Friday, November 25, 2011

Don't Condemn the Slapper! Learn from the Slap.

The recent slap to Sharad Pawar has cleared the air on many subjects.

We have been, as many many other have been, repeating over and over again that there is immense build-up of dissatisfaction with the present situation (price rise, series of scams and so on) along with a distrust in the current politicians in the minds of public. The very fact that Anna, Baba and so on have such influence over people has a lot to do with this. This is not to take away from Anna, Baba and their likes, any credit where it belongs; rather this is to emphasize that by now the dissatisfaction with and distrust of the politicians must be obvious to the meanest of intelligence.

However, our politicians and most of the media seem to lack even this intelligence; or what seems more likely is that they are evil and shameless people who don't care so long as they are making the dough in the sackfuls. But, then the inevitable outcome of such nonchalance would be manifestation of public outrage in various forms. If politicians, media, "democracy", or "constitution" are unpleasantly surprised by it, then nobody can or is going to help them.

In democracy, leaders are supposed to voice the minds and will of the people; if they don't, people will surely react. The Mulayams, the Mayawatis, the Commies who are endlessly reminding us of the "social-injustices" of the past by the then alleged feudal system, are completely mute on the present injustice, much grosser, much more devastating, injustice by the "Constitution", "Parliamentary Democracy" (or should we say a mockery of these) that is being perpetrated by themselves. And the grand daddy of all this perpetration, whose bastard childresn are these votaries of social and economic justice, is Congress.

How long does it take to figure out that the system has failed and must be overhauled? How long does it take to perceive that the current political class is, with few exceptions, utterly corrupt and immoral? How long does it take to realize that the ideas on which the present system is based are flawed? The answer is, it doesn't take any long at all; rather it takes only a willingness. And it is for this lack of willingness that we categorize the current politicians, with Congress on the top, as evil.

Now consider the Slapgate.

All politicans are shouting at rooftops that violence is unacceptable and must be condemned. Even if, for the sake of argument, we continue on this line, then the question is what next? After condemnation, what do we do? Do we give Z+ category security to all these corrupt politicians so that they can be protected from the people who they claim to represent? Why can't they reflect on why the people who they represent are so angry? Why are these current politicians not willing to listen to the pain and plight of the people?

Anna Hazare, instinctively asked the question, that all normal and sane Indians are asking, "Only a slap?"; however he quickly took politically correct position and condemned the attack. Our question is, why should this attack (or the attacker) be condemned? How long will we merely keep condemning? The Delhi Police at the behest of their masters wreaked havoc on peaceful protesters on Ramlila ground. It resulted in many wounded and a middle aged lady died after long suffering. What did the politicians learn? Just condemning the police atrocity?

We disagree. Unless we build a system that punishes the evil and protects the good, governance has not even begun! You cannot have "leaders" with numerous civil and criminal ongoing cases "representing" the people. The system is rotten. And if the system is rotten, people will react.

So, what is our position? Don't we condemn the slap?

Firstly, we do not uphold Mohandasian non-violence as the highest virtue. Secondly we admire the slapper for showing restraint in his expression of his anger. Recall that the slapper said that martyrdom of Guru Teg Bahadur played on his mind which calmed him down. However, in the future, such restraint may not be exercised by the people.

What needs to be realized (by Anna as well) is that Mohandas has always been irrelevant, and has become even more irrelevant now. Hindus have known non-violence from their Sanatana Dharma. They do not need a stupid mohandas to interpret it for them. What also needs to be realized is that Jawahar has always been irrelevant, and has become despicably irrelevant now. Hindus know charity from their Sanatana Dharma. They do not need a Hindu-loathing Jawahar to teach them about Fabian Socialism and Secularism. We beg your pardon here. Mohandas and Jawahar have not been merely irrelevant, they have been poisonously evil.

What we need is a cleansing of the poison. That will not happen unless we uproot their legacy which is the sham ideology of Secularism, Socialism, and Parliamentary Democracy. What we need is an interim government, a care taker government, comprising of completely new (first time politicians) who will oversee a writing of a new Constitution, and bring about a new system.

However, what we observe instead is that the people at the "top", the self appointed leaders (politicians), the self appointed watchdog (the media) are focussing on condemning the slapper. Don't condemn the slapper. Learn from the Slap. And beware, this is only a beginning. If there is a refusal to learn from the slap, things are inevitably heading into a civil war. That will shower much much more than mere slaps!

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