Sunday, November 13, 2011

What are our Secular People (read Islam-appeasers) Doing Now?

We have had a horrifying news from, where else, Pakistan. Four doctors were brutally attacked, three of whom died. They were targeted because they were Hindus in particular and non-Muslim in general. This is religion-based hatred in its manifestation.

In Pakistan, a sports-person turned politician shed crocodile tears after the incident. This is the same politician who recently betrayed his dumb-fuckery on Kashmir. We Hindus must always remain wary of Islam and its political children in the subcontinent Pakistan (as well as Bangla Desh).

However in India we have had an eloquent silence!

The poisonous-shit-between-the-ears, DogVijay Singh has been mum on the subject. We were anticipating that DS would conjecture that Hindu-Right-Wing-Groups have engineered these killings in Pakistan. Equally deafeningly silent have been the Media. the media which has been chasing Modi in Gujarat has been conspicuously silent on this. We were expecting Teesta Setalvad to visit Pakistan and fight for justice for the widowed wives of the doctors.

Why are people not asking any questions on this? Why is team-Anna and anti-Corruption movement which is so quick to distance itself from Sangh Parivar, silent on this? Why are those bleeding heart Muslim-backside-licking Seculars silent on this? This is because these people belong to the category of anti-Hindu traitors, DogVijay Singh, Teesta Setalvad, most of our media etc. Stupid and gullible a-politicians might at best be ignorant about the consequences of Secularism, nevertheless in effect they remain anti-Hindu traitors. Another factor about them is that they are all afraid of Islam. This is exactly the way V S Naipaul described here: However, we are aware of one of the more cynical forms of liberalism: it admits that one fundamentalism is all right in the world. This is the fundamentalism they are really frightened of: Islamic fundamentalism. Also, since there is no moderate Islam; Islam itself is fundamentalist and it is a mortal threat to all non-Islamic societies, more particularly our Hindu society.

So what should we, as Hindus ( Hinduism meaning Sanatana Dharma), understand from all this? We must realize that despite our country being a constitutional democracy, neither the constitution nor the democracy is concerned even an iota about Hindu interests. They are bothered about Muslims, Christians and such minorities, especially vote-bank minorities. Compare how anti-Sikh pogrom perpetrated by the Congress is ignored while spontaneous reaction against brutal burning of passengers (which included women and children) is vilified as genocide. Similarly they are bothered about Dalits and OBCs with a view only to undermine Hinduism. It is not for reforming some current practices which one might disagree with. It is with the aim of obliterating Hinduism.

Thus, we as Hindus, must understand, call their bluff and not be fooled by these anti-Hindu traitors. We must be prepared to defend ourselves and our interests. Those who sing glories of the present Indian Constitution, the present Indian parliamentary democracy and such bogus institutions must be completely de-legitimized and derided as self serving frauds with anti-Hindu agenda. These anti-Hindu traitors should not be representing us, much less have any legitimacy of political power over us. Rather they must be understood for what they are, anti-Hindu villains, and must be ridiculed in addition as well.

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  1. The attack on Srirangam temple (near Tiruchirapalli) in ~ 1310AD was by Malik Kafur, a castrated and converted Hindu Brahmin.
    Teesta Setalvad must have had some good barnstorming sessions with her husband and/or husband's mentors to become what she is today.
    Wonder what Mallika Sarabhai's reasons are? Exposure to contrarian views/ harsh criticism whilst acting/ performing in Europe?
    As for the rest, Communism brainwashes you in unbelievable ways.
    Expecting just/ moral/ correct behaviour from this crowd is asking for too much.


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