who handle Jhas (the way Subramanian Swamy handled him) and Arnab Goswamis (the way Prof. R Vaidyanathan handled him). The members of these groups must either be trained by the likes of Swamy and Vaidya. Jhas and Goswamis must be heaped with much more scorn than they heap. Remember the American Saying: If somebody gives you a bucket of shit, you must give back two buckets of shit to him.
  • Group 5: Unofficially affiliated debaters (like say Swapan Dasgupta etc.). Swapan Dasgupta is often too neutral, too subtle and too sophisticated. There is a need for debaters (on NaMo team) who are as stupid as Sanjay Jha, as contemptuous as Kumar Ketkar/Mani S Aiyer, as conceited as Renuka Chaudhary, as "suave-appearing" as Satyavrat Chaturvedi, and as ferocious as a Lion. It is only with this counter fire that non-serious frivolous fruit-fly opponents will have to be swatted. Don't employ eagles to catch flies!

2. Perception:

When "debates" are "lost", the Jha types will come back with their allegation of "Arrogance". The strategy should be to be appearing very "humble" and heap silent and confident contempt on the Jha types. Congress brings Ketkar and Jha types for a reason. If they "win" an argument it is "victory"; and when they "lose" they "win sympathy". Now it is easy to understand why Congress always sends its "juiciest fruits" as "debaters".

3. Direct Appeal to People:

Instead of "proving" like Piyush Goyal often does that "People will vote for us". It is much more effective to be "humble" and state: We will strive for and hope to get the mandate of the people. To "you the debaters" as the voters we appeal to vote for us, to you as "dishonest debaters", whose dishonesty is a foregone conclusion, we give a damn. [Or something with even more finnesse]. It is important to understand that "proving" "people will vote for us" does NOT win elections, rather "making people vote for us" wins elections.

4. Clarity of Purpose:

The goal is to establish superiority of "ideas" and WIN election, and not merely win "debates" etc. Attack whatever Congress believes to be its strongest points "Secularism" and "Inclusivism" as ideas which are propagated to undermine Hindus. As mentioned before, Congress tries to (and when the opponents are confused also succeeds in) portraying its position as a "default" winner. This has to be reversed.

5. An illustration:

Besides appropriately dealing with DogVijay-kind sly-attacks with equally vicious attacks on Congress personalities (SG et al); most importantly, it should be emphatically stated that Congress was, has been, and is, a Foreign-Agent working against Hindus, and SG reaching the helm is just an explicit instance of the long line of Congress-pedigree, which has consistently held anti-Hindu designs. Thus all those who collaborate with Congress are overtly and covertly teaming against Hindus. When BJP is asked what it has done about Muslims, Congress must be asked what it has done about Hindus, and so on.

Congress jokers will usually try to get away (with "moderator's" assistance) by parroting "Everybody knows" answers. It is here that they must be pinned down to furnish explicit examples and be forced to bear the burden of proof with no luxury of a shifting-goal-post. The moderators must be snubbed, especially if they attempt their "smart-ass" acts.

Most BJP-"empty-between-the-ears"-intellectuals lose out because they possess, at the deepest recesses of their hearts, a "respect" for Mohandas and Jawahar; and "Secularism" and "Socialism". Geriatric "stalwarts" like Hajpeyi and Advani (along with their coterie) exemplify this folly. It might be more effective to have a rather "deeper respect" for "True-Hinduism" rather than "True-Secularism" and "True-Socialism".
  1. If Hedgewar and Golwalkars can be "accused" of "divisive" ideologies; Mohandas, Jawahar are "guilty" of (Hindu)-genocidal ideologies.
  2. If Karnataka legislators were watching porn when assembly was in session, Jawahar was wooing Edwina while people were dying during partition.
  3. If Narendra Modi was "Nero" while Gujarat was burning; Rajiv Gandhi was fanning the fire which burned the Sikhs all over India.
  4. If Advani led the Ram-Temple movement, it was Mohandas who led the "Badshah-Ram" Muslim-appeasement movement.

Many more one liners such as these will have to collected and practiced with.


The above is only a suggested sketch of a plausible strategy. More capable minds will have to mentate to come up with a more comprehensive and robust strategy. This is the "home-work" that needs to be done by them. They have the capability, but they need to put their act together and perspire. Intellectual lethargy won't do them any good.


If BJP-"ideologues" fail in this duty they will not merely lose the election, they will also betray Hindus and lose their faith. Remember that in 2019, there will surely be a Hindu-political party which will win elections and rule India. It is for BJP to decide if it wants to lay an appropriate foundation and become that party, or whether it wants to be assigned to the dust-bin of history as Congress-B.

We invite readers' comments as well as discussion among readers.

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