Monday, November 21, 2011

The need to build pro-Hindu movements

We began an initiative for Election-2014 wherein we set a tentative agenda for the elections. In this piece, we examine the discourse of political debate focusing on the Hindu aspect.

The political camp in India is divided into two main factions. The self styled Secular parties (Congress, Communists, third (rate) front, etc.) and the self styled Nationalists (BJP and the likes (are there any?)). The latter always try to sell themselves as pro-Hindu while criticizing the former as perpetrators of vote-banks through appeasement.

The reality, from the perspective of Hindus is much much worse. The Seculars are anti-Hindu, while the Nationalists are merely pseudo-Hindu. So what should Hindus do?

There is a need for the creation of a pro-Hindu movement. The prevailing political discourse is centered around minorities, fringe groups, etc. It is not ceneterd around us, the Hindus. Thus despite being termed a majority, we are condemned to live a life under the shadow of false shame and guilt imposed on us. Shame for the lost wars against Islam, and guild of the ill treatment of the underprivileged. The history is distorted as well as misrepresented. The central agenda being the demolition of the confidence of the majority in themselves.

Thus, besides understanding the bluff of the Secularists and the confusion of the Nationalists, we must first regain our confidence. We must begin with what we are without being ashamed of what we are. We may discover things which we may decide or understand as undesirable, and we may even take corrective actions; but the foundation must be that of self-belief. We must be a majority which is not afraid, which can boldly express its truth.

For example, we must speak boldly that the invaders (in majority of the cases) did not win for they were more valiant or courageous. The invaders won the war as the war was between them, the barbarians and us, the civilized, for the barbarians had no moral hang-ups! We lost for our then conscience keepers failed in their educational duty. It was as if Krishna advised Arjuna to shun violence and embrace servitude. The failure in itself occurred owing to the complexity of the ways of the Dharma (the moral way).

However, once a society loses a war and the history is written by the victors truth is the first casualty. The victors became the gallants against the sissy natives, while the moral confusion became to be portrayed as the stupidity and uselessness of the ancient tradition. We need to know how courageous and perspicacious our ancestors were and how they did so well against all odds.

Similarly, we also need to speak out that the caste-problem became much worse only after the reformists took over. Like there is freedom of association, there must be freedom of disassociation. Freedom of disassociation was painted as immoral and wrongful discrimination. It may or may not have been wrong and/or immoral, but it surely was within the purview of freedom.

We mention a popular joke about an absent minded professor. The professor went to purchase an earthen container used to store water. The potter had kept the pot upside down. The professor looking at the pot exclaimed that the pot could not be used as it had no mouth, and after lifting the pot further complained that even if water was somehow put into the pot it would flow away through the hole at the bottom!

We believe that most evaluations of Sanatana Dharma by the self appointed wise belongs to the above category. And these pseudo-wise do so, for they either are outright evil with subterfuge as their motive, or they are dimwitted diffident persons. Therefore we need to learn about ourselves on our own and with confidence.

Lest we give any wrong impression, we mention that we do not lay any claim to be the sole representative of the Hindus. Rather, we would like to encourage and support all Hindu resurgence movements, especially towards imparting confidence. Similarly, although we mention people, our central emphasis is on ideas. The true demise of the specters of Mohandas and Jawahar can hardly be achieved without their signature ideas (Mohandasian non-violence, Jawaharian Secularism-Socialism) being thoroughly junked.

Only a confident and strong majority can face and over throw this evil tyranny. Let us all work towards building strong and confident Hindu movement. And on the way, let us not only be wary of the Secular (anti-Hindu) forces, but also be critical of the pseudo-Hindu forces.

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