Sunday, June 30, 2013

On Aakar-Patel-on-Modi: Part - II

In this part we present a somewhat detailed analysis of some parts of the article by Aakar Patel that we considered in our previous post. We continue with the convention of putting the commented in blue, and the comments in black.

AP in his article presents a view that Muslims are a threatened community in India and much more so under Modi; and that Indians (read Hindus) are casteist even in this century.

For the Indian secular (pseudo as well as true), it is treason rather than reason that is the intellectual seminal drive. While the pseudos say we strive to work for the Muslims [recall the sick sikh PM declaring that minorities (read Muslims) must have the first privilege over national resources], the trues harp that they do not strive to work against the Muslims. What stands out is that the Muslim dominates the narrative. 

With about a 1000 years of history of killing Hindus if Muslims are classified as threatened rather than a threatening community, few inversions of historical narrative can worst such treachery. And intellectuals such as AP are the perpetrators are that Hindu-genocidal narrative.

Their Hindu-hatred becomes even more manifest by their incessant and jarring pontifications on casteism while with large accommodating hearts they condone genital mutilation (often including that of female child as well), death for apostasy, and such customs practiced in Islam. And we emphasize that these are not practiced in the name of Islam, as the bleeding hearts would have you believe, by their insinuations, that these are practices of some fringe elements which bring disrepute to the glorious religion of peace Islam. This is exactly what they do by terms like Islamo-fascism, Islamism etc. The truth of the matter is that all of these and many more such practices are the true-Islam.

Once we realize where AP is coming from, we can understand his analysis  in a proper perspective.

For those able to look beyond his superb oratory and humour, the vapidity of Modi’s message is striking. It has not been noticed or remarked upon, but Modi has never been to college (his degree is from a correspondence course). His simple views spring from this lack of knowledge.

His writing is all in Gujarati and—I can claim to know something about this—it is mediocre. He’s not well-read, has little idea about the world or its history. It will be embarrassing, if he becomes prime minister, to have him in the same meeting as US President Barack Obama.

AP mentions that Modi has no stimulating or challenging message. Apparently, Modi never went to college, and Modi lacks knowledge. Further, that Modi is mediocre, not well read, has little idea of the world and its history, and will cut an embarrassing figure in a meeting with Barrack Obama.

Modi may not have gone to college, may not be well read, may be a mediocre writer (in Gujarati) and be ignorant of world and its history.

The important question is, does it matter? Let us see. Most of the problems in India have emerged owing to a rampant lack of application of certain basic and simple ideas. For example, one may not need to be a medical genius to suggest a group of obese people that they must eat nutritious food, cut on calories and exercise, to slowly regain fitness and health. A medical genius who advises community liposuction is very likely to be an agent of the expensive health-care industry.

Modi has been emphasizing common-sense simple solutions for most problems. They might be wrong however we do not that in advance. What we do know however is that the solutions enforced and implemented by the putative  well-read, history-knowing, excellence-incarnate, Modi-embarrassing B. Hussein O. have brought US economy to the brink of a bigger disaster. The stimulus package turned out to be contraband steroids whose adverse side effects might show up any moment indications of which are on the rise.

Further, the ox-bridge educated Jawahar's prescriptions - A Jawahar who was "well-read", "wrote-well" (that is wrote for frogs in the well), knew "history" so well that he wrote some of his "inventions" as "discovery of India" - had brought India to an economic disaster in 1991-1992 when the same simple and common-sense solutions that are being termed as ideas from the simpleminded were undertaken and which worked

However, we must clearly understand that those steeped in inferiority complex fear confidence. No, we didn't mean confident others, they fear confidence itself so much that they never want to try. Forget Macaulay, forget Secularism, forget such more complex ideas, if you observe many of these writers, it is evident that they suffer from (and want to infect others with) very serious inferiority complex. What can be done to a man who is afraid of courage?

While it might be true that Modi has a somewhat simplistic approach towards many problems, the rest (and that includes most international leaders of past many decades including Gorbachev, Clinton et al.) have cliched solutions to the same problems. They present their worn out solutions in fine clothing of impeccable English and that titillates the hearts of our inferiority-complex ridden elites.

We must always remember that inferiority can be overcome, but inferiority complex is the mother of many problems. Mr. Aakar Patel, it could be that Modi is inferior and that you have superior knowledge. But you seem to suffer from inferiority complex. Your whitewashing of Islam and Hindu-hatred probably spring from this complex. And that is the most charitable view we can take presently.

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